January 2009

Day January 7, 2009

Israel will never disappear

Try and find out how the stae of Israel was formed amidst ALL kinds of hostilities including the British colonial hostilities to their settlement in Palestine. At some point they were offered Uganda, of all places on the planet, but they themselves rejected it. Why? There were a number of incidents that pointed to the fact that all British colonial govts up to end of 2nd world war and beyond never ever wanted the Jews to settle in Palestine. Fieldmarshall Montgomery was sent to Israel just before the British Colonial govt in Palestine pulled out unceremoniously amidst stiff guerilla war fare mounted by the Jews organised by the likes of Menachim Beagin. Montgomery reported to the labour govt of Attlee that if the British pulled out, the Jews would hold to their land in Plaestine for a mere 6 to 7 days only after which they would be totally overun and completely demolished by the Arab population. They were wrong.
Indeed when the British pulled out without much warning to the Jews, they were seriously attacked by 7 Arab armies. Despite lack of food, guns and amunitions, infrastructure and ill-preparedness on the part of the Jews fighting against the well trained and well equipped Arab armies of the day, the Jews won that war. They did not have much help from any govt in the world at that time including America. This is a point that has amazed so many historians up to today – a miracle you could call it and many still believe it was.
I am not condoning what is happening in Gaza battles today especially the suffering of the civilians. Anybody in their right mind would not condon it. We all know that and we all know what transpired before the incursion by the Israeli army into Gaza. However, I also think that the only thing that can happen in that part of the world is for the Jews and Palestinians to coexist but the Arabs will not succeed in chasing away the Jews out of Israel. It will be the greatest miracle of all times. I have not read the Qouran but the Bible clearly states that God dispersed the Jews out of Israel for a reason but He also promised to resetlle them back in the same promised land of their forefathers – Abraham etc without intervention from us the mortals of this world.
john Okello
UAH forumist

Israel is a terrorist state

If the terrorist and racist State of Israel cannot tolerate co-existing with the State of Palestine. It should be wiped out. And it will be wiped out as kingdoms of Israel and Judea were once wiped out. Remember they survived on blood of indigenous Palestinians.

l have broken my taboo the second time. Which God of the Bible? How many Gods are there? There is only one living God. He is for all of us although we call him different names in different languages. The Jews and Arabs called him Allah. In the actual fact, in Aramaic, the language Jesus Christ spoke, He is called Allah and Jesus himself called him so. In Luganda we call him Katonda. As Jews call him Yahweh, El Shadai and others, we also call him Dunda, Lugaba, Liisoddene, Omukama, Omutonzi, etc….God is for us all not for the Bible.

Moreover Jews don’t believe in The New Testamanent and don’t recognize Jesus. We should be objective in analyzing Middle East conflict other than being religious fanatics. Abraham came from Ur in Iraq and in Canaan in Palestine, he found there natives, whose rights must be respected. If Jews are God;s people why were they cursed by Romas after Christianity had become a State Religion of the Roman Empire? Why did the Pope kept quiet as Adolf Hitler was slaughtering them? Why didn’t the Papacy made an agreement with Benedicto Mussolin which is still respected today? Were the crusades declared by popes to capture Jerusalem from Muslims, for the purpose of restoring the holy city to Jews or to Christendom? Remember these wars were fought before Christinity broke out into Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. Let the rights of Palwesnians, the natives, and Jews, the immigrants, be respected and they co exist.

It is true US is the godfather of Israel but it is not the first super power. One time Pharaoh was very powerful as he is mention in Bible and Qur’an, then Alexander the Great, the Perian Empire, the Roam Empire, The Muslim Emire under Umayyads and Abbasids, Spain and Portugal, Turkey, Britain, France, Germany, US and USSR and now US as the sole power. It will crumble as many have crumbled and Israel will perish as it has ever prerished and Jews enslaved. However if both groups agree on co existence, they may survive.

If it is the will of God Israel will perish and it ever perished not once, not twice. Do you remember the rise of the kingdom of Israel? Then division of Israel and Judea? Then the fall? Then how these people were enslaved in Egypt and in Babylon? And how they were cursed by Christians after Christianity had become a Roman Empire’s state religion, the way they were treated in the West , the climac being Adolf Hitler’s genocide, Zionism, etc… Any thing can happen, if it is the will of God.

Ahmed Katerega Musazi

New Vision

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