A Bobi or Besigye administration wont command anyone to go to exile


There are many more options other than exile. One thing for sure is that the incoming administration cannot command anyone to go to exile or know that so and so has run away as soon as it takes power, only the most scared like president, and family and those close to him will fear and run before the next administration is sworn in.

The one option I imagine is prison with hard labor. Most of the Amin’s soldiers were jailed in Jinja when their regime collapsed. The same happened to easterners and northerners when Museveni came to power, people were rounded up and taken to concentration camps in Kiburara and Nabisonjo for hard labor, kiboko and dehumanization where some unfortunately died.

So maybe Bobi Wine can just help to identify “good areas” in the country for hard labor. Road works, valley dams, reconstruction of buildings and factories destroyed or neglected.

I don’t want to be in Uganda if people like UAH’s Tony Owana or Robert Atuhairwe have to exchange their luxurious pens and laptops with hard labor tools such as blunt pick axes, hoes and pangas. I would rather wait for those running to exile and assist them abroad.

But for the RDCs, aha, forget them, those are ordinary guys like me who are ready denounce the regime in a record time. I know some of them, they are survivors. You really count on them?

We need to reconcile as country citizens, there is no need to scare aware or misuse talent that would help develop the country as many Ugandans are in the diaspora wasting talent.

However, with Uganda, anything and everything is possible!
Peter Simon


Mrs.Museveni snobbish statements brings tears to our people in Iteso!

By Peter Simon Okurut via UAH forum


The problem with our leaders is their inability to explain what they mean. Surely, for most people who are struggling, such statements are very provoking, careless and annoying. For instance, it is a well known fact that before NRM chased Iteso and northerners from their ancestral homes and land, there was no such thing called unemployment. In Teso for example, many youths who did not go far in education married, cultivated their lands and raised their families as they grew richer and richer with their cows and plenty of food. Don’t ask me where the cows went. The once 2nd largest tribe in the country became the 7th in a short time, how would you explain such a situation? It means such tribes are endangered species threatened with extinction.

So, when angry , hungry, jobless and displaced people hear such half statements, they get offended, and rightly so. Leaders should be clear so that they are not misunderstood or misquoted. If it is hard to explain, the best is to keep quiet. I thought ministers and First Ladies have secretaries, don’t they review speeches?

People who are struggling with mental health and other traumas such as witnessing their beloved ones killed, displacement and many significant loses need help. not condemnation and judgment.

Kenya’s Onyango Oloo played a role that birthed Kenya’s Second Liberation

By Edward Pojim’ via Ugandans at Heart (UAH) Community

Former political detainee and human rights activist Onyango Oloo. Mr Oloo died on Sunday, June 16, 2019 in Nakuru


KENYA: Human rights activist, writer and former political detainee,Onyango Oloo, was one of the outspoken university students, who suffered immensely following the 1982 attempted coup. He would spend years in detentions. And when finally released, Onyango Oloo was too physically and emotionally destroyed to continue normal life.

Then he contracted HIV, which only compounded his misery. Onyango Oloo retreated to his home village along Siaya / Kakamega border. It was from here that he had traveled to Nakuru over the weeks, to pick up a few books by Miguna Miguna. He wouldn’t make back alive.

History will say he too, played a role that birthed Kenya’s Second Liberation. As Number Two to Titus Adongusi, the secretary-general of the national students’ union, Onyango Oloo was the face of student protestations against the brutal regime of Daniel arap Moi.



Pictures: The late Dictator Apollo Milton Obote’s Houses (RIP), one an apartment building in the posh upscale Kampala suburb of Kololo, while the other is in his village in Lira district. How the Museveni regime whitewashes Obote’s Luweero massacre & dances with the late Obote’s relatives on the graves of his victims. They were renovated/rebuilt by the government of Uganda at taxpayers expense. But despite prominent promises, where is President Idi Amin’s house rebuilt by the same regime?

Obote’s house in Kololo

In 2012 the New Vision newspaper reported that Museveni was shocked to find the Kololo house in dire condition when he visited Obote’s widow Miria Obote. The roof was leaking and the soldiers who had occupied it for a long time had spoiled the sewage, electricity and water piping systems, plus by breaking all the windows and doors. They had also spoiled the walls with filth marks and charcoal writings, and by drilling holes to create rudimentary demarcations to try and provide for the crowded different families of NRA/UPDF soldiers who must have done everything possible to get some much sought privacy for their nocturnal marital activities.
The other Obote house in Lira was summarily bombed by his own ill-disciplined UNLA soldiers in 1985 when they deposed him. The UNLA was the barbaric army of Ugandan exiles that fought Amin alongside the Tanzanian army in 1979. Once in power, the two allied forces then went on a mad rampage for seven bloody years against the people of Uganda resulting in an estimated 500,000 innocent Ugandans killed and over a million were made refugees.
The government of Uganda rebuilt both Obote’s houses between 2012 and 2015 in respect for the butcher of Luweero even with the hundreds of thousands of human skulls and mass graves of his victims available as reminder of his appalling barbaric human rights record of extra-judicial killings,
tribalism, genocide, religious sectarianism and wanton murder of innocent civilians across the country on a daily basis as evidenced in Museveni’s 10 point program which states exactly why they fought Obote starting on February 6th 1980 (Tarehe Sita).
This date was the start of Uganda’s worst bloodbath ever in the nation’s history with Baganda peasants murdered in the most heartless of ways (a hit with the infamous kafuni club with a six inch nail on their victims heads “so as not to waste precious bullets”). A war which started in 1980 in Luweero for five years and only ended 25 years later in Acholi. While the civil war is largely considered as two separate genocides, in reality it was one conflict starting from 1980, but with the tables turned once the Museveni regime was in charge in the capital Kampala from 1986, and the tribal UNLA army now resisting in whatever haphazard and murderous way they could from their home turf in Acholi, Northern Uganda until only Joseph Kony remained as their last fighting force.
While the rebuilding of Obote’s two houses was branded as a gesture of reconciliation, President Idi Amin’s personal residences, one in Arua and another in the Mbuya suburb of Kampala have never benefitted from any similar reconciliation attention.
For the historical record, the Arua property was used by the Tanzanian forces as their West Nile military headquarters for five years (from 1979 until 1984) when they run the country together with the UNLA junta. During their five years ruling Uganda and propping up the puppet regimes, the Tanzanians provided support for the slaughter in Luweero and also the untold genocide in West Nile for which we only discuss the Ombachi massacre
yet the killings went on for years unreported throughout the entire West Nile region. As they were leaving to return to their country following economic collapse and mass poverty in Tanzania, plus rising discontent of Ugandans at their continued presence in the country, the Tanzanian occupation army bombed the Arua property to rubble for no military reason whatsoever and left the country. The compound remains nice and flat to this day.
And despite having only empty lies and malicious propaganda as accusations against Amin without an iota of evidence, not even John Pombe Magufuli has offered compensation for their vicious act on the Arua property. The one in Mbuya suffered from disuse and rot by the different armies, from the UNLA to the NRA and UPDF to date.
But given that I now have a design and contractor to build President Amin’s house, I ask the people of Uganda should the government rebuild President Idi Amin’s houses as it did for dictator Obote as pictured here after their purported reconciliation, or should I fundraise?

Signed: Hussein Lumumba Amin

By George Okello via UAH forum
Jarunga Hussein,

I never realised you are such an idiot- the extent of your stupidity is astonishing. I will be brief and simple with you this time as there is no point writing anything elaborate.

In 1971, President Obote was overthrown in a military coup organised by the UK government, using the Israeli Mossad and renegade elements of the Ugandan army, led by your father. The British installed your father Idi Amin Daddy as puppet president with instructions to protect its interests and those of the apartheid regime in South Africa and of the Zionists in Africa..

President Obote fled to exile soon thereafter, but he did not take his properties with him. In his modest portfolio was a house in Kololo and two houses in Lira. These houses were sequestrated by your father Idi Amin Daddy immediately after the British installed him in power. They were subsequently used as “safe houses” or to house members of the SRB killer squads and other Sudanese mercenaries your father hired to sustain his brutal regime. Idi Amin Daddy took over the house in Lira and used it as his personal brothel for all the time he was in power. This is the place where he would take prostitutes and where he would frequently rape women.

When the NRA came to power, Kayibanda Museveni also took over these properties and used them for housing his NRA military thugs.

The administrators of the Obote estate made efforts to recover these properties as soon as they were able to do so. They engaged a team of lawyers for this purpose, who served notice of intention to sue on the Government of Uganda. The government was forced to enter into negotiations with the Obote estate and it became clear in the process of the negotiations:

1. The properties had been illegally occupied by the government of Uganda or its agents since 1971.

2. The properties were not in a habitable state but were in fact in significant states of disrepair as they were never maintained by the thugs who used them. Substantial damage had been caused to the interior and exterior of the buildings, requiring major repair and renovation work..

The government of Uganda accepted legal responsibility for the illegal occupation of these properties since 1971, and for all the damage caused to them as a result of the illegal occupation. The government of Uganda agreed as a full and final settlement of the claims of the Obote estate:

1. To end the illegal occupation of the three properties and hand them over to the Obote estate immediately;

2. To promise never to illegally occupy or trespass on the properties again.

3. To abide by the principle of status quo ante, that is to repair and bring the properties back to the state they were in when they were illegally occupied.

4. To compensate the late President Obote’s estate for the loss suffered by non-use of these properties. This would be calculated at a commercial rate, based on the cost of renting similar properties for the entire duration of the illegal occupation. For eg, the Lira property that your father Idi Amin Daddy converted into a personal brothel would be charged a commercial rent between 1971 when he first illegally occupied it, and the date that Kayibanda surrendered it back to its lawful owners.

I can not comment on your own claim that your father should be treated like President Obote. I am not aware that your father Idi Amin Daddy owned any properties in Uganda. What I know is that he looted properties of Ugandan Asians and of thousands of other prominent Ugandans, some of whom have since his overthrow been able to claim back their properties , and others have been compensated.

You are free to fund-raise, but do it knowing that you will never fool me. And I don’t think you will fool a majority of Ugandans with such a hare-brained scheme. Anyone who gets taken in by this obvious scam, aimed at ripping off the gullible, will only have themselves to blame.

Jarunga Hussein, it seems you are broke or have run out of money. May be the pot that your father Idi Amin Daddy left for you is now empty. If this is the case, please take a proper job, just like any hardworking Ugandan. The career path you have chosen, that of whitewashing your father’s blood-soaked record, is clearly not paying you for all the trouble you take, and maybe it is high time you re-assessed your career options and started a real job that puts food on the table. Trying to con people with scams, such as fund-raising, is despicable and will eventually put you in jail.

Shimon school land belonged to Prince Kakungulu of Kibuli family

By Frank Mujabi via UAH forum
JULIUS Businge of The Independent Magazine cannot be this ignorant in his article,Sudhir’s Kingdom Kampala Mall’:https://www.independent.co.ug/sudhirs-kingdom-kampala-mall/. He is just an accomplished tribalistic liar.

He conveniently forgets to say that this building was the Shimoni school for over 50 years and that the land belonged to Prince Kakungulu of Kibuli family .

The newly open Kingdom Mall Kampala

The Kakungulu leased the land to Shimoni school over 60 years ago, and when the 49 year lease expired, some ‘Twalire’ thief in the Ministry of Education took over the land and fraudulently claimed that it belonged to the Ministry Of Education, and quickly sold it to the Saudi Prince.

The Saudi Prince who had started building a big hotel but was stopped by Prince Nakibinge who had the expired lease, and land titles.

The place has been in limbo until recently when now it is claimed that Sudhir owns it, having bought it off the Saudi Prince!

The Businge’s are convinsed that they can rewrite history with a gun.

Maama Fina simply had ‘fun’ with a thug!

Peng Peng resides in Europe

By Bobby Alcantara via UAH forum

Both Peng and Mama Fina wanted sex.. Whether or not they enjoyed is a different matter. As far as the two are concerned, no morals were involved as they both wanted sex and they had it. If you are talking about Peng videoing the sexual activity without Fina’s knowledge and releasing it to the world,that obviously is questionable, but you are assuming that Peng is a gentleman who subjects himself to civilised standards of behaviour. Thats a wrong assumption you are making. By all indications, Peng is a thug and Fina should have known this as a witchdoctor with supernatural powers. If you open your laps to any passing Tom, Dick and Harry, be sure a video is also going to open its laps on social media to proclaim it was there as witness. We live in a world where you are the one responsible for your own privacy. By all means open your laps, but do it knowing it may become an open secret or even an enjoyable video for voyeurs,

Thank You.

