This is a state managed execution. Look at the bodies- that’s not how they would lie if they were shot in the car. There is no shattered glass either. The bullet wounds are on their backs, which means they were shot from the driver side of the vehicle, but the window panes there are not broken. They have also fallen almost in similar fashion as if if in an orchestra or suynchonised gymnastics. The people who arranged the “murder scene” did a very amaetuer job. The caps were executed elsewhere and then the cadavers were arranged in the car for the cameras as a warning. It is typical mafia modus operandi.
Have you had a look of the picture they posted, of being the murder scene. I prosecuted very many murder trials- and this one would not even get to trial if the file was passed to me. Just look at the picture:
1. From which direction were the victims shot? If from the driver side, the windows there are all intact, there is no scratch or shattered glass. Which means the assisn would have had to open the door or the windows, shoot the victims, and then close them again, all within a split second. Is this plausible?
2. The doors on the passenger side are wide open. We there opened by first responders, or by the assasins? Did the assasins shoot from the passenger side? This can’t be so, since the victims would have fallen on the opposite side, and would have at least tried to raise their hands up to protect themselves from gun-wielding assailants. They would not lie down and allow themselves to be calmly shot on the back.
3. The victims seem to have comically landed in sync, just like in syncrhonised swimming. Is this plausible.
NRM people torturing Ugandans should seek forgiveness. Actually I have told here a story of an NRA chap who abducted me and took incacerated me in Lubiri torture chambers. He was then working in military intellligence. He was at Makerere at the same time as myself, and I never knew he held a grudge against me. After 4 or 5 years, the man fell out with the NRA and was himself locked up and later sacked. He wrote to me a letter of genuine apology, regretting what he had done to me. Later on he became ill- his wife contacted me, and I helped pay for his medical bills and even his funeral when he died. I am sorry that he died, but this man made genuine efforts to make up with people he had wronged and to atone and ask for forgiveness.
By George Okello, London, via UAH


Clearly the entire NRM caboodle is exhibiting advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. At the top end, the dictator is unaware that the effectiveness of good CCTV operation depends on other variables, that are nonexistent in the case of Uganda. The simplest of examples being the 24hr clear visibility, to be able to identify offenders.
That apart, where do we get reliable CCTV operators, who won’t be compromised and corrupted to misuse the systems. The level of individual criminality, and national malaise, both bi-products of Musevenism, discourage attempts to create a worthwhile CCTV functioning operation. It is only last week when we learned that some “smart” person had accessed the Makerere University IT system and went to alter student results. (The corruptness of the country is so diabolical that a corrupt person is termed “smart”!!!!)
At the medium/ lower level of NRM, comes some NRM supporters, who out of confusion think that by terrorising the people with “Wembley” type squads, the evil will just dissipate, and disappear!!!!! It’s!!
We know that some of the thugs running amok in the country are offsprings of “Wembley”. And surely it’s possible that the killer’s of Kaweesi and his two companions were these hoodlums on rampage.
Adding petrol on a combustion!!!
Ssekajja Via UAH forum

Rudeness, obnoxiousness and nakedness as tools of resistance and protest against a powerful oppressor!


There is a lot of debate within the Ugandan blogosphere regarding the appropriateness or innapropriateness of Ms Stella Nyanzi’s behaviour specifically her choice of vulgar language, rudeness and obnoxiousness as well as her nakedness as tools of protest!
These debates betray a lack of understanding of the theory behind Stella’s behaviour with many assuming she is ill mannered and others that she is mad, neither of which can be proved!
Most shocking to many are the facts that Stella comes from a respected middle class Ganda family, attended one of the most conservative girls schools, Gayaza, is well published researcher and academic with a pHD from London and a google scholar profile that reveals over 335 publications and citations with her name! What they do miss however is that her academic background and research interests deal with sexuality, negotiation and communication among marginalised groups such as women, female adolescents and gay people! Her previous protests and activism have also been related to these groups including gay and gender alternate Ugandans.
Stellas activism is in the same vein as well published protests by groups such as Femen, Pussy riot, the Amuru women who protested the government giving their land away to rich investors, and many other examples from around the world.
Baganda are very well known to be painfully polite and aren’t known for addressing sexuality explicitly and openly. Gayaza girls are known for being “prim and proper” and it is thought that ice wouldn’t melt in their mouths, a myth that Stella has shattered! Some of the earliest foreign visitors to the Kabaka’s court noted that in Buganda one could be killed for being indescent, dressing innappropriately or behaving innappropriately or otherwise breaking the very rigid code of conduct expected of a muganda! Even breaking wind at the kings court could get you killed!
In Buganda female nakedness is a powerful weapon of protest. When a mother bares her nakedness to their child, he or she is cursed for the rest of their lives. When a child so incenses their mother that they disown them, they prove this to the world by showing them their nakedness.
‘Okuwemukila’ to be profane, and ‘okumweyambulila’ to show ones nakedness, or ‘okumwefungulila’ to lift ones skirts and expose their genitals and privates, are serious acts of protest by a woman.
The same people also have two proverbs one regarding profanity, ‘okuwemukila’, and the other regarding politeness or ‘obuntubulamu’! In the first one ‘owebango bwotomuwemukila osula tewebisse’ means if you share a blanket with a a hunchback but aren’t ready to be obscene and expose yourself, they will feel no obligation to share the blanket so you will sleep in the cold. The second one regarding ‘obuntubulamu bukufiriza bingi’ refers to the fact that excessive politeness allows others to take advantage of you!

Baganda are therefore well know among Ugandas for being “soft, gentle and polite” which in Uganda translates as ‘stupid’! Its in this mindset that the events of 1966 are framed by many non baganda! For a well brought up muganda woman of pedigree brought up with ‘empiisa’, manners, to go native, and risk social censorship is uncommon! It creates an uncomfortable cognitive dissonance that many of the “well brought up” elite and middle classes find uncomfortable, thus criticism! But many of those who are really affected by the things that Stella is forcing us to debate and examine are ecstatic!
The debate about Stella often is about what is “proper” and “decent” for a mother (she is a mother of 3 children) and a university academic to say or do in public. In a patriarchial society, with a rigid set of social rules, Stella can most closely be compared to an elephant in a china shop presumably for upsetting the norms of acceptable behaviour by a woman of her background!!
Many Ugandans have found this appalling, shocking and confusing! They have sought refuge in labels like “she is mad” or “she is innappropriate” or “she is indescent and vulgar” rather than face the fact that Stella’s methods are a legitimate form of protest against power and its misuse, or examining the issues that she raises so eloquently!
What they cannot deny is that she is clear, articulate and eloquent as well as passionate about the causes she chooses to take up! So convincing is she that even I made a small contribution to her sanitary pad activism, #Pads4GirlsUg!
In Get Rude: In Praise of Obnoxious and Annoying Activism By Travis Mushett, the author states that “ As student protesters up at Dartmouth College are proving, sometimes you need to get impolite to provoke an adult conversation.
As a rule of thumb, when someone dismisses a protest by insisting that it happened at an improper time & place, this person doesn’t give much of a damn about the issues driving the protest. Oh, they might insist that they give a damn, that they, in fact, give quite a large damn indeed! But if you take a look at the times & places that they think are proper and improper, you’ll find that, mysteriously, the “improper” place is always a highly public one where the issues are likely to actually garner some attention, and the “proper” one is tucked out of the view of most everyone, easy to ignore and contain, or relegated to some indefinite point in the future.”
An oppressive government is no different to an abusive partner in a marriage. Often in abuse people talk of some sort of collusion or ‘enabling’ between the abused and the abuser. Often the abused even defends the abuser when outsiders try to step in to stop the abuse. There develops a relationship between the abused and the abuser within which the abuser has got complete control and the abused subscribes to the strict boundaries and controls imposed upon them by the abuser. Such is the state of the relationship between Museveni and his family and Ugandans!
In Uganda Museveni has been in power 31 years and counting. In that time, he has ensured that he controls everything. The army is all raised and groomed by him and handed over to his son and tribesmates, the civil service and major government parastatals are controlled by him and his tribesmates and the judiciary are all appointed by him! He and his party control parliament and virtually all spheres of public life! Under his rule, institutions have been largely destroyed and undermined by his personality! He is everywhere! Opening taps, demonstrating drip bottle irrigation, opening latrines and even being chief mourner at funerals and chief viewer at eclipses! There is no job left for anyone else to do unless they are a family member or himself!
His brother controls the veterans and army reserves not to mention virtually every wealth creation project in the last 2 decades most of which have been proven to be no more than projects for siphoning money to his party which spends billions on buying patronage but has no verifiable source of income! He also owns the largest security firm in the country, the same firm contracted to guard the countries oil fields!
His son recently promoted to a cabinet level position as a presidential advisor on military affairs has his own elite army within the army, the same force charged with guarding the countries oil fields. He is now ‘introducing’ himself to the sheeple in full uniform dropping anecdotes of bravery and ‘near death’ or as close as one who has had body guards around him for almost all of his life can get to death!
A son in law and his law firm has been involved in the drafting of all of the countries oil contracts, many of them secret and presumably negotiated over his father in laws kitchen table like clan affairs!
Another son in law is currently actively involved in trying to position himself as the ruling party and by extension the countries leading ideologist having had the party ideology transmitted to him presumably by sexual transmission! He is going around being interviewed and writing series that nothing in his background save his marriage to a princess qualifies him to lecture anyone upon!
Furanka, a minister is married to a girl who was brought up as his adopted daughter. She benefitted greatly from the Katosi scandal in which the taxpayer lost 25 billion in a deal that sounds very much like influence peddling! Her sister a one Atwine is now a PS having been appointed from outside the system! Prior to that she manned a department in presidents office created specifically to employ her, that duplicated the roles of the Ministry of Health monitoring units!
His wife had a vision … don’t laugh, she really did! Not only do they control the country, but they even have their own personal church and personal pastor, a daughter, the family priestess, who intercedes directly with God to affirm their God given right to continue ruling the country in perpetuity!

She had a vision in which she was the annointed messiah of her former contituency to “save it” from an opposition member! She later had another vision to save Karimojong and she did that too! During that period of sacrifice in Karamoja she was said to have travelled 9 times to Israel in one month to study irrigation technology! interestingly Karamoja now abandoned by the lady is in the middle of a drought!
She somehow failed to impart that irrigation technology to her husband who is now teaching the natives how to carry water on their bicycles and use plastic bottles to irrigate their gardens so they can grow commercial crops and join the middle income ranks in the next 2 years, a miracle that is surely going to require the family priestess to worship naked!
She is now the Minister for education, granted to her by her husband as a graduation gift on completion of a masters degree, nevermind its debateable whether she really ever did fulfil the requirements for the first degree upon which her masters admission would have been based …. but thats a topic for another day!
Sacrifice is the family religion! While you may believe that they have been sponging off the taxpayer for the last 3 decades, thats not how they view it! You should feel grateful that they have been living in luxury at your expense for the last 3 decades, ‘sacrificing’ for you! If anyone got killed by their actions or died in their wars, thats the price you have got to pay for their sacrifice! But back to Stella!
Stella Nyanzi has so far demonstrated the power of her unique mode of protest. She has shown a passion and commitment to her chosen topics. When a Prof Mamdani brought down the full wrath of institutionalised patriarchialism upon her, she instead of crying and begging, took the war to him and Makerere University. They have since backed down and offered her back her job. It still remains to be seen whether they illegally witheld her salary while she was under suspension, something I believe to have been illegal!
When the man in the hat in an effort to get himself “elected” if you can call financially facilitated recycling of a man who is past his due by date an election, desperately made offers left and right like a drunken man, people were taking notice.
When his wife announced to parliament that their family government didn’t have money to fulfil her husbands frivolous pledges, despite having recently spent 6 billion shillings on a handful of selected people using vague and quite frankly mendacious eligibility criteria, Stella took her on and challenged her … in colourful language prompting government goons to be sent around to intimidate her! Not only did they interrogate her for a crime without a complainant but they went ahead and declared her public enemy number one! One restricted from holding a passport or flying out of the country! So without a court order, nor any warning, she was barred from flying to a fully paid for conference but only found out when she presented herself to the airport!
Stella took on the establishment with embarrassing results! In 3 weeks she had mobilised the community and distributed sanitary pads to thousands of students including providing education on menstrual hygiene, something the first lady, Minister of Education and self proclaimed “mother of the nation” stated she couldn’t do without a budgetary allocation of billions! Without even being able to demonstrate that they had a program to provide the pads or menstrual hygiene education to adolescent girls in schools, they have attempted to block her access to schools! But in that time she demonstrated that she could do what the first lady and whole minister for education couldn’t do even when backed by the whole power and finances of government! Stella demonstrated that one didn’t need money nor power, nor did they have to be a minister, all lies that have been previously told the population, to effect social change and mobilise society towards a common goal! In a country like Uganda, showing up the incompetence and lack of imagination of its rulers, …. that’s a crime of treason!
Fast forward to today. Stella’s methods are consistent with the history of marginalised groups operating within an oppressive power structure. They are consistent with the history of many resistance movements around the world that have harnessed the disruptive power of language, rudeness, profanity and nakedness, to shock society out of their stupor, aka ‘twebaka ku tulo’ ,into a dialogue and debate of pertinent issues relevant to their situation. This kind of power has forced change and even uprooted tyrants. It has bypassed the institutions of “order and civility” that often are used to impose the power of the oppressor with the comprador complicity of the community’s middle classes and the unquestioning resignation of the masses!
Think of the alternative! If Stella thought and acted like Museveni when he disagreed with the government of the day and went to the bush, there would be bombs going off downtown and landmines laid on all routes out of Kampala! Tolerating Stella’s choice of language is a much smaller price to pay particularly if it shocks Ugandans out of their complacence and forces them to debate the issues relevant to them!
Museveni goes on about treason — yet ignores the fact that he brought “change” by his treasonous activities in which he killed or caused to be killed citizens of Uganda in the tens of thousands! He forgets that this demonstrates that there really is nothing God given in his own power! That power once it becomes oppressive loses legitimacy!
The point here is that when he was a rebel, he was a traitor. When he took power, he created his own reality in which he was the government and anyone who opposed him was a rebel and a traitor. Within this political construct all power structures that benefit the ruler and oppressor can be questioned!
This can include social rules and codes of conduct and behaviour which often are created by the elite for their own benefit often because they keep everyone in their place and prevents them from challenging the status quo! Within this construct its Ok for Museveni’s household to all be employed in his government. Its ok for them to be taking hundreds of billions for their upkeep. Its ok for him to take zero responsibility for billions lost due to his own personal poor judgement. Its ok for him to approve fraudulent payments to a handful of revenue and financial officials while creating a fictitious narrative of bravery while reneging on his election promises to give free sanitary ware to vulnerable teens or malwa to drunkards and hoes to west nile paesants to maintain them in their basic subsistence.
Its ok for the countries security services, the upper civil servant classes, or the cabinet to literally be selected from one village AND any criticism of this will be met by the full force of the law as defined by him and his government including CID interrogations, tear gas, batons, arrests, frivolous charges, bans on travel and free movement and even threats from father Lokodo a defrocked priest without gainful employment!
The media, the law courts, the security organisations and the societies guardians of morality including the churches for who Ms Kataaha is a patron and her daughter a pastor are all complicit in maintaining societal order to the benefit of its rulers. within this society dissent is frowned upon particularly dissent that does not follow the rules as set down by the rulers and oppressors. the avenues for change of the status quo however unjust within this power structure are limited. You could go to court and spend ten years and millions and still get Kavuma to throw your petition out! You could petition General Moses Ali, if he could even read and understand your petition let alone bother to look at it before he put it in the bin! You could make statements to the police that would never go anywhere! You could invite Andrew Mwenda to come cover your press conference and he would ignore you! None of the above are going to do anything without making a call to someone “above” which means you would never get anywhere!
And soon if you became a nuisance enough, your job would disappear. They would cart you off to Butabika and claim you are mad using the draconious and unethical 30 day assessment time for involuntary mental health assessment for which they do not have a valid legal trigger, or arrange someone to bump you off! Ultimately though, history says they would lose even though it could be at great individual personal cost!
Or you could go out and make Ms Kataaha come to you! Stella got a press conference ‘forgiving her” within 24 hours! Even before she took her kit off! And before she asked for forgiveness! Ms Kataaha failed to see that no one really needs her forgiveness. They need a policy statement on the issues raised by Stella!
Of course their preference would be that she go out on the street so they can send in Afande Tiyagassi with his goons and tear gas to rough her up! Or that she had a gun so that they can send the butcher of Kasese to mow her down! But as she says, her words are her weapons! The profanity, her bombs! The vulgarity her missiles! And against these they are completely disarmed! There is no Russian or North Korean weapon to combat them …. save Kavuma and lokodo both demystified in the eyes of Ugandans!
Contrary to what many believe, there has been a history of protest in Buganda and Uganda. In the 1930’s my wifes grandfather was imprisoned together with other youth for insulting the Kabaka in defiance. He went on to become a kingdom grandee! other rebellions like the Bataka rebellion as well as the general civil strike and disobedience campaign against the colonial government following the exile of the Kabaka to England are well documented.
In the 1940’s, young Baganda mounted a campaign of rude disobedience against the colonial authorities and the Buganda kingdom officials who they viewed as collaborators.
“In a scathing letter of eighteen single-spaced typed pages, Semakula Mulumba declined the Bishop of Uganda’s 1948 invitation to dinner. Dinners and other forms of entertainments and hospitality were, Mulumba asserted, pernicious forms of corruption. Dinners and friendly associations among missionaries and protectorate officials, and between Baganda and Britons, had allowed the British to plot among themselves, seize Ugandans’ resources, seduce Buganda’s leaders and block Ganda efforts toward individual and corporate progress. (1) Mulumba’s response to a dinner invitation with a critique of the colonial order–as a closely interlocked system of cooperation among officials and missions, the Kingdom of Buganda and protectorate officials–was rude, deliberately rude, an attack on the forms of manners and politeness that had shaped both British and Ganda deployments of power and influence in Buganda since at least the beginning of the Uganda Protectorate in 1900. Mulumba, and other Baganda rebels of the late 1940s were disorderly, intemperate and obnoxious within the polite sociopolitical world of colonial Buganda as they drew on their extensive experiences with Britons–officials, missionaries, and others–to reject the polite accommodations around them. What made their rudeness more than just adolescent immaturity, though, was that it was rooted in an understanding of the significance of social rituals, constituted a strategy to disrupt them, and was tied to an effort to build new sorts of public sociability to replace the older elite private networks. “
When trump became president of the united States, New Yorkers started a campaign of rudeness against him and his family!

“If you see a Trump, say something. Specifically, say, “Fuck you!” Say, “Get out of this city!” Tell Donald he is a disgrace. Tell Melania that she will go down in history as the enabler of a bully, a liar, and a coward. Tell Donald Jr. he is a racist and an idiot. Tell Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, that they are enablers of anti-Semitism. Also tell Ivanka that her attempts to turn presidential interviews into chances to hawk her gaudy, overpriced jewelry are tacky and pathetic. Tell Tiffany—who is less involved with her father’s activities than her half-siblings—that if she doesn’t speak out against her family, she is complicit in the hateful rhetoric they and their supporters spread.
The president is not a king, the Trumps are not royalty; you are not under any obligation to put up with their bullshit. If you own a deli or a restaurant, refuse to serve any Trumps. If you wait on the Trumps, you have to give them their food or you’ll likely be fired, but you can give them back their tip. If you see Jared and Ivanka at a gala, or Eric in a corporate box at a Giants game, don’t acknowledge them. If people applaud the Trumps, like those patrons at Club 21, counter that applause with boos. If you make them coffee, give them cream when they ask for soy, and vice versa. Don’t stop your dog from barking at them. Don’t take their money. Don’t sit down at a dive bar with Ivanka. Don’t commit any crimes—refrain from any actual violence like the disgraceful subway attack on the man with the Make America Great Again hat—but the First Amendment, people, we can make it clear to the Trumps that they don’t own the city.”
All of these are examples of the use of rudeness, profanity, vulgarity and and even nakedness as forms of protest against a powerful state opponent or society which helps bring issues of social or political importance to the front for debate.
All of Stella’s actions are consistent with her background and training! So next time you catch yourself thinking Stella is mad, think again! Maybe she is, maybe she is not! There is always a very thin line between genius and madness.

Also remember that most people declaring Stella mad really aren’t qualified to make that diagnosis as it is a medical one that requires a formal psychiatric assessment! And given no one on social media has made that assessment, you cannot say she is mad! You also cannot compel her to undergo a psychiatric assessment without a trigger — and there is no valid legal trigger unless you wish to pay her for wrongful imprisonent!

But then again as Baganda say, even a mad person, ‘omulalu’ sometimes speaks the truth! As a matter of fact, they are more inclined to speak the truth having been freed of the shackles of society and its rules of politeness and “correct behaviour”!
And then there is the final coup in her favour! She is a nalongo, the mother of twins. In Buganda the mother of twins was so revered that she was freed from the shackles and rules of society including the rules of politeness and correct speech and behaviour. A nalongo could walk into your garden and harvest your food for her twins without censorship. More pertinent to this debate, a nalongo could use ‘big words’ without social censorship amidst the normallly polite and very correct Ganda society!
Nalongo is speaking so you better sit up and listen!

The Stella Nyanzi revolutionary journey: Vulgar politics as a method of resistance.

[By Rabba Naga, the senior Ugandan freedom struggle leader operating from within the Museveni camp – 02/04/2017]
I had decided to pretend am not hearing the Stella Nyanzi Janet Museveni discourse, yes, discourse, because that is what it is. But of a different type.
But later, I decided to briefly comment when I saw Janet Museveni, perhaps not surprising, play the way Stella wanted her to play by sacking her from her job etc.!
Many are amused as why Stella Nyanzi writes that way. I see many calling her names, mad, gay, etc., my mind tells me Stella Nyanzi is none of all those. She is sane and intelligent.
What am not sure is whether she, herself understands that what she is doing is a well-practiced method of political revolt employed throughout history. And I watched poor Janet Museveni wondering why Stella hates her etc., and saying she forgave her. Janet, like most people are preoccupied with the words used but don’t know that Stella’s method of resistance is called vulgar politics.
Vulgarity in politics is a rejection of the established political and social order. It is the overt way of rejecting the set social conventions normally set by society. It is the rejection of the so called civilised discourse whose content and usage is normally set and controlled by those with the power. Be that power wielded by the state or the church or elders etc. The bottom-line is that they are social norms used by those with authority to keep in check those they rule over.

Hence, throughout history, vulgar politics has been employed in the fight against the powerful. vulgar politics is very effective and hard to ignore. Indeed, it is an effective political tool for the oppressed.

What suprised me was seeing Mr Museveni using it like in that video where he tells his audience to “go eat their mothers something something…” Vulgar politics does not serve well those in power. It depicts them in bad light.
Yet, for the oppressed like Stella Nyanzi, it serves them well because they lure you in their trap. You cannot ignore them. And because its nasty, ugly and mean, it gets under the skin of those with authority. It provokes their raw nerves and they overreact. Its piecing. As brutal as hot lead! So, it is an effective symbol of people’s revolt.
In days preceding the French revolution, and even after, you see plenty of vulgar revolutionary rhetoric, extreme jacobinian malicious abuses etc. Maria Antoinette was ridiculed. Referred to as Austrian bitch. She was shown in cartoons as an ostrich-like penis, with legs and saddle etc.
Therefore, vulgar politics should not be merely looked at with moral lenses. It is a political tool imbued with violent revolutionary traits and totally at variance with the common pragmatist liberal ideas of political dissent. Like one writer once put it, being politically “…mean and nasty and cruel is just like guillotines….”
I doubt the Museveni oligarchy even understand what is happening, thus the Janet Museveni attempt to forgive Nyanzi. In a rebellion, people don’t seek for your forgiveness nor your understanding. Neither are they afraid of the consequences. So, your usual methods may not be effective after all.

It’s about Stella Nyanzi!

