Buganda assets and negotiations

Kabaka Mutebi II

Attorney General made a presentation in parliament in 2009 while answering then Kampala Central MP Erias Lukwago. Our Foreign Ministry or that of Information and National Guidance or even the Parliament of Uganda, can help us. In summary, the Attorney General said that things that could be restored to Buganda without negotiations including palaces, Bulange, Tombs, Kakeeka etc… were restored in 1993 by the EBYAFFE Act after the constitutional amendment that restored kingdoms. The rest are and will be as a result of negotiations which are still going ON. He requested for a month to give full explanation. He however said that those like 9,000 sq.miles which he said is less, can be restored to Buganda Land Board as it was the case in 1962 Constitution , if a Buganda Regional Government is restored as the 1995 constitution as amended in 2005, is fully implemented.

 There is a difference between the traditional institution of kabakaship and Buganda Government. What was restored was the kabakaship as a traditional/cultural institution but not Buganda Government with a territory. The Buganda Government with a territory, a parliament to make laws, Buganda Land Board including akenda, are brought by the restoration of a regional government, you people are fighting. Even Bunyoro and Busoga who want it have been denied because the centre fears that regional government. Buganda has not been with poor negotiators but the kabakaship listened to many voices and we lost a chance of restoring our kingdom with cultural and political powers in 2005. Mulwanyammuli and his team including John Katende, Charles Peter Mayiga, Grace Ssemakule Musoke, David Kintu Wassajja, Apollo Makubuya etc… did a good job but were betrayed by the late Abu Mayanja and SulamAn Kiggundu who feared that Museveni and NRM were to get political scores. We may never get what we had got in 2005 thanks to hardliners like Muliika who only talk but even don’t fight. If time for fighting is over, then let’s negotiate. Our team should also include leaders of Buganda caucus in parliament and district leaders because those are the people with a popular mandate.

Under the 1995 constitution, customary tenants (including bibanja holders on akenda), leasholders are entitled for a freehold tittle. Unoccupied land was put under local governments. But districts under a regional arrangement can have a regional board. For the case of Buganda, Busoga, Bunyoro, Acholi and Lango, their districts are deemed to have accepted to cooperate under a regional government.

The monarchy is both cultural (ssaabataka) and political (kabaka). The cultural role is through clan leaders called abataka. That was what was restored in 1993 and which is verse 246 dealing with traditional and cultural leaders. But the political monarchy is restored by a regional government which, you have refused. Any body dreaming of having a king in the republic of Uganda with executive political powers the last being Kabaka Daniel Mwanga ll, should forget. Under 1955 Agreement Sir Edward Muteesa was titular head and that is what was entrenched in 1962 constituion.


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