Banyoro and Bakiiga live peacefully

Bunyoro-Kitara is the only kingdom in Uganda where everybody is welcome unreservedly. Just go to Masindi you will find Luos in Cope who even have their own Luo-speaking MP, OTADA AMOOTI who owns a flourishing Bus company by his name, OTADA BUS COMAPNY.

Bagungu in Buliisa DISTRICT and elsewhere in Bunyoro-Kitara are very happily integrated into Bunyoro-Kitara cultures and traditions. Even the Masindi Disitrict chairman, Stephen Biriija is a Mugugu. But Bagungu, Alurs, etc. and Banyoro live very happily together. Come to Kibaale District, out of four MPs two are Bakiga.

In 1965 the whole Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara, Sir Tito Winyi officially invited Bakiga to come and settle in Kibaale and they were allocated a whole sub-county,  RUTEETE. My own dad, the late Joseph Kazairwe played a major role in re-settling them.

And in 1992 Bugangaizi MP, the Ssali Sekitoleko in agreement with President Y. Museveni transplanted over 30,000 Bakiga from Tooro and settled them in Bugangaiizi County at Kisiita.

Banyoro are so hospitable the migrant Bakiga were given 12 acres of Bunyoro land free of charge. And later they were given Shs 12 million by the High Court. Where in Uganda do you find such hospitality and generosity.

Today the areas where Bakiga Bafuruki are settled are more prosperous than the ones where Banyoro are in the Majority. The Bakiga Bafuruki even changed the names of our sub-counties, for example BURORA  was changed to  RUGASHARI, ETC. We have Bakonjo and Bamba migrants in Kibaale living happily with Banyoro.

One must read Bunyoro-Kitara history and the Uganda Constitution. These documents show you that there are major historiclal atrocities which were committed against Banyoro and the Uganda Government has the moral and physical responsibility to rectify them.That’s why President Musevein called Parliament in 2003 and sought permission from the august house to ask for permission to unseat  a Mukiga, Fred Rulemeera, to step a down and make sure a Munyoro replaces him and becomes Kibaale District chairman.The Uganda Constitution says these historical wrongs against Banyoro must be addressed and when this is done it will not mean that Banyoro are more human than others.

Henry Ford Mirima


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  1. Kayiwa AKA Muzkays,

    Am a muganda, but I beleive that Uganda is 4 all Ugandans, What if Buganda sends away all non Baganda, where shall we be heading. if the Banyoro dont want non Banyoro in their Land, let them declear independence once!!!
    I agree with kingdoms gettin more autonomy but such autonomy shouldnt deny any Ugandan the right to live or work where they want!!

  2. Tusiime Ismail,

    The artcle is a very good one and portrays the picture that there is harmony between Bakiga and Banyoro in their land. I hope the writer means exactly what he portrays and if that is the case then we expect no further wrangles between Bakiga and Banyoro more especially over land matters as long as no Mukiga or munyoro grabs land unlawfully from the other. We also expect politics in the region never to spark off tribal sentiments like was the case in 2001 and 2006.

    Please I appeal that people of deferent origins should learn to leave together since even in history all people have in one way or another been migrants.

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