Should we take traditional medicine more?

Now we are tackling a real issue that is killing Ugandans everywhere. Brother/Father Anatoli Waswa and I carried out a twenty year research in witch-craft and we concluded that traditional medicine is the best, BUT it must be devoid of okusamira where the witch-doctors invoke supernatural powers.
Taken simply without kusamira, evil spirits worshipping, in spiritis shrines, okusamira mu masabo, one can get all the medicine the witrch-doctors, abasamize claim to give but adding supernatural powers like invoking lubaale, amayembe etc.
Indeed, in Uganda as long as people still believe inthe powers of the basamize (witch-doctors) who tell blatant lies and play trick, this country will continue to be held hostage of these thieves and liars.
You can read the resultls of our research in a book we titled, UNVEILING WITH-CRAFT,  by both of us. You will find it in all bookshops in Kampala. Of late we have been privileged to get the secrets of the witch-doctors on how they make spirits, amayembe, talk and “walk” around. Yes the ex-wtich-doctors spilled the beans and revealed everything. Indeed,we have demonstrated the lies and trick of the witch-docgtors at the highest institution f learning at Makerere University, and you cannot
believe it, when we announced that we have the spirits with us, Makerere students took to their heels and left the room to be accosted by the spirits.
What we had goen to show them were the lies and trick of the basamize. More than ten lecturerrs and ove 100 students attended our demonstration and they could not believe that simple-minded abasamize can fool intelllectual to that level and for so long. We passed on the message to HE The President and his PPS, Amelia KYambadde, has agreed to arrange a n audience with HE, we are eagerly waiting to go een to Parliament and show thaose MPS who visit spirits shrine seeking the blessings of the spirits in order to win elections that they are being foold by simple minded unlearned people.
Hence, read that book and see that it is time Ugand moved out of the last century into the 21st century.

Henry Ford Mirima


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  1. thanks very much. i pray that God allows this and more to be published. may the Holy Trinity be glorified for ever

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