By Ian Ortega.
I had tried to avoid talking about Stella Nyanzi versus the First Lady hoping that somebody would be able to read my mind and make a better analysis. Instead all that I have read is totally in sync with the usual Ugandan analysis. It is just some usual rhetoric, some just emotional pandering to side with either party. None however has tried to give deeper understanding to the whole situation.
Using the cause and effect analogy. Most people have tended to see Stella Nyanzi as a cause. But that’s where they all get it wrong. Nyanzi is an effect. She represents a certain new wave. A wave that we have fed over the years.
It all started when the powers that be closed up their ears to anything that was not ‘good’ to them. They kept the critics far away and they kept the praise singers even closer.
They say, if you want honest unpaid for criticism always listen to your enemy. Our friends will always find it hard to tell the truth. They will sugar coat it or avoid it altogether. Show a friend your piece of writing or your new song and they will simply shower it with complements. Rarely can you expect honest reviews from a friend.
Slowly by slowly the First Family fell victim to this. Whenever the President asked for feedback from wanaichi, the spies told him all was okay. He believed this lie until it finally became truth.
Those who talked, he was told they wanted some bread. So they could buy them off. After all, a mouth that is eating can’t talk.
As the palace built these high walls, it was blocked from the realities on the ground. Its eyes got veiled. That marked the death of dialogue.
And this death went all over and affected every facet of our society. In the churches, we created the Catholic Church vs Musaala. The musicians built fan bases where they could produce any trash and it would be hailed. Parents expected no criticism from their children.
At all stages, the country stopped listening to the alternative. The battles lines got drawn. The opposition wanted to hear nothing positive about the ruling government. Ruling government said nothing positive about the opposition. You were either with us or with them.
I have always had a problem with binary societies, the kind of socieities with no middle. The kind of societies where it is either black or white but no greys. Such societies fuel something called extremism.
I have previously written that we are in the Age of attention. We went through the stone age, the iron age, the industrial age, the computer age and the age of information.
All of a sudden there was too much information in the world. The next age automatically became the age of attention. Because to give attention to one thing requires foregoing another. The opportunity cost of enjoying Facebook posts is the awesome tweets I miss out on.
So right now what we have is an abundance of information and a scarcity of attention. I can’t read two posts at the same time. Everytime I scroll through my newsfeed, I am making a choice between posts. Thus the only way to get my attention is how extreme something is.
Thus we are seeing the existence of two ages. We are living both in the age of attention and in the age of extremism.
When you see Kaweesi showered with over 30 bullets, you must try to think of the bigger picture.
The only way to get attention is to get extreme. Social media has fueled that even more. It is not enough to have an opinion on Facebook or Twitter, that opinion must be articulated in an extreme way.
That’s why you can’t find an opposition member saying there’s something this government has achieved. In the same way, you won’t find an NRM person siding with the opposition.
First of all, when you choose to go extreme, you get infected with cognitive dissonance. That’s why people will rarely change their beliefs beyond a certain age. A man who has believed in God since he was born will try so hard to hold onto this belief even when evidence suggests otherwise. A president that was once loved will find it so hard to believe that he is no ridiculed. Our brains suffer from cognitive dissonance. It is the reason we stick to wrong ideas even after knowing they are wrong. And because of this, we do everything possible to avoid hearing the alternative views. Then it becomes a cycle of fueling even more extremism.
Thus as a country, we face a deeper evolutionary psychological struggle as the global world. Extremism is the new normal simply because our attention is scarce. Agataliko nfuufu is popular because it is extreme. Bukedde is popular because it is extreme.
The age of attention doesn’t reward one for staying on the sidelines. You must go all the way. Why struggle to face your enemy if you can eliminate him with rounds of bullets? At least in the latter, you quickly get their attention. And if you can’t get it, you eliminate it.
Donald Trump is not president by mistake. He understands the age. It is the age of radicalism. You must be radical for whatever you believe in. Don’t just go the extra mile, go the extreme mile.
The age of attention does not reward neutrals. Because attention is scarce, we have to keep buying it with extreme views, ideas and thoughts. The popular people on our platforms today are the extremists of either side. That’s how to win attention.
The problem with advancing views in this way is that you make your enemies even more hardened. That’s why children of very strict parents always turned out to be the most stubborn. Us whose parents didn’t even bother to cane us, we upheld all the school rules. Us whose parents allowed to taste wine at home found no need to smuggle alcohol into school.
So here’s what you should take away.
1. Stella Nyanzi is an effect not a cause. You must understand her as a wave not as a person.
2. The country forgot to dialogue. No one wanted to talk to their enemy. Now we are stuck in a rabbit hole.
3. We are in the age of attention. This has fueled extremism as we all fight for the scarce attention. Extremism and bigotry is the new normal.
4. Always keep your enemies close. Only them can tell you the truth that your friends can’t.
5. In the age of extremism, we can expect to see more Kaweesi cases not less.
6. The winds of change are blowing. Read my analysis on my blog. I found out a pattern that happens just before governments fall in Uganda.

why are politicians so engrossed in matters of sanitory pads?

By “‘Godfrey Nsubuga’ via Ugandans at Heart (UAH)

why are politicians so engrossed in matters of sanitory pads while ignoring the fact that these kids run on empty stomachs from morning to evening at school with teachers equally hopeless seeking solace in kaveras of kitoko because of poor and sometimes no pay. Why are our good no nosense ladies like Matembe not taking this one up. I can tell with 70% certainity that these good ladies like Matembe, Olive Nantubwe, E. Madra and lousy Speci could have used their first sanitory pad when above 18. so how did they manage their lady days then? and they did go to school. There is an affordable solution in these grown up and educated ladies that can prove enormously helpful to Ugandans, why arent they talking today? The talk of pads has been taken on theoretical grounds by those whose job is to write papers and proposals for a living; these want to scoop billions and buy pads for millions. If there is less/ no money, we must feed children healthy and then address ”messes” in a fancy way if need be and not ”messes” before food. How many women digging the farm land in Bukunja are Using pads? very few yet there ”messes” come normally. These TV stunts of girls Using leaves and fibres is hogwash designed to alarm TV audience. What am saying is, the PAD is not the only thing that works during those days and should not be amplified beyond the key factors killing education; teacher motivation and training, teaching aides, feeding at school. the most affected girls come from rural areas and the mothers there are well versed with alternatives that work in different fabrics. All primary girls come from homes with mothers still going through ”messes”, how do mothers do it and can not tell their kids


China, population = 1.357 billion people.
Number of Ministers – 20.
Japan, 127.3 million people.
Ministers – 20.
Britain, 64.1m people
Ministers – 22 including PM.
USA, 318.9 million people.
Ministers – 23.
Germany, 80.62 million people.
Ministers, 16 including PM.
France, 66.03 million people.
Ministers – 16.
Nigeria, 173.6 million.
Ministers – 36.
Almighty Ghana , population about 28 million.
Ministers 110.
Uganda the pearl of Africa. 38 million
Ministers 286.


by Hon Odonga otto.
Dr.Nyanzi there are right ways of doing wrong things and there are wrong ways of doing wrongthings you have fallen in the latter catergory of doing wrong things the wrong way. what reamains of interest is whether it was voluntary or involuntary.whether you where in you right state of mind or under the influence of intoxicating beverage (which is a defence in law) incase you want tow that direction.
The insults on the first lady where unbecoming of anyone not even to a sexist Don like you. Dr. Nyanzi you seem to have commiited suicide in that piece …. everyone even fears quoting what you wrote because the may be charged “of spreading harmfull news”an offence under the penal code.
Dr Nyanzi you should have been the last to abuse a fellow woman more so the first lady in that fashion.The wrath of your actions will definatley follow you as days follow night..forget about the fact that the first lady may have “forgiven” you.
However you may not escape the overzealous state actors.These people the cattle keepers are long distance runners.
You where banned from leaving the country and lately you have lost your job the daily bread at Makerere .
From today it will be a :”risky business” for anyone/body to invite you for any workshop seminar or symposium to earn any piece of silver to back up the loss of income at MUK.
Dr Stella i think you have “touched the anus of the leopard”
My advice is three fold:
We are watching as history unfolds.
We have serious issues with the regime i lost my mother and i would not abuse anyone’s mother.
Time is not on the side of the regime.
Any machine manufactured is first trained on self have failed in that area.
If you can raise such issues on the First lady what would you say the day Joseph Kony is arre

I support sanitary pad distribution 100%, the only problem is the current corrupt environment

By ‘Dr.Edward Kayondo’ via Ugandans at Heart (UAH

There is a need for increased transparency in government ventures. As I wrote in the past on this forum a plan to make all Ugandans auditors of their funds is the only way to deal with corruption.
Pending that let the government have a pilot distribution in one district for a given period. This will highlight any problems and help define the financial costs. Incremental extension to different districts based on different characteristics from the initial district can then be carried out. At the end of this period a decision to extend it country wide or scrap it with lessons learned can be made. This will save the country money it doesn’t have and it will also create a knowledge base for future projects along the same lines.

Incremental release of government funds limits the corruption players, the big boys play the big leagues, this process can immunize projects from bigger losses. Shorter government commitments with a clause to cut short problematic projects or change companies in question coupled with payment after delivered services is a game not played enough by the government. Companies that don’t have equivalent funds that cannot be touched in escrow (not just bank statements from which funds can be withdrawn after getting the deals or tenders) should not be used for some projects. These escrow funds can be used to recover monies lost in corrupt procedures. I am sure this is being used in some form or fashion but again it only works when its transparent enough.

Dr. Shaka is not alone!

By Peter Simon

I think it is not right to blame anyone for supporting NRM or taking long to realize how bad it has been. Many people have been fed on falsehood, fake promises so much so that those that hoped that maybe things will change for the better have finally come to realize that nothing will ever change. Dr. Shaka is not alone. NRM with propaganda machine has always put blame on past regimes while doing nothing better for the last 31 years. Imagine we have some crocked old guards still blaming past regimes as NRM denies food to starving people. It seems NRM has disabled their mental capacity to reason or to see so that they have maintained the lies they were told 31 years ago. Such old guards cannot ask themselves why police can deny starving people food donated now, 31 years after the last “bad” regime has chased.
With that observation, we should not continue to blame anyone but if they finally see the falsehood they had been fed on, the better. Besides, physics tells us about reaction time varying from person to person;or tolerance, in the social sciences we talk about differences in resilience. Had most Ugandans seen what some of us saw 37 years ago, this regime wouldn’t have come to power in the first place, there was no serious convincing agenda to attract the support it received, but that is now history because the chicken have come to roost!

No blame but enlarge the base of dissatisfied Ugandans so that the souls of burnt Mukura Railway victims or those killed those dispossessed, and displaced can finally rest.
31 years of blaming past regimes while doing nothing to improve the lives Ugandans should make people question what they hear on radios, TVs and rallies for babies of 31 are now parents struggling to survive, does one really need to hear how bad life was 31 years ago when they face worse life now?
Give me a break.

Dr. Shaka Ssali misses one point!

By Dr.Edward Kayondo via the UAH forum

Dr. Shaka misses one point and its very important to understand this before coming to conclusions that we have lost a generation.
Uganda can’t be compared to many other countries in that since Independence we have always had change in government through armed struggles. Before that Ugandans were under dictatorial tribal rulers and colonialists.

What we have had over Presidents Museveni’s years is a rebuilding of the three branches of government and a lesson for the country that used effectively these branches can stabilize the country and set it up for development.

The generation referred to as lost was the generation that crossed the Red Sea to borrow the metaphor from the Bible. If it wasn’t for that generation we would not have the current generations braveness and view that yes they can be all they want within a stable environment.

The older generation many are referring to are the ones who are making it difficult for this generation in that they try to introduce their historical baggage into the current environment. They never stop to remind us about how things used to be as if we want to go back in the caves, we are in a new global environment and business is not as it was in the past.

We have to give this generation time to figure out what works and doesn’t. We have to give this generation a chance to train their political voices before they embark on planning for the country they will live in when all of us are gone. This country belongs to them as much as it belongs to any other Ugandan citizen. We have to give them time to trust the electoral system, a chance to know that legislation’s can be formulated in parliament and that the Judicial system has powers too, we have to give them a chance to know that there proper procedures to challenge the executive branch, we have to give them a chance to trust the army and know that it is there to protect the whole country and not one person, we have to give them a chance to bury the demons of tribalism.
Any action that causes us to revert to violence and destruction of our country through military change of government should be denounced by all of us. If this generation knows that there is only one option to change they will focus on that option and use it effectively through the ballot as they support their opposition parties or through random actions of activism as seen recently by the renown professor.

This government should have done more by now, we should have had better control on corruption, better performance in all sectors and ministries. Yes the next few years the President has to prove to all Ugandans that what he promised in the ten points program can be a reality before he figures out where he will reside past the next elections. Any president that comes after him will have a better framework for governing and should be able to implement better policies within a shorter time frame.

I do realize that we Ugandans in the diaspora especially in developed countries are on parallel time frames and bearings as we talk about change compared to Ugandans back home.Through our experiences in these countries we tend to use a different time scale than the one used in Uganda a country that still fits within the third world countries category. They are more patient than as and are used to cooking over fire even when a microwave cooks faster. Instant change and services are a right we enjoy forgetting that there was a time when what we see and enjoy in these countries never existed. A kid born in an English speaking environment will be impatient with a ten year old who can’t speak English at Kindergarten level. But if only that kid knew that this ten year old just came from the village and had never spoken a complete sentence in English or memorized all the letters of the alphabet, may be then he will give him as much time as he needs because after he gets the basics the learning curve will totally improve. We can argue about how long Ugandans needed to snap out of fear of the gun and start rebuilding trust in the voting process or to get guts to bravely challenge the president in public and sleep soundly through the night with plans to do the same thing next day, but trust me cultural and sustainable changes in society tend to take generations. In many cases reminding this generation about the past hoping to quicken their political acuity is like warning today’s ten year old in South Africa about his new white friend with apartheid shockers.

The necessary changes needed in Uganda are inevitable, aggressive actions will slow them down and we have to understand that their different thoughts in peoples minds but all of them gravitate to an environment that takes fear and uncertainty out of the equation. Not all Ugandans think like we do. This year I was asked to speak within our organization on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In my introduction i reminded the gathering that yes I am black but my understanding of segregation and discrimination is not as deep seated as that of other African Americans born and raised in the South of North America. When I see a White man my thoughts never think about discrimination even when I am passed over until someone else points it out. Such is the generation we have in Uganda, they are interpreting the world in their own terms, they have never experienced living in a developed country and them two days of load shading are much better than no power at all. Many that own boda bodas never even thought of owning them from the village they came from. Some have thoughts of building a one room house and to me they can do more than that but to them even the thought that its possible is a big deal. So as we think of rocket changes, building 100 hospitals in thirty years, having paved roads all over the country and ideas that they should have a perfect government as we do in the West, we have to pause and think of how minds deal with change even change they desperately need or thought of as possible.

I am not defending this government, it has had many missed opportunities, it has lost or misused billions of dollars, it is infested with opportunists in all sectors of government and many of us are disappointed by all this. Within in all this confusion however, lets not forget the millions of civil servants who have the heart for progressive change and have worked within this environment. They stayed behind even as many of us left the country for various reasons, they sometimes go months without pay even as they see others buying new rides with their salaries. Equally many more have transitioned into a capitalistic environment bridging the gap between dependency on government and self sufficiency via entrepreneurship. Millions have no where to go in case of war and will see their sweat and blood destroyed as their homes and businesses are wiped away. These are the ones we have to remember, and the President has to remember them too. The environment is now open for government structures and policies that will develop the country and meet the basic needs of the people. Going forward failure to provide can result into change via the ballot and the system has the ability to root out those who fail the people if used in a democratic way with total respect to our constitution.

So Dr. Shaka, you and me might be part of the many who will never make it to the promised land even when we crossed the Red Sea to borrow the Bible metaphor again.We see where we should be but tend to focus on that one giant who keeps many on a diet of manna and quails from above instead of feasting on the milk and honey we see in our land. Never the less when we blur our focus and soften our stance, surprising enough we can conclude that Uganda is now ripe for exponential development. The Uganda I see in the future unlike some is a country which will like never before display its crown and for good reasons proudly again take its position as the Pearl of Africa. I don’t have to be alive till that happens,I know its real because that vision keeps me warm and happy despite what I see and hear.
Armed struggle is not an option, those who want to quicken the process should support rebuilding and strengthening opposition parties. If DP, UPC, FDC , CP, JF, UGP, PPP, PDP, UFA got organized, funded and governed in a manner of total transparency and shade personal ownership, not only will they be able to form a strong opposition voice in parliament but they will increase this generations political participation even before elections. This will ensure that this generation understands how governments truly work and that those that govern us are tried and chosen by the people and are accountable. They will challenge or influence development of government policies.As more people trust the political process government will have a perfect environment for development. Politics in Uganda today is not only open to the Elite as it was way before and after independence,unlike before we all can participate. This is what we need not guns and blood.
Gakyali mabagga.

Shaka is an Old Boy of Butobere College located in Kabale

By Allan Barigye via the UAH forum

Just over 40 years ago, Shaka Ssali was a Lieutenant in the Uganda Army and still had childhood dreams about being a cowboy and travelling internationally – a dream to be famous.
A series of events in the early 70s saw a young Shaka Ssali head to the land of his dreams, the US, get an education, climb to the top of journalism and communication which has resulted in him returning for a special occasion in Uganda this week.
More than the Presidential Debate, a first ever in this format, the strongest message about the potential of Ugandan youth will likely come from the “Kabale Kid” SHAKA SSALI, and not the candidates.
He is deeply passionate about Africa and its development, having lived through some of the hardest times in Ugandan history.
He has hosted Straight Talk Africa for the last 15 years. The show is broadcast live across the world every Wednesday from 1830-1930 GMT simultaneously on radio, television and the Internet.

His story is simply amazing. Shaka is an Old Boy of Butobere College located in Kabale, southwestern Uganda and Kololo SS in Kampala. A high school drop-out (Senior 3 1968), with no O-Level certificate who ends up with a bachelor’s degree, two masters degrees and a PhD. Shaka holds a doctorate in cross cultural communication and history from UCLA in California.

The following quote by an interviewer, best describes his transformation. “Shaka Ssali is living proof of the transformational power of knowledge. Through education, Ssali has himself become a positive role model for others. Born in Uganda, Ssali was enlisted in the army when he 16 years old as a cadet officer. After almost five years he had risen to the rank of lieutenant. But even as a young child, he says, he had a burning desire for knowledge.”
He joined the Uganda army in 1968, went through cadet training and in 1974 his name was linked to a failed coup attempt against Idi Amin. He went into business and in 1976 went to Europe then found his way to the US.


By Peter Simon Via UAH forum

It is a good idea to have a united Opposition. Unfortunately, President Museveni and his NRM ensured that the Opposition never unites​ and is doing everything in his power to keep it divided or disintegrate further. For instance, President Museveni never consulted Opposition parties when he appointed some of their members to ministerial positions so how can Opposition be strong when they are undermined by luring their members with bribes, appointments and sometimes real threats?
Let us not delude ourselves that Uganda will mature democratically under NRM. President Museveni has lost the golden opportunity to lead Uganda to that promised glory he lied about as outlined in his 10 Pointed​ Lies!
If I may ask but of course aware that you will decline to answer, of those 10 lies, which one has fully been addressed to your satisfaction in these 31 yrs of NRM uninterrupted rule?
No more lies or time to waste and by the way, liberation doesn’t require getting permission from anybody and if Shaka and group see armed struggle as the only viable option left at people’s disposal, so let it be, he will be held accountable if they fail in their promises. My hope is that​ Ugandans be directly involved not using mercenaries as Museveni used Rwandese/refugees to fight citizens.
Under NRM, there will never be a united Opposition because it’s viewed as a threat to it’s longevity.
Long live Uganda!


By Dr. Edward Kayondo via UAH forum

If I promise you to build a house in ten months, and you come back in eleven months and don’t see any walls or roof, you are right to say that I never kept your promise. In that respect you are right to say that NRM has not kept its promise as promised.
However if you stayed a far and all you looked for was the roof, you might miss the fact that I spent those eleven months laying a foundation and pouring concrete in the land because i found out after making that promise that the swamps go deep and the soil couldn’t hold the house.
So what was the time frame for accomplishing these points? Is NRM as a party still around to continue working on this? Are these points still relevant today as they were thirty years ago? Who is promising any alternative program? Can anyone who come after this president continue where he left other than starting again from scratch? Those are some questions that need to be answered.
You must also be aware of political jargon’s and understand that politics has no weather forecasters. You never know when it will rain or shine, so your plans are always facing bidirectional winds. Not only that there is no agreeable scale to measure progress. When a person tells you that they will bring forth democracy, create a mixed economy, without clearly giving you outcomes or time line to measure his progress from then to today you have a problem because both of you will never agree on how far he is from keeping that promise.
I am not going to score these points one by one but there is a case to make on many of them if you compare them to previous governments. However that is also not a reliable measure because times change and the societies we have now are not what we had before and our expectations now are way more than previous governments have.
To sum it up, NRM has not delivered the glory we were promised yet, but it has set up the necessary adjustments, and created an environment that can make those points a reality if the country continues its call for accountability, participation in political processes and embrace the oath of stability.


George Okello is a lawyer by profession and living in London

By George Okello via UAH forum.
Karl Marx already has a blue print for us, on how we can end the Rwandan occupation of our country through a peoples’ war. His theory of a peoples war was advanced by Chairman Mao Ze Dong in China in the conduct of the national democratic revolution he led there. . So a theory and a blue print exists on how we are going to wage an armed war to liberate our country- we only need to modify it to suit our circumstances and concrete conditions.
I have done a thorough study of war and peoples struggles all around the world and have even lived in guerrilla camps with insurgents in the Philippines, India and Colombia, so I know what I am talking about.
You may therefore underestimate our determination and intellectual preparedness for the task ahead at your own peril.
I am not personally interested in preserving my life into perpetuity just for the sake of it.. I dont fear death. It is not that I want to die, but I am prepared to die, if it means liberating our country from Rwandan occupation. I want to punish Kayibanda Museveni for the crimes he has committed in Uganda. I will never rest until the Rwandan outlaw is brought to the fold of the law and hanged.
Secondly, we have a world to win. I am am ready for this next chapter of my life. Even if I fall, others will pick up the baton. What is the purpose of life, if we have to be slaves in our own country. It is your choice to be a slave and a quisling. But I am a patriot, a proud Ugandan, a committed pan-Africanist, an internationalist, but above all, I am a COMMUNIST. I will never agree to be a slave of a pot-bellied Rwandan tyrant, or a lackey of the Imperialists.
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A pick at Ugandans in South East London!

By George Okello via UAH forum

This is the famous MATOOKE HOUSE, Ugandan grocery store in Deptford, South-East London. Around the corner is AFAB STAR Restaurant run by Michael Meme, and further up the street 5 Hair Salons run by Baganda women, AND A MINI CAB OFFICE RUN BY ANOTHER MUGANDA MAN.

To the East is Pechkam where there is a very huge African population.

To the south, 3 miles away is Greenwich and then Woolwich where you will find the famous watering hole called Wandegeya. This small area of London (Peckham, Bermondsey, Greenwich, Charlton, Lewisham and Woolwich has the largest concentration of Ugandans in the UK.- numbering anything between 5,000-10,000. It is also the area where I have spent nearly 20 years of my life ( actually the area I have lived longest in my entire life), my children are born here in this area and is a place they know as “HOME”. Many Ugandans have started to set up small businesses, but a large number also remain unemployed and unemployable sadly. The distinguishing feature of ugandans South East london in the UK is how united they are. If only they behaved this way at home, our country would not be in the mess it is in today.

These Ugandans we have here in the UK are the people we will need to build the new Uganda we all want. And I mean all of them- from the professionals, office workers, to small scale business-owners like the ones in Deptford. And ofcourse the young ones who are still at school.

Take the small sclae business-owners- like the Hair Salon or Mini Cab owner. These people have now acquired business acumen and skills that an ordinary Ugandan can only dream. You and I know if you give a Ugandan £1,000 now to start a business, in two weeks he or she will be coming back to you to ask for money for repairs or to buy fuel etc. In a month they are flat broke and dont want to see your face or hear your voice.

But here, it is totally different. The Hair Salon woman- like Goreti, will have borrowed £2,000 from the bank to start the salon. She has to have a proper business plan, and the bank and local organisations would have helped her with this. This is now her source of income, so she has to make it work. She has to hire space in a shop on the streets, buy equipment etc, market her services, etc. and then put in 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Only after a year or more will she be able to break even, employ more staff and make profits. And the profits can be reasonable. These are real hard working entreprenuers, and imagine you took them back to Uganda and they transferred these skills into our economy- cant you see what a huge difference it would make?

Uganda as it is now has a totally unskilled and untrained workforce for an economy of the 21st century. This really has got to be our focus for the future. As we try to remove Museveni from power, in fact we are now looking far ahead, as to how we cany set up the building blocks for the New Uganda- and how we will encourage the people in the diaspora to join us in this great undertaking.

Had Museveni attacked Mengo, would Mumbere have shown up?

The problem is not about the kingdoms it is about Ugandans. When the population in Mukura gets boiled in train wagons, the people in Kasese do not worry about it for Kasese is a free land. They forget that the reason why the people of Mukura got boiled is because the government its self is a killer. There is not a single parent, a politician, a church leader let alone community leader that rose up from Barlonyo to condemn the killing of our people in Luwero, not even one. They thought at a time that the people in Luwero died for they were bad people, they forgot that the government its self was a killer. It ended up going after them too. And I opine that had the people of Barlonyo stood up an defended us when we were being killed, they would have saved their own lives for the government would stop killing us. The problem is so large that Abbey Semuwemba does not get upset for a Ugandan has been murdered, he gets a upset for a Moslem has been murdered. That is the danger in the true Uganda reasoning.

I have lost very many friends, some of them right from this city to The Movement. And they have made a whack of money out of the Movement. But you and I know that as soon as The movement does not need you it kills you. Yet everyone plays Mr. smart of I will be the only one that do not get killed. I was surprised that the murdering of Ugandans in Ombacci was never raised by Ugandans, it remained a secret to a point that even the people that were born in West Nile refused to raise the death of their very own people. Do you know how Ombacci was made public? A very serious Ugandan out of this country, flew into Sudan with a pile of doctors and politicians, they did a study by visiting those that survived the Acholi massacre, the international community documented the Acholi atrocities, and then it still remained a private matter in Uganda. So the international community documented the massacre in West Nile but Uganda society did not print it on Uganda papers.

The very first time the Ombacci genocide was made public was during the Acholi series when I decided to out it publicly. That was the first time that massacre took rounds in Uganda forums. Other words no Ugandan saw a value into posting it. ->And boy was I threatened?

Museveni continues to kill Ugandans for they only complain when their parents or members of family are killed and as soon they burry them the rest of family keeps quiet and asks for money to steal.