The lady Late Kayiira denied having a child with is called Samalie Bamutiire,not his official wife

By Tony Owana via UAH forum,

There was a rumour that Dr. Kayiira had denied this child in the picture below, saying he belonged to the late Gen. Oyite Ojok.This was because of Kayiira’s anger against the boy’s mother who was a senior instructor of the UFM guerillas until she defected to the UPC
government and helped security organs to restore peace by crushing
the UFM.

Your carefully-guarded revelations on this matter are apparently
guided by the need to conceal your part as a member of the UPC
regime’s National Security Agency (NASA) taking cover in the judicial
service. But I earnestly hope I am wrong.

I have never heard anyone describing Madam Samalie Bamutiire as “Mrs
Kayiira” except you, but that is what you wanted her to be when she
deserted her colleagues in the Uganda Freedom Movement (UFM) and
joined the UPC government, later becoming a senior NASA operative. The Mrs. Kayiira the rest of us know is Betty Kayiira, now living in the USA and who was never in the bush war at all. I hope I insult no one but Samalie Bamutiire was Dr. Kayiira’s bush war comforter

One UAH member called Bobby Alcantara said that he reviewed the evidence against the woman he called Mrs Kayiira and decided it was not substantial to warrant a trial. Remarkable! The prosecutor then told court that Samalie and her sister Christine were martial arts instructors in the rebel Uganda Freedom Army commanded by the late Kayiira and that there were very close to the rebel High Command. If this alone did not warrant trial,he must have been a courtroom sloth! However he is no sloth. Because of the deal the UPC government made with Samalie, Christine and their brother Henry Kalema who had been a commander of one of the UFM battalions, the three became very good citizens by joining your ruling party (UPC) and helping them to snuff out what remained of the UFM.

Dr. Kayiira

It is mainly because of Samalie’s desertion that Dr. Kayiira wanted to deny paternity of Samalie’s son, who otherwise very distinctly
resembles Kayiira. The astonishing effort to distance the UNLA Chief
of Staff Maj. Gen. Oyite Ojok (RIP) from Samalie, one of the most
famous UFM commanders, by insisting that Ojok was a soldier and
Samalie a [mere] mother is so far the loudest and most eloquent
testimony that the two were close. It would be very uncharacteristic
of the charismatic Gen. Ojok not to get as close as possible to the
woman who was close to the bush warrior giving him a headache and
which woman had now joined the struggle against Ojok’s sworn enemy.

Kayira’s ex-wife never had a child with Oyite Ojok!

By Bobby Alcantara via UAH forum

Kayiira’s son shakes hands with Yoweri Museveni

I think the rumour that Dr. Kayiira had denied one of his children, saying he belonged to the late Gen. Oyite Ojok, is exactly what it is- unadulterated hogwash or horse manure. I knew Kayira’s ex-wife and she was a very decent woman. I first met her via a criminal case referral by the Police CID to the DPP’s office where I was assigned to a desk prosecuting terrorists and dangerous criminals. Our unit prosecuted the Amin era criminals and bandits and cut-throats who held hostage large swathes of the country including Luwero and Kampala. I think there were 17 bandits altogether,, including Mrs Kayira, who had been captured, suspected of engaging in terrorist activities, namely killing, robbing and raping innocent civilians. We reviewed the evidence against Mrs Kayira, and decided it was not substantial to warrant a trial. We recommended that she should be released on bail. She was later discharged and set free. Later on I learnt she had become a member of UPC and I met her once or twice as a party activist, not as soldier or armed combatant. As far as I knew her, she was a committed and dedicated member of the party and had very little contact, if any, with the late Oyite Ojok. There was no time for the two to meet or socialise because Oyite Ojok was a soldier commanding a war, whereas Mrs Kayira was a UPC party activist and mother. There was nothing to connect the two.

Yes, war will happen if you cross the border” Kagame threatens Uganda

By: Seruga Titus

It’s on record Kagame’s assassins have crossed the Uganda border on many occasions as kidnapped plus killing Rwandese Refugees, Uganda in return has arrested all informers and those involved in assassinations, some have been deported and others are still being interrogated by security.

At no single occasion has Uganda ever run an operation in Rwanda even when it’s aware that fugitives like ACP Baroza are hiding in Rwanda, even when Uganda is aware that Rwanda is funding political groups and rebel groups like ADF, even when Rwanda attacked and killed Ugandan Soldiers in the Congo, even when Rwandan forces crossed and killed two civilians in Uganda recently.

Uganda is further aware of the assassination of very important persons in Kampala to create insecurity, Uganda is aware of killings in Wakiso of innocent women by individuals trained and funded by Rwanda these individuals have since been arrested and confessed, Uganda is aware of the greater Masaka insecurity caused by individuals funded and hiding in Masaka and finally Uganda is aware of a well approved and funded project to assassinate the president.

On occasion has Uganda made any plans to attack Rwanda, however the security forces are aware of advance plans by chest-thumping Kagame aka Pilato who plans a victim while he is busy planning an assault on Kabale.

Don’t ask me how this will end but I can assure you Kagame will fall if he goes ahead with his 2021 plans. 4 million of Rwandese are ready to fight him out they just need a strong man to help them achieve that dream.

This post is in response to General Kagame’s comments while in Brussels recently, he decided to say this Brussels well knowing Belgium is watching his dirty Games in the Region.

Ladies learn to appreciate

Before you say baby the money you gave me is not enough,think of how he got the money and appreciate him.Ladies learn to appreciate….

Nothing wrong with marrying an older woman!

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

It is ignorance and selfishness, when you start seeing anything wrong in a much older man marrying a much younger woman, or a much older woman marrying a much younger man. How is a 60-year-old man marrying (or friending) a 20-year-old woman a sin, a taboo or a crime? I mean, is it the man’s fault that he is 60? Is it a woman’s fault that a 60-year-old man holds the key to her heart?

We forget that we will grow old someday, we too will be in the same situation, we will be lonely, we will crave to be loved, we will crave to be pampered and cared for by a capable younger hand, then the society will frown at our cravings for no good reason, the society will deny us of our joy and happiness and they will say “you are too old, you dont deserve beautiful, young, active, caring and loving woman (or man)”. Then we will crawl back into our dark, lonely old man (old woman)’s corner, waiting for society-inflicted loneliness to kill us.

She is just a number. Prophet Muhammad was 25 when he married his first wife of 40 years old. Hajji Moses Kigongo, 67, used to go out with NTV ‘s Faridah Nakazibwe, 39. Zari, 40, had kids with Diamond, 27 yrs old. So, what’s the fuss about?


Get raw pawpaw and wash it. It must be raw, not ripe
Do not peel it and do not remove the seeds.
After washing the outside neatly, slice it without peeling it into small small pieces. The cutting should be small like sugar cubes.
Put all the small pieces of the raw pawpaw into any clean container.
Fill the container with water to stop at the same point the sliced pawpaw stopped.
Leave the pawpaw in the water for four days. For example if u soak it on a Monday, count Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be the fourth day.
On the Fourth day, the water will be looking white in colour. Seive it and throw away the pawpaw and the water becomes your cure for ulcer.
DOSAGE: drink half a glass of the pawpaw water every morning, afternoon and evening. You will no longer feel those ulcer pains because it will heal the wounds inside that are causing the pain.
This morning, afternoon and evening drinking of the pawpaw water can continue for weeks and months depending on how severe the ulcer is. It is not relief. It is a cure.
Additional note: an ulcer is an internal wound usually in the stomach or intestines.
Common causes of ulcer are infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) and long-term use of aspirin and certain other painkillers, such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others) and naproxen sodium (Aleve, Anaprox, others). Stress and spicy foods do not cause peptic ulcers. However, they can make your symptoms worse.
Pls avoid taking strong pain killers without prescription. If you take time to read the side effects you will see that the drugs for pain relief cause ulcer or wounds in the body.
This treatment mentioned is not a reason not to go to hospital, because not all are internal pains.

Have a laugh. I just did

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

Have a laugh. I just did.😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

A woman in Lira took her husband’s phone and checked his Facebook activities. She saw romantic chats with women. She sat down and thought of a way to separate her husband from the girls. She came up with a beautiful idea, without even the husband’s knowledge she came up with the following methods.
1. She copied all his chats with one of the girls.
2. She opened a new Facebook account with a male name.
3. She sent a friend request to the husband, he accepted the request.
4. She introduced herself to him. She said”I’m Rasta Jerry by name, a member of AL SHABAB. I saw all your chats with my wife. I want to warn you to stay away from her if you really want to remain alive. To clear any element of doubt, I have all the chats with me and here they are, you can see.
5. So, if you don’t stop chatting with my wife, I’ll slaughter you like a goat.
6. I know you. I know your name is Sande, your father’s name is Fred, your mother’s name is Joy, you have 3 children,Gift, Brenda and Isaac. Alfred is your best friend and Salim is your neighbor. You are a lecturer working at UNN. You also go to work 9.30am with your friend Alfred, you always follow University market road and you spend time together. I’m warning you if you dare call, text or chat with my wife again, I will slaughter you like a Goat as I said earlier.
The wife was close to him while he read the message. As he was reading it, he kept sniffing and repeating Ele Ele Ele ooo Ele oooo. She asked him what happened, he said nothing. He immediately deleted his Facebook and WhatsApp app and every other social media app.
The following morning, he went and sold the phone in the market and bought ordinary Nokia. He told his wife to always wake him when ever it’s time for prayers.
The woman said since that day, her husband has been observing prayers regularly and spending more time with the family.
Isn’t that better than settling the matter with a knife?😀😁😂??😁

A letter to Black People!

kim kardashian with her husband,Kanye West

Dear Black people….

So let me get this right….. u wear white people’s hair; you bleach your skin; you wear suits; take your kids to white schools; you don’t know your languages, customs and traditions; you believe Jesus is a God; u prefer white neighborhoods and look down on places where there are many blacks; you laugh at blacks who don’t know English and call them backwards; u even replaced your pan African anthem with one they killed you with; You praise celebrities from America and Europe than your own; You praise a woman like Kim Kardashan who became famous for having sex on TV yet you castigate Desire Luzinda who did the same; you don’t know your own history but know Europe’s history; You hail EVERYTHING which is not African and then you have the nerve to say ‘it does not make me unAfrican

What exactly is it that makes u African now that you have denounced everything African? How can you be African when you are just a European clone and western ambassador? You confuse me when you are in denial of the over 500yrs of brainwash we have endured.

My logic tells me that if I am told for 500yrs that I’m ugly…..its either I’m going to believe it or I am going to spend the next 500years emphasizing my beauty so that I balance my own feelings about myself. When the bath water is too hot, you add cold water. You don’t endure the hot water, you alter the temperature.

When do we get to alter the way white people made us feel about ourselves? When do we unlearn the bullshit?

My problem is when a whole nation says one thing, but acts in another way. You say you are African yet you follow and grovel at the west. You spend all your money just to be like them. How does that make any sense?

Let’s look at the Indians and the Chinese….they have not lost their sense of identity despite suffering similar oppression (but absolutely not the same.) Not only that but the Chinese have gone on to become a world super power and they are not imitating the west. If anything, their strength and power comes from holding onto their identity. While we are promoting a 30% pass standard in a western educational system- the Chinese learn about THEMSELVES and are running the world IN MANDARIN!

The western culture is represented and has monopolized our generation…..is that ok with you?

Personally, that is not my aspiration. I come from a rich culture and I think Buganda is the most beautiful way of life in the world. I don’t want to give birth to children that will not know their mother tongue and stories of kings of Buganda and Uganda.

I want my children to have access to other African countries for there is more to Africa than Uganda.

I want to raise black children that take pride in what they look like. I want my kids to have role models and celebrities who are not wearing other people’s hair. The biggest injustice we have done to the little black girl is to make her believe she needs to look white to be beautiful.

