How Museveni has duped Ugandans for so long

I am not accusing any Ugandan of supporting Museveni, just on record Museveni has no supporters and he needs no supporters from the word get go. Museveni operates by intimidation and his writing is very clear that if you terrorize the masses they obey. What I stated is that most ugandans became a victim of one of his ways. Museveni uses mass media today, but in Luwero he used what he termed Siyasa. They come on a village and pour out a barrage of information when it is all a lie and Ugandans buy it. They had a tactic of pilling up banana trees and then lie to the population that they have got a massive gun that is going to be used from Nakaseke and bomb Bombo barracks to smithereens. And a Muganda would show up at your door and tell you how he has seen such a huge gun in Nakaseke that is going to take Bombo Barracks down. The matter of fact was that they covered the pile of ‘bitooke’ with a ‘Tundubaari’. When you ask him if he saw the physical gun, a Muganda goes no but I saw it covered by Tundubari. Not only the population was targeted, so was UNLA.

NRA used to line up its fighters holding AK47’s then they would fire bullets as they were lined up, so one bullet from my gun to yours to the next one, and it kept on going on and on. The government soldiers listened to the firing and they failed to figure out what gun would fire that long without interval. They too thought that NRA had special weapon they never trained into. And this worked for NRA for it affected the soldiers physiologically. But much of it fruited for the population was ignorant.

And that ignorance did not start in Luwero, many Baganda actually believed that Sir Edward Mutesa had a gun installed in Lubiri but the Amin’s would not remove it for if they removed it the entire Kampala would collapse. That lie walked Kampala taverns till when Amin came to power. Bottom line there was no gun like that in Lubiri and it simply does not exist. The same Baganda belied that Tanzania forces had a gun called Sabasaba which would pick up a soldier among a group of people, they stated that if many people are sitting down the bullet will only pick up who ever had a uniform and a gun. No actually the reason not many civilians were not killed during that war was because unlike NRA, UNLF did not target civilians. And I will come back to that point after.

The same Baganda believed that President Binayisa brought equipment that can pin point a gun, and they said if you have a gun in your house they will simply walk into the house and pick it up. That equipment was not in Uganda and it simply does not exist. What I am accusing Ugandans is that they bought in those lies and half truths and they depended on them to make a decision of their political path, which was to follow Yoweri Museveni and NRA/M to ChakamuChaka.

Uganda never went to DRC for security reasons; your governors simply used the same ignorance of the population to build that war as they have built the war in the North for generations. When the French left Rwanda, they were replaced by the British and Americans and the main target was to replace the French and Belgium’s in DRC to mine as soon and as much as they could. DRC had minerals but DRC also had timber. It was a search of personal income, but in the process they used that time to make sure that they kill as many Hutus as possible.

You see before they go for a loot they have to get a story well written, they create the victim, who will be killed and then they will loot as the rest of you are praising their successes. When they wanted to take the land of Acholi they pumped up a name of Konny, a man that tried to fight Uganda and gave up twenty years or so ago. They maintained that name as the rest of you bought the story, the cows were driven to Acholi land and are grazing as you read this writing. Many UPDF officers own large farms in Acholi land and you can verify this with Kateregga, so you need to have the ability to question how a major can hold a farm in the North and Konny does not kill him but when an Acholi moves from his camp to his house Konny kills him. Surely Ssemuwemba can’t you question that? Did any one ever move his cows into Luwero and start to graze during the war? Why do we have thousands of cows in Acholil and today grazing and Konny does not affect them at all? Surely Ssemuwemba can’t you question that either? Why take the cows to Acholi land? Because many of those cows were looted from Karamoja and they would not survive in the land scape of Ankole which is wet grounds and rain, they needed a land as dry as Karamoja, and Acholi land was available for grabs. So pack the population in camps and graze the damn cows while singing Konny is killing the Acholis.

Uganda government went to DRC to create a safe heaven for the western companies that mine DRC dry and in return the Museveni’s Besigye’s were also allowed to loot as much as they would. It was a business investment, and that is why I was so offended by Ssabassajja who clearly knew what was going on in DRC when his own people were being sacrificed, yet made no stand about it. He actually at a certain point encouraged Baganda parents to register their children in UPDF. That is not the King I am interested in he should make the safety of his people number one.

There is no country that has lost people as DRC, in fact DRC makes Luwero deaths a joke. These murders were built on FRONASA which started it in Mbarara to Mawogola to Lake Katwe to West Nile to Kampala to Luwero to Kigali to Southern Sudan to DRC. The only common factor you have in all those places is Museveni and FRONASA. Dr Kiiza Besigye and Gen Mugisha Muntu will never write any thing for they cannot write about their actions. In fact that is why FDC is an urban party they cannot walk the villages for the people know what they did. Yes they can go to Wobulenzi, Timiina Naluvule Luwero and Nakasongola, but Kiiza Besigye cannot walk into Nakaseke for example, campaign and get a constituency, NO WAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!!!! And he knows it. What I wonder is why men of great respect like Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba cannot understand that.

The reason civilians survive in Amin’s war was because UNLA and TPDF had specific instructions to make sure civilians are protected. UTC buses that were taking the soldiers to front line were comming back with civilians and putting them into community centers where they were fade. But many times those buses were traveling on roads that were under a watch of UNLA, they were always let go for the occupants were not soldiers.Yet the Dr Kiiza Besigye’s and Mugisha Muntu’s were targeting buses that were publicly known to be civilian buses, and I have already talked about Owinyi Kibul bus here. There was no single civilian bus that was bombed on Masaka road or any where that Amin’s war passed. So how can Besigye and Muntu speak today? That we blew up the population in Luwero in day light? That we were putting on UNLA uniforms in day light drive their LandRovers and we blow up people to make the Obote soldiers look bad? Ask your self why Tanzanians and UNLA never bombed the buses to blame Amin. And yet most Ugandans would have agreed that it is Amin killing people without question.

I am there fore appealing to you to slow down and look at these issues slowly, because much of what you were fade was to the advantage of the Museveni’s. We have had a great number of Rwandese in Uganda that have murdered very many of our people, and they have done it all under a cover of Obote is a bad man, many of those Rwandese left our country and headed back to Rwanda but many also remain in our country. And what we need from them today, is a right to stand in front of a commission so that they tell us what they know that happened, for 3/4 of the information we have on Uganda is about what Obote and his army did and much is a lie. If you do not know what FRONASA did in Uganda, you are in no position to blame Obote his government or UNLA. I also want to indicate that because the Museveni’s knew that they lied about Obote and UNLA to get to power, because they knew how Obote had a good intentions to lead Uganda to prosperity, but they did all the dirt on his back to be able to come to power, I believe that it was very instrumental in allowing him to have a state funeral. The Besigye’s, the Museveni’s and Mugisha Muntu’s knew that the murders were not committed by Obote.

What I fail to understand is why you the Ugandans that were fade those lies did not ask why Museveni offers a state funeral to a man he told that will be shot if he ever lands in Entebbe. That is the intelligent question Ugandans miss to ask their Museveni as he continues to use them as condoms.

Byeebyo ebyange !!!

Edward Mulindwa
Ugandan residing in Toronto


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  1. Odongo J.,

    Surely, the truth will one day come out. Thanks for the info.

  2. I think the admin of this site is really working hard in support of his website, as here every material is quality based information.

  3. What’s up, for all time i used to check blog posts here in the early hours in the daylight, since i love to find out more and more.

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