Indicators of a sick economy

When I suggest to government to pick the tabs on Urban Planning and Town development I intend to argue government to directly get involved in the development of this country Uganda.

There you’re setting up the most basic infrastructure and appended professional man power which Uganda lacks everywhere.

a. The stock exchange in Uganda has less that 15 Uganda companies listed and for two year n a row it is almost dormant.

b. Lack of Construction cranes in building site virtually all over Uganda shows 1. Level of development and 2. Magnitude of invest in shilling terms!

c. That local governments in Uganda are basically service oriented and almost lack physical planning / engineering capabilities is pointer to lack of development in almost Uganda territory.

d. The above explains the number of professional and expert; architects, engineers, cartographers, economists, lawyers working or operating in any Uganda district towns.

e. Once that class is not present in district – development is an illusion.

f. Uganda has virtually no capacity to design major engineering projects; i.e. roads, dams, large scale engineering networks.

g. Lack of visible manufacturing and processing industry is an addition to level of development in Uganda.
Because of the above, Uganda a petty dealers and no major international company will find it easy to invest into such a country!

Bwanika Daniel, Luwero via UAH

Ndugu Andrew Mujuni Mwenda, get a life!

By Egesa Ronald…….

I liked reading Andrew Mwenda’s writings for Monitor in the noughties(2000s) and went on to religiously read his ‘Last Word’ in independent until 2008. Here is why I stopped in 2008.

At the height of Temangalo saga, I spotted him meeting Amama Mbabazi at Serena Hotel at night and this was followed by Andrew Mujuni Mwenda putting up a spirited defence of Mbabazi role in Temangalo saga using his column in his Independent magazine. I sent him an email with the date and time I spotted him at Serena and he did not reply. I confirmed that the chap is a gun for hire and was double-faced!

I also critically analysed 20 latest copies of his independent magazine and realised that it gave only positive reviews of Rwanda and negative stories on Ugandan politics! I concluded that it was after all not an independent magazine. You could clearly see that Mwenda was doing PR for Rwanda together with his friend Dr. Frederick Golooba Mutebi ( in the East African), while at the same time, he was looking for attention from the Kampala or is it Entebbe regime! Finally, when his quasi-intellectualism was busted by HE Kagame – thanks to British lobbyists and ‘strategists’, he lobbied hard to get close to the centre of power in Kampala. He targeted the post then occupied by Tamale Mirundi, but the President denied him that appointment. Remember the infamous NTV News nights -yes those were all schemes for the Presidential Press Secretary job. I saw through it and stopped watching them.

Like my friend Jone Kyoma put it, Mwenda is a brand parasite. After riding on the Museveni brand to rob HE Kagame with bogus PR, he turned to his host (Museveni) and has realised that he cannot have his way; so he has turned Besigye into his host so as to attract Museveni attention so he can rob him. After realising that the elites have ignored his outbursts against Besigye, he shifted target to the leading social media brand of Tom Voltaire Okwalinga so he can get the much denied attention of the enlightened class.

Ndugu Andrew Mujuni Mwenda, get a life!


By Angura Ariko L’Ikilai

Andrew Mwenda should find a better way to convince us to buy into his lies. The twitter policy allows one not to use one email address to open multiple accounts. The twitter policy statement is public and it’s on its website. It’s not something secret, all can cross check with. Secondly that email he’s brandishing is only used by Robert Shaka and it’s not a secret email account. It’s the reason I warned Andrew yesterday of the danger of labelling innocent souls what they are not. Imagine your mother loosing your brother because of some baseless allegations. Ugandan government is hunting for TVO, and don’t make the regime start pointing it’s guns on those innocent souls and harm them because of your malice against Besigye. The champion against character assassinations becomes a master in character assassinations. Andrew M. Mwenda, you are better than this my dear brother.

Yesterday Andrew claimed Lugasire one of his TVOs, was based in Canada, today he claims he’s in Uganda. If he can’t establish the guys’ correct place of abode how then does he start claiming to know of the physical meetings TVO had with the guy who gave him the Kaihura tapes. For the record, the man Mwenda is accusing here is an ordinary soul working with Stanbic bank here in Uganda with a young family. You can’t imagine how his young family will survive if his killed by state operatives. Mwenda needs to trade with caution.

It hurts to loose a person dear to you because someone orchestrasted a smear campaign to dent a person’s image and thereby causing his death. That’s the most painful lose one can ever have. It’s in the same vein we implore Andrew M. Mwenda, to exercise caution when uttering such allegations.It is OK for him to attack TVO, the only problem is, no-one knows with certainty who TVO is, so to malign some innocent souls, to drag their names in this is totally being insensitive.Andrew has some of these guys blocked on his page, so they can’t respond here but have spoken out already on other forums. They categorically deny any involvement with TVO.

The principal on evidence is that, he who alleges should prove. And here, all Andrew M. Mwenda is floating as proof is a mere email address which he claims was used to open multiple TVO accounts, and that’s not possible since it offends twitter policies. So in simple terms his allegations are so grave and yet he’s not giving us any form of evidence.

The hunt for TVO is still on, for now he’s or she’s an enigma that the state has to grapple with. No one knows whom TVO is for certain. Some people have been arrested before, arraigned in court in that regard but later Scot free for lack of evidence. So one here should claim special knowledge over the same, where our intelligence community is failing.


By Bakara Shaedy Edmon

‘It’s high time bwana Andrew Mwenda stops all this hullabaloo. He is just becoming a disgrace to people who used to look up to him as one of Uganda’s finest as regards journalism. His Ego is hurt by Besigye’s call to not respond to all his attacks and now he is turning to people like TVO to start a war of words. Just blubbering about people’s locations is enough to show that he is even not sure of what he is talking about.

The Twitter policy does not allow one to create multiple accounts using one email address. Secondly, how does a picture of Abbey Semuwemba with Besigye in London make him “guilty” of being labelled TVO? Do your pictures in/at Mille Collines Hotel Kigali make you the owner?You are now just posting random things to remain relevant. You used to be better than this. Your behaviour and skewed journalism are the reasons why journalists like Onyango Obbo and Daniel Kalinaki will always be more respected and ahead of you.

Hang on a minute, What if Andrew m Mwenda is TVO? i have reasons 1.he is very well connect with state house ,visits them same frequently and whenever something happens there,it is published in a short time. 2.Those he claims are TVOs live in london,America or do they get info from state house in hours???




Believe it or not, I hate responding to some issues, but even in the most heated exchange, I consider it somehow “impolite” not to respond to somebody. Its just that sometimes silence to a smear campaign could turn out to be counterproductive in the long run.

The conspiracy theory reared its ugly head on ‘WHO IS TOM OKWALINGA?’ a few days ago, only this time the conspirator fired a lot of empty bullets on my door step.It was basically a nice display of hateful ignorance.If posting nonsense were real money some people would be extremely wealthy.Despite gaping holes of no merit to the allegations against me, Robert Shaka and the other gentleman whom I’ve never heard of till a few days ago, some people still believe what has been spewed/slanted.

Oh man, something is wrong. If we have Uganda citizens ready to be thrown under the bus over unfounded allegations on Facebook, I am speechless.Obviously I have been living in some kind of a bubble. I didnt know that somebody could write something on Facebook, and its taken as the gospel truth by some people. However,sometimes bubbles aren’t so bad.They help keep the blood pressure down.The only thing the rest of us can do is to point out the gaping holes in their agenda.

What is disappointing in all this is that some newsline just rush to publish anything that is posted on Facebook by a celebrity without putting someone to task to furnish them with facts and details.Celebrity reporting in the mainstream media today is at a low point.If it requires a pain in the ass to point this out as often as is required,then I am duty-bound to accept it as my calling.

You can’t just write a story saying, “X is TVO — everybody says so. He took a picture with Besigye in London……” Jesus! You have to name your sources, and show where they got their information. You need hard facts — documentary evidence (records,IP addresses, perhaps). Otherwise, publishing something you know little of risk putting one’s life in danger.You have to think about our society which is hegemonic and cruel to the opposition.Hasty generalisations end up in misleading. I dont wish to land at Entebbe Airport, and somebody puts handcuffs on me basing on a riduculous Redpepper headline. Unfortunately many in the media don’t care about truth or facts only their false narrative. Anyway the haters out there feed off their own ignorance. For record purposes, nobody in the world, unless photoshopped, can produce evidence of me and Besigye together anywhere, not that its a crime itself. Anyway, there are big lessons for all of us, such as:

1. We should quit attacking each other on personal issues,and just keep talking about issues that matter to Ugandans;

2.If you’ve intentionally written something made up about somebody, please grow a pair and apologise for such posts that lower your standard, and the standards of the debate.

3. Let us be consistent and be true bearers of justice against injustice and have the courage to stand by and for our convictions because it is the right thing to do as God commands us, and not because it is easy and fashionable to do. There is no reason why anybody respectable could devote their time attacking the person of Kiiza Besigye.I have studied Uganda politics since 1962 and I have never seen or heard of anyone that has been treated so unfairly as Dr.Besigye.

4. Let us learn to forgive each other. Personally, I have forgiven all those that run a smear campaign against me.There is a huge difference between “dare to question” and “attack and discredit” which is exactly what a few do in here on a continual basis.

Byebyo ebyange banange. Siyina mutawana oba mpalana kumuntu yenna!


By Apangu Kennedy Fanuel

Mwendah, to suggest that Museveni’s system is more tolerant than Besigye is the climax of your irrelevance. First things first. Do you think TVO is the enemy majority Ugandans face today? TVO is an enemy to the state because it exposes their excesses and plunder of national resources by the few. This actually makes TVO a darling to the majority Ugandans whose voice you work hard to suppress.

Museveni’s system more tolerant than KB supporters? You top my list of Jokers today. Simply look at all the institutions in the country! All the institutions are working to serve the president. How would you justify invasion of courts of law by the security agencies to ‘re arrest suspects? Is there any provision in the law to act in this manner? What of the parliament that only exist by name? Aren’t they performing rituals only without any meaningful business? A kingdom was blown up by the military just last month and all you saw in that was tolerance by the Museveni regime? Mwendah, I can state that you have joined the long list of the enemy Ugandans have had.

Now, a certain king has been appointed to serve in the government in a position that does not exist in diplomatic circles and yet we know cultural institutions are supposed to be independent. If this king was an ally of Besigye, won’t we have another Kasese massacre in Uganda? Mwenda! Mwenda!Uganda is watching you. Many people in Uganda can’t afford all the meals. In my entire village no one can pay school fees in Namagunga, Buddo and many other top schools. 6bn was plundered and yet livestock and humans are suffering in the cattle corridor die to water scarcity. Do you know how many borehole this money would have drilled? Recently a certain friendly country donated rice to Uganda. Shamelessly your officials were there receiving it. Isn’t Uganda an agric economy? Is it only by description? Can’t we grow rice here in Uganda? What’s your government priority?

If your really sure that these people represent the so called Tom Okwalinga . I think you publishing this information is not a wise thing to do but running straight to police or any security agency would b a better idea . These are people who may be charged with a number of counts ranging from treason to the least cyber crime, but again I remember how money hungry you are which makes m question your source otherwise u would have just run straight to the boss himself and walk away with a golden handshake

Guys, let’s not relent. Mwendah has not burried a woman who died in Labour, a child who dies of preventable diseases, has not come across many children who have dropped out of school due to school fees, parents whose children are fighting senseless wars outside there. By the way, they are sent without parliamentary approval. He has not seen mass graves that result from mismanagement of politics.


Fellow citizens,

Yesterday the brightness of Uganda’s future suddenly went dim. Another sad legacy in our history.
We still have assaults on traditional leaders palaces with the graphic pictures of mass shootings resulting in dozens of naked bodies, both men and women, piled together.
Isn’t this Oboteism reloaded?

It is sad to note that many of the dead have their hands tied behind their backs. Suggesting that they were shot at point blank while already under custody.
As we approach 2017, we cannot still be on the Obote II path where the Uganda army still points the gun at its own population and fellow countrymen, threatens citizens, shoots at civilians and kills poor Ugandans as it did yesterday.
The people are sovereign.
Sunday 27th November 2016 will now be remembered as another shocking day in the history of Uganda.
Memories of a similar turning point disaster at the Lubiri on 24th March 1966 are flooding the nations conscience as we speak. We all know how that unfortunate crisis started off the chain of wars and rebellions that litter our recent history since independence in 1962.
There is no way that the horrific massacre that occured Sunday morning can be acceptable.
Everything humanly possible should have been done to avoid such a confrontation, including just waiting.
Utmost restraint must have been exercised. Especially given the lessons from history.
Even if a stand-off seige took days, or months, it would have been preferrable.
An inclusive and comprehensive dialogue should prevail rather than any personal emotions that could have led to the massacre.
Restraint is one of the hardships of leadership. But it is also its best tool. Especially for the side that is said to entrusted with protecting lives and property of all citizens.
Political matters can only be resolved politically. Therefore a new, more transparent alternative dialogue process has to take on the Rwenzori crisis.
In 1971 it is President Idi Amin who after meeting a delegation of Bamba and Bakonzo elders, immediately created the mordern Rwenzururu as it is known today. Remember that all Kingdons had been abolished in 1966.

On 5th May, 1971 he announced that it would encompass the Rwenzori and Semiliki Districts. And in 1972, the Banyarwenzururu King Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema-Ngoma who had reached adult age, took responsibility over the Kingdom and appointed Hon. Yolamu Mulima as his Prime Minister.
The BanyaRwenzururu lived peacefully and without any single incident under Field Marshal Idi Amin.
But when Obote returned to Uganda in 1980, that situation changed. The BanyaRwenzururu basically had to seek recognition of their Kingdom afresh. Obote being cunning and with his known dislike for local Kingdoms, appointed Charles Mumbere as Chief elder instead of King, and then sent him on a scholarship to the United States.
It is the NRM that unceremoniously cancelled that scholarship in 1986 and the Rwenzururu King had to return to Uganda.

While President Idi Amin had immediately let the Rwenzururu people quietly be, and clearly established their Kingdom boundaries as it exists to this day, the subsequent regimes flipflopped on the issue.
In fact history shows that from April 1979 when Amin left Uganda, until 19th October 2009 when the Kingdom waa finally recognized, the Rwenzururu people spent 30 entire years being deliberately led on, and then let down, repeatedly, by the so-called “liberators” as they sought official recognition for the Rwenzururu Kingdom and their King Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema-Ngoma.
I suggest it is time for the people of Uganda to see what exactly is being fought over in Rwenzori. Where is the list of issues? What exactly do they want? If there is more than meets the eye to this matter, it could have something to do with the once rampant accusation that the King Charles Mumbere and his people were part of the rebel ADF group. Something that the Kingdom and their King have persistently denied.
However it is only their King, or his officially known representatives, who should be upfront, and present their matters publicly, and in writing, to the people of Uganda.
Why haven”t they been officially invited to the floor of parliament (or the appropriate committee) to bring this national security matter in its entirety to the nation.

I recall reading the Acholi MP’s caucus’ numerous presentations in Parliament to Ugandans during the LRA insurgency. They were also active during the 2006 Peace talks in Juba, South Sudan. So while there were surely lots of behind-the-scenes activities, they somehow reported back to the Ugandan people.
Everyone knows that the Rwenzururu kingdom had arms and fighters in the Rwenzori Mountains. Most were initially picked from military facilities abandoned by Uganda Army during the 1979 war. Though those were later cordially surrendered to Obote in the 80’s, the violence that has continued to this day points to some level of armed organization. It must be remembered that it is the NRA that would give the Bakonzo youths weapons and ammunition in 1999 allegedly to fight the ADF rebel group in the Rwenzori mountains, something that they reportedly achieved successfully.
But today, to the leaders in the Rwenzori region I say you have all tried the back deals with handshake photographs. Obviously the agreements and the smiles you made were not genuine. Because clearly you have all failed peace this year.
The subregions leaders, the MP’s, RDC’s, traditional chiefs and Local Councillors, were all given a chance. All have clearly defeated their purposes in this pacification process because of self-centered attitudes.

In fact I am told that since the last Rwenzori violence around April this year, the process was overtaken by unscrupulous opportunism, greed, and abuse.
What you and me know for sure, is that while you the politicians might play your secret games, you cannot surpass the firmness and resolve on the ground. The people of Rwenzururu are historically steadfast in their culture and related decisions. They are ready to persist to the death. That is on record since colonial times. Even Field Marshal Idi Amin new this trait.
As fellow Ugandans we are brothers and sisters with the Rwenzori people. We live together everywhere in this country from North to South, East, West or Central Uganda.
Many intermarriages have occured leading us to live as husbands and wives, uncles and aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces.
We work together peacefully in the army, police, civil service and the private sector. Even abroad we live together as Ugandans.
We are therefore together on every issue that affects us all.
So how else do you intend to resolve the violence and any political grievances besides making your case to all Ugandans at a national level?

Isn’t it also the only way to see that the people of this country have their say on any important matters that concern the peace and unity of this country?
We therefore now need to take on the Rwenzori afresh. There is no other alternative. Put it swuarely on the National table. To the Ugandan people and all their representatives.
They need to see substantive documents, official memorandums or petitions, from the Rwenzori people, duely signed, and containing all your grievances.
The rumour mongering and incitement about any other matters should then stop.
The political representatives can then debate one by one the issues presented on paper, and see their merits, including from a legal standpoint, and also basing on the provisions of the constitution.
They need to do it soberly and extensively before making any comprehensive recommendations.

Civil society and other impartial parties need to be involved. The media and its coverage needs to tackle the fundamentals rather than the sensational.
And most importantly, all parties must abide by any final outcome.
An official public inquiry on yesterdays violence, one that results in an extensive public report, is also called for today.
The gruesome pictures that are currently making their way globally will remain as one more unenviable episode in the history of Uganda.
Last April when one of the area MP’s, a senior woman representative from the opposition, said the Rwenzururu violence was reminiscent of the so-called “Amin days”, I responded with a public letter where I wondered how of all people, someone from Kasese could be so dishonest.
The only time in the almost 300 year history of the Rwenzururu people where they lived peacefully without any aggression from their violent and oppressive neighbours, and without any problems with the central government, was under Field Marshal Idi Amin.
But getting back to present events, justice ultimately has to prevail.

This country, for the sake of avoiding ethnic and political violence, and for the sake of building good governance for our common future, wouldn’t it need to see this matter being adressed comprehensively from the public angle, the politics and also in courts of law?
If the Rwenzori Kingdom has been aggrieved, I would like to see them file charges or at least some complaints.
As Ugandans we all have a stake in all the issues that are seriously affecting this country.

And as we try to grasp what might have happened Sunday.morning, and as we also try to unsee the naked dead bodies of young men and women with horrific injuries, some completely defaced by shots from armoured vehicles heavy gunfire directly to their heads, others clearly with burns and horrible shrapnel injuries from military grade explosives, bodies that were then gathered and strewn right in front of the palace gates under the scortching sun, the pictures of women stripped naked by the army and made to stand in a line before being taken to an unknown destination with the consequences that we can imagine, especially that the world just started this years 16 days of activism against Gender based violence, it is ultherefore upon each Ugandan plus the partners and friends of our beloved country, to use this moment of shock, sadness, and grief, to reflect on a just, transparent, inclusive, and conclusive way forward.
Because regardless of what side one is on, and regardless of who is in the right or wrong, what we witnessed this Sunday 27/11/2016 should never have happened.

Signed: Hussein Lumumba Amin

{UAH} Statement by Mr. Museveni on the recent attacks by some schemers in Kasese and Bundibugyo

Statement by Museveni on the recent attacks by some schemers in Kasese and Bundibugyo

Nantabuulirirwa asaabala bwabbumba: Whatever a man sows that is what he will reap.

Uganda started off her Independence, in 1962, on a very weak foundation. This was, mainly, because of bad politics pushed by opportunistic sectarian groups and manipulated by external interests. The sectarianism, as we have pointed out many times, was based on religion, tribes and gender chauvinism (marginalizing the women). There were only three women that I remember in the Independence Parliament of 1962 to take one example. Within four years of Independence, the then Prime Minister had to abolish the 1962 Constitution because of the contradictions that were getting ever sharper. Earlier on, there had been the conflict on the “lost counties” of Bunyoro.

A lot of blood was shed in the 1966 crisis, resulting in the abolition of the Kingdoms. Eventually, Amin made a coup detat in 1971 and more sectarianism was generated and much more blood was shed between 1971 and 1979.

The late Mwalimu Nyerere, writing about Uganda, said of that period as follows: “If the Ugandans thought they were on the frying pan under Obote, they found themselves in the fire proper under Amin”. That was the perfect description of that time.

Some of us have the advantage of having been old enough to know and understand everything that was going on and yet we were young enough to live for long after 1962 as we have done. Initially, we, as youth, belonged to those sectarian parties ─ I being in Democratic Party (DP) and some of my colleagues being in Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) and Kabaka Yeka (KY). However, by 1965, we had started developing grave doubts about the direction of that blind, irresponsible, opportunistic sectarian politics. As students, that is how we founded the nucleus of the third force ─ a non-sectarian student body. That student Movement, during Amin’s time, metamorphosed into FRONASA that was part of the coalition that fought Idi Amin and, eventually, evolved into NRM. Right from the beginning, we opposed and despised sectarianism because it was illogical and, obviously, run counter to the interests of the people. As we have said, repeatedly, the core interests of the people are prosperity and security for each individual family and for the entire society. When we talk of prosperity and security, we mean prosperity through production, not through parasitism. When we talk of security, we mean security in pursuing one’s legitimate interests. Legitimate interests mean working, utilizing our legitimately earned assets and enjoying the fruits of your labour.

There are, of course, other interests such as cultural, spiritual, etc. However, the core ones and on which all the other interests depend, are prosperity (especially economic) and security of person and property. Prosperity through production means producing and selling what you produce. Your allies in that battle are the people who buy what you produce. The recent insecurity in South Sudan showed the importance to producers of markets. Many businesses suffered. The prices even went down. The insecurity in Eastern Congo or Kenya usually has similar effects on the producers’ prosperity. Recently, I was in Kanungu and found there prospering farmers because there is now, again, some security in Eastern Congo. Even before colonization, there was interdependence among the tribes ─ as far as the forest of Congo, South Sudan and the East African Coast. It was only some of the tribal chiefs that were inconveniencing this trade as was observed and recorded by the early European travelers ─ John Speke and Henry Stanley.

Therefore, those who have been in the habit of pushing for sectarianism are the real enemies of not only security but also the prosperity of the African Peoples, the Ugandans inclusive. It is this firm belief of ours that propelled us to sow the mustard seed of non-sectarianism that, eventually, became the mighty tree of NRM/NRA and the present peace in the whole country. It was on account of our non-sectarianism and always working for the unity of the people that, starting with a small force, we were able to build a very powerful force. That force enabled us to win all the wars we fought, bring democracy to Uganda as well as peace and development. In bringing democracy, we also restored the rights of the different cultural groups in Uganda, if they so wished, to restore the traditional cultural institutions or even create new ones on condition that they did not meddle in partisan politics, administration and legislation. Why did we insist on this? It was for two reasons. First, in a democracy, the population govern themselves ─ through elections. They are not governed by anybody else except themselves. Yet, when you hear some of the spokesmen of the cultural institutions that we restored speaking, they speak as if it is not the people that govern themselves. Worse still, some of the cultural institutions have, for some time now, been acting counter to our message of non-sectarianism. They have been actively fomenting sectarianism and tribal chauvinism ─ acting and talking as if the only thing that matters are certain tribes to which the respective traditional leaders belong. Yet, the NRM, the Bible and the Koran as well as common sense hold that all people are born equal and must be treated as such. We have repeatedly and politely pointed out this point. Yet, some elements among the cultural institutions have also been repeatedly uttering sectarian and chauvinist words and also acting in that manner.

This now brings me to my two statements above ─ the Luganda proverb that says: “Nantabulirwa yasabaala na bwa bbumba” and the Biblical statement that “whatever a man sows, that is what he will reap”. The Luganda proverb refers to somebody who defied all the advice and decided to use a clay canoe to cross a body of water. The consequences were disastrous for him and for those who travelled with him in the clay boat.

Last Sunday, a group of people in the Rwenzori region carried out coordinated attacks against security forces and civilians. Altogether, they carried out 13 attacks as follows:

(i) At 3.00 pm, they attacked policemen at the weigh bridge, killed 1 policeman, injured another one and took 2 SMGs;

(ii) At Bigando, a UPDF soldier that was on leave, was killed and all his family burnt in a house;

(iii) In Bigando, they also killed 6 Basongora civilians;

(iv) At Karugutu Police post, they injured one (1) policeman and took one (1) SMG

(v) At Kikyo Police post, they took one SMG;

(vi) At Kirumiya Police post, they took 1 gun;

(vii) At Ntandi they took 2 SMGs from Uganda Wild Life (UWA) personnel;

(viii) At Kibuku, they ambushed soldiers who were taking re-enforcements to Bundibugyo, killed one of them, and took 1 SMG but 3 of the attackers were killed including their so called commander;

(ix) In Bundibugyo town, they attacked Bundibugyo Police Station, killed the OC station and one policeman and took one SMG;

(x) They attacked Stanbic Bank but three of the attackers were killed;

(xi) They, then, attacked, Lakwena style, the camp of 39BN at Kanyamirima, injuring one Captain and killing one soldier but 45 of the attackers were killed and the attack was repelled;

(xii) Attack on the Palace of the Bamba King saw one gun being taken and one policeman being injured; and, finally,

(xiii) The attack on the shrine where 2 soldiers were killed and one gun was taken.