I want to see black people own their own businesses and not ALWAYS be the consumer

I want to see black people claim themselves and own up to being African.

The truth is, if you are ashamed of what you are and what you look like……you’ll NEVER be at the top of the food chain. It means you NEED to be led.

So black people…..who are you?

You are so busy behaving white, Do you even remember who you are?


By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

A woman breast feeding in a restaurant

I thought this “bad” habit was only practiced by blacks in rural areas. I mean no offence, but this is truly disgusting… so now whites are also into it?

In your bedroom or bathroom it’s ok if you want, or at your own personal table, where no one sees them but not in a lounge with visitors,public place or a restaurant. This is a public place meant for food consumption. It is very disrespectful to other customers.

The truth is I don’t agree, I don’t know what you think, but it makes me sick. I know that many will come out to defend it, and they will say a lot of things in their favor, but they won’t even change my mind about this act.

It’s a bad habit. Breasts are for men and babies to enjoy privately. You can tell this is a common practice in her life, and she acts as if it is nothings, but… I personally do not agree that people should put their dirty flip flops on top of a table that is clearly used by other people, especially in such a public place… This is simply just not right!

Some Pentecostals are business ventures but some catholics have done well

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

Some Pentecostals are business ventures but some catholics have done well…….our Catholic Priests go to establish churches in deep rural areas where people have no money and education.Check their works After after 10 years of their deployment, you will find the village will have a Catholic church, a school and a health facility.

Meet Megan Markle

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

Meghan Markle, also known as The Duchess of Sussex, is married to Prince Harry. The American actress, best known for her role as Rachel Zane in US TV

Meet Megan M.

She did not have big buttocks.

She did not have a bulging chest.

She was not a virgin.

She was not single but divorced.

She was not 22 but 37 years old.

Today she bears a royal name “the Duchess of Sussex”.

Loved and accepted by her husband the way she is.

You do not need a body like fuckin Zari Hassan to attract or retain someone.

You simply need to be yourself.
Be authentic!

Whoever loves you, loves you as you are.

Whatever your status, your age, your past, your color, your size, your tribe. When GOD decides to bless you, nobody and nothing can stop him.

Why I don’t agree with this theory!

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

Charles Robert Darwin, FRS FRGS FLS FZS (/ˈdɑːrwɪn/; 12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882) was an English naturalist, geologist and biologist, best known for his contributions to the science of evolution

Charles Darwin was a biologist, naturalistic and scientist of some sort.

In his documentary it stated that he spend almost two decades studying animals and their similarities and in 1859 he reached a conclusion that man originates from Apes.

A theory was named the Origin of species, a theory so racist that black people were associated with apes. The theory is still regarded as a breakthrough in biology.

Why I deny this theory :
-We have melanin and we the only race to have such.

-Apes today can’t and will never evolve
Apes today still can’t evolve simple language etc.

-No animal even micro organisms don’t seem to evolve.

I remember so vividly in the 80s when Satan was black with horns and angels were holy and white. Those images were destroyed but those who saw them can attest to my statement.

In 1884 in Berlin Germany the map of Africa was passed out and the Europeans got their fair share in Africa and we call it the colonization of Africa.

Why this history is neccesary and why I link Charles Darwin with the events happened in Africa is that Africa lost its identity, Africa doesn’t know herself and her literature is nowhere to be found in the books of history.

Africa is helping other nations to push their agenda and literature so to say and why I write this history is to make you aware that slavery is a crime against humanity and slavery should not be allowed around the world regardless of which nation or tribe is enslaving another.

It is important for Africa to unite, it is important for Zimbabwe, DRC, South Sudan etc to drop the weapons and find a solution so that Africa can contribute positively in the development of humankind.

Africa must unite and I will always remember the speech of Kwame Nkrumah.


By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba via UAH forum

Based on a little temporal observation of mine,I think Dr.Kiiza Besigye and Hon. Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine are sucessfully building the bridge between them, and very soon, this will hopefully transcend down to their supporters. The best collaborations are the ones that develop organically from friendships among leaders. Besigye, who recently celebrated his 63rd birthday, there is no doubt, is an estimable politician of good tastes and sturdy values. I actually think he is the best opposition politician in the history of Uganda. It would be foolhardy for anything I or anyone else to print here to run him down.

As things stand now, the so called DP-block seems to be already dead,and I openly predict that there will be those within DP that will start criticising Bobi for working with his mentor, Besigye. While i consider Bobi and Besigye natural allies, I think Bobi will have to adjust the way he works and the people he relates with daily.There’s a strong belief that a lot of selfish politicians are taking advantage of him,thus, the horrible-amateurish anti-Besigye speech he made at the signing of the DP-Block meeting. Unless he cuts off some people like Abed Bwanika, I think he will get a lot of problems and misunderstandings. Real progress of a politician stops when all the initiative goes into keeping people you don’t really need.

I ,therefore, confidently predict that Besigye will not stand for the 2021 elections, if they take place, and we will once again be the innocent victims of Museveni’s rigging. Bobi will participate in the elections,as he has strongly indicated, and he will surely learn something.

Let me make myself very clear.I can see Besigye supporting Bobi’s involvement in elections,and he will again use them to mobilise the population against Museveni,but his name won’t be on a ballot paper. Hell will freeze over first before FDC quietly rallies behind Bobi’s candidature. In exchange, Bobi will be obligated to support all FDC candidates standing in parliamentary elections. He is also expected to join the People government(PG), headed by Besigye, either before or after the 2021 elections(if they take place). Like I said before, in case Museveni loses power before the 2021 elections, the PG is expected to fill the vacuum immediately. If part of a compromise with Bobi could be somewhat an inclusion of Norbert Mao,Muntu, or some of his people, in the transition govt, but leaving Besigye mostly in charge, perhaps this can be acceptable. Otherwise, everything is looking ‘twebeleremu’ style so far!


Muamar Gaddafi’s Prophecies:
“I will not go into exile to any foreign country. I was born here in Libya, and I will die here. This country was a dessert, and I turned it into a forest, where everything can grow.
No one Love this land more more than its citizens. If Europe and America tells you that they love you, be careful. They love the wealth of your land. The oil and not the people. They are helping you to fight against me but, it will be more wise for you to fight against them because they are fighting against your future and progress.
My message to you the people of Libya is, they are helping you to kill me but you will pay the price because you will suffer. And my message to you America and Europe is, you will kill me, but be ready to fight a never ending TERRORISM.
Before you realise your ignorance, terrorists will be hitting you at your doorstep.”
GADDAFI only erred in my opinion when he once told the Nigerian and British governments to divide Nigeria into two, so that the Hausa/Fulani (Moslems), Yoruba (Christians) and Biafrans/Igbo, can live as neighbouring countries.
It’s good we look at these 16 REAL REASONS WHY COL. GADDAFI WAS KILLED:
1. There is no electricity bill in Libya, electricity is free for all its citizens.
2. There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens are at a 0% interest by law.
3. Home is considered a human right in Libya. Gaddafi vowed that his parents would not get a house until everyone in Libya had a home.
4. All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 Dinars (US$50,000) from the government to buy their first apartment.
5. Education and medical treatments are free in Libya. Before Gaddafi, only 25% of Libyans were literates. Today, the figure stands at 83%.
6. Libyans taking up farming as a career, they received farm land, a farming house, equipment, seeds and livestock to kick- start their farms – all for free.
7. If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they needed in Libya, the government funded them to go abroad for it.
8. In Gaddafi’s Libya, if a Libyan buys a car, the government subsidized 50% of the price.
9. The price of petrol in Libya is $0. 14 per liter.
10. Libya has no external debt and its reserves amount to $150 billion – now frozen globally.
11. If a Libyan is unable to get employment after graduation, the state would pay the average salary of the profession as if he or she is employed until employment is found.
12. A portion of Libyan oil sale is credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens.
13. A mother who gave birth to a child under Gaddafi, received US $5,000 as child benefit upfront.
14. 40 loaves of bread in Libya costs $ 0.15 Cents.
15. 25% of Libyans have a university degree.
16. Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great Man-Made River Project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country.
If this is called “Dictatorship”, I wonder what type of Leadership Democrats have!!
Please Share this in memory Muamar Gaddafi, Africa’s greatest and most accomplished leader and my favourite leader

Why does a man of God require armed security?

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

Pastor Robert Kayanja. Church: Rubaga Miracle Centre cathedral

This pastor is always surrounded by bodyguards.Why does a man of God require armed security? Did Jesus move around with armed security? Why does the prophet/pastor sell you $5 bangles so you can be protected, when he himself move around with bodyguards with guns. Think! Use your common sense. Your ignorance is their power and they take advantage of desperate people and take the little money they have. Don’t just follow, think and question everything. These prophets are using followers as a business. $5 Anointed bracelets and bangles, $5 anointed oils, $5 anointed water. Did Jesus sell anything to his followers in the Bible? Think and Don’t be stupid!

The greatest need of a man is not sex

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

Dear wives/women,
The greatest need of a man is not sex. He can get sex from a prostitute if he is not born again. The greatest need of a man is not food. He can get a very delicious food from a restaurant.

The greatest need of a man is RESPECT. Some women do not respect their husbands. This is bad. You must respect your husband. If you want your husband to treat you like a queen, you must respect him.

After God, the next person you should respect most is your husband. Never go anywhere without your husband’s permission. Never bring visitors in the house he doesnt like. A good wife does not embarrass her husband in the public. Treat him like a king in the public; treat him like a president in the parlor and treat him like a baby in the bedroom. You will enjoy your marriage the same goes to the husband

Madness Of Black People

By Jean Gasho

Black people are the least successful people in the world. According to research, in USA white people are five times richer than black people. In the UK alone, half of young black males are unemployed. In Africa, poverty is the continent’s middle name.

Yes, white people and racism can be blamed here and there for the suffering of the black people, but the truth is most of the suffering of the black race is self-inflicted. Black people refuse to think for themselves. One of the greatest gifts God gave to mankind is the ability to think critically but sadly, black people refuses to do this, always needing a “man of God” to think for them. Donald Trump is reported to have said black people are lazy, I think what he meant was that black people are cognitively lazy. It’s not a racist statement, it’s brutal truth.

Being the poorest people in the world, yet the most religious, believing that God should somehow miraculously bless them with wealth by going to church and yet they will always remain in poverty. Not long ago I was also part of the black circus of religion. Being in a black Pentecostal church made me completely retarded as I was no longer able to use my God-given mind to think for myself. I entered the church building with money and left it there thinking that would give me a breakthrough.

Today I watch in sadness as millions of my black brothers and sisters abandon their minds in the name of Church/God. As we were entering into the New Year, black people flocked in churches on 31st December for All Night Services dubbed The Crossovers leaving churches at early hours of the morning on New Years Day. Most of these Crossover services have nothing to do with the salvation of soul or seeking the face of God but rather claiming financial breakthroughs and miracles.

The Black Pastors, Spiritual Fathers and “Prophets” made the most of New Year’s Eve. For them, New Year is a time to make more millions as they tell their gullible followers to sow seeds so that they will be blessed in 2017. They tell single women that they will be getting married in 2017. People were promised big breakthroughs, cars, houses, businesses, promotions etc. Everyone will be so hyped up at these freaky Crossover services.

Now the sad thing is these gullible followers were promised the very same thing the previous year. They were also told that 2016 was their year but at end of the year, they are exactly the same as they were the previous year, and the year after. No breakthroughs! No miracles! But they still went again to this New Years Eve for some fresh “anointing”. Is this not some mental illness?

In the UK prosperity false prophet, Uebert Angel resorted to Porn Star Ray J as his guest of honor at his CrossOver all night service just to pull the crowds. Ray J is the Black American who made Kim Kardashian rich and famous (through a sex tape) whilst being the loser in the end. Now Uebert Angel thinks it was something worth bragging about that Ray J was the guest of honor at his Crossover night service.

Zimbabwe probably has the highest population of prosperity “prophets” in Africa even though it is now the second poorest country in the world. The poverty stricken people of Zimbabwe are obsessed with false prophets and spiritual Fathers.

