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Day November 21, 2008

Should we take traditional medicine more?

Now we are tackling a real issue that is killing Ugandans everywhere. Brother/Father Anatoli Waswa and I carried out a twenty year research in witch-craft and we concluded that traditional medicine is the best, BUT it must be devoid of okusamira where the witch-doctors invoke supernatural powers.
Taken simply without kusamira, evil spirits worshipping, in spiritis shrines, okusamira mu masabo, one can get all the medicine the witrch-doctors, abasamize claim to give but adding supernatural powers like invoking lubaale, amayembe etc.
Indeed, in Uganda as long as people still believe inthe powers of the basamize (witch-doctors) who tell blatant lies and play trick, this country will continue to be held hostage of these thieves and liars.
You can read the resultls of our research in a book we titled, UNVEILING WITH-CRAFT,  by both of us. You will find it in all bookshops in Kampala. Of late we have been privileged to get the secrets of the witch-doctors on how they make spirits, amayembe, talk and “walk” around. Yes the ex-wtich-doctors spilled the beans and revealed everything. Indeed,we have demonstrated the lies and trick of the witch-docgtors at the highest institution f learning at Makerere University, and you cannot
believe it, when we announced that we have the spirits with us, Makerere students took to their heels and left the room to be accosted by the spirits.
What we had goen to show them were the lies and trick of the basamize. More than ten lecturerrs and ove 100 students attended our demonstration and they could not believe that simple-minded abasamize can fool intelllectual to that level and for so long. We passed on the message to HE The President and his PPS, Amelia KYambadde, has agreed to arrange a n audience with HE, we are eagerly waiting to go een to Parliament and show thaose MPS who visit spirits shrine seeking the blessings of the spirits in order to win elections that they are being foold by simple minded unlearned people.
Hence, read that book and see that it is time Ugand moved out of the last century into the 21st century.

Henry Ford Mirima

Children out of rape or incest are innocent and need protection

There is now a suspected relationship between abortion and mental illness according to the available research. Here in the UK, following the publication of a report by the House of Commons’ Science and
Technology Committee, at the Government’s request, The Royal College of Psychiatrists is currently in the process of pulling together its research on the subject.

The move to update research in the field brings into question the longstanding assumption in Britain that a woman’s mental health is at greater risk from continuing with an unwanted pregnancy than from the possible emotional or psychological backlash of ending it. This sensitive new ground highlights the importance of the work that counsellors do in this field, both with women considering a termination, as well as with those coming to terms with having had one.

UK has got two organisations (Marie Stopes International (MSI) and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS)) offering counselling services and advice to women planning to do abortion in the UK.
According to data from these organisations, abortion affects a lot of women such that some feel as if they have lost a real child. There are so many women that end up in mental health hospitals as a result of abortion.

One may argue that a child born out of rape needs to be aborted because of the obvious reasons people but I again beg to disagree on this. Some women grow to love the children they got after being raped. The child is always innocent whether he was manufactured as a result of rape or incest and this child needs our protection and love as a society.

Yes, I agree that the decision to have an abortion should be a matter of individual conscience but individuals need to be guided on what is right and wrong when it comes to abortion. Some people argue that religion should not be a basis to help one make a decision regarding abortion but I think they are wrong. Religion is a way of life for some people and when one goes against it, one feels guilty most of the time. Religion should form a basis of decision making. As a Muslim, I will never support abortion except in fatal situations. So religion should be allowed to trump individual conviction.

The most important thing in all this discussion is to allow women to be entitled to safe pregnancy, safe delivery, and safe abortion. Clinics in Bwaise(Angola Zone) should not be allowed to be places
where women got for safe pregnancy, safe delivery or safe abortion. So the streamline of any abortion law should clearly be looking into this area other than legalising abortion. For instance, South Africa
reformed the abortion law in order to improve the health of women and prevent deaths among women. Abbey .K.S

Family planning:Children out of rape or incest

I know this is taboo but here I go.   