This means that 8 members of the security forces were killed and 51 attackers were also killed. This is a total of 65 Ugandans killed last Saturday by the schemes of some confused or selfish bunch of people. Fortunately, today Uganda has got a capable State that is able to deal decisively and expeditiously with such schemes although, of course, there was a failure of intelligence. How did these people weave such a scheme without being pre-empted? What were the GISOs doing? However, their main effort, which was to enter the camp of 39BN was decisively defeated. In their limited thinking, they thought it was a light matter to attack UPDF.

How did all this start? It started with Mr. Charles Mumbere, now HH Omusinga of the Bakonjo, coming to see me some years ago. He is the son of the late Isaiah Mukirane who, together with Kawamara, the father of the new cultural leader of the Bamba and Mupalya who died recently, started the Rwenzururu Movement in 1962 against the Batooro domination. Mukirane, eventually, died in the mountains and left his young son Mumbere. When Mr. Mumbere came to see me, he wanted to be the King of the Rwenzururu. I told him that the Rwenzururu had been a Political Movement for equality. Why did he want to turn a political resistance movement into a monarchy? His group, however, kept on insisting on the issue of monarchy although there was a big group in Kasese that also opposed the idea. Eventually, in order to create harmony, we withdrew objections to Mr. Mumbere becoming Omusinga especially after people like Dr. Kiyonga and a large group of people who were opposed to the idea of monarchy, withdrew their objection. However, the Bamba leaders of Bundibugyo were totally opposed to the idea of the monarchy.

In agreeing to Mr. Mumbere being Omusinga, we, therefore, agreed that that cultural institution should operate in Kasese. Those of Bundibugyo and other areas that were interested in the Obusinga could go to Kasese. Even within Kasese, there are other indigenous groups that did not support these ideas. These are the Basongora, Banyabindi and Bagabo. We encouraged HH Omusinga to have dialogue with these groups. I do not know how far that dialogue has gone. I have, however, been hearing of some chauvinistic positions from some of those who claim to be supporting Obusinga. They seem to insist that the Omusinga, apart from the Omukama of Tooro in his area, should be the only cultural leader in the Rwenzori region. Yet, there are other ethnic groups in the Rwenzori region: Bamba, Basongora, Banyabindi, etc. They have different ideas about this issue and have, in several meetings with me, made this categorically clear.

On account of those chauvinistic ideas being banded around for so long, it seems some groups hatched this criminal scheme that has caused the death of so many people. Apart from killing 51 of the attackers, we have captured 65 others. We shall get to the truth and will punish those involved. In the meantime, the country should not get anxious about this scheme. It was defeated right on the first day of its execution even before the full potential of the UPDF has been mobilized. This scheme is doomed to total failure. It is amazing how wrong ideas coalesce into wrong actions. Nantabulirwa ya sabaala na bwa bbumba. Whatever a man sows, that is what he will reap.

I thank you.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Gen (rtd)


Maj. Mohammed Kiggundu wasnt in ADF according to UAH’s Sarah Nalukenge!


On 26th November 2016 Sheikh Kiggundu was gunned down together with his driver, Sgt. Richard Mukasa in the usual fashion of killing Muslim clerics. The incident marks a resumption of the trend of killings of Muslim clerics that had been halted by the ultimatum that had been issued by the clerics who threated to fight for their survival if government had failed to protect them but more so the last general elections. As usual the police were quick at pointing at the usual suspects – the ADF rebel group.

As the then Emir of Kampala district, Kiggundu had been one of the leaders of the Jamat Dawa Salafiya/Tabliq Muslim sect that clashed with security forces over the invasion of the Old Kampala mosque in 1991.He fled into exile and formed the Uganda National Freedom Movement/Army (UNFM/A) that set up bases in West Nile, Congo and Sudan whereby he was its Chairman. His group never carried out any attacks anywhere until in 2000 when he returned to Uganda upon being granted
amnesty. As is always the norm for those who denounce rebellion he was placed under CMI (military intelligence) to help with spying on those still in rebellion. In May 2005 he facilitated the return of 16 members of his group from Sudan – being the last batch of his 200 strong UNFM/A.

He resumed his active religious activities under the Tabliq sect at
the Nakasero mosque. He was one of the Clerics that disagreed with the now detained head of the Tablic sect, Sheikh Kamoga who is detained over murder of other clerics. Kiggundu and other clerics fled to Kibuli mosque and joined the faction opposed to the one of Kamoga.

As part of the deal, the intelligence services recommended his being crowned to the military rank of Major which Museveni granted in 2007. Though the army claims to have a policy of restraining it personnel’s involvement in religious activities, Kiggundu was given exception because he helped the regime to ferment divisionism among the Muslim community. He has been a regular panellist at the Islamic affiliated Pearl FM radio station.

On top of his two Sudanese wives, in November 2015 he wedded Sylvia Namutebi aka Mama Fina the Chairperson of Uganda Traditional Herbalists and Healers Association and a strong regime political mobiliser. She converted to Islam and became Sofia Namutebi. While at the scene of crime on Saturday, she directly called Museveni to complain over the delay to remove her husband’s dead body from the scene. It was through her that Museveni gave orders to an army Colonel for ambulances to evacuate the dead body. Museveni should be commended
for managing the scene of crime.


1. Kiggundu was never a member of the ADF rebel group. Though a fake army Major, his role in the Muslim wrangles put the army in an impartial position.

2. His shooting provided a smoke screen for the Kasese carnage the following day that has left 60+ people dead thus the ADF version.

3. It sends a message that other than Museveni who is guarded by 10,000+ soldiers, any other Ugandan can be shot dead. Therefore Dr. Besigye should be on the watch out.



pecadilloesThis Bukenya is a confused man. According to Joachim Buwembo, ‘When he got opportunity to be hosted by Tim Sebastian on BBC’s Hard Talk in 2004, Prof Gilbert Bukenya used the occasion to appeal to the world to award the Nobel Peace Prize to President Yoweri Museveni(Instead they gave it to Prof Wangari Mathai.)’

Ask for his opinion now; he might say m7 should be indicted and taken to the Hague.Mbu “mahogany”, kumbe he’s a mere shrub.

I remember In one interview when he was asked about the hat and opening his eyes wide like Kaguta, and the bent hand, and he said and i quote, verbatim “..Yes, I ape him coz i admire him..” who does that? How can you admire a fellow man so much that you start copying the physical characteristics of his person? what other manners have you learnt and copied from him, that are hidden from us? That just shows a WEAK and SPINELESS, UNIMAGINATIVE man, who defines himself by another man.

Typical degree holders: Professor Sebuwufu (also a doctor) did similar things as Bukenya under Obote 2 when he crossed from DP to UPC.CNN once had a programme about such intellectuals engaged in saying things that dont measure up to their expected standards. Guess what its title name was? ‘USEFUL IDIOTS’.

I remember yet another time when during an interview he said that ‘Mutebi is my friend’. Then the statement I will never forget soon after the 2009 Buganda riots and how he said ‘The Kabaka’s wings have to be clipped’.

Remember in Buddu, he decided to go into a “ssabo” ostensibly to show how he valued African-Kiganda culture. It earned him the ire of the Catholic Church of which he is a member and which regarded him as one of theirs. It was game of playing both the populist and the loyalist card, which left people wondering who exactly Bukenya was.

May 10, 2004: “Museveni is Buganda’s best friend. I have been in meetings and you see that he listens to issues of Baganda.”

“I support President Museveni wholly and nothing can change me from that,” Bukenya said in 2007. “Wherever I go, I talk about him in my speeches. Even if they stab me in the back and I am no longer the vice president, I will continue supporting him.”

Bukenya said in July 2008: “Mr Museveni is still strong. So, why should we let him go? Let us support him. I cannot compete with Museveni. How can I turn against my mentor?”

All former DPs are confused and have been used by Museveni and dumped them where they belong. The late DP enigma Ben Kiwanuka’s son Kagimu Kiwanuka. The lad riding on his dad’s name won the Bukomansimbi seat back from the NRM in races that were tightly contested. After securing the seat on a DP platform(parties I think were not yet officially back) then naively thought that by joining NRM he would anchor the NRM supporters to the assured DP support he had. He has since then been relegated to the dustbin of Uganda’politics and the last we got to hear of him was when he was an Ambassador of sorts and said things that were very bogus at a UN assembly-things like ‘back home where I come from, we dont value time……’ Oba ani aloga Ganda politicians?



Uganda has more than 110 districts and each district has an RDC, and his/her deputy and all of them earn Salaries from tax payers Money. Below are the constitutional roles of an RDC, But what is the role of an LCV Chairperson in the District, can’t he/she monitor government programs, can’t district internal security officers head security together with District Police Commanders? Why waste money that would provide health services to the rural poor in paying salaries to these idle and nothing to do RDCS?

ARTICLE 203. Resident district commissioner:

(1) There shall be for each district a resident district commissioner who shall be appointed by the President.
(2) For a person to be appointed a resident district commissioner he or she shall be a citizen of Uganda and qualified to be a member of Parliament.
(3) The functions of a resident district commissioner are—
(a) to monitor the implementation of central and local government services in
the district;
(b) to act as chairperson of the district security committee of the district; and
(c) to carry out such other functions as may be assigned by the President or prescribed by Parliament by law.

In principle the RDC office at districts enjoy a luxury life with two vehicles and their drivers, 2 armed security guards!!

We spend about 6.4M each month and in every 112 districts of Uganda on RDCs just to do three things. No wander they are always in every funerals!

I hope u are already aware that come this coming financial year, an RDC will pocket 5 million + and a deputy will bounce with 4+!!, secretaries and an office team of more than 5. Allowances, medical insurance for seven members of their families, and a classified budget that is never known or audited!! What is this?? A lay man in Rubirizi calls him “entuumwa ya prezidenti” or a representative of the president, and who gains at the end of the day?? The answer is M7 and this will deepen political patronage and if u dream of regime change soon, please rest yo case and focuss on something else. Move on, Uganda is under siege and only God can save u by soon recalling these hijackers to hell!!!


Uganda during Amin was far much better than Uganda now

pecadilloesAmin was more productive in his short reign than Museveni in 30 years.Uganda during Amin was far much better than Uganda now during his regime. U only have to drive along Salama Road Makindye to Munyonyo, better still after 6pm, to experience HELL on earth aka Uganda under the delusional guidance n vision of Museveni.

The IDIOT Amin left Us with the only international airport we have to date ” Entebbe International Airport.” – he also created the Uganda Railways Corporation (URC) after the 1977 dissolution of East African Railways & harbors Corporation, which had begun after world war.

Early 1970, according to National Housing Statistics, NHCC built flats, marionettes and bungalows in top class residential areas of Bugolobi (872). Bukoto White (130), Bukoto Brown (180), Kololo (80), Nakasero (44), Wandegeya inter alia (136). Middle to low housing estates were built in Luwafu (51) and Mulago. Idi Amin had plans of having apartment blocks like those in Bugolobi in places like; Kawempe, Mutundwe & Kansanga.

Amin hosted the Organization of African Union (OAU): No one seriously believed the Organization of African Union (OAU) heads of state would come to Uganda so soon if ever.

Credit goes to President Idi Amin Dada for the Creation of Uganda’s first and only national flag carrier, the Uganda Airlines Corporation. He rescued ‘The Flying Crane’ out of the wreckage of the East African Airways, and the Crane proudly traversed the international skies and landed at the world’s airports to the admiration and envy of many. All this was for the purpose of ensuring availability of air transport for Ugandans, visitors and air cargo at affordable charges.

Amin saw to it that Uganda Airlines started to the Middle East and Nairobi. Uganda Airlines flew to Nairobi, Rome, Frankfurt, London, Dubai – ETC

Amin the Idiot built more hospitals, roads, airports, schools etc in such a short time than M7.

The man he calls an idiot never sold his country to himself like the idiot Museveni.

One day some one will cal him an idiot, but how will muhoozi feel!!? Oh, i just called him so. Kanve wano tebansiiba.


List of famous quotes by Kenya’s Joseph Ole lenku during the Westgate mall terror attack.

Now that we have seen quotes by our Nabakooba, let us a list of famous quotes by Kenya’s cabinet secretary Joseph Ole lenku during the Westgate mall terror attack.That guy made Comical Ali a pedestrian! Just like Nabakooba, he deserves to be the minister of fortportal, i mean without portfolio!

Joseph ole Lenku

Joseph ole Lenku

1. All the suspects have been arrested. police are looking for them

2. I can confirm, although I am not certain, that we have very good reason to believe that tomorrow is Monday.

3. Yes there were 15 to 20 terrorists. We managed to capture both of them!

4. We killed 5 terrorists, one committed twicide, the other 2 have been blocked by twitter.

5. One of the terrorist who was shot dead last week led us today to the hide out of the other 3 suspects.

6. KDF didn’t steal they just held the valuables hostage

7. We recovered 4 bodies from the rubble. Forensic investigation will determine whether they are really dead or pretending

8. We had control of the building except for 4th floor,3rd floor and 2nd floor, but I THINK we had control of the building.

9. There were 15 terrorists, We killed 3 suspects, building collapsed on 5. All of them are dead.

10. All the terrorists were men except about three women

11. We managed to kill all the 5 terrorists, they were 15 in number”

Access the full Draft Report on Kibwetere Massacres

Access the full Draft Report on Kibwetere Massacres which is finally out. On the 17th of March 2000, a cult leader burnt over 600 people in what came to be known as the continent’s biggest religious murder. The man behind the killings, Kibwetere, has continuously eluded arrest and his whereabouts remain unknown

On the 17th of March 2000, a cult leader burnt over 600 people in what came to be known as the continent’s biggest religious murder. The man behind the killings, Kibwetere, has continuously eluded arrest and his whereabouts remain unknown.

This report is government’s first effort at documenting what happened on that day 14 years later.

The report comes in the wake of a petition by the orphans of the people killed in the massacre demanding to know exactly what could have happened to their parents.
EXCLUSIVE: Kibwetere Kanungu Massacre Report Leaks

Elusive Kanungu cult leader Joseph Kibwetere relied on the low literacy levels of his followers and their “unwavering commitment and belief in its leader’s belief system, ideology, and practices as the truth” to massacre 600 people at a ‘church’ in Kanungu district in 2000, Parliament has revealed.
By Kenneth Kazibwe 46 minutes ago
Over 600 people were killed in the Kanungu massacre of 2000 (Internet photo)
Over 600 people were killed in the Kanungu massacre of 2000 (Internet photo)

Parliament also discovered that government authorities had been tipped that Kibwetere was engaged in mass murders of his followers but fell short of taking a robust action to stop him.

At one time, Kibwetere’s church was closed by a Resident District Commissioner only to be reopened after his transfer to another area, paving way for the brutal Kanungu massacre that sent shockwaves across the world.

The details of these findings are contained in the leaked report prepared by the Committee on Defence and Internal Affairs following the petition by the orphans of the victims of the Kanungu church infernos.

On March 17 2000, a tragic fire broke out at the premises of the church of the Movement for the Restoration of the 10 Commandments of God at Nyabugoto in Kanungu district claiming an estimated 600 people.

This Church is said to have been led by a one Joseph Kibwetere. Further investigations prompted by this inferno unearthed hundreds of other cases of cult related deaths exemplified by graves in Bushenyi and Kampala districts bringing the cumulative death toll to about 1000.

Seven months later on December 2nd, 2000, the Government of Uganda instituted a seven-member Judicial Commission of Inquiry led by Justice Augustus Kania to investigate the inferno but their findings have never been made public.

Available information indicates that those who joined the Membership of this ill-fated Church, many of whom perished in the aforementioned inferno, were either influenced by the Church authorities to sell off their personal property and hand over the proceeds there-from to the church leadership allegedly in preparation for the end of the world or voluntarily did so.

Having perished in the inferno, the said Church’s followers are said to have left behind no property at all for their surviving family members. The petitioners claim to be part of the surviving family Members of some of the victims of the inferno.

Having allegedly attempted to seek help, albeit in vain, from various public offices including, Kanungu District Local Government, the former Ministers of Internal Affairs and the one of Disaster Preparedness, as well as from the President, the petitioners opted to petition Parliament, hence this petition.

During their investigation, MPs met President Museveni, senior security officials, NGO leaders among others.

What really happened?

MPs discovered that the infamous Church of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments (CMRTC) right from inception was premised on the calculated belief that the end of the world was imminent hence the need to prepare for this apocalyptic end.

Perhaps the most elaborate historical perspective of the CMRTC was provided to the Committee by Hon. Muruli Mukasa-the Minister for Security who traced the evolution of this church to 1980 with the alleged reception of a vision from the Virgin Mary by a one Bulandina Buzigye at Nyabugoto Rock in Rwanyabingi Hills, Nyakishenyi, Rubabo, Rukungiri district and the subsequent emergence of the Nyabugoto Sisters who later metermophosized into the CMRTC.

This vision was about the end of the world by the year 2000.

Available literature indicates that the early founders of the Movement included; Angelina Migisha, Credonia Mwerinde, Gaudensia Kamuswa, Fulumera, Robert Mugisha, Gaudensia Rutandekire and Ursula Kyomuhangi.

Between 1989 and 1995 the Movement attracted more recruits including Joseph Kibwetere, Fr. Dominic Kataribabo, Fr. Joseph Mary Kasapurari and John Kamagara and witnessed tremendous growth as evidenced by establishment of branches in neighbouring areas of Rutooma, Rugazi, Kyaka, Rubirizi to mention a few.

Whereas doomsday was initially declared for 31st December 1999 and that the Church was akin to Noah’s Ark1, that prophesy proved futile prompting deferral to the period 16th – 18th March 2000 and indeed 17th March 2000 became the date for the now infamous Kanungu inferno.

One of the reasons that explain why Kibwetre was successful to woo followers was the “Unwavering commitment and belief in its leader’s belief system, ideology, and practices as the Truth. From the preceding narrative, the dogmatic belief in the prophesy about the apocalyptic end of the world is symptomatic of the cultic orientation of the CMRTC.”

The second was the discouragement and punishment of questioning, doubt, and dissent.

“It is noteworthy that in the aftermath of the inferno, several mass graves were discovered in various premises of the cult leaders. The Police report for instance reveals that; 1 Noah’s Ark is the vessel in the Genesis flood narrative (The Biblical Book of Genesis chapters 6–9) by which Noah saves himself, his family, and a remnant of all the world’s animals from the flood,” the MPs observed in their report seen by Chimpreports.


It has been argued that the futility of the initial prophesy of the end of the world on December 31st 1999 precipitated various questions and doubts among some followers and it is believed that such doubters were brutally murdered to stem any possible dissent.

In fact the Committee was informed that in the aftermath of the futility of the initial prophesy some doubters demanded for a refund of the proceeds of the sale of their property, one of the Church leaders – Credonia Mwerinde initiated the recording of the names of those who were demanding such refunds.

MPs suggest that it is highly possible that some of such records were used to systematically identify and eliminate dissenters.


Another factor that enabled Kibwetere to kill his followers in large numbers was the reliance on mind-altering practices (such as a strict rule of silence, meditation, chanting, speaking in tongues, denunciation sessions, and debilitating work routines and impoverishment of followers) to suppress doubts about the group and its leader.

“Available information shows that the CMRTC instituted a strict rule of silence among its members and this is believed to have been a strategy to curtail any questions or propagation of any potentially questionable ideas among its Members,” said MPs.

Other salient features of cults that fit within the nature of the CMRTC include; the elitist nature of its leadership that often predetermines how the rest of the Members should think, as exemplified by the highly educated leaders such as Joseph Kibwetere and Dominic Kataribabo who were accomplished and highly learned people.

The Committee is strongly of the view that the CMRTC was indeed cultic and therefore a lot of its activities should be construed as such.

Mass Murders

It was discovered that before the Kanungu inferno, he had already engaged in atrocities.

I55 bodies were exhumed at the residence of Rev. Fr. Dominic in Kataribaho in Bushenyi district, 153 bodies were found at Buhunga cult church in Rukungiri, 81 bodies at Rushojwa cults church in Bushenyi and 55 bodies in a residence at Buziga in Kampala

“The Committee found no evidence that the Members of the CMRTC were coerced into joining that particular belief system. Whether or not they were aware of the Church’s cultic orientations may be debatable but that does not in anyway relieve the victims of the inferno, save for the child victims, from the responsibility of using their discretion to either exit the Membership of the Church or alert law enforcement authorities,” the report adds.


It as for instance been argued that the CMRTC was registered as an NGO in the mid 1990s and therefore the NGO board had the responsibility to effectively monitor and regulate the activities of the Church. But the Committee notes that in the case of this Church, it overtly exuded signs of being law abiding and its proximity to some people in positions of authority aided its registration as an NGO.

The report of the Uganda Human Rights Commission titled “The Kanungu Massacre”, states that; “Originally, the state did not approve of Kibwetere cult activities.

As far back as 1994, Yorokamu Kamacerere, the RDC of Rukungiri, refused to support the cult’s registration as an NGO. He had also closed its school but when he was transferred to Kasese, within two months of his departure, the cult’s leadership had already convinced his successor, Kitaka Gawera into supporting it and laying a foundation stone on one of their buildings at the cult’s headquarters.

The leaders and followers appeared to be law abiding citizens yet with inherent deception. They participated in various community and civic activities including voting during elections.

The Cult was registered as an NGO in 1997 and later incorporated as a company in 1998. It appears that the relationship between the cult and Mutazindwa Amooti was mutually beneficial. It is common knowledge in Kanungu that the cult had assigned two “nuns” to do domestic work at A/RDC Mutazindwa’s residence permanently.

MPs confirmed that on the fateful day Rev. Mutazindwa had travelled to Kanungu from Lyantonde – his new station – to attend a farewell party organised for him by the cult leadership.


The cult leaders were known for their “generosity”. Former RDC Kamacerere informed MPs that after closing their school and refusing to support their application for registration as an NGO Kibwetere, Mwerinde and Kataribabo tried to bribe him.

They went to his office and offered him “a big envelope” which he rejected. Presumably this was extended to other leaders/authorities in Kanungu and Rukungiri.

After registration as an NGO, the cult was free to legally operate in different parts of the country like Rutooma, Buhunga, Nyakishojwa, Rugazi and Buziga in Kampala. These centres were used for retreats and seminars to indoctrinate the followers of the cult.

“But it was also in these places that people were killed and buried secretly. What is astonishing is that the cult carried out its murderous activities without state detection and people’s slightest suspicion,” the MPs observed.

In the circumstances, the Parliament committee stated, it was therefore incumbent on the individual members of the Church except the Children to notify law enforcement authorities of the downside of this ill-fated church to enable timely state intervention.


The Committee further noted that the relative ignorance and low literacy levels of most of the Members of this Church as compared to its highly elitist leaders, created a dogmatic environment where the followers hardly questioned the values the Church was imparting unto them.

This coupled with the fact that the Members were under instruction not to communicate verbally rendered any viable form of information collection by the agencies tasked with monitoring the NGO futile.

The committee notes the need for “stronger monitoring of the work of such groups that may use the banner of faith to mete catastrophic danger unto unsuspecting members of the public,” considering that the “CMRTC presented itself as a service delivery and faith based organization.”

While the service delivery component projected it as a good organization, the faith-based dimension was shrouded in secrecy.

The Committee notes that even when the officials from the National NGO Board visited one of the sites of the CMRTC prior to the inferno, the followers could not communicate verbally.

On April 6, 2000, International Warrants of Arrest were issued against all the six suspects but to date they have not been arrested.

These are; Joseph Kibwetere, Rev. Fr. Dominic Kataribaho, Rev. Sr. Cledonia Mwerinde, Rev. Fr. Joseph Mary Kasapurali, Rev. John Kamagara and Rev. Sr. Ursla Komuhangi.

Early warnings

The Committee also pointed out that prior to the inferno, in January 2000, a complaint by a one Mr. Conrad Baryamwisaki to the then Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police John B. Okumu, a Private Secretary to the President responsible for CID Affairs that there was an illegal existence of a cult known as Nabagoti religion and that the sect was operating within Kanungu, Bugongi and Kashewahero.

He alleged that the sect headed by a one Kibwetere was kidnapping and retaining young children against their will as well as those of their parents. He stated that the children who passed away were buried in a mass grave.

In his letter dated 25th January 2000, SACP J.B. Okumu directed the DPC Rukungiri to find out the truth about the activities of the ring leaders of the cult and to ascertain whether the sect is registered or not.

The then DPC Rukungiri-SP Mugizi Patrick in his response letter dated 5th February 2000 to the Private Secretary to the President responsible for CID Affairs, copied to the RDC and LCV Chairman Rukungiri stated that the sect was not illegal and was registered as an NGO.

He also stated that there were cases of children joining the organization voluntarily without the consent of their parents and that it was not true that the children were killed and buried in mass graves.

However not long after the DPC’s report, there was an inferno on 17th March 2000.

Consequently inquiries were instituted into the allegations that the DPC Rukungiri had not carried out thorough investigations into the activities of the cult.
– See more at:


Former Police spokesperson, Judith Nabakooba the newly elected Woman MP Mityana District

Former Police spokesperson, Judith Nabakooba the newly elected Woman MP Mityana District

1-We know that Al-Shabab is going to attack Nakumatt over Christmas and we advise everyone to be ready

2- The child drank poison (DOOM) and died on the way to hospital, however Police are now investigating the cause of the death.

