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Day March 3, 2009


Dear Netters,

Thanks for responding to the subject of witch-doctors intimidating and causing untold fear amongst the Uganda population to the point of believing  lies and tricks of witch-doctors in attracting people to believe that human sacrifice of calousily killing young girls and boys in the unfounded hope of acquiring wealth from such barbaric acts.

One characteristic of all the respondents is that nobody has hit at the effective solution. Nobody has agreed that practitioners of witch-craft are basically honest, genuine people but who act ignorantly.

Only education of their minds will remove their ignorance. And this can only be carried out in the education system begining in the prirmary, secondary and at university level.

The press can play an effective role, but people like Kalundi Serumaga fear to antagonise witch-dcotors. Killing innocent young girls and boys should invite sympathy but Serumaga has never presented a programme to condemn this practice for fear of antagonising witch-doctors.

Most  netters are saying that witch-craft be criminalised and the Police Force be awakened to take strong action against practitioners of witch-craft.
The laws against witch-craft are there, but are they enforced.

The great weakness of these proposals is that the majority of Ugandaans, including the Police Force and the judiciary are all of them believers in witch-craft hence they cannot take  action against witch-doctors.

In addition to that, and we have established these facts in our book UNVEILING WTICH-CRAFT these people are intimidated into fearing the repurcusions of witch-dcotors. Fear of witch-doctors makes law enforcers, the Police and the Press,  to fear to take action against them. They fear to be cursed and to be possessed by the devil, they fear to be be-witched by witch-doctors.

This fear is based on ignorannce of the highest degree.

The only solution is to remmove fear from our people.  Fear can only be removed if they are convinced from the bottom of their hearts that the witch-doctor has not power to send spirits to attack anybody. We have established that there are no such spirits known as amayembe, lubaale, emizimu, ebyookoola, ebyomunju, etc.

In our book we demonstrate very clearly the basis of how witch-doctors claim to possess such powers. We have converted hundreds of thousands of witch-doctors who have spilled the beans on how they deceived and trick people.

Netters have asked me whether we have approached the ministry of education and other law makers to educate the population about these lies and tricks of witch-dcotrs.

Yes, we have approached the highest authorities in Uganda. We have written letters to H.E. President Museveni, and the MInister of Presidential aAffairs, Hon Wabudeya, and the PPS in the President’s office, Hon. Amelia Kyambadde. The latter had even made an appointment for us to meet the President but some how it did not materialise.

We have approached Makerere University and delivered complimentary copies to relevant departments like that of Sociology, Psychology, Education, Anthropolgy, Religious Affairs, The Faculty of Law,etc

The Presidents office invited us to meet Canon Ruhunda who is incharge of Religious Affairs in HE’s office. We carried two ex-witch-doctors to his office, and all the spirits and other paraphernalia witch-doctors use in the spirits shrines and demonstratred how  they tell lies and how they change their voices to sound like spirits and how they make horns (amayembe) walk about and how they make them talk.

WE were invited at  Makerere Institute of Languages where the department of Anthropology operates from and  we carried  two ex-witchdoctors who demonstrated how they make spirits (horns) and lubaale, talk and walk about.

Briefly, we showed how witch-doctors capitalise on the gullibility of the population to deceive them.

At this stage Ugandans should be abhorred by the story of the young girl who was so calously placed in a ditch, alive and watching every activity going on, sand poured over her and made her die a very painful death.

In civilised societies such a story would prop up in Parliament and the Minister of security would be put on the carpet, indeed, the Government would be forced to resign if the culprit is not found and prosecuted.

Briefly, the solution is to criticlly read that book and analyse it and see how our findings can help educate the minds of the people so that they no longer succumb to witch-doctors lies and tricks. It is only after fear of witch-doctors has been removed that we can face them and refuse to kill young girls and boys for their body parts to prescribe medicine for acquiring wealth.

We also approached the Minsitry of Education and donated five books to all the ministers in that ministry and their commissioners.

But, dear netters, we have never even received a letter acknowledging receipt of our donations. And this subject has never been even mentioned in the minisrtry.