 Actually, abortion would not be necessary if women did not use it as a form of family planing. Some people sleep around carelessly without taking precaution.  One would expect such fornicators to take matters in their hands and religiously use the contraceptive pill-best protection. If they did, 995 they would not conceive. And without conception, there is no need for abortion. It sounds simple and common sense. 
 But matters related to sex are not that simple in patriarchal societies such as Uganda. That is where family planning comes in. I am not saying women should not please their men or than men should not love their wives/lovers.  That is  none of my business. What women should do is use their agency and go for family planning. If they can’t deal with the daily pill, they should go for other means to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancies. To their credit that is what white women realized since the 60s. They can have their cake and eat it too.  They not only sue the pill religiously, they also insist on condom use.  
They may be liberal, but nobody get it without the condom period. Why can’t it be the same among Ugandan or African women for that matter?   Teenage pregnancy among people of African descent in North America is 30%, way higher than the national average. Why? Because African parents have failed and failed miserably to teach their daughters and sons the dangers of fornications.  They pretend that their daughters and sons are angels. Wowe.  On the other hand white parents do not. They know and even encourage their teenagers kids to be sexually active.  but to take the necessary precaution.

Girls are told to use contraception to void pregnancy. Both girls and boys are told to use the condom to protect themselves against sexual diseases.  in many ways, the women who use the pill and insist in condom use have two and not one protection. Needless to say, they are not likely to get pregnant even in cases where they fornicate without the condom. In Uganda and I don’t want to sound harsh, it is the other ways round. fornicate endlessly and find out later. That is a disaster in country where abortion is banned.
No, abortion should not be legalized. What should be encouraged and promoted is family planning coverage all over the country. If family planning services are affordable and available to all the women who need them at a reasonable cost or even free in a country on the population brink such as Uganda, there would be no need for legalizing abortion.  The women of Ugandan should know that they can have their cake and eat it too.  

Take charge of your lives dear wowen. You and you alone can avoid unnecessary pregnancy without sacrificing the ‘fan’ of sex.  Moderate sex is even good for us so we are told by experts.  And it can be enjoyed without worries about pregnancy. Folks, the pill works very well.

And why would women want to endure the emotional torture of abortion?. Abortion is not an easy decision. It is emotionally draining. The good news and should I say common  sense thing is that unwanted pregnancies can be prevented. If they can be prevented, then there is no need for abortion. It would not arise in the first place.
Now and this pains me. In Uganda today incest is on the rise. In such cases, abortion should be allowed to save the victims and those are true victims of such horrors.  The other areas include rape.  Those victims too should be allowed to procure an abortion legally. It would at least eliminate the evidence to perpetuate the stigmatization of victims of rape or incest.

Now, you see, there is nothing controversial written here. What I have said is that choices for women in the form of family planning services should be increased. Women should be provided with family planning services for free to ensure that all those who want them get them.  Married couples who are faithful-yes there are still many-should be encouraged to use either the pill or natural planning method. Natural family planning is not effective for casual fornicators. Those should go for the pill and if they can’t remember to take the pill, they should go for an injection. Some will retort that the pill is dangerous. I say very minimally. The pill is safe. It works. It is effective and above all saves women the agony of an abortion.  

 If the women used the pill and men used condom, Uganda would be safer place. there would be fewer babies and certainly less poverty than is the case today. There would also be fewer HIV/AIDS carriers. It is common sense people. Why it is that we refuse to do the right thing?  If women or girls decided that they want to fornicate, then they should go for the pill to guard against unwanted pregnancy. I don’t which is more dreaded: unwanted pregnancy or HIV/AIDS or both?  The good news is that both are can actually be prevented.
Talk of legalizing abortion should be avoided. It will simply inflame the debate about women’s reproductive rights. There are safer and lesser controversial choices for women. Prevention prevention people. 
 WB Kyijomanyi

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