3-Police recovered nothing from the site. Relatives of the victims should collect their personal effects at police

4-We are closely monitoring the situation and shall update you at a the inconvenient time

5-The armed robber was shot dead and is now in critical condition fighting for his life.

6-The Vehicle was burnt to recognition.

7-We cannot disclose their identity because it will jeorpardise our investigations, however one of the gang members is Siraj Namanya who is popular around Katanga.

8-The vehicle rolled five times killing all the passengers, however three of them survived and are now recovering in hospital.

9-Police is in the know of a plot by Lukwago and Kasibante to insight people but we shall be there to support them

10-All the 5 robbers were shot dead but we have apprehended one and he is undergoing questioning

11- A famous prostitute has been chloroforming drinks with drugs!

In Uganda, the Uganda police is the only effective ambulance service!

University Hospital in Uganda

University Hospital in Uganda

There is a lot of wastage of life due to these bogus health systems, and leaders who are selfish. The irony is that while it is the peasants who suffer most our leaders are also not immune to the stupid health systems they’ve set up – as in the case of Bingu wa Mutharika – a man who one time worked for the World Bank.

What makes African leaders so myopic and selfish when they assume power? The funny thing is that ‘individualism’ (the highest form of capitalism nurtured by the likes of Margaret Thatcher) results in creation of an elitist middle class that has too much money they do not know what to use it for – and one of their indulgences is chronic over-nutrition, sedentariness, money related stress and obesity – all these are a good recipe for a heart attack! But can our health systems handle the increasing burden of Non-communicable diseases, when even Panadol is a luxury in Primary Health Care facilities?

A “peasant” in the UK will get a heart attack, and he or she will have a mandatory trained paramedic crew get to him within the govt targeted 8 min on board with a defribrillator. He will also have an ECG telemetry monitor that will relay the ECG to a cardiologist to the designated coronary care Unit by bluetooth technology.So if there is need for intervention its in minutes or an hour at least.Compare this to our system, and you will understand why Abbey Semuwemba, George Okello, and others in the UK don’t want to move their families permanently back in Uganda.

Compared to UK, In Uganda, the Uganda police is the only effective ambulance service because at least they try their best to rush injured persons to hospitals – albeit on the back of a pick-up, their necks twisted, bleeding, with no first aid measures. All those at the brink of death end up dying anyway. I wish our leaders would focus on building a system, rather than the reactionary measures.

In 2012, Uganda hosted the IPU. The theme was on maternal and perinatal mortality. Alas! You can all see what the bald and wig heads discussed. Went off topic.

In Uganda its to be better to be a teagirl than to be a medic or teacher. KCCA reviewed its salary structure. Mbu, the lowest paid person, a tea-girl, gets 1.2 Million per month. However, there was only one exception – Health workers and teachers will not be entitled to this salary structure – mbu ‘it will destabilize the economy’. How can we have such a mindset! Is the input of a health worker and a teacher that much less important than that of a tea-girl. Is the government serious about social services? I think we have parasites, prostitutes and irritants instead of leaders. How many macro-economic mishaps have been bred through mismanagement, corruption, poor planning etc, all the while telling the teachers and health workers to be patient.

In almost all government hospitals, every Medical Officer has had to do a caesarean section using the light from a Nokia telephone – because there was no fuel in the generator. Dr. Obote constructed these hospitals in the late 60s and early 70s. He might have been another bogus leader, but at least these structures are there. All are is a pathetic state of disrepair, while billions are spent on reactionary programs that have no results. None of these hospitals have a reliable water supply, yet at the time they were constructed, they each had a water supply unit – the water pumps have broken down, and nobody is interested in their repair. The only thing they keep blubbering is that the Basawo are stealing drugs – are drugs the only ingredient to a health system, stupid.There are no drugs to steal. No anti-Kochs and no ARVs. Have they been stolen by health workers? Its a gimmick to cover up the lack of delivery.

There’s an extortionist team from state house traversing the country arresting petty drug thieves. Everything leans towards political gain but the reality is different. The real drug thieves are white collared and the president knows them from way back,they prop his government. They arrest doctors if they think you support FDC or Besigye.

Most hospitals under Obote and Amin had a hospital tailor. All doctors needed was to buy a roll of cloth and he would make the theater linen. Now these tailors have been replaced by contractors, who deliver more bogus items at 10 times the cost. The same contractors who constructed bogus theaters in Health Centre IVs. If I had the means, I would slap the Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi. But the last time a man went over his fence to slap him, the man ended up 6 feet under, and Nina Mbabazi defended this action on UAH using all her brain parts before she left the forum.

I onetime saw on TV Police rescue at an accident scene at the crested towers round about, a poor woman with a broken leg was lifted like a hip of ” kasasiro” meaning Police can not even afford a stretcher on their patrol cars!!!!! Ambulances making noise around town without a paramedic or even the lightest first aid equipment!! Then you hear leaders moving around telling the world that it is the west that is keeping Africans backward! Our leaders are worse than the colonialists! that the reason I despise the Pan African movement which destroys what is African ( kingdoms) and puts in place nothing apart from rhetoric,chest thumping, wolokoso

Until Ugandans recognize and acknowledge that a good health system is the key to economic prosperity, then the rest is down the toilet. Pay the health workers what the rest of WHO does, good governance, respect the law of the land ,and cut down on those bureaucrats. Oh! Sorry I was just dreaming.

It seems to me all African leaders except a few are actually extra-terrestial,coz what they are doing shows as if one day they wil run off with all their loot to another planet where they came from!and they call themselves pan Africans,SHAME ON THEM!



By Njalwe Desire

During the French Revolution, had a contract either civil or natural still bound the king and his people, there would have been a mutual obligation and the will of the people would not have set itself up as an supreme arbitrator to pronounce absolute judgment. Abnegation from the seemingly ‘sacrosanct’ views of total loyalty to the king proved to be principal in the sequence of the events that punctuated the revolution, hence, its success.

Man, as it has always been, is called to distance himself from such bounding views and, in the end, embrace his true nature; that is to say, a call to self –awareness.

Without self-awareness, man is dragging himself under repressive leaders in whose draconian laws he wallows. A call to self will rupture these imaginary chains wrapped-up in self-told-contracts that bind and exiges him to submit to these coldblooded rulers.
Today, total allegiance, as earlier mentioned, is making man to forget the self and the world in which he lives. The will to serve humanity is being replaced by him trailing and submitting to principles that dehumanize his resemblance and negates what embodies the eternal truths; The General Will (the will of the people)
Allegiance to these ruthless rulers, who in simple terms are rebels against the people whose absolute sovereignty they usurp, is not just a crime, but crime itself.

Since, according to Montesquieu, “no one rules innocently,” a despot, in making himself enemy of the people, hence, their will, has become a blasphemer whose sin is unforgettable and unpardonable. Such sinner is sinning against the ultimate nature of things (The General Will); and so is allegiance to him. Even Christ himself, writes Camus, though he can forgive sinners, cannot absolve false gods.

By violating human nature, the despot is alienating himself from this all powerful will, therefore, unable to participate in the “divine dispensation.” At the end his crime is becoming inextricable bound to his person; to his very existence that in setting a new order, to end such crimes equals to end the despot.

Let us all remember that The People are inviolable and sacred and can only be constrained by the law, which is supposed to be an expression of their common will. Once The People are free, they will be infallible. And once these imposed chains are thrown away, The People will express what, at all times and in all places, is, has been, and will be the truth. They will become the “oracle that has be consulted to know what the eternal order of the state demands, hence, the universal tendency towards the Good.” In this way, their nostalgic views will be brought to life; rendering the beautiful motherland once again a better place to live in.


By Njalwe Desire
UAH member

A couple of weeks ago, in utter incredulity, and defiance of all normality, the ministry of tourism,in a bid to lure tourists back to the adulterated Pearl of Africa,launched a campaign to advance the ‘celebrated’ Rolex as a national insignia.As well noted and responded to by different analysts, such a move is not only riotous but leaves a lot to wonder and question about: what happened to the multitude of values and cultural vestiges that Ugandans have for long been proud of and eagerly yearned to share with the rest of the world; what has become of our much cherished resources, our dishes—purely local andmouthwatering, instead of being proud of this farfetched foreign concoction of stuff simply foreign to our motherland?

What has become of our people? Where are the brains that made Uganda the center of attraction—visionary men and women who worked tirelessly, selflessly to uphold the nation’s values and unity in moments where skeptics and self proclaimed rationals deemed us uncouth and unable to govern ourselves towards development?
This, if taken in the wider perspective, is an indicator that day-in-day-out, our people, and more unfortunately the system, are slowly but surely accepting the anomalies that our society repudiated back in the days. Bit-by-bit, people are getting contented in utter slavery and servitude, and are driven by impromptus and leviathan-like leaders to destitution; It is only now that it is ok to help home grown slave traders that have found Uganda an Eldorado for their infamous trade; it is now ok to devise policies that harness such a trade, drum recruitment, spice the benefits, ferry the poor souls to some sun-baked lands, leave them at the mercy of some self confessed kamikaze, and come back home and wallow oneself in self gratifications for the job well done.

Uganda Rolex on sale in Netherlands!

Uganda Rolex on sale in Netherlands!

It is now ok, and quite accepted, for whoever, rich or poor to expect no public service; no good roads, no education, no health care, no street lighting, no water, no electricity, no jobs, no good governance, no peace, no justice, no freedom—the litany is inexhaustible; from the trivial to the significant, it is ok- everything is ok.

But why have Ugandans gone so low?Is it that our motherland has been rendered so poor to feed its own;or that its boundless magnanimity is being abused by some vagabonds whose seemingly liberation motives have, from day-go, been a mélange of egoistic and dehumanizing tendencies? Is it because Ugandans are paying for the ‘sins’ their I-don’t-know-who ancestor might have committed by allowing these former wanderers to find solace in our beautiful and immaculate lands? Have we become all embracing to accept a poorly raised illegitimate child to pee over our heads as we, all smiles, console ourselves with an un-catholic infectious hope that someday the pee will come to an end?

Heeloooo!!! As I wrote, some years back, it is high time we reclaimed what belongs to us; it is never too late to redeem our beloved nation from these scavengers whose only prayer is to see this once fat and health but now emaciated and sickly nation succumbing to their inflictions. Let us denounce this salvation that is belittling our people, stunting their vision and making them live a coerced ridiculous simplicity. Let us stand once again as a united, free and proud nation that will not settle for less but only that that will raise our people. For God and My Country.

Dr Kizza Besigye’s Passionate Speech In United Kingdom on 24th August 2016


Winnie was in Parliament before me. For the short time Winnie was away I was in prison 7 times.

It is from her that I have learnt. One cannot have a strong and reliable partner in this struggle.

I would like to thank immensely the people that are living out here. Working under difficult circumstances and are making all means possible to make Uganda better. Thank you for that commitment to your country.

I would like to thank all of you that have made a lot of sacrifices.

It has been a long struggle. Many people are happy to celebrate when there’s success. However, when there’s no success many shy away. I would like to thank many of you for standing up and contributing as much as you have for our country including in the last elections.

We went into the last elections in rather a disorganised fashion. We went through turns and twists. Our opponent is an entrenched dictator as described. In the last election we received alot of support from all of you in the diaspora.

Please do not pity me. I am one of the lucky ones. Many of our colleagues left this life long time ago. They died of wanting to have a better Uganda. I cannot complain too much when I am here.

It is an error to pity myself.

My remarks will be limited. I will focus on what we are dealing with and how we can get out of the hole in which we are.

Countries work and serve for those who have power. If you have no power you will not be served. unfortunately in our country the bitter truth is that we live in a country where we have no power. Power belongs to very few people.

This has not just happened because of Museveni. He found them there. Collectively as a country, as Ugandans we lost our power to the British with the force of arms. They came with gun powder. Some of our ancestors put a resistence. We ceased to be citizens of our villages but subjects of England. That situation has not changed till today. We are still under those with guns.

This is why the gun is resident. To take away power from these guns you use guns. The control of the country of resources is in the hands of the very few that control those guns.

My wife and I when we went to the bush we thought there could be bad and good guns. We have all realised that we were wrong. The control of guns is through a disciplined system of orders which come from the top.

When you hear people beaten on the streeets you will hear that they were under orders and the control of guns is under one person from above.

During war the civil institutions, communities are further weakened because they are displaced. The social institutions, clan system break down. In Acholi this has happened as there’s a break down of the community system.

Once war has ended there’s a community that is very weak and cannot check the powerful few that have the guns. Although in the war we thought that there were good and bad guns. Those fighting are also wanting to get the same title as those of the few.

Sitting at the fire place in the bush I would hear some of my colleagues saying that I want to drive that vehicle like the other one whom we are fighting is driving.

One came to me as well he said things seem to be working out and the only thing i want to be is a market master of Owino.

Even the young activists are saying that those malls that they are building will be ours some day.

Many of the people you find that those fighting have been eliminated so they are fighting not because of well intentioned ideas.

After revolutions you hear of coups because people’s needs have not been met. We have power in a few hands and still in a few hands. Countries serve those who have power. If you have no power, your daughter goes to the bush to deliver yet those with power go to Germany.

Money, resources go to those who have power because they control decision making in the country. Do not think you have a Parliament in Uganda.

inspite of the crisis in the country, they are arguing of getting 150m to buy a car. I saw Kato Lubwama “Katemba”. He was elected, thanks to efforts of some of us. he said that those who are feeling jealous can go hang themselves.

Kato Lubwama was elected with nothing. The others get those seats bought. They use like 300Million, use those with kiboko. Seats are procured by the dictator himself. He gives them seats to serve him not people.

The 9th Parliament made very important resolution on oil. Next day they were put on buses to Kyankwanzi and put UPDF uniform. They make them run around. Later they bring them to Parliament and changed all the resolutions they made last week.

The police cannot be a people’s police if they are beating up people. People run away from them. The EC is a walking stick of M7. Institutions serve those who have power.

The good people who are there serve those with power. They tell me whenever i go to the prison that you know we support you but we have to put food on the table.

once you have this situation those with power rule. Our mission is not just about removing M7. How we remove him matters. we must remove the control by guns.

If we wanted to use guns it is not difficult. Many in the forces are with us. This is no longer debatable. In the last election where Military voted we won very well.

M7 started the war with 27 guns and it shows it is not the guns it is the people. If we wanted to take that course we would and win.

Many ask me assure us that you will be different from Museveni.

My MP in my area was confronted why he was not implementing the policies.

At the time of squeezing the bananas not many people come. When one is at the time of collecting the beer the language changes. This MP was saying like that.

The critical thing that we have to address is how these institutions revert to the majority.

The role of elections:

If the dictator controls decision making. Do you think it is realistic expectation that a dictator organises an election to remove him? it is not. Even when we go to the elections you must understand this.

To change this control we are going to need three things. the majority of the people that we want to have the power must themselves know that they do not have the power. Some of them do not know this. When slave trade was being abolished some slaves resisted. Our people have lived with out power for generations now. They think indeed that a leader is their master.

You see them kneeling and clapping…wangala..because he has given them something. Now people treat M7 as a giver.

M7 did not have any property. No money. All the money he has is from those kneeling before him, clapping. when he gives they feel so blessed.

We need to deal with the people’s understanding of the powerlessness, do not complain that you do not have jobs because you will never get it because you do not have power.

What guarantees good governance is the knowledge and assertiveness of the people. You lead knowing that you have masters. If you hire a domestic servant and you have no power over that person. will they work for you?

We have to recover our people’s minds from being masters of the Queen of England.
We must now become citizens and take our responsibilities. Leaders are servants. We must change. If you hire besigye you are hiring a servant. If he does not serve you fire him. M7 says that the ministers are the problem. That is where it starts, recoving our minds and gaining control of our institutions. We must have people’s institutions.

The second thing is to organise. People use guns to take on govts is because they are organised. When we were in the bush we were very few. Our strength was not the guns but the people. People would not talk. if Lutamaguzi had said M7 was under my hut, history would have been different.

When we were in the bush, we had local councils. The LC1 knows who is who on the village. We need to organise for actions. Organise to struggle. The dictator will not go without a push. That is why we said that we shall win by defiance. We won convincingly. That is how we won everything in Kasese. People remained at the polls untill the results were fully announced. You can only win by defiance. This is where everybody comes in.

Once you link up you can sign each other responsibilities. That is why we had P10. If we wanted to the embassy here just texting one of the leaders of the 10 we get 1000 members.

Lastly, defiance actions. It is a struggle like that in the bush. It has dangers. People are going to be killed. This time you are not the one using violence. It is so powerful. You have seen traders in Kampala close their shops, They become cautious that they cannot fight this. They say together that lets challenge this then they organise together and say that from Monday no opening shops. Who will the police teargas. It took three days and the Govt was on its knees.

Defiance are actions of citizens of those who are not using violence. there are three main types of actions. demonstations, taking active dissatification thtough marches, public demonstantration. Two, non, cooperative demonstrations. You are the one that gives power to any leader. If I said please stand up and you do not then it means i have no power. Obedience is the source of power we give. You can withhold it. You can refuse to cooperate. If we all say lets not take any more food to Kampala. What will happen. Can he last a week.

The other day he dismissed health workers and brought soldiers.

Lastly, you have raids of people. Occupation. if it is what people want we can invite every one then we can invite everyone to all come and occupy Parliament. Parliament is a representative organ and if it is not representing us well we can occupy it and represent ourselves.

I can assure that well organised struggle can never fail. More critically, if we organise this time and make sure that those with guns realise that their guns are nothing then no body will ever again use guns to dominate us. They will become surbodinates of people.

The Commander in Chief does not need to be a soldier because the command is of the people. Now you can see that whenever M7 is in trouble he puts on his uniform and very soon we shall show him that his uniform is worthless in terms of controlling power.

In the last election we said that we shall win by defiance and i have not seen the kind of energy and involvement of our people. It is an election where we used less money. M7 said to have spent 800 billion and that was understated. A lot that they spent is as Govt. In 2011 he spent 2trillion.

The message of regaining people’s power has been appreciated. People were saying here it is. Some things were emotional. I was in Pader. A woman kept pulling me..she untied the sash, inside she untied another she pulled out 500 shillings and she spat on it her saliva she handed over the coin to me. That tells you that lady is willing to part everything she had.

This was in the whole country. M7 can say he is the legal president and people tell him no way you are not.

Of course I was imprisoned on the 19th February, I did not come out untill July. They barracked my compound. They think they have forces but…hehe

The reason they behaved like that. They broke the door. they took over the head quarter they arrested our candidates. They did this because the truth had come to them in spite of the cheating.

We have evidence. I told them in court to stop investigating i can tell you here that I won. If it is treason you now have the evidence. If you win you form cabinet. I said this in court. We have evidence that we won by over 52%. We have all this evidence. We did not have the opportunity to go to court. The election is concluded when those who are not satisfied with the results petition.

Every candidate has that right. Museveni is not validly elected. Since he has taken me to court on treason then lets wait what happens. There is no doubt that he did not win.

This is not something that we were surprised with.

The population has remained defiant. M7 now must close roads when he has a visitor as he now sees the public is the enemy. That is why you saw him run away from his car to make a telephone call. He cannot trust his own car.

We believe that we were legitimately elected and the struggle before us is to defend the people’s will. Mr. Museveni has done everything to show that 2016 is done that we look to the gimmicks of 2021. Nothing will change. in 2021.

The whole talk of age limits is now focusing people on what happens in 2021. We do not care what his age is. He lost an election and he just have get out of the office. Whatever his age is he must sort out from his village.

We must not lose the momentum to assert the people’s will. Getting people to understand the need to understand what is at stake, organising and action.

This cannot be a partisan struggle. The divide is very clear. Those that want to regain their country and their institution and those who do not. You just have to choose which side of the divide you are. This is not the time to fly the colours. Let us all build one front. Once we have done that we will need to have a transitional process. Once we regain power over the country we must have have a transitional process that deals with three things. We must have a constitutional review process. I was poking my friend Betty Kamya. She has fought all these years that the main problem is concentrating the power in one person. When I saw here putting on the updf uniform i was intrigued.

We must formally restructure the constitution including land. If we are not careful this will cause real problems as this is the only thing that people are hanging on.

We shall remodel the state institutions so that they reflect the will of the people.

Lastly amongst the cardinal elements is having free and fair elections.

People need to organise themselves in their own respective parties.

This non partisan struggle is crystallizing now. We have a people’s cabinet. A non partisan cabinet.

This time they did not steal the election it was a straight forward coup.

We are having conversations to smoothen ourselves too so that we move as one. And if we all pull together the regime of Museveni is finished. Even before we push the economy is finished. M7 has been reckless on regime survival. In every village there’s a VISO: village intelligent security officer.

We have two ministers for KLA. We have a city mayor, we have the RCC, he is also there in charge of KLA. he has 5 deputies within Kla. All eating alot of money. This is a crisis of the dictatorship. He has been doing this knowing that it is dangerous. He knows this …he was hoping that he was going to get money for oil. unfortunately for him it has remained in the ground when he is about reach it goes the other way.

This year we have a budget of 27, they hope to raise 13, we are no longer even credit worthy. Now in Kla there are money lenders. These are sharks. They lend at 20% per month. And if you are against the wall you say it is all dying.

Now the Gov is also borrowing from money lenders. That is why you hear people are not being paid salaries. There’s an economic crisis now that affects everybody.

The population has remained defiant. If we do what we need to do the dictatorship can collapse any time.

As Winnie told you, some of us are not going to relax, we are going to push without any hesitation. The danger has been that when the leaders are all not moving with the same kind of zeal, assertiveness, it exposes those who are. They are seen as the problem of the dictatorship. That is why it is important that in this final phase all of us should stand up.

Initially when we started the campaign against M7, you would wave at them and they first look around.

Brothers and sisters you have been everywhere and it is not an exaggeration that Uganda is the most endowed. In 2016 our people should not be with jiggers, nodding disease. In the last election i was calling them NRM diseases. Hepatisis B is wiping our people.

Change is coming keep it up.

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Besigye’s lecture at the New York City Bar Association in New York, United States of America on Thursday

 Wrn Kizza-Besigye after featuring on VOA straight talk Africa hosted by legendary host Shaka Sali.

Wrn Kizza-Besigye after featuring on VOA straight talk Africa hosted by legendary host Shaka Sali.

Opening Remarks

Thank you for the very kind introduction and warm welcome, [Name].
I would like to start by thanking the Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice for hosting this historic event.
I would in particular like to thank Mr. Alexander Papachristou for his unwavering dedication to the cause of freedom and democracy in Africa. It’s hard to overstate how important it is to have reliable friends when you are in the trenches fighting for freedom.
Alex has been a source of great inspiration to many of us in Africa. I am particularly grateful to him for his wise counsel and support, always reminding us why democracy and the rule of law matters.
Thank you Alex for your support and friendship to the people of Uganda and Africa. I would also like to thank the staff of the Cyrus R. Vance Center who have worked tirelessly to make this event possible. In particular, I would like to single out Dr. Brenda Kombo for her leadership in organizing this event.
I would also like to extend a special thank you to the African Affairs Committee of the New York City Bar for co-sponsoring this event. I understand from reliable sources that you have been a bulwark supporting the rule of law in Africa. I salute you for your dedication and contributions to a better Africa and a better world.
I see in this audience many friends and familiar faces. Thank you for welcoming me and for making me feel at home. It’s good to be amongst friends. And it’s especially inspiring to be amongst those who labor to promote justice and democracy around the world. Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Begin Speech

Introduction It’s a unique and singular honor to stand here today to address this august institution which represents, in its finest form, the ideals and the pillars of an open, democratic society—the rule of law.
In a democratic society—and in a diverse and pluralistic society—it is to the Temple of Justice that we go for the peaceful and just adjudication of disputes.
It is at The New York State Supreme Court Building that it is written, with good measure, that:
“The True Administration of Justice is the Firmest Pillar of Good Government.”
It is also in the founding document of the modern constitutional government, The Magna Carta of 1215, that is written:
“To no one will we sell, to no one will we refuse or delay right or justice.”
These statements go to the very foundation of the rule of law—Justice.

I am an African
And it is justice, at its core, that is the foundation of democratic government, and without which there can be no open society.
It is with this firm understanding of the rule law that I stand before you today to talk about
“Fighting for Justice, the Rule of law, and Democracy in Africa”
I take my lessons from Uganda—that favored land from which I hail.
Despite our many problems, we still like to call it “The Pearl of Africa.”
Whenever I hear “Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika”—God Bless Africa—the anthem of Africa
I think of those rolling hills and the rugged ridges of Rukungiri, where I was born.
I think of the verdant valleys of Northern Uganda
The green pastures of the West Nile Mount Elgon and The Mountain of the Moon
I think of the Nile and Bwindi impenetrable forest
I think of the ancient heritage of Buganda and Bunyoro and the Luo
Then I remember, with no small measure of pride—
That it was my ancestors—our people from all across Africa—
That erected the pyramids and invented the hieroglyphics. That the first footsteps of man is to found in the heart of Africa.
When I remember all these, and the rich culture of our people, and the great civilizations they forged and will continue to forge until the end of time—then I find courage to stand here before you.
I find courage in my past and I am buoyed by hope for the future. As Thabo Mbeki would say, I am, after all, an African! A Ugandan, yes! But above all an African!

