November 2008
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Day November 30, 2008

Where has the aid gone?

A street in Kampala city

Everybody knows where aid money has gone. But nobody wants to face facts. The late Kisekka made the following comment, “Banayuganda sibategeera. Balaba ekintu ekikyamu bo kye bakola” That I do not understand Ugandans, they see something wrong and that is exactly what they choose to do.

The article in The Monitor which showed how Uganda is paying clossol amounts of money, billions every month, to maintain Presidential Advisers, and the chairman of the ruling Movement party, who do nothing but spy on the population on behalf of the Office of the President, should be an eye opener.

The money paid to Presidential Advisers should be used to build schools and to pay a decent salary to teachers so that teachers  in rural areas can be motivated enough to do their duties like urban teachers who perform well to the extent that their school perform very well.
The devourers of aid money are the innumerable political patronage personnel found in every aspect of Ugandan establishment. These people are appointed on just one merit, to push the interests of the politicl party in power. They virtually have no skills to talk about but they are appointed to high ranking positions where they do unprofessional things.

Like today we have a minister of finance but he does not have the ability to know that the economy of the country is suffering because the ordinary person fails to get change when buying merchandise. Failure to get change has caused indescribable suffering to low income earners, but Presdsent Museveni’s ministers cannot see this.

Go to the ATM machine where you are given 50 thousand Shilling notes. You go to buy goods with it you will spend a whole day without finding somebody who can change it into small denominations which the ordinary Ugandan peasants use. You need to travel by taxi and you are required to pay seven hundred shillings but you have a note of fifty thousand shillings. The taxi driver will punish you by either taking you another two miles away from yur destination in search of change or you will not be taken.

The point is , why cannot President Museveni appoint a minister of finance who knows what he is doing. The answer is ,he appoints only political patronage personnel who have no professional capacity to think out such things.

Some ten years ago the UNO put aside billions of dollors to specifically fund economic development in Africa like it was in Europe after World War Two when the USA gave Europe a mere 112 million dollors in the famous Marshal Aid programme.

The Europeans used that money intelligently and today all European countries are extremely prosperous.

But the billions given to Africa by the UNO were spent wastefully (or stolen), like Global Fund and Valley Dam money, it all vapourated into the air. That money did not do the kind of miracle the Mashall Aid money did to Europe. As a result Africa is still as poor as it was before aid money was offered. Indeed, we are so poor and ignorant you find Ugandans dying from giggers on their buttocks and armpits.

I have been tempted to conclude that Africans are of a low IQ but then there comes Barack Obama who has displayed  a rare IQ in outwitting the whites. You listen to Obama talking and yoou know you have an intellectual. But will our people follow Oboma’s examples? I doubt.

Briefly, the aid money we get is spent in making plans, including rigging elections, to keep the ruling parties in power.

Henry Ford Mirima

Bunyoro Kingdom spokesperson/journalist/writer

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