Ghana’s s Spiritual leader Bishop Dr. Obinim promised his millions of followers that “2017, work on the good prophecies and dreams to materialize”-Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim says…

False Prophet Walter Magaya also held his own Crossover Night where he promised his blind followers prosperity. Another Zimbabwean False Prophet Eugene Makore who is always bragging on Facebook about his flashy cars asked people to sow a seed (money) so that they receive their 2017 breakthroughs. The breakthroughs was in packages, gold, silver, bronze, and platinum. These packages are according to how much money you give off course. With the platinum package, you get a chance to speak to Eugene Makore directly on the phone, which is supposed to be a “blessing”.

If you think Eugene Makore is barking mad, wait for this. Father of all false prophets in Africa Emmanuel Makandiwa did a massive New Year Cross Over service for 2017 where he promised even bigger financial miracles and breakthroughs. The gullible followers were told to pay as much as $7000 for bigger blessings. Emmanuel Makandiwa is the spiritual son of Ghana’s Prophet Victor Boateng. If Ghanaians are able to make these “Men of God” millionaires, why then do they blame *John Dramini Mahama for poverty.*

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, white people are more successful financially than black people simply because they use their brains, its that simple. God doesn’t grant you success because you have paid money in church or fasted. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t pray and fast to become a billionaire, he simply used his intelligence and added hard work to it. No Papa had to lay his hands on him to invent Facebook.

So for those single women who have been promised husbands by their “prophets”, forget what Papa has said and just get out more, and maybe stop putting too much makeup that you are barely recognisable, and surely you will meet someone. For those who want financial breakthroughs, work hard, be innovative and maybe use your God given talents to get to your destiny. You don’t need special anointing oil from a “Prophet” to be successful.

2017 will just like any other year. You make it special by your own efforts. It isn’t a year of breakthroughs or whatever stupid themes your “prophets” promise you.

Until black people are able to think for themselves, work hard, identify opportunities, take a risk in entering into new areas, they will continue to be impoverished hence a nitch market for self-styled prophets to be richer. Stop this New Year Cross-Over madness.

Academic results don’t determine a kid’s future!

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

Julius Sello Malema (born 3 March 1981) is South African politician who is a Member of Parliament and the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters

Julius Malema said,

‘In High school, I was very poor in Maths and Chemistry. During the exams, i’d get between 2% an 8%. The results used to be announced out from the lowest to the highest marks. So i would always be the 1st or 2nd to be called out. One day the Maths results were being released and my name wasn’t among the first to be called out. The teacher got to 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s &70s. Still my paper had not been called out. Everyone kept looking at me asking” Man wats up? And the teacher went on to the 80s and when he got to 88%, he had one paper remaining. I then asked myself, could I have scored 90% in Maths ? I was feeling very anxious and happy now that I knew I had proved the so called Genius wrong.. The whole class was amazed as every one kept looking at me. It was unbelievable. Finally the teacher looked up and said, There is a cow who did not write his name on the paper that scored 0%. If you have not received your paper come and get it now…. I FAINTED’

Dear Ugandans at heart,today, that cow 🐮 is a Commander in Chief of the most vibrant, vocal and militant youth movement in Southern Africa, member of parliament and earning a monthly salary of R167 000 meanwhile that teacher takes home a Net monthly salary of R16000.

Think Investment and stop fighting over increments of salaries

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

Jack Ma, the richest man in China said:
‘If you put Bananas and Money in front of Monkeys, monkeys will choose Bananas because monkeys do not know that money can buy a lot of Bananas’.

Jack Ma

IN REALITY, if you offer JOB and BUSINESS to people, they would choose JOB because most people do not know that BUSINESS can bring more MONEY than wages.

Similarly,Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best selling book “RICH DAD, POOR DAD” and also a business partner of Donald Trump said:
“One of the reasons poor are poor, is because they are NOT TRAINED TO RECOGNIZE ENTREPRENEURSHIP OPPORTUNITIES.
They spend too much time in school and what they have learnt in school, is to WORK FOR WAGES instead of MONEY WORKING FOR THEM.
“Profit is better than wages, for wages can make you a living but profits can bring you a fortune.”
THINK INVESTMENT and stop fighting over increments of salaries, it still won’t be enough*

This is Mandela whom you celebrate so much

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

Nelson Mandella was the first Black president of S.Africa

This is Mandela whom you celebrate so much #
Let me show you what he didn’t tell you:-

– He didn’t tell S.Africans about African leaders who played a critical role in helping South Africa to attain freedom.
– He didn’t mention anything regarding black consciousness.
– He didn’t tell you about why African brothers are in S. Africa.
– He didn’t tell you about neocoloniasm project.
– He didn’t tell S.Africans about the land until Julius Malema reminded them.
– He didn’t tell S.Africans what is it that they are supposed to achieve politically and economically.
– He didn’t talk about tribalism in his speeches.

# He told you good news only and I thank him for that.African leaders met in Casablanca Morroco in 1957 and in Ethiopia in 1963 to discuss that Africa must unite and Mandela didn’t associate himself with those resolutions taken there. That’s why they say that meeting held in Casablanca Morroco is like a bluffing pitbull with no teeth. I shall therefore deny Nelson Rolihlahla Dalibunga Mandela my honor for NOW!


By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

Yes, the fact is that the vagina is 10 times
cleaner than the mouth!
1.It has its own self-regulatory system that keeps it in check every now and then.
2.The vagina is full of good bacteria known as lactobacilli that constantly fight infections and keep it in good condition.
3.Even vaginal discharge is not dirty. It is made of water, albumin, cells and mucin (an oily substance that gives it the slippery feel). Hence a discharge is not a toxic substance.
4. Normal vagina also has a slightly pungent smell which is perfectly normal.
5.Menstrual blood is also not unclean and does not contain any germs as may be speculated. It smells a bit metallic, but contact with menstrual blood isn’t harmful at all,but dont pray to God while in periods.
All these make the vagina one of the cleanest points in the body.Therefore do not introduce an uncleaned mouth, after taking alcohol and pork, to the vagina during oral sex.

Here comes the second part of my write up.

Guys often see the Vagina as one of the most dirty parts of a woman’s body, biologically NO, it even have this alkaline nature, thus boosting it’s immune nature.though it’s very sensitive and prone to outside infection from public restroom, dirty fingers and unbrushed tongues like yours. Talking about the TONGUES (oral sex), “….It’s disgusting” in the mind of most guys, hell no.rather the uncleaned mouth should be the avoidable down there against possible transmission of infection.

Churches have let Africa down in economic devt!

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

One of the biggest churches in Uganda

China is the world’s leading economic power and has no Church!

Finland has the most stable economy in the world today and has less than twenty churches.

Switzerland has the second most stable economy in the world.
Switzerland has fewer than thirty churches!

Denmark is the third most stable economy in the world, there are about 23 churches in Denmark.

These countries are considered to have the highest number of atheists, but they are blessed!

Come to Africa, there are more than 10,000 churches per region including 4,000 churches in the city of Yaoundé alone! With Nigeria, we’ve lost count..

Over 4100 churches in the only city of Abidjan!

Over 7000 churches in the city of Kinshasa!

10,000 churches in the city of Kumasi.

In Africa, we have more churches than schools and hospitals combined!

More pastors than doctors.

Everyone is born again!

Everyone is covered with the blood of Jesus!

Jesus even became the husband of all single women (according to them) in revival churches!

Everyone is filled with the Holy Spirit!

people praying in a church

However, none of these claims reflect the moral elevation that is hoped for in a society.

We are among the laziest, the most deceiving, the most corrupt, the most hypocritical, the most hateful on the planet today, with all our Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

Our people need to distinguish between religion and stupidity or between spirituality and tradition!

Africans should learn something from Asians!

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

Take two businessmen, a Muganda by tribe,Semuwemba, running an electronic shop in Kampala and Patel(an Indian) running an autospare shop in Bwaise. Both men take their sons to Makerere University for a degree course. Patel’s son commutes daily from Bwaise while Semuwemba’s son lives in a small rented bedsitter near the university.

Before joining college, Patel’s son used to spend his days at the autospare shop- a routine he continues every Sat when not going to college. During the vacations, he even takes over the management. Semuwemba on the other side believes that shops is not the place for his University going son so he should get a degree and get a better job.

The two young men graduate and go seperate ways. Patel junior now takes over the running of the autospare shop. Semuwemba jr hits the road, looking for a job. Two years and he gets a job as a bank teller, supermarket clerk etc, after six months and with meagre income, Semuwemba’s son is frustrated and decides to go back for an MBA and improve his CV.

In the same period, Patel jr has gained some management skills of running the shop with a workforce of five employees. In his interactions with fellow businessmen and trips to source business stocks in China and india, he meets an Indian businessman who is trying to market some softwares and computer accessories manufactured in India and Taiwan. He and another accomplice form a company and agree to distribute them. At first, the company is operated from the backyard of the autoshop.

Both men are now 28. Patel jr is now confident and experienced in making business deals. He approaches a few companies, does presentations and convinces them to take up his products.

By now, he has passed the autospare shop to his siblings and is now running a full fledged IT company.

Semuwemba jr has graduated with an MBA, is now driving a car on loan and is now looking for a better job. He ends up becoming an employee at Patel’s company as a supervisor.

Guys, that is where the real entrepreneurship classes start, and a foot-holding is all our youth require. Don’t wonder why our MBA degree holders are looking for internship at Tuskys and wonder no more how Indians are still ruling this business economy!

Education without a focus only turns graduates into dependents. Let’s mentor & encourage our children accordingly.

Africans living abroad should send their kids back to Africa for primary and secondary school

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

Kids of Africans born in Europe are unlikely to succeed. It’s rare to find these kids at University or in any respectable social position, except entertainment and sport. Most of them become destitute adults with unrecoverable conditions.

The successful Africans you find in Europe are Africans born in Africa who later migrated to Europe. They are University graduate, doctors, scientists, engineers, artists,…

African kids born among white people are crushed early in life and their spirit killed by pervasive racism and classicism.

At school, their white teachers tell them not to waste time in education (remember Malcom X) because a black man place is to be a maid, a janitor, in prison, or in sport or music.

kids play in Africa

I don’t know if the white teachers use codes, but they are very skilled, and active to discourage and break the African kids. Maybe, they are trained to act that way.

Like the Nigerians in the Diaspora do, all other Africans living abroad should send their kids back to Africa for primary and secondary school at least to build up their self esteem, their African pride, in an environment free from constant harassment and humiliation from non-african people.

If you cannot send your Kids back home, and if her teachers are white, make sure you ask your Kids about any sign of ostracism, discrimination and verbal abuses. Check the songs they sing if they are not racial and white pride songs that would inflict your child mind. Check the coloring books and school manuals for racist contents.

Be active in your child schooling. If you can, do homeschooling. White dominant environment are often very hostile to Africans and kids are more sensitive therefore easily broken.


By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

Majority of women across the globe suffer from the issue of a loose vagina at some point in their life. Loose vaginas is a cause of concern, since it makes it difficult for women to experience heightened sexual sensations and to have orgasm owing the reduction of friction between the vagina and the penis. In addition to this, it causes lack of confidence in women. For regaining the lost confidence and to enjoy sex to the fullest, it is crucially important for the woman to employ methods that can effectively get their vag back to its pre-delivery tightness.

First of all, it is a fact that every woman is different. Every vagina is different too. Just like penises, vaginas come in different sizes. This explains why some women find large penises very pleasurable while others find them very painful. The fact that a woman can accommodate a larger member does not necessarily mean she has had more sex or she’s a loose lady. She may have had a larger vagina to begin with. We can’t fault her for that. That’s why even viriginity cannot be determined by how tight a vagina is. Some women are just big or small down there.

The vagina is by nature highly elastic and is always expanding and contracting. The vagina will become naturally “loose” when a woman is sexually aroused in preparation for intercourse. However, after sex, it tightens and goes back to its normal state. Increased sex does not make it any “looser.” Erase that notion..

There is no scientific link between cavernous vaginas and too much sex. In fact, the vagina is not the only part of the body that is optimized to expand and contract. Stuffing too much food into your mouth cannot make the mouth loose even if you do it many times in a day!

What are the Main Causes of a Loose Vagina..??