Personal Confessions

Let me begin with a personal confession.
I stand before you as a man who has been living under the shadow of the law—not in its brilliant and luminous radiance.
I stand before you as a man charged with treason in his land of birth.
I am here today, outside Uganda, by the permission and grace of the Uganda High court, to which I am very grateful.
What treason means
I will begin by explaining the nature of the treason charges against me. There are, specifically, two charges against me.
During the last presidential campaign in Uganda, which culminated in the February 2016 presidential elections, which I contested and which I believe I won convincingly, I campaigned on one radical and threatening idea:
That all Ugandans—all my compatriots—must be citizens and not subjects. That was the core of my campaign: citizens versus subjects.
To understand the force of my argument and the power of our campaign, we must briefly revisit the political history of Africa.

The Colonial State in Africa.

Colonialism in Africa stood for one radical idea: that no African could be a citizen.
And that by the edict of nature and some inscrutable faith, an African was forever consigned to be a subject. Under apartheid, Africans were “drawers of water and the hewers of woods.”
The colonial state—and the entire edifice of the colonial system—were based on the belief and the simple premise that Africans were inferior human beings—beings destined to be governed by a stern state or a stern master.
This is the colonial idea of tutelage. Africans were projected as naturally backwards and in need of tutoring in the art of modernity and civilized existence.
Upon this ideology was erected the concept of people as subjects. In fact, people as chattels. In colonial Africa, Africans were simply subjects—people to be governed from a distant metropolis by unaccountable but “enlightened” despots. Colonialism meant total domination: No power to decide how and by who people would be governed and no power over their resources (including their labor).

The Neo-Colonial State in Africa

After independence, the African elites inherited the colonial state and hardly buried or interred the colonial ideology that Africans are merely subjects. The African elites have
used the same coercive tools to perpetuate monopolization of decision making, State institutions and resources.
The neo-colonial state –and most states across Africa are neo-colonial state—continue to treat Africans as subjects.
The colonial states turned Africans into subjects and the neo-colonial African states have perpetuated that colonial ideology.
Kwame Nkrumah Patrice Lumumba Steve Biko Nelson Mandela—all the heroes of the pan-African liberation struggles—revolted and waged pitch campaigns of defiance against this racist ideology.
They refused—and defiantly did so—to accept Africans as mere subjects and not citizens. They refused to accept that we, as Africans, are children of a lesser God.

Pan-Africanism Redefined

Thus, at the core of the pan-African liberation ideology is the radical belief that every African is a citizen.
That we are children of a benevolent God just as any other race of this earth. That, my friends, is our campaign in Uganda. That is our campaign of defiance.
The campaign that every woman and man and child in Africa is a citizen. That every African—by birthright—is a citizen of our beloved continent. That we, as citizens, determine how and who governs; that we control State institutions and our national resources.
Masters, not Servants—My Act of Treason
Where there are citizens, the people are the masters and the state is the servant. Where there are subjects, the state is the master and the people are the servants. This distinction—between citizens and subjects—is at the heart of our campaign in Uganda. We are simply seeking to democratize Uganda—to have free and fair elections, and to have basic human rights, including the right to free speech and assembly. That is the profound nature of our struggle.
That is the act of treason I have been charged with—that I dare, in the face of corrupt power, to say that Africans are citizens.
That is my act of treason. And to that I plead guilty. It’s an honor to plead guilty. And I carry that charge, as an African and as a human being, as a badge of honor. In the face of oppression and injustice, one must bear witness. Today in Uganda I am a witness. The second treason charge leveled against me is about the outcome of the February 2016 presidential elections.
With almost no exception, all election observers declared that the elections were deeply flawed and comprehensively rigged. For example, the Commonwealth Observer Group, the European Union Election Observer Mission, and United States Government declared as “deeply inconsistent with international standards and expectations for any democratic process.”
The election returns received by my own party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), show that I won the elections convincingly.
But a thoroughly compromised National Electoral Commission (NEC) declared the loser to be the winner. So I did something entirely radical.
I asked for an independent international audit of the elections.
I said let’s determine the winner of these disputed elections through an impeachable empirical audit.
For that I was charged with treason.
I was charged with treason for questioning the outcome of the rigged elections and for proposing that an objective audit should resolve the dispute.

Free and Fair Elections and the Rule of Law

You might ask, rightfully, what do free and fair elections got to do with the rule of law?
The Rule of Law v. Rule by Law
You can have oppressive laws and you can have undemocratic laws. Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa illustrate why the phrase “the rule of law” can be meaningless, even dangerous, without the constraints or the requirements of justice.
The rule of law alone, in itself, is not sufficient in a democratic society.
The rule of law, to be beneficial and enlightened, must be undergirded by justice. That is, the rule of law must be morally defensible. In modern terms, it must be democratic; it must satisfy certain core requirements of an open and democratic society.
The two—the rule of law and democracy—are inextricably linked. You cannot, in an enlightened society, have the rule of law without democracy; and you cannot have democracy without the rule of law.

Democracy and Citizenship

But what is democracy in the modern context? Simply defined, democracy is rule by the people. It means that the people are the masters. It means that a community of citizens and not a community of subjects.
It means, at its core, universal suffrage and the accountability of the government to the electorate.
But the people cannot govern as a mob. Democracy is not an exercise in mob rule. It must be structured through free and fair elections.
Free and Fair Elections
It means, therefore, that the will of the people must be expressed through regularly scheduled free and fair elections.
So democracy means, in brief, rule by the electorate through universal suffrage expressed through regularly scheduled free and fair elections. That is also the definition of citizenship: the people as the electorates.
For elections are the instruments through which the people—not acting as a mob—exercise their power and will.

Where there are no free and fair elections—the process by which the government is held accountable—there can be no citizenship, and there can be no democracy.
In Uganda, we have not had genuinely free and fair elections since 1963. Democracy and citizenship are inextricably linked. We can therefore redefine and restate what democracy means.
It means government by citizens who exercise their rights of citizenship to hold their government accountable through regularly scheduled free and fair elections based on universal suffrage.
The Rule of Law Restated
Allow me, then, to redefine the rule of law as I understand it. As a civilian.
The rule of law must be based on rules made in a democratic society by citizens who exercise their rights of citizenship through governments that are elected through free and fair election based on universal suffrage.
That is the basic requirement and the foundation of the rule of law: free and fair elections based on universal suffrage.
But our restatement is still incomplete. It is still not sufficient.
The modern rule of law must, at a minimum, have protections of minorities, and must enshrine and respect the freedom of speech and assembly and the free exercise of religious beliefs.
For without these freedoms—freedom of speech, of assembly, and religion—you cannot have free and fair elections or a free society. Without these freedoms you cannot have a government that is accountable to the electorate.
And there is one other requirement: that good laws must be impartially enforced. In our case, we have on several occasions challenged presidential election rigging. Unfortunately, the courts have failed to enforce the law so that the candidate that rigs does not benefit from rigging.

Citizenship and the Rule of Law

We have defined citizenship as the right to hold the government accountable through regularly scheduled free and fair elections based on universal suffrage.
And you cannot have free and fair elections without the basic freedoms that I have just enumerated.
The rule of law, therefore, must be firmly based on the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion—the pillars and foundations of a free, democratic society. They are also the foundations of citizenship.
Without citizenship you cannot have the rule of law—understood as laws based on substantive justice.
These, then, are the theoretical and ideological foundations of our struggle in Uganda and Africa: the rule of law as the quest for justice and democracy.

The rule of law as the product of citizenship, and as the product of free and fair elections. The problem of democracy in Africa

As I have stated earlier, the problem of democracy in Africa is the problem of elite politics divorced from the masses.
Effectively, in Africa, it often is the rule by minority—family, ethnic, racial, religious, Or a criminal syndicate, that has monopoly of coercive forces.
In Africa, the state has been the master, and the people have been the servants. Instead of citizens, we have subjects. Instead of accountability of government, we have a predatory and parasitic government.
We have had a society of subjects and not citizens. This is the colonial legacy in Africa—a legacy our political elites have heartily embraced.
The people of Africa have, for the most part, remained supplicants to their governments. The strong man owns the country. The resources of the country are his own. “My army”;” my oil.”

Legitimacy and the Rule of Law

In a society of subjects, the concept of legitimacy is reversed. Instead of the government being accountable to the people, it’s the people who are now accountable to the government. It is no longer government of law but government by law. More appropriately, government by fiat and dicta.

The government makes the law as it pleases. It holds the people accountable to its edicts, however grievious, bizarre or oppressive or predatory. Even the constitutions are merely indicative. In a non-democratic society, there is no government of law.
For without citizenship, defined as participation in governance through free and fair elections based on universal suffrage, undergirded by the freedom of speech, assembly, and religion, there can be no rule of law.

Africa, Pan-Africanism, and the Rule of Law

The struggle in Africa is the struggle to reclaim citizenship and, therefore, to develop and enshrine the rule of law.
The colonial powers saw Africans merely as subjects. The African elites have continued that racist ideology of treating Africans as subjects and not citizens.
Let there be no doubt that no one can credibly claim to be a pan-Africanist or a defender of the African people who does not defend the right of every African to citizenship. Please allow me to redefine pan-Africanism.

Pan-Africanism is an ideology which insists that every African is a citizen with indefeasible rights, which must include the rights to free and free and fair elections through universal suffrage, and the freedom of speech, assembly and religion which make possible the rights to free and fair elections.
Let no African dictator claim, therefore, to be a Pan-Africanist.
Lessons from Uganda

Our struggle in Uganda has been singular. How to restore the citizenship of our people. That is my only commitment in politics: to finish the struggle for the African liberation. To allow every African to be a citizenship.

And freedom begins with reclaiming one’s citizenship.
Kwame Nkrumah was right: “seek ye first the political kingdom.”
I say, seek ye first to be a citizen before other blessings can be bestowed upon you. Seek ye first to be free.

That is our campaign of defiance in Uganda—to complete the vision of Kwame Nkrumah and Patrice Lumumba and Steve Biko.
Just as during the struggle against colonialism and apartheid, we do not beg to be free. You must walk for your freedom; you must march for freedom, and you must fight, with every senew, for freedom if you are to be free.
Freedom is not given. Freedom is earned.
You go to jail for it, as did Mahatma Gandhi;
as did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr;
as did Rosa Park;
as did Vaclav Havel;
as did Nelson Mandela;
as did Wangari Maathai;
as did Aung San Suu Kyi; among the great heroes of the universal struggle for freedom.

Totalitarianism and Oppression Require Silence

Totalirarianism and oppression succeed by enforcing silence. ·
They want to silence the victims · They want to silence the people of conscience · They want to silence the witnesses ·
They want no testimony or evidence against their evils
That is why totalitarian regimes and dictators rule by fear. They want to force the victims to police his or her conscience and remain silence.
They oppose freedom of speech and freedom of assembly because they want silence.
They muffle the press and the voices of freedom because oppression can only thrive where there is silence.

They jail their opponents because they want silence. So I refuse to be silent.
Because there is only one moral response to oppression and injustice: you must stand up and bear witness.
The path to serfdom is paved by silence.
We must refuse to remain silent in the face of injustice and oppression.
§ Mahatma Gandhi refused to be silent
§ Kwame Nkrumah refused to be silent
§ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr refused to be silent
§ Jomo Kenyatta refused to be silent
§ Julius Nyerere refused to be silent
§ Jaramogi Oginga Odinga refused to be silent
§ Patrice Lumumba refused to be silent
§ Leopold Senghor refused to be silent
§ Steve Biko refused to be silent § Rosa Park refused to be silent
§ Vaclav Havel refused to be silent
§ Nelson Mandela refused to be silent
§ Elie Wiessel refused to be silent
§ Aung San Suu Kyi refused to be silent
Please stand up and bear witness. Please refuse to be silent in the face of oppression. Refusing to silent is our campaign of defiance in Uganda.

DEFIANCE: This means that our people minds must be freed for them to take on the new status of citizens; they must acquire organizational tools that allow them to speak and act together in challenging domination; and lastly, they must together deny the dictators their cooperation until they concede that people are supreme.

Let me end by quoting a great African hero: “It’s the little things citizens do. That’s what will make the difference. My little thing is planting trees”
That was the late Professor Wangari Maathai.
Please do your little thing. In Uganda, I am doing my little thing by refusing to be silent. And that is how we defend the rule of law and freedom and justice and democracy.

Please do your little thing!
Thank you!

Damian Akankwasa and the 900 million Ugandan shillings under his bed

By John Njoroge

One morning while I was still a reporter at the Independent Magazine, I received a call from a fellow journalist (Name Withheld). My friend asked if I was at work, to which I responded in the affirmative.
He quickly said had a hot story for the Independent publication and that he was driving to my direction.

Within minutes he was outside, asking me to come out with a voice recorder and a notebook (this I guess was for emphasis that we where “going to work”). As was my habit, taught to me by Andrew Mwenda, I told my editors-Charles Odoobo Bichachi and Joseph Were-I was going out, for a “big story” with so and so, who was now outside ready to pick me.

Into his car I went and off we speeded. I was excited.

“So what’s this one now,” I remember asking. My friend was not ready to tell me.

“You will see,” he said.

He lit a cigarette and passed me one as well. We zoomed through the streets of Kamwokya, having small talk, passed down Kira road, up Kabira country club and Cayenne bar and restaurant then, right after, we took a sharp right turn up a small slope to what was then called the Forest Cottages.

Through the gates and into the parking area, he stopped after parking in reverse. He picked his phone and called someone.

“We are here. Yes, I am with him, ok, 10minutes is fine. Ok” he hang up.

He lit another cigarette. Now I was getting worried.

“John, you have heard of this story about a lady who stole money from her husband, the National Forestry Authority Executive Director? You know everybody is looking for him to hear his side of the story. I have found him for you.”


I got excited.

Damian Akankwasa, the man whose wife fled with 900million Ugandan shillings she found under their bed. This man was media hot cake at the time. Every journalist in Kampala wanted to see him.

My mind quickly raced. What questions should I ask? How luck am I? God loves me so much? What will my fellow journalists say? I could already see the praise I would get from my mentor Mr Mwenda. I could already see the headline.

Back then this selfie crazy thing was not there. In fact, we did not know selfies. It had “not yet landed” in Uganda at least.

Thinking back, I wish I had just take a picture with Damian. I had a camera and very nice expensive an back then high tech mobile phone- the Nokia E61i. I think I was one of the few people in this town with that phone.

It was bought for me by my good friend, at the time, Sudhir Ruparelia. But that’s another story.

Soon my friend’s phone rang again and we walked into the restaurant. Seated in a dark blue suit-or was it black- a shirt with no tie, was this humble looking fellow. We walked up to him, my friend introduced me and we sat.

Damian was very soft spoken almost says nothing, Calm, victim-like. Most of the time, he never looked me in the face. I caught him a few times stealing a glance as if to see “is this man getting my lines”

All through the interview, he spoke while closely observing my notebook and my voice recorder.

In short, Damian wanted to clear the air about the source of the money his estranged wife had stolen from under their bed.

He had actually said it before, but I later discovered, he had been persuaded to adopt a “communication strategy” targeting respected publication and give exclusive interviews over that money. Because he was a civil servant and you all know how much they earn.

You see, some of us live in debts. You wake up in the morning and some of the first phone calls you received are from people you either owe money or have to pay for past services rendered. That is if you actually pick those calls. Now when you read or hear that someone had UGX 900 million under his bed, you wonder what God did for him that he has refused to do to you.

Damian made it very vivid and clear to me.

“That money belonged to my brothers. They collected it from sales of matooke, goats, beans, cassava and milk. They brought it to me to buy them land. They wanted to start real estate. They travelled in a bus with that money is suit cases. I put it all in one bag and put it under our bed.”


He continued.

“I had misunderstanding with my wife and she left with only the money and her shoes.”

Only the money?????

He added.

“People say I am building a hotel. But that building behind my house is actually my main house. I am leaving in a boys quarter. It is 5 bedrooms but it is a boys quarter. When I finish my house you will all come and visit.”


All through, I kept looking at my friend, who was very disappointed In how things where unfolding. Not that these things had not been said before but it was in the manner in which they where being said and to what publications. Because at that time Damian Akankwasa was not speaking to John Njoroge but to the Mighty Independent Publications Limited of Andrew Mwenda.

The interview went in circles, about his brothers, traveling with 900 million, in suitcases, in a public bus transport, from Mbarara to Kampala, and then taking bodabodas to his house and counting the money. Really this man must have thought I was on baby fomula.

Once this disaster of an interview was done, my friend and I left. Back to his car, he lit two cigarettes, one for me and one him as we drove out. We did not speak much and I actually did not know where we where going. He did not say and I did not ask.

Down after Kabira country club, my friend expressed his disappointment and asked me to do my job as I saw fit. He told me he had no intention of interfering and that if the interview subject had undressed himself, it was his fault. We agreed to have a beer later in the evening. He took me back where he had picked me.

Damian’s wife allegedly bought cars, land and houses in western uganda with that money. She distributed the cars and land titles to various people who where to pay her slowly.

As NFA director, Damian was allegedly responsible for issuing tree cutting permits. Unconfirmed reports claimed that if you wanted to cut 100 trees, he could give u a permit for 300, 50 extra for you, 150 for himself. All he wanted was his 150trees in cash. So imagine doing that with 2-3 or more people a day.

The biggest scandal or rather money minter was a $13m grant or loan-to the Forestry Authority for 4 projects. In one project alone, $3m vanished and only $50,000 could be accounted for. The documents are public and can be found in court.

Investigations and the courts of law have since cleared Damian of allegations of illicit wealth. His estranged wife was sentence to jail for theft and continues to serve her sentence. Other reports indicate she is a free woman now.

There is however another story for another day.




“……..our Banyarwanda comrades stayed here as refugees for 34 years (1960 – 1994). We gave them all the support we could afford…………through Rwanda Airlines, Uganda is currently contributing about US$24.1M to the prosperity of the people of Rwanda.”

Museveni addressing a cabinet retreat at the Institute of Indoctrination – 26/7/2016

Uganda’s aviation industry dates to the early 1930s when the first flying boat landed around Port Bell on Lake Victoria near Kampala city. Its mission was to deliver mail – a service that had started in Kenya by Wilson Airways and proved to be a vital intercommunication tool in the region’s colonial centers. In 1947 Entebbe was identified as being suitable for Uganda’s future international airport and in 1951, a new Entebbe International Airport was inagurated by the Queen of England. Uganda Aviation Service and United Airways were set up and after independence it became a subsidiary of Uganda Development Corporation (UDC).

Following the collapse of the East African Community (EAC) in 1977, the then President Iddi Amin started the Uganda Airlines from scratch because Kenya had taken all the planes and routes. By 1978, Uganda Airlines had acquired a fleet of 15 fully owned by the government under Uganda Air Cargo. It plied the domestic, regional and international routes to London, Rome, Cologne, Cairo, Brussels and Dubai. It had been created as a strategic entity with the aim of mitigating the impact of sanctions imposed against the Iddi Amin regime and its landlocked Uganda – a task if effectively fulfilled. The 1978/79 war to oust Iddi Amin from power heavily impacted on its operations. After his overthrow its role was changed to profit making but it lacked the technical backup and capitalisation from government.
Its survival depended only on ground handling services and to a lesser extent on royalty fees from third party carriers for designated routes. The ground handling services that covered air cargo, passengers and aircraft handling operations generated 65% of the revenue. Under the guise of privatisation, in 1994, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) by an act of parliament. In mid 1990s, Museveni awarded the ground handling services to his in-law and permanent Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sam Kuteesa. Since then ground handling services for Entebbe Airport is handled by Kutesa’s private company called Entebbe Handling Servicesa (ENHAS). With loss of its vital source of revenue in form of ground handling services, Uganda Airlines which had accumulated a debt of US$ 6M was liquidated in 2001.

By destroying Uganda Airlines, Museveni was extending his wider scheme of destroying whatever had been started by past regimes which he accuses of mismanaging Uganda. More so, he was trying to economically disable those Ugandans more especially those hailing from those regions he considered were politically linked to the past regimes that he had fought and replaced. After over two decades since the death of Uganda Airlines, last month Museveni told his cabinet that lack of a national airline was “a big shame” before criticizing Kenya, Ethiopia, and South African “brothers” for ditching the comradeship and instead opting to exploit Ugandans. He promised to set up a national airline – Uganda Airlines Corporation.

Will Rwanda afford to loose the US$24.1M contribution from Uganda through its Rwanda Airways? An uneducated military dictator in Iddi Amin who faced sanctions managed to build a booming national airline and an educated military dictator in Museveni destroys it!!!!



Museveni;s rubber stamp parliament and gullible Ugandans are questioning the dubious acquisition of government land by Hon. Margret Muhanga. They are simply wasting their time because land grabbing is a scheme by the Museveni regime to impoverish Ugandans while creating a small class comprised of its cronies who own everything.

Hon. Margret Muhanga is the Woman Member of Parliament for Kabarole District. She is a sister to Museveni’s boot leaker, Andrew Mwenda, Brig. Kayanja Muhanga – the 4th Div. Commander, and Maj. Henry Baguma – a historical Director under the Internal Security Organisation (ISO). She is married to Michael Mugisha the former District Chairman Kabarole and now the Executive Director of National Forest Authority (NFA). She is the Spokesperson of the regime’s defacto parliament, the NRM caucus. Before coming to the political limelight, she was a reporter with the regime owned New Vision newspaper in the late 1980s and 1990s. As a news reporter, she got closer to Gen. Kahinda Otafiire when he was the Director General of External Security Organisation (ESO). Her husband replaced Damiano Akankwasa at NFA, after the later was convicted for abuse of office by causing financial loss of 2.8 billion shillings that came to light following the theft of 900M shillings from his bedroom. Her brother Andrew Mwenda was linked to Lawyer Bob Kasango’s 7.8b pensions scam. She claims to have raised the 10.2b shillings that she used to buy the UBC land by borrowing from her brothers and selling her cows and goats.
Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) was created by the UBC Act of 2004 following the merger of former Uganda Television and Radio Uganda. It now boosts of two TV channels and five radio stations. The past “inefficient” governments that Museveni fought failed to put to use the vast property of UBC and as of 2008 it owned only 35 acres of prime land in Bugolobi alone. Earlier, some of those who has fought the bush like Col. Mushega, Gen. Koreta, Brig. Eric Mukasa and a few others had been given part of the UBC land for free. The land titles for these properties has been mysteriously missing until in 2006 when the then Secretary to the Land Commission, Elizabeth Laker started creating new titles for the remaining land and giving it away to private developers. It took the intervention of the then UBC Corporation Secretary, Francis Gimara who placed caveats on the remaining land but at a heavy cost – his was kicked out of UBC.

In 2009 Minister Karoro Okurut and Margret Muhanga requested Museveni to give them part of the land belonging to UBC so that they could build a gumboot factory that would create 300 jobs for Ugandans. Museveni gave them the land. Their company, Extreme Innovations Ltd acquired two acres of UBC land located on Kibira Road in Industrial Area. Valued at 954M shillings that was supposed to be paid at the signing of the 49 years lease, UBC transferred the said two acres to the two Directors of Extreme Innovations without paying a single cent. In June 2010, Extreme Innovations requested UBC to transfer its (E.I) interests to a Chinese company, Sino East Africa Trading Hub and it was immediately done. SINO intended to set up an administrative and export development center for displaying Chinese products. Karoro Okurut and Margret Muhanga walked away with clean billions of shillings without investing anything. Later on Muhanga claimed that the marshy property that required $500,000 to rehabilitate made no business sense. E.I Ltd was set up in August 2008, it received the lease for the said UBC land on 7th December, 2009, five days later on December 7th it put the said land on market and sold it in July 2010 to SINO. Parliament raised up in army and attempted to censure Minister Karoro Okurut. The Police’s CIID also attempted to investigate conspiracy to defraud but Karoro and Muhanga refused to appear before them. At a caucus meeting in State House, Museveni acknowledged that he had given the two UBC land after they convinced him that they intended to set up a footwear factory. He soothed MPs into abandoning the censure move claiming that he was to handle the matter through the NRM caucus. That was the end of the story and the matter died a natural death. Its this impunity that later lured Muhanga into going for another 18 acres of UBC land that is currently being questioned.

On Farady Road alone in Bugolobi, UBC owned plots 8-10, 12-16 and 18-20 from which it curved out 18 acres that it had earlier intended to use in the construction of the Bugolobi Villa project that would comprise of 89 mansions and a club house. The project that was flagged off in 2008 was supposed to have been a joint venture between UBC and a certain Kenyan company was anticipated to generate US$13M from sale of the houses. The project stalled because of failure to secure the critical clearance and also the said Kenyan partner company gave its interest to Hassan Basajabalaba. In January 2011 Hassan Basajabalabe bought the said UBC 18 acres land though he later claimed to have bought 23.1 acres. In April 2011 Basajabalaba transferred the said land to his Haba group of companies. By August 2011 when the new Executive Director of UCB protested the sale by cancelling the sale agreement, the land had in question had already changed hands with new parties such as Deo & Sons, Margret Muhanga and SINBA (K) Ltd. Consequently, Deo & Sons sued UBC for cancellation of title yet they had brought the land from Haba Group.

