Why Amin Killed Father Kiggundu of Muno Newspaper

Extreme left: Amin, Moi centre, Kenyatta, Onul Ir. Njoroge Mungai in Nairobi in 1972

Extreme left: Amin, Moi centre, Kenyatta, Onul Ir. Njoroge Mungai in Nairobi in 1972

Father Clement Kiggundu, Munno Editor, was murdered in January 1973. His body was found burnt in the wreckage of his car.He died around the same time Mr Kalema disappeared, plus others like Dr Sembeguya,Jolly Joe Kiwanuka, Paul Bitature

Immediately after 1971 coup d’etat, Idi Amin hosted journalists and gave a bull to Rev.Fr.Clement Kiggundu, for exposing excesses of Obote l regime. In reply, Kiggundu told Amin, that the relative tolerance under Obote regime allowed him to expose those excesses. He prayed that Amin should do better. But when Munno Newspaper continued exposing detention of civilians in military barracks which provoked Amin operatives to burn Father Kiggundu inside his car in Namanve!

Fr.Kiggundu was succeeded by Serwaniko, who later switched to Ngabo/Star newspapers and was replaced by the late Kamya who died of natural causes. Serwaniko went back to Munno and presided over the demise of the newspaper after management under Michael Kaggwa and the late Anthony Wagaba Sekweyama, chased away veteran reporters; Tamale Mirundi, the late Teddy Babirye, Herbert Lumansi, and Annet Namukasa and also Kimbowa who was a photographer. While Tamale Mirundi started his Lipoota Luganda weekly, Babirye, Namukasa, Lumansi and Masengere joined Bukedde in 1994. Babirye is dead, Annet is with KFM, Lumansi is Bukedde’s Photo Editor and Masengere Bukedde’s Copy Tester.

It is so heartening that an established paper like Munno could fail, followed by Ngabo, Uganda Eyogera, Lipoota , Njuba Times, Ngoma, Saba Saba and many other Luganda papers. Had it not been Bukedde, Luganda would not have a daily in fact tehere is not even a weekly..

Mr. Serwaniko is breeding CRUDE waragi at his home at Luwafu in Makiindye Division. You can pass via Salaama road or Luwafu road both bantunized. He also worked with Tamale Mirundi in Lipoota as his editor, and they started an English paper funded by Sam Kuteesa through Moses Byaruhanga. This died during presidential and parliamentary elections of 2001.

Ahmed Katerega

Newvision Journalist and member of UAH



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    He had no chiose but to do it , for his beliefs

  2. Gold Ruyondo,

    You havfe not told us why and how FR> Kigundu met his death

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