The main cause of a loose vagina is not too much sex or too many children; in fact, the real reason is tearing wear and tear with regards to age. Now, this tearing can come from a few different sources, so it’s a good idea to know what the cause of a loose vagina is so that you can get a good idea of the best loose vagina treatment.

There are many causes for loose vagina and they include:



Previous gynecological surgery.

Frequent lifting of heavy items.

Regular intense exercise.

Previous pelvic trauma.


Chronic back pain.

Rough sex.

Age factor.

However, there are some natural ways that can help you make your vagina tighter at home..

How To Tighten Vagina Naturally –

1. Follow A Healthy Diet

One of the best ways on how to tighten vagina is through healthy diet as it will help to strengthen the pelvic floor. You should consume more estrogens-rich foods such as soybeans as well as its products, carrots, yarns, wheat berries and apples for your vagina to tighten naturally. Vegetables and fresh fruits are also part of a balanced diet that supports vaginal health. Citrus fruits, strawberries, guava, kiwifruit, green or red peppers as well as broccoli are rich in vitamin C and should be consumed in abundance. Never use lime or citrus lemon to wash your vaginal.

2. Hygiene Methods

Another effective tip on how to tighten vagina at home is to use hygiene methods on a daily basis. For example, when you take a bath, you had better clean yourself with care. You can use a soft cleanser to gently rinse and clean your vagina. There are some products like herbal soaps that you can use when taking your bath. Never use a medicated soap on your private end.

3. Using Natural Aloe Vera Extract.

Aloe Vera is a proven natural remedy to naturally tighten the vagina and prevent prolapse thanks to its astringent properties. The plant contains lots of vitamins including vitamins A, C, folic acid, choline and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, and sodium all of which are crucial in promoting vaginal tightness. This is a natural plant that does not need any complicated rules to use. Only squeeze the gel from a fresh Aloe Vera leaf and gently douse it in using your finger. This can be done 3 times a day. This is the best.

4. When Having Sex, Keep Your Legs Closed To Each Other

This is actually a useful tip on how to tighten vagina naturally that you should know and follow for good. You should follow this tip when you are making sex. Try to keep your legs closed to each other. :

5. Remember To Wear light Cotton Underwear to bed.

When it comes to natural ways on how to tighten vagina naturally, wearing cotton underwear is a good option for you. Cotton underwear can dry out fast, so it can allow the air to flow more easily. Wearing cotton underwear can prevent unhealthy bacteria that can cause an infection. So, remember to put on light fabrics that allow the vaginal area to breathe well especially at night.

6. Make Use Of Vitamin E:

According to a recent research about the benefits of vitamin E, this vitamin is one of the best vitamins that is good for the proper function of organs in the body. It is recommended as a good treatment for some diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure during pregnancy. However, many women do not know the fact that vitamin E is a moisturizer to treat vaginal dryness easily and effectively. Besides, vitamin E also helps to make your vaginal walls healthier and stronger if applied correctly.

7. V-Tight Gel

Another way on how to tighten vagina that you should know would be to use V-Tight gel, a natural cream that can help to strengthen and tighten the pelvic floor muscles. According to a study on how to use V-Tight gel, this gel contains natural organic ingredients that are shown to restore its firmness and tighten vaginal muscles. Simply, apply the gel onto the fingertips and then slice them into the vaginal walls. Massage for a few minutes and you will feel the tightness.

8. Knowing How To Do Squats

Squats are sometimes known to as the king of all exercises as they work the hips, quads, hamstrings and sneakily strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, how to do them is a different question. If done properly, squats will effectively strengthen your vaginal muscles and tone your lady-bits back to its pre-stretched state. If you have never performed squats, you will find them difficult at first.

Finally does Alum aid vaginal tightening??

Yes but temporary. Alum does cause the membranes of the vagina to contract. However, it is not safe to use it regularly or in large quantities as it can irritate the Vaginal Walls and cause yeast infections. Soak a small piece of alum in a bowl of warm water. After it has completely dissolved, wash yourself with it, trying to make sure that the maximum amount of water goes in. You can also use a syringe (minus the needle of course!) to gently squirt the water in. Try to do this just before you have sexual intercourse as its effects generally wear off in about 30 minutes or so.

If you use any of the above methods, you will notice changes down there in no time. These methods are efficient and have no adverse side effects. Don’t use any natural vaginal tightening product if you don’t know what ingredients it contains. Speak with your doctor before you use over-the-counter to make sure it suits yours well.

Please share and educate another person!

Don’t waste your youthful years on wrong men!

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

It pains me and confuses me a lot when i see a lady aged over 30 years with two kids looking for a stable single guy to marry her! Most of these ladies are not widows and are not victims of rape !
These are ladies who spent all their youthful lives swinging their buttocks like peacocks and distributing their pussy like government ‘wealth creation projects’.

Zari Hassan

In their youthful days these ladies were untouchables and they had no time for their age mates and potential suitors , they were so proud of themselves thus pushing away all the potential suitors .
Their pussy was reserved for bad boys and men with money who could afford chips and chicken! ‘poor broke’ guys had no chance at all.
Then after decades of swallowing different pipes and wasting themselves and getting fatherless bastards now they want a stable man to feed them and their innocent looking kids!

How lucky can you be?
who told you men are this foolish?
Even if you get this foolish man to marry you he will still run away after coming back to his senses because they can see that they are being used.
Any lady over 30 years with kids and a rotten past belongs to team TWESABILE !
She cannot have her cake and eat it. If you waste your youthful life opening your legs to sponsors,musicians and other madmen then dont waste your future looking for nice honest men!

A big lesson to Police Officers anywhere in the world!

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

This woman in picture with a police man is Helena from USA. She was caught stealing in the supermarket and the police was called to arrest her.
The surprise of all is when the policeman arrived at the scene and asked her what she stole, she said, “Five Eggs To Feed My Hungry Children.”
The police officer took her back to the supermarket and bought her foodstuffs to feed herself and her kids.
Miss Helena started crying and asked the police officer, “Sir this is too much you have done for me..”
The police officer replied, “Sometimes we shouldn’t apply the law but must apply the humanity!”

Stop sleeping around, mbu bse your man cheated on you

By Halima Kiberu via UAH facebook group

A man’s penis remains the same, whether he has sex with different vaginas of different sizes. He doesn’t even need to do kegels to keep his penis in its original state.It is strange that you find some women trying to compete with their men using their private parts.A penis does not lose shape, tightness or looks, but when you abuse your vagina, it eventually does. You’ll start noticing that thing that looks like a liver sticking out and no longer retracting. Then you will start to fill up with air when you have sex. Then you will no longer feel certain dicks and only feel huge ones. Then you won’t feel any dick at all. You will then go around saying so and so has a small dick, forgetting that you have a Namboole Stadium between your legs and one man can never fill up the whole stadium.

A man and a woman are not built the same, and that why most religions and African cultures allow polygamy, not polyandry. You can compete with him, but you will be the one who will get finished and not him.
Ladies respect yourself. Stop being a foolish being. Stop sleeping around, mbu bse your man cheated on you.

How do you want a man that goes to different clubs with you marry you as a house wife, use your senses and think that its impossible. Have you ever seen any man marry a woman he slept with at any angle and any place he felt horny, tell me if you’ve ever wondered why many of you end up being used and dumped, many of you said all you need is money, but you’ve never come to your senses that someday you’ll grow old while all the men will stop chasing you and find something new, even when you wanna give it for free, they won’t look your side. I am not here to advise or tell you to change, its your later regret not today. And many of young girls that are faceless dogs, every man you meet climbed on your chest and you felt no worries about it.. When it’s time to marry most of you will be looking for a prophet to pray for you. You never think of yourself selfishness and miserable lives of the past. Those that valued your career then that called you and advised you, you turned them to your greatest enemy coz Satan has blindfolded you. Many of you are not beautiful and don’t be deceived by words of guys lusting after your body, most of you are hiding under makeup influence. Beauty is not measured by face or posture. Its the way you stay firm and positive through any things that can jeopardize your future. Your character around men is more important than your beauty. A word is enough for the wise..

Vaccinations are killing African babies

By Halima Kiberu

The major problems of babies, especially African babies (boys mostly) disabilities start from vaccines. In that vaccination there’s mercury, mercury takes way longer to escape the body system than the European and European African child, thus it starts eating away the IQ building strands (brain lobotomy) .

A mass genocide and medical cannibalism, killing babies(African) to medically feed other babies (you guessed it)

Ever wonder why suddenly the children have speech delays? Reasoning delays? Well, autism is at an outbreak as almost normal.

Vaccines are the continuation of disease.

Kidney, etc

Can I talk about how vaccines are made? First look at the laws that allow abortion. Why abort? Let’s look at history, from scientists who are working hard at hand amongst them in the history there’s a scientist by a name Margret Sayer (who called us Africans as weeds) who is th head of human eugenics ….. Planned Parenthood (abortion industry)
How do you think the Hallocust took effects?

Now that we can buy vitamin D, cancer is running rampage 😞

Can you see the devils children now?
Learn the English language and understand the use of the words because they state things out clear as what they are without breaking your thinking pressure cylinders.


Do Ugandan musicians and artists get any protection of the law with regard to copyright breach?

by George Okello via UAH forum

Madagascar Singer Lianah Plagiarizes Irene Namatovu’s Song

How much compensation did Iryn Namubiru get for breach of the copyright of her song Begombeko?. It is one of the greatest songs ever by a Ugandan musician, I love it, but it was copied by Lianah, the Madagascar super star below, all most tune for tune- the only thing different is she Lianiah substitited Malagasy for luganda. I hope Namubiru was not fobbed off with a few shillings, because I think Lianah’s the cover verson sold more than the original.

Iryn Namubiru

On the bigger question, do Ugandan musicians and artists get any protection of the law with regard to copyright breach? I got interested in this because a girlfriend of mine from Nairobi sent me a song by a kenyan musician, a song called Wi Polo (Heaven) , but this was actually a very famous song in Uganda sang by Pastor George Okudi about 5 years ago and the new version is selling like hot cake in Kenya.

Play the Namubiru song and you will she her song has been lifted almost completely without any change at all- the Madasgascar woman makes a better video of the song because Ugandan musicians still dont know how to make good videos to sell their songs.

Madagascar is probably like the Philippines where copy-cat musicians are more popular than the original singers. Making cover versions of popular songs is very common in the Philippines, and the singers who sing others songs are very popular and very rich. There are all sorts of compettions where people compete in singing popular songs and winners sometimes win up to 1 million dollars. And most bars play Karaoke or sing along rather than the actual songs- even if you have never sang in your life life before, your friends will force you to climb to the stage and to sing a song. Mat be Madasgascar is like the Philippiines where nobody cares about copyright. But she sells her songs in France where she lives. That’s why I think the Ugandan musicians should take her seriously because in the Namubiru song, I am told she recieved royalties of $2.5 million!!!! I don’t think Iryn made that by selling her song only in Uganda.

Lianah actually does not need to plagiarise. She is a very successful musician in her own right- she is a genuine super star.In her defence, she said she was helping to promote black African music by putting wonderful songs like Begombeko by Iryn Namubiru on a world stage, without her, Begombeko would have remained listened to only in Uganda, but her cover version of Wala Wala has sold the song world-wide. That argument may hold water, but what about the royalties? I am not sure what Namubiru and Kanyomozi have done or intend to do to protect their songs. I suspect they may not be able to do anything, especially if they sold away their rights to their producer or promoter as often happens with budding musicians- they sign contracts that make them slaves to their producer or record company almost for life- so the company can sell the rights to anyone they want. I think this is highly likely to have happened.

Nyanzi’s charges will likely be dropped as it happened with President Jacob Zuma’s suit

Dr.Stella Nyanzi

By Peter Simon via UAH forum

If Nyanzi said that the president was a ” pair of buttocks,” is it true? And isn’t a president of any country a servant of his/her people and is it wrong if people pick issue with any leader that denies that simple relationship?