The High Court ruled that the sale of land by Haba Group to Deo & Sons was illegal. Haba and Deo appealed to the Court of Appeal which also upheld the High Court’s ruling adding that the same had been illegal and fraudulent. They went to the Supreme Court but before the matter could be heard, they attempted to withdraw it on grounds that they had agreed on a consent judgement whereby UBC had agreed to pay 35.5b shillings but the Supreme Court rejected the withdraw and went ahead to hear the appeal before upholding the rulings of its subordinate courts and ordering UBC to refund Haba with 11.5b shillings. Margret Muhanga claims that it was after UBC had failed to refund 11.5b shillings that Deo & Sons sold the said land to her at 10.2b shillings. She went ahead to claim that Deo & Sons belongs to some army officers that she did not name. However, Deo & Sons Properties is a Limited liability company that was incorporated in Uganda in October 2008. Its Directors are Imam Mwebesa, James Magezi and Deogratius Obeowobusingye. Haba was incorporated in June 1996 and its directors are Hassan Basajabalaba, Muzamir Basajabalaba and Aisha Murungi. Available records show that UBC sold the land to Haba on 10th January, 2014, Haba in turn sold it to Deo & Sons on the same day at 12.46 p.m who in turn also sold it to Margret Muhanga two minutes later at 12.48 p.m.

Whatever the case, Margret Muhanga will retain the land. The regime Mafias have swung into action and the parliamentary committee will have to back off and they should not expect any further cooperation from the key players. The little information that they managed to extract from Margret Muhanga in the heat of passion is all that they will end at. That is what Museveni’s ‘Hakuna Mchezo’ means. Grabbing of public land has been and will Continue to take place by regime cronies. Butabika hospital land was taken by Museveni’s children, Nakasero, Kitante, Shimoni, Kololo, Nsambya railway, Naguru KCCA etc was taken then what is special with the ongoing UBC land saga.


the upmarket acacia avenue is under deluge.

the upmarket acacia avenue is under deluge.


Having started his political career as an intelligence officer and more especially in a communist background and setting, Uganda’s military dictator, Museveni values the flow of information on all aspects of public affairs right from the smallest unit at village level to the top at national level. All his decisions and policies are based on the information generated in such a way. During the Heros Day celebrations in Busoga in 2013, he asserted that he is aware of everything that happens in Uganda. In order of priority, here below are the different structures and sources through which Museveni gets to know all that is happening in the country pertaining to political, economic, social aspects.

1. Intelligence services
(a) Internal Security Organisation (ISO) has structures spread throughout the country i.e Parish (PISO), Sub-county (GISO), District (DISO), Region (RISO) and national level (Director General) who feeds Museveni.

(b) Military Intelligence – The army has units spread in all parts of the country. Every Unit has an Intelligence Officer and it has even created Zonal Intelligence Officers who man areas that have a small presence of military units. These Intelligence officers are stationed at independent units, Battalion, Brigade, Division up to the headquarters (CMI) who feeds Museveni. In their respective areas of operation, military intelligence officers gather information of political, economic and social nature on top of their military intelligence gathering role.

(c) Police- the police is spread throughout the country. At every police unit/station/post there is a department Crime Investigations and Intelligence (CIID. Traditionally, it was only Criminal Investigation Department (CID) but Museveni disbanded the intelligence branch of the police (SB) and gave the extra task of intelligence gathering to CID making CIID. The police officers in charge of CIID help their commanders to gather intelligence of crime, political, economical and social nature. This information flows from the remotest police post, to the zones, District, Regional, the police headquarters (IGP) who feeds the Museveni.

(d) State House Intelligence – this is an informal intelligence outfit that Museveni personally manages. It has a wide network and well facilitated both financially and logistically. It collects intelligence and inquires into any matter in any government sector.

(e) Army officers under NAADS – under the cover of fighting poverty, Museveni deployed army officers into the agricultural sector under the National Agriculture Advisory Services (NAADS). The purpose was to widen his intelligence gathering networks. These army officers who are spread among the population throughout the country gather intelligence of military, political, economic and social aspect. Their reporting structures are Sub-county, District, zones, region, up to the national level to Museveni’s brother, Gen. Saleh who in turn reports to Museveni.

(f) Very soon he will have another intelligence outfit crafted out of his close religious allies – the Born Again Christians.

All the above outfits gather, compile, make recommendations and submit reports inform of Special Reports, daily Situation Reports, monthly reports, quarterly reports, mid-year reports, annual reports to the sole consumer who is Museveni. Actually the release of monthly operational funds by the headquarters of the respective organisation is conditioned on submission of these reports. On the contrary, failure to submit such reports calls for serious reprimand including withholding of funding. Intelligence gathering and reporting is heightened during the electioneering period where Museveni is briefed on every aspect before he goes for campaigns in any a given area. The formal of such intelligence reports touches of:
(i) Security – crime, threats, loopholes, successes etc
(ii) political – regime performance, opposition, dirty game – sabotaging of opposition, identifying fence sitters,
(ii) social – operations of NGOs,Civil society, religious organisations, service delivery, complaints from citizens, performance of health, education, agriculture, transport etc.
(iii) Economic – revenue collection, production, infrastructure, designing sabotages schemes for opposition leaning enterprenures, etc.

2. Local Government Structures
(a) Local Council (LC) I at the village, L.C II at the Parish, LC III at the Sun-county, and L.C V at the district all gather, compile and submit information in form of reports bottom-top up to the minister of Local Government who reports to Museveni.

(b) Resident District Commissioners – are the supervisors of all government programs in the district and get reports from all the sectors in the district and fuse them into one report which is submitted to the Minister In-charge of the presidency who in turn reports either directly to Museveni or through the Prime Minister.

(c) Chief Administrative Officers (CAO) – they supervise the different departments of the civil service under that particular district. The heads of different government departments at district level compile reports which they submit to the CAO who in turn also submits to the Minister of Public Service who also submits to the Prime Ministeror and then Museveni. But even the different heads of departments at district submit reports to their regional heads who in turn submit to their line Ministers and then to the Prime Minister who finally submits to Museveni.

With the above functioning structures that gather, compile and submit periodic reports on every aspect government operations at every level and from every corner of the country, Museveni is fully aware of the whole situation pertaining to service delivery and by feigning ignorance,Museveni is just playing on the intelligence of Ugandans.



Uganda’s military dictator, Museveni has once again raided courts of law in a wider scheme coerce judicial officers into submission as a judicial arm of his regime. Unlike the Police and Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) which he has fully incorporated into his dictatorial regime, the judiciary still has some pockets of judicial officers who are determined to act professionally. Like in any other African dictatorship, the Museveni dictatorship treats members of the legal fraternity are as enemies of the state simply because they ‘undermine’ his schemes of manipulating the the rule of law. Like has been the case with Journalists, the legal fraternity under Museveni has borne the brunt of the military dictator.


The name Black Mamba was coined by the members of the public following a nasty incident in November 2005 when Museveni deployed hooded commandos donning black T/shirts and wielding Israel made Macro Garill machine guns raided the High Court to reverse a court order. These were commando soldiers under CMI who had been trained and armed by Israel retired army officers. It was on November 16th, 2005 when the High Court of Uganda granted bail to 14 civilians whom the Museveni regime had been accusing of treason in connection with the shadow PRA rebel group and linking them to opposition leader, Dr. Besigye. Before the suspects could regain their freedom, these heavily armed commandos besieged the High Court premises taking hostage all the top brass of the third arm of the state (judiciary), the suspects, their relatives and friends and other innocent people. The commandos forcefully arrested the 14 suspects and whisked them away before slamming terrorism charges on them before the General Court Martial the following day and remanded. The act received condemnation from all corners of the globe with the donor community cutting some aid. Later in Jan 2006 the the Constitutional Court ruled that the continued trial of the 14 suspects in the military court martial was illegal and ordered for their release but Museveni simply ignored the ruling and continued to hold the suspects in detention. The matter came to pass and it did not take long for Museveni to arrange another raid a year later.
On March 1, 2007, Museveni deployed about 50 plain clothed security officers who raided the same High Court and rearrested five men whom court had just granted bail after they had spent 15 months on remand. During the scuffle, Lawyers, Journalists relatives of suspects and top judicial officers were subjected to a scuffle that left Advocate Kiyemba Mutale seriously assaulted by a senior police officer. The siege ended at around 8.30 p.m when the five victims attempted to leave the court premises in the company of the Deputy Chief Justice and the Principal Judge were brutally arrested them. They were taken to Bushenyi and Arua and charged with Murder. All the top Judicial officers condemned the act before they together with the lawyers went on strike for one week. The Minister of Internal Affairs, then Hon Rugunda described the strike as “an unwarranted decision” before adding that the government was investigating the matter and that appropriate action was to be taken after the results. Like had been the case with the 2005 raid by the Black Mambas, this incident was swept under the carpet and no one was made to account.

In July 2013, former Coordinator of Intelligence services, Gen. David Ssejusa while appearing on VOA told the world that the 2005 invasion of the High Court could not have occurred without the express authority and instructions of the highest office (Museveni). The then Chief Justice, Benjamin Odoki in an interview with The Daily Monitor said that “…….if I had been in the country, the situation would have been different. The precincts of the court are sanctified, they are sacred. Its like an embassy, you don’t go to the American Embassy and arrest anybody”.

On 9th July 2016, Museveni deployed unruly youthful urban goons to attack the second arm of government (parliament) in protest against the summoning of his police chief by the parliamentary committee on Defense and Internal Affairs. As they fiercely fought with a rival faction, the brutal police which is usually brutal against other protesters just looked on because the goons had the express authority and instructions of the highest office (Museveni). The incident was swept under the carpet and the following day Museveni organized, facilitated and deployed more goons to attack the Chief Magistrates Court at Makindye. The court was scheduled to hear a matter where Museveni’s Police chief was accused of torturing citizens and he refused to appear in court but instead he implemented Museveni’s instructions of sending goons to terrorize the trial Magistrate and advocates. The goons threatened to lynch the advocates who had taken refuge in the Chief Magistrate and had to only be evacuated by the riot police in anti riot police cars amidst manhandling by the goons leaving their personal cars behind. One Advocate who dared to escape using his personal car had his car stoned and damaged by the same goons. The police just looked on and no such goon has been arrested. The Police issued a statement commending those goons for abiding by the law “The Uganda Police Force appreciates the fact that the group of demonstrators at the Grade I Magistrates’ Court in Makindye today complied with the requirement of the Public Order Management Act (S.5) of notifying the police so as to obtain guidance and security during the demonstration.” The Chief Justice has condemned the raid on Makindye Court “…..whoever is mobilizing supporters to come and disrupt court proceedings should stop”. The Uganda Law Society has also condemned the act and threatened to compile a list of those who are torturing citizens into the book of shame before calling for an expeditious inquiry into the siege of Makindye court. This was the best statement Museveni

Whatever the case, Museveni has realized that Ugandans are hopeless, helpless and toothless and can therefore do any mischief with impunity in pursuit of his hold on power. Fellow country men and women just prepare for more serious mischief as the officers of court prepares more sweet statements.

From riches to rags: the story of Okello and pioneer Buses!

By John Njoroge

The Pioneer Bus service and how one man -Alexander Okello- tears everyday

Few know Alexander Okello but have had the opportunity of riding the pioneer bus service in Kampala.

Minus the thieves and occasional breaking down of buses, the bus service reminds me of my times in Strasbourg-France in 2008.

Alexander Okello is a former multimillionaire. Once a flamboyant businessman and owner of a business empire under the flagship called Moyo hardware. I know him personally. I visit him numerous times at his current residence. He has cried in my presence and told me his problems- at least his version of why he has those problems.

Okello has 19 children with one wife and she looks beautiful and very very young. It is difficult to believe she gave bath to all those children. They are now grown up responsible people. Okello invested in his family in ways many will call extravagance.

When people take themselves and their children abroad for medical care most of you shout. Me I clap. It is a sign of responsibility and love for family. Although I do not support the “eat here and poop there” trend.

Okello’s children all studied abroad. Most still live abroad. Those in Uganda work in reputable companies. He educated them past university level. Unlike some of our prominent leaders, he was very particular with his daughters and made sure not only did they have university degrees, but they where able to get job without his help. He empowered them.

Okello once owned the entire George street- that is the street behind the Buganda road court and the Central Police Station in Kampala.

The Amamu House, on George Street, where the country’s National registry is housed was Mr Okello’s residence. He lived on the last two floors of that building, renting the rest of it to government of Uganda. Before that building had a lift, Okello had his own lift at the back. Okello was so wealthy that all he had to do was call a bank manager and a bullion van would deliver money to his home. All he had to do was sign the cheques from his pent house.

Those of you who know the building called Okello House, in Statehouse Nakasero, Mr Okello is the landlord.

Statehouse pays him a few million dollars every 5 years according to the tenancy agreement. Unfortunately Okello sees little of that money and it is actually purely his fault.

In Gulu, Okello owned many businesses among them, the Viva hotel that was famous for Alobo disco. In 2001 when I was working in Gulu I frequented that bar. It was where I meet the current speaker of the EAC Hon Dan Kidega and the Deputy SG of the NRM party Richard Todwong who later employed me for a year.

Alobo was where I met the late Col Walter Ochora who would flood me with beer and his humour. May he Rest In Peace.

Let me tell you in brief how the pioneer buses came to be in Kampala.

A former high school classmate of Bwana Okello [name withheld] approached him with a proposal. Okello was to give powers of attorney to this classmate for the Okello House. The classmate and other persons would then use the property to get a loan from a bank. The money would be used to purchase buses in a partnership deal with a powerful Kenyan businessman once a first son. Okello would then receive some money every month to keep him afloat.

You may wonder what I mean by “keep him afloat”.

Well, okello went down badly.

At the height of his wealth, he encountered some Nigerians at the Sheraton Hotel, who fed him on lies. They took him on a world wide full expenses paid tour of their “businesses” and convinced him to be their partner for a hefty fee which I will not mention.

Okello could foot that bill. A two figure million dollar figure, he could and very comfortably. His wife told me how she begged Okello not to get involved.

Okello was thinking of the Milky Way, not the sky!

In the end, Okello did that same round the world trip tour, expenses of his own, trying to track down those “business partners” of his and following his money.

All he got was high blood pressure. He is lucky he never ended up in wooden box.

The banks that treated him as king started taking his buildings in the city centre and across the country. His business empire collapsed. He was in and out if courtrooms and boardroom, pleading and negotiating hopelessly.

One top military General and one Asian hotel businessman, all once his drink buddies, where at the forefront of buying off his bank loans and taking his building.

Finally he was humiliated in public.

There is an auctioneer called Kirunda in this town. Very effective man always in a brown Kaunda suit- either he has one or many brown Kaunda suits I don’t know. Kirunda evicted Okello from Amamu house terribly. Okello’s property was literary thrown from the top floor to the grown. He lost so much valuable things that day.

The TV camera never had mercy on Okello. If you can find that clip, it’s on YouTube. White discharge was coming out of Okello’s mouth. He was tearing, sweating and in a panic, pleading with Kirunda. Sincerely Kirunda had no problem. He was doing his job and had no power to stop his own activity. But like a drowning man, who grabs on to a snake, Okello pleaded as his piano hit the ground from the 9th floor.

Fast forward.

Now here comes the classmate, with a “bailout” idea. Okello jumps for it. Signs off powers of attorney giving authority to this gentleman. The man left him, got a two digit million dollar loan and used just a fraction of that money to buy the U2 buses we now call Pioneer bus service.

Okello pursued his classmate for some money in vain. Once I visited the bus offices at the Namboole stadium and money was being counted from the floor. Later, a Newvison reporter also visited the offices and before long we where all writing about Pioneer bus. During my visit, I could not see the feet of those counting the money. I was not quick to write about it because I was looking for the contract. When I got the contract between KCCA and Pioneer bus, my story caused mayhem. I went to Rwanda for a week.

I see Okello once in a while. When he sees those buses, he looses a kilo, and stands Akimbo.

He stays indoors most of the time. He is so heavily in debt but the one thing he is happy about, he invested in his family.

So today I parked my car and I am riding pioneer. Join me upto 1pm.

Love you all!!!



It is interesting to follow how things are unfolding in Turkey. Just a few months ago Turkey’s strongman Erdogan was the bully in the region. But with European’s Union failure to honor her part of the infamous refugee crisis agreement, a coup attempt at home plus ongoing heavy crackdown on the citizens and a growing insurgency, President Erdogan does not only know whom to trust but he does not only know where to from here.

A few days ago President Erdogan did what his colleague did many months ago: visiting Moscow and ask for reassurances if not protection. The smart and yet dishonest and racist people like Netenyahu did exactly that at the dawn of Russia’s intervention in Syria. Netanyahu’s move enabled him keep the absurd Syrian war away from the Israel border while at the same time tried to annex the Golan heights.

Unfortunately, for Erdogan his realization that EU, NATO and USA are unreliable partners to his country has come a little late to save the economy and security if his country. His authoritarian and uncompromising leadership style is totally at odds with that of his partners.

We are just watching the space to see what his new found friendship with Russia’s Putin will lead to. What we know for sure is that things will never be the same in Turkey, thanks to the man who built the strong economy for Turkey and is now on course to ruin it. This is a predictable trait in all dictators. Soon or later Turkey will be looking for economic bail outs. One wonders which country will be next after Turkey. Your guess is as good as mind.


How Dr Besigye survived death thanks to Waragi and fake currency


Many of you remember the 2011 Walk to Work campaign for its drama and chaos. Some of us lived that campaign everyday. Myself and photojournalist Isaac Kasamani swallowed teargas every week as we covered particularly Dr Kizza Besigye. Without medical by the way!!! Hmm
The routine was simple. Every morning by 6am we would find our way to Dr Besigye’s home in Kasangati and waited outside his gate for him to leave. Many times he literary “escaped” from us. We would be waiting outside only to hear he is in Kasangati town centre, yet a few minutes earlier, we had just seen him outside his gate saying good morning to us.
At first I did not understand why he did this. I mean, we, the media, where here to cover him. He had just come out of a heavily contested election which he believed had been stolen. We had heard rumours of how diplomats had been calling him asking him to stop the walk to work campaign but none of us could prove it, so we could not write it.
But what we could prove was that his life was in danger.
As a survival instinct, Kasamani and myself befriended the infamous police van crew UP1926. You all remember them. My best was Musa Walugembe. Musa is a very nice man. Make no mistake. He is very loyal to his country and a very obedient police officer. And a very good human being.
He is a hard worker too. You saw him in action. Many times I have said, that van, may have brutalized Dr Besigye, but taking him away usually saved lives, shockingly including his own as we where to discover.
For the longest time a plan was being cooked and it plotter were always in the walk to work crowds. Problems was how to get close to Dr Besigye because a number of loyal youth usually formed a tight ring around him.

So one morning at 5am I called Dr Besigye. It was part of my routine to call him to find out if he would “be walking” from his home or he would “appear” from somewhere else so that I am there.
I owed my readers to make sure I was at the right place at the right time. My editors at the time Alex Atuhaire, Daniel Kalinaki, Henry Ochieng and Joseph Mazige depended on me for live updates of everything as it unfolded.
We literary had a command centre for walk to work. We had insiders at the FDC who would tell us the campaign strategy of the day. We had “friendlies” within the security system, particularly at the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, who would tell us what intelligence they had gathered and where not to be at what time because several parallel forces where working day and night to ensure Dr Besigye is neutralized.
That 5am call was interesting. Dr Besigye told me he would not be walking. I was shocked. Really! Why? He told me he had a lot of work to catch up on and had decided to take the day off. Then he said something that really shocked me even more.
He said: “John, don’t come here because there is no need. I will not walk today. Please just don’t come.”
I remember these words so vividly. I was seated on my bed. I woke up my wife and told her what Dr Besigye had said. I wondered had I angered him? Did I write something funny? Ok, he says he is not walking but telling me not to go to his home, that is different.
Few journalists at the time had exclusive access to Dr Besigye like I did. It was a time when any association with him meant you are in the opposition. My “Friendship” with General Kale Kayihura ended because I was branded an opposition journalist. At one time I was at the Media Centre and Mr Ofwono Opondo said I had “one leg in an one leg out”.
I told my Mrs that I felt something was a miss. She was happy that I did not have to take that long Boda ride from Naalya to Kasangati in the wee hours. She told me to rest some more. And so I went “into the covers”. It was what I needed.
Hours later my phone rang at 7:45am. It was Mr Atuhaire.
“Where are you Njoroge?”
I told him I was at home. He told me there was a protest taking place at Dr Besigye’s home. I told him I spoke to Dr Besigye but he had told me he was not “going to work” since he had work to catch up on. Mr Atuhaire told me this was another protest, this time by his own FDC supporters.
“Go there now, I am sending a car and Kasamani is on his way”
I jumped out of bed. My son had gone to school and I did not say bye, I was in a panic. I jumped into the shower, madam made me a cup of tea without sugar. Before I went to bed the previous night, I had swallowed a bottle of something bitter-sweet so tea without sugar is magic.
But instead of going to Kasangati, I went to office. When I arrived, Mr Atuhaire nearly hit me with a cup.
“Why are you here? Something is happening at Besigye’s home leave now. Take a car.”
I did not even switch on my computer. I was frog matched to a car and driven to Kasangati. When I got to Dr Besigye’s home, it was calm. Nothing
I called Mr Atuhaire, told him nothing was happening. He was in shock. He told me to hang up and he calls back using the office line. When he called, he told me he was in complete shock because his intelligence sources had told him there was a protest at Dr Besigye’s home.
Alex Atuhaire is one of the most resourceful editors I have ever worked with. He never makes a decision without confirming and trusting but primarily confirming. Now his primary source had lied.
I activated my other source. I called my CMI friend who shockingly told me that same thing. That there was a protest at Dr Besigye’s home. I told him I was standing outside the man’s gate. Actually me and other journalists and there was nothing happening. He too was in shock. He told me to stay there and that he was coming but he would not get near the residence.
I called Dr Besigye. Remember he told me not to go to his home. When I told him I was outside he was enraged.
“I told you not to come here.”
Within minutes he was outside. We all ran to the gate. We told him we had been told there was a protest here. He said “I am not walking please go back to your offices.”
He looked at me and Kasamani and said please leave here. Kasamani and myself where is shock. The man is chasing us. Unaware of what was about to unfold.
I will not mention his name, but he is one of the most dangerous and effective operatives the Uganda Police force has. I saw his car passing at a distance. I know h because we are friends outside out two different jobs. I funny friendship between a killer and a human rights defender of a journalists. Many cannot understand such a friendship. How do you seat and eat with a person who’s daily life is planning death yet you claim to be defending life. We are still friends so I will not mention him here.
Makindye is an interesting place. The night before, a lorry collected men from Makindye and Katwe, gave them FDC membership cards and alcohol. They also gave them SHs 50,000 each.
These men where to arrive at Dr Besigye’s home by 7am, claiming to be polling agents of the just concluded 2011 election who had not been paid. All they where supposed to do is just shout and speak to the media that they had not been paid.
Oh oh….not to forget and also flash their FDC membership cards. 4am the alcohol was flowing for these chaps. Each of them had a 50k note an booze was all over. The person who came up with this idea had another plan. There was another group who’s job was to wait for Dr Besigye. As soon as he came out of his gate, they were to administer something to him.
It was going to look like Dr Besigye was harmed by his own supporters.
Time check 10am, suddenly, groups of youth started emerging at Dr Besigye’s house holding FDC cards and demanding for pay. Small droves, and they where drunk and they shouted “FDC oyee FDC oyee but we want our money we want to speak to Colonel”
Then I saw this Pickup, white in color. Stopped a distanced from DR Besigye’s residence. We all saw the car. Four men got out of it and mixed with the rest.
Dr Besigye suddenly emerged from his residence. As these youth ran towards him, we where shocked to see another group of youth emerging from Dr Besigye’s home.
A standoff.
The drunk youth here scattered. A few caught among them was one of the four men we saw coming out of the white pickup.
Those of you, in the media, who where at Dr Besigye’s home that morning remember what those captured boys said.

For starters they thought they where going to be killed. Dr Besigye however had his boys in control. They narrates where they where got, what they had been given and even showed as money. Then they told us that some of their colleagues had tried to purchase things in the morning but realised the money was fake. That way why they never made it at Dr Besigye’s home by 7am. Because the rest refused after realizing the money was fake.

Yes, nearly 50 youth were fed on alcohol and fake currency to cover up another mission. After they told us all they could, Dr Besigye asked his youth to release them. They ran to the “loving arms” of the police who all this time watched without intervention.
Dr Besigye lived another day thanks to fake currency and waragi. His sources, I later discovered, had briefed him. The master planner was actually this friend of mine. Doctor did not want me, Kasamani and those near him in the event this attempt was executed.
It was a Friday like today.

One can not put anything beyond the Ugandan Police!

I thought Kayihura has all the guns, money and the support of the Appointing Authority. I thought this would be the time to clear his name and clean the image of the police. Although I was disappointed with the way things turned out, I was not surprised. One can not put anything beyond the Ugandan Police. Officer Baguma’s saga tells it all. In the past it was unthinkable that the Police force would do anything to shield somebody suspected of facilitating a murder or being negligent of his duty from prosecution. One wonders why he opted to use the goons or allow the goons invade the court. Anyway he is on record to have applauded the goons and the criminals in the police force he heads for beating up the helpless citizens.

Populist approaches to purely legal matters may not be of any benefit any one. One can never know when the very populist approach will work against such a person. It is a dangerous approach this highly learned friend chose take knowing very well that everyone needs the law to accord him or her a fair hearing. A mob justice does not solve anything. When you allow goons and mobs to work with and even be part of the police force, then you know something has gone totally wrong.

Let us pray for him but most importantly for our country so that we don’t go down that path. We have been there before. And the experience was not a good one. During the Obote’s second regime it were the men in police uniform that would organize “panda gari” raids and send citizens to fields where they were screened, the unlucky ones tortured and others killed. The police force that was supposed to protect people and their lives in the first place was the very force organize for their disappearance and possible death. And after that they would claim to be protecting people and their property. Hope we are not about to witness history repeating its self.

My honest prayers for you all.


Buganda Land Board’s Legal Status explained!



1. BLB is a legal entity that acts as an administrative arm of the Buganda kingdom, which I believe, is a legal entity recognised by the Ugandan Constitution. It is the equivalent of a department or section in a private Company.
2. BLB is agent of Buganda Kingdom and its powers and privileges are limited to the extent that the rights and privileges of the Buganda Kingdom are described in the Uganda Constitution.
3. BLB has no jurisdiction over land in Uganda or any other matter over land outside of those lands designated as property of the Buganda Kingdom.
4. BLB has no locus standing over national land issues, except only to the extent to which it is permitted to do so either by delegated legislation or where it is in conformity with its duties and responsibilities as the agent of the Buganda Kingdom.
5. BLB can sue or be sued in its capacity as agent of the Buganda Kingdom.
6. BLB is mandated to obey national laws regarding ownership, transfer and regulation of land. It must not breach any rights, obligations or privileges granted to it by Stautory land Laws.
7. BLB is subject to both the civil and criminal jurisdiction of the laws of Uganda.


1. The BLB is likely to get into dispute with several lease-holders in the years to come. This partcularly applies to people who obtained leases in the period 1967-1995 when Museveni’s Land Act was passed, the effect of which was to reverse President Obote’s nationalisation of properties previously belonging to Kingdoms and Colonial Chiefs under Colonial arrangements contained in the Buganda Kingdom of 1900, and the Uganda Independence Settlement of 1962.
2. The BLB is likely to get into legal disputes to people who acquired leases, rights or entitlements to Buganda Lands which were sequestrated under Mr Idi Amin’s Land reform Decree of 1975.
5. Of specific interest or concern will be the compensation to be awarded to people who acquired lease, licenses and entitlements in good faith in the period 1967-1999 and who have subsequently made developments on the land worth several millions of dollars in today’s money.


Top: 'President Amin shakes hands with the commandant of Entebbe Airport, Mr Kalembe, at Entebbe Airport before he commissioned the new runway.' Bottom 'General Amin and the crowd stand for the National Anthem shortly after the President arrived to commission the new runway.'

Top: ‘President Amin shakes hands with the commandant of Entebbe Airport, Mr Kalembe, at Entebbe Airport before he commissioned the new runway.’
Bottom ‘General Amin and the crowd stand for the National Anthem shortly after the President arrived to commission the new runway.’

Fellow citizens, fellow Africans.

First I would like to thank God Almighty for this opportunity to write about this difficult issue.

As the 40th anniversary of the famous Entebbe raid is being comemmorated, Ugandans are confused about the event.

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is scheduled to be in Uganda to remember his fallen elder brother who perished in Entebbe.

But with the event has come all sorts of stories about the original incident.

Interestingly all of them point at writing the raid in a manner that puts Israel as the injured hero while demonizing Field Marshal Idi Amin and also ignoring what caused the incident to occur in the first place: The plight of the Palestinians that is today being recognized by the entire international community as an illegal occupation, mistreatment, confinement, land grabbing and indiscriminate bombardment of palestinians including their women and toddlers by an ever more murderous Israeli army.

Let me warn our African youths that politics especially in the international arena, is a sad doctored game.

The western media has done such a good job in manipulating history that todays African can be found celebrating Israeli action’s.

And even when Israel mistreats African refugees, and discriminates against black jews, todays African Union has it’s mouth zipped shut and fails to write even a simple protest note.

In the days following the raid on Entebbe, the entire African continent rose to condemn the attack.

All the African Union member countries (known then as the Organization of African Unity) immediately issued a strong condemnation, and each African president sent their condolences for the soldiers who were killed.

That was the African outrage back then. And that is what the western media has managed to progressively change.

I noticed that there were several telling aspects about the hijacking and the subsequent raid that are also mysteriously missing from their narrative.

So let me try to set the record straight today.

When the plane had just been hijacked after taking off from Athen’s and heading to Paris, all Arab countries had refused the hijackers permission to land on their respective territories.

When Amin narrated to us those events, he mentioned that the Palestinian’s initial intention had been to fly to an arab country.

Uganda had not been anywhere in their plans.

All the Arabs reportedly feared that it was a fake hijacking organized by Israel to get to the Palestinian government and then send a military operation to destroy it and probably kill Yasser Arafat as well.

On June 01 2007, Israels Haaretz newspaper reported this claim saying: “Newly released British documents contain a claim by an unnamed contact that Israel’s Shin Bet security service collaborated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to hijack the June 1976 flight from Israel that was diverted to Entebbe, Uganda.”

The report had been first aired by the BBC just a few days earlier.

That was what allegedly made the Arabs refuse the plane any landing permission in any Arab country.

It is only then that President Amin was contacted to solve the situation.

The dilemma he found was that the French Airbus would soon crash in the Mediterranean sea killing all passengers.

It was remaining with hardly 30 minutes fuel as it circled above the sea waiting for landing permission.

President Amin then had to first had ask Libya’s Col. Ghaddafi to approve the planes refuelling in so that it could make the 3 hour flight to Uganda.

That intervention probably saved all the hostages and crew from n.imminent plane disaster at sea.

When they finally arrived in Entebbe, the hijackers first refused to anyone to board the plane or anyone to leave.

The plane remained on the tarmac with all the passengers, the crew, and the hijackers for hours.

Idi Amin himself came to the airport and communicated to the hijackers from the control tower. He then managed to convince them to come outvof the plane and move into the old airport lounge which was now the airforce base.

He had to promise them that he would initiate their negotiations with Israeli authoritie, some of whom he knew personally when Israeli’s were training the Ugandan army until 1972 when Amin expelled them with the British.

'President Amin speaking at the commissioning of the new 10,000-ft runway at Entebbe last Monday.'

‘President Amin speaking at the commissioning of the new 10,000-ft runway at Entebbe last Monday.’

Idi Amin is the one who then ensured the hostages comfort and nourishment.

Being a serious security situation on Ugandan soil, he therefore stationed Uganda army soldiers outside the hostage crisis perimeter.

That also kept the situation inside the building in check as he didn’t want the international crisis to enter the country beyond the airport lounge.

He had hopes that the problem would go away peacefully.

Had Amin taken sides, the hostages would have probably been taken to Uganda’s Luzira maximum prison or possibly to the much dreaded State Research bureau where chances for an escape would be almost zero.

Muki ‘Moshe’ Betser, deputy commander of the Sayeret Matkal unit that led Entebbe assault, had trained Ugandan soldiers before Amin expelled the British, and the Israeli’s in 1972.

Talking about Ugandan soldiers in a recent interview with Haaretz newspaper he remarked that “When they are in THEIR wars, they fight like lions. But if it’s not their war, they can be quite indifferent.”

That was the Ugandan public opinion at the time as well on.the crisis: It wasn’t our war. And it is for the same reason that Amin kept the issue at the airport. He then worked hard to get a quick conclusion to a crisis that even him didn’t want.

That is the reality that Israeli politics doesn’t want known because in order for the Israeli action in Entebbe to be considered acceptable under international law, they had to make the false claim that Amin colluded with the hijackers.

Field Marshal Idi Amin is the one who established contact with his old Israeli acquaintances particularly Col. Barlev.

It is then that direct negotiations started between the Palestinians and the Israeli”s.

In a Voice of Uganda report, President Idi Amin clearly stated: “It was not my intention to accept them to land with the hostages in Uganda. I accepted them purely on humanitarian grounds. The hostages were even made quite comfortable. This has never happened anywhere else.”

Meanwhile, Amin would always come and chat with the hostages almost on a daily basis as he was trying to calm their fears and update them about developments.

One thing he made clear to them, the African Union, and the international community from the very beginning, was that this was a crisis between Israel and Palestinians. Not Uganda.

That is what Israel doesn’t want known.

Amin limited Uganda’s role to:

1 – Connecting the two sides to negotiate.

2 – and providing for the hostages immediate needs.

Let it also be clear that Amin’s daily visits and personal concern is what ensured that the hostages were not mistreated by their captors.

The palestinian’s feared how he might react given Amin’s courteous, casual and personal approach in his interaction’s with the hostages.

Even a deadline by the hijackers was a non-starter because then they risked antagonizing themselves directly with the much feared Amin from within his country. They knew that the Ugandan president didn’t want any further escalation or more problems happening on Ugandan soil.

He had insisted on humane treatment and provided the hostages with clean beddings and food that was brought directly from the nearby Lake Victoria Hotel, a popular 4 star government owned tourist hotel.

In fact it is Amin who managed to get the first half of hostages freed after only three days. The Palestinians had insisted that in exchange, they be allowed to bring in 4 more comrades.

Amin obliged for the sake of getting hostages freed and a quick ending.

Has anyone ever heard any recognition from Israel for that important development?

The French government did at least say thank you officially. And one french citizen even wrote to Amin a genuine ‘thank you’ letter.

20-year-old student, Miss Louise Kauvitis was one of the passengers on the hijacked airbus. She wrote: “I am deeply indebted to you for my wellbeing. If not for you, I feel I would not have survived the dramatic experience of the hijack… I hope you will regard this letter as my personal thanks. You are a great man and I am again deeply grateful to you for my being back home in Canada.”

The former french hostage honestly knew that without Amin, the crisis might have had a completely different and disastrous outcome for the hostages from the very beginning and particularly during their stay in Entebbe.

It must have been quite an experience to hear all that the international press was saying about Idi Amin, and then you finally meet the man and find him doing everything possible to make you comfortable, and most importantly trying his level best to ensure that you return home safely.

That was the reality at the time, and both the french authorities and the Israeli’s know this.

If the media was honest, they would for examplr have interviewed the French pilot, inquiring about the initial destination of the hijackers, how all arab countries refused them permission to land, how the plane came to be diverted to Entebbe, and how that was the miracle that saved them from a sure air disaster.

However by the time the crisis was over, Amin had been attacked, his soldiers killed, his jet fighter planes blown, and some people were now celebrating victory over him instead.

This is a good case study about mass manipulation and engineered news politics.

In regards to Entebbe, it must be noted that the British and the Israeli’s were already disgruntled because Amin had expelled them from Uganda 4 years earlier for exploiting the country’s economy and it’s resources.

So the Entebbe event was an opportunity to fight Amin even when he clearly wasn’t fighting them.

As the movie about the Entebbe raid was being made, the Israeli soldier who took over the operation after their commander was shot, was astonished at the inaccuracies.

He then reportedly told Israel’s Haaretz newspaper: “The only thing they got right is the scene of the Mercedes disembarking from the plane.”

When he thought about informing the movie crew about the inaccuracies, the producer one Golan, responded with a reassuring pat on the shoulder and reportedly said: “I’m going to create for you guys an Entebbe you could never have even dreamed of.”

The media in conjunction with the entertainment industry have basically created the public narrative that certain people want the world to have in order to legitimize themselves on stolen Palestinian land.

The information that public opinion reads concerning the Entebbe incident, makes it seem as if Amin was a hostage taker.

They are intentionally silent about any assistance he might have made to the Israeli hostages during that difficult time, and the sacrifices he had to make to satisfy the palestinians wishes.

I have pasted below the most pragmatic article I’ve ever come across about the Entebbe raid. It includes actual quotes from the Voice of Uganda.

Reading through it, one can see the true neutral role that Amin tried to maintain even with his known links to both Israel and the Palestinians.

It also includes the strong condemnation of the attack by the entire African Union.

In a press statement at the time, UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim considered it a “serious violation of the sovereignty of a State Member of the United Nations. An act of direct, flagrant aggression and an outright violation of the Charter, especially of Article 2, paragraph 4, which states: ‘All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.'”

Kenyan government support for the attack was yet another stab in the back from a fellow East African nation. Their evasive response when asked by the African Union about their involvement says it all about who was guilty. Kenya basically feigned knowledge of the attack when asked by fellow Africans.
(see them also in article link below).

One will also find Amin’s direct request to Israel that they compensate Uganda for the soldiers killed and the military equipment destroyed. He did this because he had been helping resolve THEIR crisis.

Even if Israel claims it had to intervene to save it’s people, Amin offered them a means to make amends by at least paying compensation for the Ugandan losses they caused.

The response he got was pure arrogance from the Israeli side. They decided to mock Amin instead.

Worse still, in an unscrupulous effort to justify their illegal action, they started the claim that Amin was an accomplice to the hijacking.

Idi Amin supported the Palestinian cause. A legitimate grievance as is being recognized by the entire international community today.

And the reason for the Entrbve crisis was that the Palestinians wanted their people freed. Their country as well.

But from the very beginning Amin had been dragged into this incident. And that is the reason why he was completely caught off guard by the assault.

He was genuinely trying his best to end the crisis peacefully and hoping to be there to see the hostages off to their original destination.

A position that he had endeavoured to explain to the African Union summit in Mauritius, and to the continent’s people at large.

And despite everything that Amin did to save the situation, they decided to carry ridicule him and shout victory over him after the raid.

The Ugandan soldier who shot Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s brother at Entebbe was Captain Rafael as we ordinarily called him. I never got to know his family name.

Contrary to what is portrayed in the movies, he shot the Israeli commander dead with one shot from his service pistol and not a sniper rifle.

Capt. Rafael was also the commander of the Ugandan soldiers guarding the hostage perimeter.

So it was literally a cowboy style face-to-face draw between the two commanders when the Israeli’s entered the building.

Captain Rafael was faster.

He was also an Israeli trained commando, the batch that had received extra paratrooper training in Greece. He then did some commando maneouvres that enabled him to literally dodge Israeli fire before jumping from the first floor balcony and escaping with Israeli’s still trying to shoot him.

He died of natural causes around 1995, and it is in his hometown of Tororo, Eastern Uganda where he was quietly laid to rest.

However in 1976 right after the burial ceremonies for the Ugandan soldiers who had died during the Entebbe incident, President Idi Amin awarded Captain Rafael with Uganda’s military cross medal.

That one clean shot which killed the Israeli commander Colonel Yonathan Netanyahu is literally the shot that saved Uganda’s honour, if not the whole of Africa’s at the time.

As an African, wouldn’t it be befitting that I lay a wreath at Captain Rafael’s grave every 4th of July?

But Uganda needs to get out of Israel’s politics where they are now inviting us to the raid’s celebrations.

There is no bigger sign of political ignorance and ideological bankruptcy than seeing a Ugandan or an African celebrating what Israeli’s did.

We here people make perfect speeches about standing shoulder to shoulder to fight terrorism. Yet we also hear that they are the same people sponsoring, arming and training groups like ISIS. We hear that they are the people plundering Africa’s minerals. We hear that they are the people providing backdoor weapons that fuel conflict in Africa. We hear that they are the people who are deporting so-called undesirable African refugees from their country to Uganda of all places.

We cannot hangout indefinitely with someone without at least inquiring what should be done so that there is peace in their neighbourhood.

The whole world today is recognizing the Palestinian state. Including the vatican last year.

Belgiu, Ireland and France are in the process of doing so, while the British parliament already voted a bill in that direction.

So why don’t Israeli’s use the travel funds and the time at the Entebbe event to sign the long-awaited peace deal with Palestinians instead.

That way maybe even the palestinians could join them in Entebbe one day to remember the conflict, and both sides could then together declare “never again”.

Let’s put aside religion for a quick second.

Nobody on this planet would like what is happening to Palestinians to happen to them.

All those claiming to value human rights yet expressly approving inhumane behaviour and the suffering it continues to cause, are the purest oppressors.

Some of them can be found complaining about far lesser infringements of their rights by their own governments, but will support untold horrors on Palestinians. How does the dictionary define such persons?

There are about 77 different UN resolutions against Israeli’s over the years. These involve unlawful attacks on its neighbors; its violations of the human rights of the Palestinians, including deportations, demolitions of homes and other devastating collective punishments; its confiscation of Palestinian land; its establishment of illegal settlements; and its refusal to abide by the UN Charter and the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention relating to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Times of War.

In comparison there is only one resolution against Palestine; Resolution 1435 calls on the Palestinian Authority to “meet its expressed commitment to ensure that those responsible for terrorist acts are brought to justice by it”.

So if we look closer into the issue, we realize that it is all the continuous illegal actions by Israeli’s as mentioned above that are causing the resistance action mentioned in the one resolution against palestinians.

Yet the so-called Two-State solution was already contained in a UN resolution 70 years ago.

On November 29th 1947,
Resolution 181 already recommended the partition of the British Mandate for Palestine into Arab and Jewish states, and the City of Jerusalem.

Where is that partition engineered by the British, and so, which side exactly is the problem here?

It is worth noting that even this resolution was achieved without any consultation with the palestinian people.

The same thing happened when Britain first agreed to the Balfour declaration with the zionist movement back in November 1917.

There is one country, Britain that has created the mess in Palestine that continues to this day.

They have since quietly “Brexited” from shouldering their responsibility in the Isreaeli-Palestinian conflict, yet they are the direct cause for the war, the countless dead, and the countless more refugees and displaced palestinians.

We should also note that it was in 1987 that the Palestinians under Yasser Arafat finally agreed to the forced partition of their land, and also agreed to renounce terrorism. But surprisingly Israel turned around and immediately rejected that Palestinian agreement. That is basically the situation that prevails to this day.

It seems that Israel now wants terrorism to continue so that they can use the excuse to bombard the Palestinians and grab their land until they take the whole territory for themselves.

Mr. Benyamin Netanyahu and his new Defence Minister are people who have publicly stated that there will never be a Two-state solution.

But that is quite worrying if one thinks about what they’ll have to do to palestinian families in order for there to be only Israel.

It would be nothing less than genocide comparable to the holocaust.

What bombardment and mass terror will they have to instill in Palestinian populations so that they flee from their own land?

That is why such statements and the people who have said them have to be strongly condemned by all the countries, the people, and the international institutions that said “Never again” after the Rwanda genocide.

Let me remind Africans what Nelson Mandela said: “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

It is for that reason that a couple of months ago, the Nelson Manuel Foundation and the people of South Africa sent a 6 metre tall Madiba statue that stand today in Palestine.

It was a definite show of solidarity that all Africans and all right thinking people across the world should emulate.

Last Tuesday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon finished his farewell trip to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

He used the occasion to urge some political will for a two-state solution as “the only way to meet the national aspirations of both peoples.”

On the Israeli blockade of Gaza, he said: “It suffocates its people, stifles its economy and impedes reconstruction efforts. It is collective punishment for which there must be accountability.”

The UN chief also expressed understanding for Palestinian frustration saying: “I’m aware that many Palestinians question the feasibility of reaching a just and lasting peace with Israel. They hear talk of peace but they see violence. They still live a life of checkpoints, permits, blockade, demolitions and profound economic hardships faced with growing indignities and the humiliating occupation that will soon enter its 50th year.”
Remember Gaza has been strangled by a tight blockade and its residents have witnessed three major Israeli offensives.

In 2014, more Palestinians were killed by Israel than in any other year since 1967. Violence and fatalities were at their highest since 2007.

Following the most recent Israeli war against Gaza in 2014, a UN inquiry found that Israel was responsible for striking seven official sites used by the organisation as civilian shelters.

Concerning children killed in the war, the UN Secretary General said: “I met so many of the beautiful children of Gaza. More than 500 were killed in the fighting. Many more were wounded. What did they do wrong? Being born in Gaza is not a crime.”

The number of Palestinian children killed during the 2014 war led to efforts to include the Israel Defence Forces on a UN list of serious violators of children’s rights.

As the two-year anniversary of the beginning of the 2014 Gaza war draws near, most of the 11,000 homes destroyed and 6,800 severely damaged or rendered uninhabitable remain in ruins, largely as a result of the Israeli-led blockade.

Is Mr. Netanyahu going to catch a bus to go and comemmorate that anniversary that is just a few kilometres from his home?

Meanwhile, I cannot visualize that a morally upright entity can be the target of 77 UN resolution’s for the last 70 years and still can’t abide by a single one of them.

If it was an African state I imagine the western outrage at the “unbecoming behaviour” by a pariah.

No country has reached that level of international lawlessness, flouted that many resolutions.

Neither Saddam Hussein, nor Ghaddafi, not even Polpot reached those numbers in contravention of international law.

Though I desire global stability and the predictability that Mrs Hillary Clinton represents the most between the two candidates for the next US presidency, maybe what is needed is an independent radical like Mr. Donald Trump who can break a defunct world order that happens to still be in place, and which is now increasingly perpetuating mediocrity and intentional stagnation on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

May the souls of all who died on that day rest in eternal peace.

For God and My Country.

Signed: Hussein Lumumba Amin
Date: 04/07/2016

Kampala Uganda.

(Article “The Political Fallout From Entebbe Raid”:

Islamophobia is not a far right extremist issue


It is so interesting how we as society have moved very far into agreeing to live in harmony with the Moslem community, and as a man that follow these issues, I stand to be happy today that we have taken these changes and they are working very well. For example in 2016 there is very few cases in this city or even country, where a Moslem girl will fail to work due to wearing a hijab. Many Canadian companies have accelerated it into their uniform and have accepted it. For example, Tim Horton has incorporated it in its uniform, Bell Canada has incorporated it into its uniform, Rogers has incorporated it, TELUS has incorporated it and many other companies that I cannot list this morning. When a Muslim girl shows up to apply for work, the moment she mentions that she is a Moslem, she is asked if she wants to wear a hijab, if the answer is yes, she is given a uniform or uniform specs that incorporate it, and she fires away to join the work force. And those in this city have seen those girls and women wearing it as a part of the company uniform. Now we are not done yet, for I think we can do better in government agencies, for example a Muslim nurse in a hospital setting is capable to work when a hijab is incorporated into her uniform, and we will reach that point with time. When you look at the Royal Canadian Mount police, on the Toronto Police services and many services out there, the turban has been accepted in all their uniforms and they are working very fine for we all have agreed to live with each other peacefully.

The single largest hold up we have as a society is back ward people like George Okello that look in a haystack to look for very small things to prove how we can never live with Moslems. And their message is always simple, every Moslem you see out there is a killer and if you are to pass near him/her expect death. They feed on planting fear in the masses. When the George Okello arrive at a crime scene the first thing they do is to drop the pants of the killer to find out if he was a Moslem, if you find that there is no religion mentioned, understand that they have found that the killer was actually a none Moslem. Sadly The Obama administration has crossed that line as well, of making sure that we live in fear of Moslems permanently. Don’t you wonder how they send out warnings to every single function, someone prepares out there? Even the current Euro cup got a warning from The Obama administration, of how they have gathered a great intelligence on how the games are going to be a target. Yup you are going to watch the games, but understand that we have intelligence that they will be attacked. Now for any administration to stand up and warn its citizens of such attack, it means that this administration is having some very good intelligence and it is up to the dot in caring for our safety, thus the warning.

Which brings one very bothering question, why has this massive intelligence failed to warn us of any mass shootings that happen daily in United States? Why can’t we ever get a single warning that you know, do not go to the night club in Orlando this or that weekend, for our intelligence believes a killer will show up? Why are all warnings only about attacks that will happen to other countries or to functions planned outside United States but never inside?

We are very close to running from our own God damn shadows, for at the rate we are going, we are going to die of empty panic attacks.


European Parliament PM – Martin Schulz said: “Terrorism and radicalisation must be fought through prevention, monitoring, intelligence-gathering and updated rules and sanctions. There is one tool however which beats radicalisation before it even takes place: dialogue.”

Belgium – Prime Minister Charles Michel has offered his support to Interior Minister Jan Jambon, who was facing criticism for telling a newspaper that Belgian Muslims cheered the Brussels terror attacks.

Bulgaria – The number of migrants coming to Bulgaria threatens to tilt “the demographic balance” its Prime Minister Boiko Borissov said “Bulgaria has regions with Muslim population. We have nothing against Muslims. But when more Muslims come from outside, they can abruptly change the demography of the country,” Yeh alright!

Czech Republic – The Czech President Milos Zeman has claimed that it is “practically impossible” to integrate Muslims into the Western world.

Denmark – Denmark might soon be able to strip radicalized imams of citizenship. Rasmussen said that he will be willing to “push the limits” of the interpretation of the Danish Constitution when reviewing the proposals.

France – Prime Minister Manuel Valls said extreme forms of Islam was being used as a political symbol for the “enslavement of women”. France’s women’s rights minister has sparked fury by comparing Muslim womenwho choose to wear the headscarf to “negroes who accepted slavery”. Marine Le Pen – who notoriously compared Muslims praying in the streets to the wartime Nazi occupation of France – is on course to perform very strongly in next year’s French presidential elections.

Germany – Die Welt, Andreas Scheuer, the General Secretary of the Christian Social Union (CSU), sister party Angela Merkel’s CDU, said “We need an Islam Law. The financing of mosques or Islamic kindergartens from abroad, e.g. from Turkey or Saudi Arabia, should be banned. All imams need to be trained in Germany and share our core values..” “German must be the language of the mosques. Enlightened Europe must cultivate its own Islam.”

Hungary – Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban opposes refugees on the grounds that he wants to keep Europe Christian.

Italy: Unregulated mosques to be closed due to terrorism fears.

Netherlands – The Netherlands have approved a partial ban on wearing an Islamic face-covering veil out in public.

UK – David Cameron: We will ‘drain the swamp’ which allows Muslim extremists to flourish. “Some Muslim communities ‘quietly condone’ extremist ideology – instead of confronting it.”

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