I think the president’s team are over- reacting; this is one of those charges that will likely be dropped as it happened with President Jacob Zuma’s suit. Sometime back, a painter in South Africa drew a hand sketch of four women admiring what he depicted as Zuma’s testicles meaning it seemed to him that all the four wives were attracted to Zuma by his testicles and each one was gazing at the prize. One magazine management bought the picture and displayed it for sale. Then the president’s team filed a case against the magazine owners. The president was advised to drop the case because if it reached court, the president would be prepared to submit his testicles for identification to see if what appeared on the picture were truly his testicles and whether the picture of the women admiring the testicles were the pictures of his wives. I am sure Nyanzi’s lawyers will love this case if she is arrested for instance, whose buttocks did Nyanzi say the president was a pair of buttocks because buttocks belong to somebody etc.

I would argue that those arresteded Dr. Nyanzi are feeding onto her narrative, that there is no democratic governance in the country and her arrest has exposed how intolerant the NRM government has become. Nyanzi is well known to be a government critic and a diehard supporter for FDC’s Dr. Kizza Besigye.


This is our focus for the immediate future.
After Museveni, we must have an all inclusive Transitional Administration for at least five years within which period, we must among other undertake the following tasks :

1. Review the Constitution.

2. Rebuild and strengthen State institutions and political Parties

3. Heal the country by carrying out truth telling, justice and reconciliation

4. Organize free and fair elections as required by our Constitution.

For the elections, we propose that the three top most leaders, i.e., Head of State and Government, the Deputy President and Prime Minister must agree publicly and sign it off accordingly that they will not contest for any elective public office in the general elections organized by the Transitional Administration.

Wafula Phillip Oguttu,
Minister for the Presidency,
The People’s Government.

Accepting money/gifts from people and organisations we cover

By Edris Kiggundu

Journalism ethics world over stipulate in BLACK and WHITE that journalists are not supposed to accept any gifts/money/facilitation from the people or organisations that they cover. The genuine fear is that this money/gifts will compromise the journalists who may not be able to deeply scrutinise the activities of these people/organisations.

To a large extent, I agree with this assertion. What defines people is their reputation and for journalists, the standards are higher. You cannot be the one pointing out how corrupt some public officials are,when you are stuffing your pockets with money left, right and centre. Your reputation will take a hit and few people, including the organisations/people that give you money, will take you seriously.

Yet having stated that, we must also place into context the situations under which some journalists accept money or gift from people and organisations they cover. Here, I am being a REALIST not IDEALIST. I once asked a respected senior journalist what, in his view, constituted a bribe from a news source?

After a long pause, the award-winning journalist told me that “you can know that a news source is trying to influence your coverage of a story through offers of money/gifts. It is an instinctive feeling… But there are people/organisations that could give you money out of appreciation for what you have done. That may not constitute bribery.” That was the view of
the senior journalist who us still active and occupies a very senior position in one of the most influential media houses in Uganda. He is also one of my mentors.

In countries like Uganda where you cannot easily divorce journalism practice from the social and political context, the issue of taking/receiving money from people/organisations must be looked at from many angles. Journalists become susceptible to bribes the moment their organisations neglect to facilitate them or pay them well. Many journalists who work for local FM stations in Uganda fall in this category. Some organisations cannot afford to facilitate their journalists to cover basic functions and organisations will step in. Some news organisations simply don’t make money (In the TV Broadcast industry only three TV stations in Uganda turn in a profit). In other cases proprietors of some of these media organisations are only business oriented with little regard for funding journalism. Thirdly, some stories in Uganda cannot be covered without some form of facilitation from the interested organisation/news source. They may involve huge expenses and risks. Take election coverage for instance.

Have I taken money/gifts on some occasions from people or organisations that I have covered? Yes I have. I even pointed this out in one of the posts here last week. I have attended workshops and trainings where per-diem is offered and I have pocketed it. I have also been “appreciated” several times for the stories I have covered by people I know. I have accepted facilitation and taken the ambiguous “transport refund” from FDC, NRM, UPC and DP, including food and refreshments at their functions. I have been facilitated by organisations within and outside Uganda in the course of my work. The UPDF once flew me and other senior journalists to cover floods in Soroti. They in addition “refunded our transport”. The US State Department facilitated me generously to attend a journalism fellowship at the University of Southern California in 2006. I came back with some good money which I never declared to my editors at the The Observer. The UK government/Reuters facilitated me to cover UK elections in 2015. One NGO met my bills for a trip to South Africa in 2011. The Turkish government funded me and other journalist for a benchmarking trip. I have also been handsomely paid as a facilitator by some organisations to train their people in media related matters. I have also given money/gifts to some of the news sources to obviously buy their favour ( I once gave fuel to an MP…a story for another day). This, many media analysts will tell you, is also wrong. One thing I have never done is to extort money/ put someone at gunpoint from a person/news source/organisation under the threat: If you do not give me this..I will do this..” I don’t think these facilitations/appreciations have influenced the way I cover these organisations and people. But this may not be for me to judge. Like I said, in countries like Uganda, the issue of what constitutes bribery is thorny and divides debate. I have seen editors chastise reporters for accepting 20K (a pittance really) as transport refund from an organisation, as they accept gifts and gift hampers worth millions from the same organisations. I have also seen some senior news managers fight juniors for foreign trips funded by private organisations, simply because there is some monetary benefit. I have also seen and witnessed situations were some editors have sat on stories simply because they hit out at people/organisations that regularly fund them. I have seen news organisations drop stories in exchange for adverts from an organisation which is being scrutinised (which I think is a direct form of bribery clothed as a business transaction). The managers are quick to retort that “these are the people who pay your salaries.” In short the practice of accepting money/gifts and other forms of facilitation by journalists and media organisations is rife in Uganda and elsewhere. This is not about to end. In my view individual journalists have the responsibility to exercise sound judgement in situations where they think they are being compromised by a news source/ organisation and act accordingly.

No KB supporter is in prison who is not under the care of Besigye

By Ronald Muhinda, FDC supporter,
No one is in prison who is not under the care of Besigye. He provides with lawyers, supports their families etc. I can assure you that it’s well known where Mugumya Sam and others are, their condition in Ndolo Military Prison and there is direct contact with them for years. They also receive monthly financial support of $500-1,000 to take of their basic needs in prison.

Mugumya and others will be freed without making any compromise with Museveni. Those methods of compromising with Museveni are a preserve of DP members. I am telling you this so you can stop this blackmail against Besigye. What he goes through to keep even your DP members afloat is unimaginable.

In 2016, they were saying Museveni looks at Besigye as very vengeful and therefore will not hand over power him in fear of retribution foe all Museveni has done to him.

So they proposed Museveni can only hand over to Mbabazi or Muntu. No when Museveni didn’t hand over to them, the narrative has changed to Besigye and Museveni are the same.

When journalists came to the rescue of Balaam Barugahara

By Edris Kiggundu of the Observer

*When journalists came to the rescue of Balaam Barugahara*

Political campaigns are some of the most hectic events not only for the candidates but also the hordes of journalists who trail these candidates. Personally, I have covered three presidential campaigns (2006, 2011 and 2016). In 2006 and 2011, I trailed Dr Kizza Besigye for The Observer. In 2016, I covered President Museveni for the same newspaper. In all those campaigns, I moved with the candidates virtually every inch and space of this country. The most eventful campaign for me was that of 2006 when Dr Besigye, fresh from South Africa, took the country by storm. His rallies were ecstatic but were also filled with tension given the kind of challenge he had put up against the incumbent, Yoweri Museveni. Every now and then at his numerous rallies, there would be shouts of “spy, spy” from his supporters especially when they saw unfamiliar faces in the crowd. One day while campaigning in Busoga, my friend Balaam Barugahara was identified as a “Museveni spy” by some FDC youths. Balaam, still largely unknown then, had hitched a ride in the press van with a number of journalists including this columnist. He told us he was a genuine supporter of Dr Besigye and wanted to find ways of promoting him. In fact on several occasions, he tried to seek audience with KB through his aide Sam Mugumya but he had not been successful. So back to that day, a group of youths chased Balaam from a rally, ready to lynch him. He quickly found his way into the Press Van as the angry youth bayed for his blood outside. When he entered the van, Hussein Bogere, a senior journalist from Daily Monitor and I immediately shielded him (Some FDC youth then including the current Makindye East MP, Ibrahim Kasozi, never forgave me for this). As the van made its way from the rally, I practically sat on Balaam until after a safe distance of about 2 KM. Never the person to give up, Balaam returned to the campaign (something I thought was suicidal) and soon, he was manning Besigye’s car with Mugumya. They would guard the car in turns. Today, the fortunes of the two have changed. Mugumya is incarcerated in jail in DR Congo, while Balaam Barugahara, is a budding young millionaire and proud supporter of the NRM. I still don’t believe that back in 2006 Balaam was a Museveni mole. Until up to around 2011, I think he was a genuine Besigye’s supporter but as his business profile grew and realised that to make it bigger you had to be in the good books of government, he made a strategic decision to support NRM, which controls the state coffers. That was entirely his personal choice, which I respect.


By Edris Kigundu,
Throughout my journalism career, one question I have constantly encountered from colleagues and other people concerns my political inclination. Which political party do you support? I have been asked.
Many people have said I support FDC. Others, have broadly classified me as an opposition supporter. I have also met some opposition supporters and friends who suspect that I support NRM. Once during an internal NRM meeting called to design a media strategy for the 2016 elections, a senior party official was asked “why she often defends Kiggundu” against the charge that he is an FDC supporter.” The senior member, obviously leaked to me this info.

The truth is that having worked for a relatively independent media house for a long time (The Observer), my political views have been shaped largely by what I have seen and covered. I have covered more stories on local politics and its injustices suffered mainly by the opposition (including violent demos). This also means that there are more people on the opposition side that I freely associate with than those on the side of the NRM. This means that I am far from being considered an objective person. I am not because my views are tinted with a certain bias. I however try to be fair. In the opposition I have a soft spot for…some of you have guessed right… Dr Kizza Besigye, the former FDC leader. I have seen him at some of his lowest and highest moments and I have seen many people who have made conclusions about his personality without really understanding him well. I have interviewed him more than 10 times (and he can be a handful for an unprepared journalist). I have also held private conversations with him countless times on a wide range of issues. He is one of the few people I know who reads widely in fact, more than many academics I know. He is very cerebral and very organised in the way he approaches issues. He keeps time to a hilt and will call early to apologise if he cannot make it in time for an appointment. He is also literally a moving ATM machine and has contributed to so many causes (tuition, cars for officials, houses, funded journalists). Being an opposition leader certainly comes with many responsibilities. That said, Besigye is not perfect. He has a million and one weaknesses, like all of us. He can be intolerant to divergent views and I know some party officials who have been on the receiving end of his tirades in internal meetings. Even journalists or media houses he perceives to be critical of him have not been spared either. Then he has the habit of denying, sometimes shockingly, what he has said using the common refrain: “I was quoted out of context.”

I remember the U-turn in 2015 over contesting in the elections and The Nile Post interview when he downplayed Bobi Wine’s presidential chances. Lastly, having “fought” and “sacrificed” heavily for political freedom over the last 20 years, he believes he is entitled to “his territory” will not treat whoever tries to encroach on it lightly. That is my personal reading of his current tension with Bobi Wine. He thinks people should be appreciative of what he has done and accord him the respect he deserves. Overall, I rate Besigye very highly compared to the calibre of politicians we have on either side on the political aisle. He is extremely intelligent and has a high degree of integrity. I think he (and Gen Muntu) could be the most genuine opposition politicians I have encountered in my career. But I am not blind to some of his personal weaknesses (and those of his ardent supporters).

I think President Museveni must be laughing his head off

Bobi Wine

By Edris Kiggundu, The Nile Post Journalist

I have heard supporters of one of the presidential hopefuls echo his call for people to go and register for national IDs ahead of the election. Mbu, this will guarantee that they will vote come 2021 and remove Museveni. I think President Museveni must be laughing his head off. So someone thinks with a mere ID, he can remove Museveni’s government which designed the national ID system, controls the data base and can still change rules of engagement at the last minute? Some of these gullible fellows have never found out why voting materials in parts of Kampala and Wakiso could not be delivered in time at the respective polling stations. The same fellows think one will just flash a national ID in the faces of the polling officials, vote and bang! Museveni will be history. If that is their main election strategy then the son of Kaguta still has many years at the helm of this country without breaking much sweat.


By Bobby Alcantara
Dr Ugandans,

Have you ever cared to wonder about Uganda’s collapsed moral compass? It seems we now live in a lawless jungle where norms of civiilised behaviour, such as honesty and integrity, and respect for the elders, are now just irritating reminders of a golden age long gone.

Take my example. I am not a rich man, but I try to help people in my village because they are the real family I have, even though I have not seen most of them since I was a teenager. Apart from my own family, I currently help a number of poor people in my village, mainly the elderly and aged or the very sick who have no income. I provide a basic income for them of about £15 per person, per month. I spend £600 of my monthly salary providing for this basic income for the poor in my village.

But last week, I sent some money to an old sister in law- she was married to my eldest brother who died many years ago in a motor accident and her children have since also died, so I support her because she has no other means of survival. She was a bit sick last week, so I sent her £100 ie Shs 490,000. She got the money, but gave it to a young man who was living with her for safe keeping. . He promptly announced the money stolen after only a few hours, and when she rejected his explanations, he beat her up so badly, causing serious injuries.. The poor woman has now left her own home, and is sheltering with my mother for fear of any further attack. In the meantime nobody there would help this woman when she was coming under this sustained, brutal attack by a young man.. Even the so-called police have not intervened as they want a bribe. . It is now left to me, here in London, to look for this thug and get him arrested and prosecuted. I am going to get him, make no mistake about this, but you can understand my disgust.

What has happened to our country? Where is the peaceful and respectful Uganda that I knew gone?

M7’s son will salute any president in Uganda!

Patrick Kamara: Do you think General Muhozi would salute you if you won the 2021 elections?

Hon.Kyagulanyi: The difference between us is that you live in the past while I am working for the future where the military is subordinate to civilian authority

I suppose you know it; in the army there is a code of conduct that compels every member of the force to do what he/she is expected to do. A junior officer will respect the senior, and the simplest of such expectations is greeting, “saluting”.

So if Gen. Muhoosi is a real soldier, he will obediently and professionally do what is expected of him; and he will also know the penalty for doing otherwise, insubordination which can have all sorts of interpretations, which will be very bad for him.

Interestingly enough, a junior who salutes his senior and his greeting not returned, can report the matter to a more senior officer and the erring officer will likely be reprimanded, but they are usually smart – they pretend not to have seen the small man, as they know the repercussions, and the effect on morale of the force.

Gen. Muhoosi will salute any president in Uganda, Kamara whether elected or usurps power, his salute from Gen. Muhoozi is guaranteed!

Peter Simon

PICS : Lovely Air Hostesses Lost In the Ethiopia Airways Plane Crash. May Their Souls Rest In Peace.

PICS : Lovely Air Hostesses Lost In the Ethiopia Airways Plane Crash. May Their Souls Rest In Peace.

PICS : Lovely Air Hostesses Lost In the Ethiopia Airways Plane Crash. May Their Souls Rest In Peace.

An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 passenger jet to Nairobi that crashed early on Sunday carried passengers from 33 countries.

The airline said there were no survivors, according to the state broadcaster.

The flight left Bole airport in Addis Ababa at 8.38am local time, before losing contact with the control tower just a few minutes later at 8.44am.

“There are no survivors onboard the flight, which carried passengers from 33 countries,” said state-run Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, quoting an unidentified source at the airline.

At Nairobi airport, many relatives of passengers were waiting at the gate, with no information from airport authorities.

“We’re just waiting for my mum. We’re just hoping she took a different flight or was delayed. She’s not picking up her phone,” said Wendy Otieno, clutching her phone and weeping.

Robert Mutanda was waiting for his brother-in-law coming from Canada.

“No, we haven’t seen anyone from the airline or the airport,” he told Reuters at 1pm, more than three hours after the flight was lost.

“Nobody has told us anything, we are just standing here hoping for the best.”


By Dennis Nyondo


The Banyarwanda is a general name termed for the people who live in a country called Rwanda, one of the smallest landlocked and most mountainous and most densely populated country in Africa located in the Central Eastern side of Africa. It’s neighbored by Uganda from the North, Tanzania from the East, Burundi from the South and the Democratic republic of Congo from the West.

The size of Rwanda is 10,000 Square miles (25,900 sq.km) which is the size of Maryland or Massachusetts both States in USA with 10,000,000 people prior to the war.
Rwanda has a population of about ten million people with only three ethnic groups, which are:
Batwa- the earliest inhabitant in the country which makes up the smallest group of 1% (1,000,000) of the nation’s population. Physically, they are short (pygmies) and small who live by hunting and gathering wild fruits.
Bahutu- is the largest ethnic group which makes up 85% (7,000,000 million) of the population prior to the war. It was the second to arrive in the present day of Rwanda. They are farmers and belong to the Bantu group of African people. The Hutu tended to have darker complexions and be stockier.
Tutsi-were the last group to settle in that region as they were looking for fertile grazing land for their cattle. They make up 14% (about 2,000,000) of the total population. Tusti warriors led the migration and protected the cattle against raiders. Generally, the Tutsi tended to have lighter complexions and be tall and slender.

Over time, a sort of aristocracy of powerful minority people arose, and eventually became to be known as Tutsi, a word that originally used to refer to someone who owns a lot of cattle. Everyone who was not a Tutsi became a Hutu.
The Hutu and Tutsi live mainly in Rwanda and Burundi with a smaller number of them found in the neighboring countries of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Europe and America, with the total world population of 14 million people.
The three ethnic groups all lived together in the region for nearly 1000 years ago. They all share the same common social and cultural values including the national language (Kinyarwanda) a Bantu language. Although the Hutu and Tutsi live side by side throughout Rwanda and Burundi, and there has been a great deal of intermarriage between the two groups. The Tutsi play a more prominent role in business and public affairs in the entire region though they are small in number. In addition, both groups practice the Catholic and Protestant versions of the Christian faith. Throughout Rwanda’s history, however, the ethnic labels have been synonymous with social division, and in the 20th Century this division led to discrimination, violence, and political upheavals.

The Hutu and Tutsi who live in countries other than Rwanda and Burundi are mostly refugees who fled due to ethnic persecution. Hutu and Tutsi has been a problem in Rwanda since 1959, and the most recent of 1994 whose roots of the tragic can be found in the history and culture of the Tutsi and Hutu.

In early Rwanda, court historians handed down stories selected by the Tutsi royalty. In some cases, the stories were biased or based on myths that had been created by the Tutsis support their dominance Therefore, many stories that were considered “official” Rwandan history asserted the notion that the Tutsis were supreme and they had been chosen by the gods to rule.

One ancient Rwandan myth tells the story of Gihanga, the first Rwandan, who fell from heaven with three sons- Gahutu, Gatwa and Gatutsi. According to the story, Gihanga was to choose which son would succeed him. To find out who was the most worthy, he tested them. Each son was given a pot of milk to watch over during the night. When the morning came, Gihanga found that Gatwa had drunk his milk, while Gahutu had fallen asleep and knocked over his pot. Gatutsi, however, had watched over his pot the whole night. For Gihanga this means that Gatutsi was the most responsible and thus was meant to succeed Gihanga, As a result, Gahutu was ordered to serve Gatutsi.

Although the Tutsi were greatly out numbered by the Hutus, they used their physical strength and mobility to gain control of what would become Rwanda without much fighting. The beginning of the Tutsi dominance started with a single Tutsi clan, the Nyiginya which owned a large number of cattle and wanted to expand the cattle-grazing territory. This clan also achieved political dominance in Central Rwanda and overtime expanded by incorporating other clans and taking land from the Hutus. By 1500s’, the Nyiginya had established a small monarchy- the kingdom of Rwanda, based on a small area of modern day Rwanda, under their king called the “ Mwami”. The first king of the centralized monarchy was Mwami Mibambwe 1 Mutabazi. He was considered a divine being, owned all the land within the kingdom and was in charge land distribution.

Typically he awarded land to members of his Nyiginya lineage and to the more powerful Tutsi elite. In this centralized monarchy, most Tutsi were cattle herders, soldiers and administrators, whereas most Hutus were farmers. The Tutsi elite upper class enjoyed many privileges, and created a number of myths and legends to pacify the king’s status and Tutsi’s superiority. The foundation of this monarchy was a feudal system called Ubuhake in the Southern and central regions of the kingdom and Ubukonde in the North- that offered incentives to both to the Hutus farmers and landholdings the Tutsis. The Ubuhake was an oral agreement between a client (peasant) and a patron (lord) through which the client provided crops and provided services for the lord. In return, the lord gave the client cattle, offered protection from the threatening force, and allowed the client to use his land. Most of the lords were Tutsi, and most of the clients were Hutus. A person of lower status (usually a Hutu) worked for a higher status (usually a Tutsi) in return of protection and some rewards, including cattle. The two major key roles in the Rwandan feudal system were Shebuja (lord) and Garagu (Servant) or vassal. In genera, to be a rich lord meant that one was a Tutsi, and being poor meant being a Hutu. This feudal structure gave military power and land to the Tutsi and to the very few Hutu who managed to acquire wealth and cattle. A few became Tutsi. This process of becoming a Tutsi was called Guhutura, meaning to shed Hutu status. Likewise, a Tutsi who lost land and cattle lost his rank and became a Hutu. Status in the kingdom of Rwanda was fluid and flexible. A person who was born Hutu could work to become a Tutsi. A Twa, however, remained a marginal group who were largely ignored by others. Under colonial rule the class differences between the Tutsi and Hutu came to be viewed more and more as ethnic differences. Where a person’s status had once been flexible, it was now seen as fixed at birth by the person’s ethnic background. Later, ethnic differences led to terrible violence between the two groups in Rwanda, Burundi and the neighboring countries.

Status in the kingdom of Rwanda was based on the ownership of cattle. In order of a Hutu to acquire cattle, it was necessary for him to work for a Tutsi family for several years. At the same time, the Tutsi required the Hutu to provide products. These factors placed the majority ethnic group of the Hutu in Rwanda at a great economical disadvantage and pushed them into a lower class of society.

The Europeans formed a stereotype or simplified mental pictures about the Hutu and Tutsi people. According to their description, the Tutsi were elite, tall, thin light skinned well educated rulers and were said to be quit, reserved and relaxed. Yet some Europeans described the same qualities negatively saying that the Tutsi were secretive, arrogant, and lazy, also sometimes interpreted as wealth and power, as a result of shrewd opportunistic, unscrupulous behavior in their part.

Some Europeans even suggesting that the Tutsi, rarely speak their minds and so offer lies especially when dealing with a stranger.
Nevertheless, during the early colonial period, most Europeans believed that the Tutsi were natural born leaders. They saw the Tutsi as superior to the Hutu (majority) in all aspects and believed that the Tutsi were therefore, destined to rule the Hutu. Because the Tutsi were taller and more advanced than the Hutu, the Europeans believed that the Tutsi were descended from Ham, a person mentioned in the Bible and called them Hamites.
In contrast, the Europeans described the Hutu as short, stocky, uneducated peasants who comprised the general population and darker than the Tutsi. According to the Europeans the Hutu were servile, rowdy, gluttonous and undignified.

ETHNIX STRIFE: Ethnic conflicts can be caused by one issue or by a combination of factors. For instance, different religious, social, or political beliefs can divide people. Discrimination against people based on their ethnic identity, social status, ancestry, wealth, education level, or the language they speak can also lead to conflict. In Rwanda the Hutus and the Tutsis share a common language and a set of social values and have the same religious beliefs. The clash between the two groups has resulted from social and political power struggles. The Hutus and the Tutsis have a complex history. By early 1800s’, the Tutsis were politically powerful and held much of the best land in Rwanda. Meanwhile, the Hutus were mainly peasants, farmers, and unskilled labourers who had little political and social power. As a result, the Hutus and Tutsis were divided along class lines. However, the political system was complex, and some Hutus held positions of power. In addition, intermarriage between the Hutus and the Tutsis was common, and identities were common. Hutu families that acquired wealth would come to be regarded as Tutsi. Conflicts, when they occurred, cut across ethnic lines, uniting one faction of Tutsis and Hutus against another. During the colonial government rule during the Germany and s, they favoured the Tutsi and exaggerated the existing class differences. The favouristm allowed the Tutsis to gain greater control over the Rwandan society. Tutsis acquired land and received positions and business in the colonial governments by then. With the help of the colonial powers, the Tutsis were to crash any Hutu resistance to Tutsi dominance. During that time, the Hutus became the second-class citizen with little access to education and few means of improving their lives.
A change in attitude by the Belgian colonial authorities enabled many Hutus to gain access to education in the 1050s. This change not only allowed the Hutus to move upwards in social class but also gave them an increased awareness of their human rights as Rwandan citizens. From then on, fuel for the Huts-Tutsi conflict came partly from the discrimination many Hutus felt they had suffered under centuries of Tutsi rule and European colonization.

An outgrowth of these feelings was the 1959 revolution, which led to social and political advancement for the Hutus. After 1959 ethnic discrimination was reversed and turned against the Tutsis. Hutu leaders insisted that, as the majority, the Hutu people should rule the country. Hutus came to dominate economic and political life- a situation that remained in place until the recent conflict of 1994 which was speared by the Tutsi who were in exile in Uganda from 1959 under the umbrella of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), a political and military organization created and organized by Tutsi exiles in Uganda. Fred Rwigyema and Paul Kagame , two Tutsi officers in the Uganda’s national resistance Army established the RPF in the late 1080s’. For your information, Paul Kagame now the President of Rwanda came to Uganda in 1959 when he was two (2) years old, until in 1994 after they invaded Rwanda and were able to return as refugees.

N.B This is part one of the entire story. More will follow in part 11.
After reading the introductory historical phase, what do you learn from it?

The Tutsi who now have become a major problem in the Greater lakes region of Africa, are trying to expand their empire to cover the East and Central African region.
Secondly, all what is happening in Uganda like the land grabbing, making the natives poorer is a master plan for them as they did and succeeded against the majority Hutus in Rwanda and Burundi.

What should we do from the above? Let’s all put out fist together, to unite as patriotic Ugandans to prevent what happened to Rwanda to again occur in Uganda. Prevention is better than cure.

Wait for the next Phase. This information is researched from various sources of books namely:
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Singa ekyo tekilabukilirwa mangu, abantu bandyekyawa anti bwonyigirizza ennyo ennyindo, ogizaazza emize. Banayuganda bandyegatta nebatandiika okwelwanako okulwanyisa abantu abatono abalabika nga babatudde ku nfete. Ate banayugnanda abasing bakyalemeddwa okuyiga ebyafaayo bya Uganda naddala nga zi Gavumenti zikyusiddwa kukifuba, biki ebiba biddilira.
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Mayiga has done well as Buganda’s Premier!



The rule of thumb is when you see individuals win some position attacked by extreme right and left wingers means the individual is actually performing great. Right or left winger only praise individuals who do nothing.

The fact that the current prime Minister Owek Peter Mayiga is being attacked by neo-conservatives and left wingers is an indication of the great things he has accomplished under his watch within the constraints of the circumstances. Owek Katikkiro Peter Mayiga is not deluded by some utopian thinking to sit around and wait for the ideal environment before he can do something for his subjects.

He took the bull by the horn and the results are there for all with the balance to see and appreciate.

The “Ettoffaali” has been great success. And so is the completion of “Masengere,” . BTW, those making most noise and dismissing his success are the “mukono gamu” who have not given even a penny. Go yes the cheap. Go figure.

Owek Katikiro was given lemons and he has made very good lemonade out of it. Now his critics keep on shifting gear mbu he should be given powers. Who should give him the powers? Funny those talking like that are died hard NRM.

Everything Owek Katikiro has done such as his successful ‘Ettoffaali ” is in line with Buganda ‘s values of “bulungi bwansi”. But ugandans prefer to praise bure types who are talking shops. Look at KCCA and collapsing bridges in the city. What has the city with more money done for the people of Kampala?

Owek Katikiro should continue making lemonade from the lemons he has been handed. And why should Owek be the one to fight for democracy in Uganda? What about the bumbling opposition? They are paid is it 30 million shillings a month to talk about democracy so what have they done?

Owek Kakitiro should now move on issues such as health and preach common sense to save lives. We keep saying the health care suffers from poor funding. Yes. But many of the diseases killing Ugandans call for common sense to prevent. Trouble is no one is talking about preventive measures. Take cholera. Why should people of all places Kampala city died from cholera?

politics is about compromise. In the USA with divided government, a president and congress from different parties must compromise to advance their programs. Sure no side gets everything, but if they compromise they get something done.

In my training the most important concept is the margin. We are trained to focus on marginal not total changes. So from my angle Owek Katikiro Mayiga has done very well. If you look at the changes at the margin, his achievements are huge.

Of course, I know his critics lacking appreciation of the value of the margin look at total changes. Wrong. I bet The Conservatives won the UK elections because they changed some people’s lives at the margin. It was those marginal changes-not total changes-that convinced them to vote for the incumbent PM. Likewise the position win if they reassure voters that their policies will impact their marginal lives.

Owek Katikiro Mayiga is a trained lawyer and is acting as a prudent man on behalf of his subjects. The key word here is prudent. Prudent actors do not sit there waiting for Godot. No. They weigh the impact of their choices or decisions on the margins. Of course not all people are happy but those who value the margin are happy. in Buganda the margin is expressed in the saying that take the little even as you keep arguing. Because of that insight Owek Katikiro has delivered through “Ettoffaali” where Ugandans from all walks have contributed what they can afford.

Well there is another insightful saying which goes that “kamu kamu gwe muganda/one by one makes a bundle. That is what his marginal approach to issues and problems has been able to do.

Now on land, I have concerns about the role of the Buganda Land Board in the destruction of Nabagereka Primary School Kisenyi. But other than, the Katikiro cannot tell his subjects what to do with their land. He may and should educate them about the value of land. For example that instead of selling they should lease.

I am a victim of the Land act. I have hundreds of acres of land through inheritance and I have the land title with me here but chunks of that land is settled on by bibanja holders and so called tenants many of whom cannot buy me out. I have offered them to buy me out in return for land title. They refused so no land title for them.The Land Act made the situation worse. Actually there are no winners except senior UPDF officers who are bale to evict tenants by force. I hope you are aware that most land grabbing and evictions in Buganda and Bunyoro are by serving senior UPDF officers. Remember on paper YKM says no landlord should evict sitting tenants. That only applies to civilians lacking NRM connections. The reality is that every day senior UPDF officers are evicting people and guess what, they are protected by police officers!.

The people who enacted the land act were stupid. Very stupid actually because they created the myth that you can have two or even three parties each claiming 100 percent ownership of the same land. You have a situation where land title holders claim 100% ownership of the land, the same land is claimed by bibanja holders and tenants each claiming to own 100%. That is why there are no winners but losers save for UPDF officers. Policies are supposed to improve not worsen the situation but the land act did just that> make the land regime in Uganda worse.

the land Act illustrates failure to appreciate the concept of the margin. Many bibanja holders and so called tenants wanted security of tenure. This could have been achieve through reforms targeting the margins. Yes it is possible to enact win-win laws. As of now the land Act ushered in chaos. As a result, the land Act especially in Buganda is responsible for food insecurity in the region. Why? Too much uncertainty.

I spend months crafting measures that could be considered to address and reverse the chaos. I sent them to the land Reform commission and received acknowledgment but so far no changes have been implemented.

Mayiga will be remembered for kissing M7’s ass!

Buganda Kingdom premier Charles Peter Mayiga during an Interview with Daily Monitor in Kampala in 2015

By Ssekajja via UAH forum


Depending on the lenses, each of us employs, to critically look at Charles Peter Mayiga, the Katikiro of Buganda, most of us will come up with either, good, bad, and all the in between.

The only important and most indisputable fact of Mayiga’s tenure will be his capitulation to the bullying tactics of the dictatorship, leaving the people of Buganda and all Ugandans at the mercy of Museveni. He will be remember as “the Katikiro who rolled over” and also “the Etofaali Katikiro”.

The interest of Baganda, and Ugandans, today, is not the restoring the Kasubi Tombs, or the finishing of Masengere, but establishing viable political conditions, that will endure and move the country forward, away from bad and corrupt leaders.

It would not be unfair to suggest Katikiro Mayiga, too, has fallen foul of the anti-bad government challenging stance, the line he towed before becoming Katikiro. He is benefiting himself personally, by softening his hard-line approach against a regime that has been in power for 30 years. He seems to have welcomed a life of luxury, military escorts, and give-way front running light flashing, noise making, police filled vehicles.

The guy who “crossed Lwera”, is laying in a Museveni handmade hammock, snoozing and being sung lullabies. He is now sitting pretty, running and enlarging his business interests. He is not bothered anymore by the decadence caused by the central government, as long as all is well around him.

The “Ensonga Ssemasonga” (the most important issue of all issues) is the return of federal sovereignty to Buganda, and extending it that to all regions of the country. The language should therefore be “return power to the regions as enshrined in the 1962 constitution”.

The only great Katikiro of Buganda will be one who forces the hand of the dictator into a twist, not one who creates buildings. Buildings can be destroyed, good governance will endure for ever!!!

When the Kstikiro uses statements to the effect of – ‘politics should end at gates of Mengo’, one can only draw one conclusion, – he has buckled under the influence of Museveni. What happened to that staunch monarchist who always accused the central government of stabbing Buganda in the back.

Well, If we are to redeem Buganda, and Uganda at large, from the clutches of tyranny, politics should be a daily diet of Mengo’s menu.

Should MPs of a party hindering progress on federalism, be allowed at Mengo? The answer is a ‘NO’!!! The logic here is support for Museveni / NRM, is support against the interest of Buganda.
Mayiga can influence how the Baganda MPs behave in relation to issues that affect Buganda.

We,from Buganda, will have to be steady fast, willing to speak firmly, and need be confrontational, if we are to redeem our natural birth right – freedom.



By Hon BETTY Namboze.

In 1996, Dr.Kawanga Ssemogerere who was the First Deputy Prime Minister in Museveni’s Government pulled off a very smart move when he resigned and struck an alliance with Politicians who hail from Northern Uganda. They formed a Political vehicle IPFC that greatly unsettled the regime which henceto had enjoyed unchallenged power.

This move ushered in an astonishing sudden mental and emotional disturbance to the person of Museveni. This was the first adult suffrage election that Museveni ever faced while in Power. Indeed the voting was organised in makeshift shades with black polythene materials and it was greatly rigged through ballot stuffing.

1980 elections

Ugandans came to know about this ballot stuffing when it was made public after the bitter quarrel between Kafumbe Mukama and Francis Babu who had both vied for the Kampala Central Member of Parliament seat. Then one of them let the cat out of the bag and revealed that indeed ballot stuffing was the key business in the makeshift kaveera shade.

After the elections, Museveni was up in task to break the Ssemogerere-Cecilia Ogwal led political alliance. An agitation was instigated in the Northern Uganda to blame their Baganda allies for failure to vote for Ssemogerere 100 percent. In Buganda, another agitation was instigated to blame Ssemogerere for allying with the Obote who “killed Muteesa and that he wanted to come back and ban the Kabakaship”.

These agitations were made to kill the alliance that had joined the Northern part of Uganda and Baganda region.

The fact of the matter was that Cecilia Ogwal wasn’t working for the return of Obote because, from exile Obote had decreed that UPC shouldn’t participate in a Museveni organised election. Cecilia Ogwal and the Northern Uganda politicians had defied Obote. On the other hand, the Baganda especially the youth had voted for Ssemogerere because of their strong DP ties. Museveni under a strategists team that was reportedly led by Bidandi Ssali had rigged elections heavily in Buganda to fit into the narrative that Baganda couldn’t vote Ssemogerere who had allied with the Northerners because they hated them naturally.

Soon after the elections, another agitation cropped up in the now semj-structured opposition, the opposition and majorly the youth were “tired of Ssemogerere and they now wanted a more youthful leader and candidate”. The youth in the opposition declared a war of generations, the old men and women had to retire and give way to the youth. The focus shifted from fighting Museveni to fighting for supremacy in opposition.

In DP Bwengye led a rebellion and appointed his own NEC with the help of the DP secretary general Drametu who was deputised in that faction by Lulume Bayigga. It was around the same time that the Uganda Young Democrats who included Micheal Mabikke among others came up with a Super star and Popular Candidate in the names of Nasser Ssebaggala.

To be continued

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