Our suspicion is that these officers are themselves believers in witch-craft hence they cannot take action that will remove what they believe in. Or, they are so effectively intimidated by the thought that witch-doctors will attack them if they take action.

Henry Ford Mirima

Is banyarwanda a tribe in Uganda constitution?

Dear People,

Why don’t you push for an ammendment to the constitution?

You really must have missed out in the whole exercise of the review of the 1995 constitution carried out by the Constitutional Review Commission headed by none other than Prof Alfred Ssempebwa, a mulangira! The views you are expressing were expressed by many others as the Sempebwa report shows under section 11.6.  I am sending you the link to that report:


The report’s recommendation on the issue of the Banyarwanda was clear. Sempebwa states:

‘In our view, the existence of the Banyarwanda as an indigenous community in Uganda by 1926 is not in dispute and should be recognised.  It is not for other communities to impose a name on this community.’ [here he was referring to the name ‘Bafumbira’ which was given to the Banyarwanda when Kisoro district was transferred from Belgian to British jurisdiction in 1926]


Note that, Banyarwanda who were left out of the Republic of Rwanda after the post-Berlin partition were named after the volcanic ranges close to which teir community lived.  Those near Mufumbira ranges in present day Uganda were called ‘Bafumbira’, those near Mulenge hills in present day DRC were called ‘Banyamulenge’, those near Masisi hills also in present day DRC were called ‘Banyamasisi’ and those from Rutshuru hills are called ‘Banyarutshuru’.  All those people are BANYARWANDA, the people of the old Rwanda Empire that was cannibalised by the British, Belgians and Germans.  They were named after those hills to give them a new identity in their ‘new’ countries otherwise ETHNICALLY, they are Banyarwanda.  DO NOT confuse them with Banyarwanda that are citizens of Rwanda, i.e., the RWANDESE.  It is the Banyarwanda of Uganda who have sought to make a break by repudiating the derogatory name after some hills and asserted that they are Banyarwanda.  This became particularly urge


The confusion with Banyarwanda is a result of coincidence between the name of their ethnic group and the name of a colony.  That confusion never arises with other ethnic groups that are split between other neighbours just because those neighbouring countries do not share their name with an ethnicity.  For every Alur in Uganda there are 2.5 in DRC (the so-called Lendu), for every 1 Mutoro in Uganda, there are 2 in DRC in Boga. There are Banyoro in NW Tzania, Itesot of Kenya elect Eimormor in Soroti etc.  Imagine if Southern Sudan was called Acholi.  What would have happened with the Acholi in Uganda? Or if Mao engineers a secession of Acholi, what would happen with the Acholis in Parajok and Kit in Equatoria province in Sudan.


They are saying they are Banyarwanda, but not Rwandese.  Additionally, let us not confuse the ethnic group, Banyarwanda,with castes, the Batutsi, Bahutu and Batwa.  Those were just socioeconomic classes just like Buganda has Balangira (equivalent of Tutsi) and Bakopi …the Hutus.  Membership to those castes was not fixed.  If you acquired alot of cattle, you could be dehutuised, and promoted to being a Tutsi, likewise if you were a Tutsi and lost your cattle like used to happen following outbreaks of rinderpest etc, you would be downgraded to a Hutu.  They were not fixed groups like ethnicities tend to be.  It is the Belgians that bastardised them into tribes: because Belgians have Walloons and Flemings as their two tribes, they wanted to recreate that arrangment in Rwanda and Urundi….with disastrous consequences…..


Likewise, in India there are similar castes, the Brahmans (Tutsi), Sudras (farmers..Hutu), the Dalits or Harijan (the untouchables…Batwa).  The caste of Batwa similar meant ‘the to be spat on’ …you know how you spit: ‘Khroo, twa…’

[In India, later on they got the caste called ‘Thugs’ the Hindu word which entered English in 1839…they were violent robbers who murdered their victims according to specific rituals, prescribed by the Hindu goddess ‘Kali’ (from which we got the Swahili word kali or tough)].

So, compatriots, let us broaden our perspectives a bit to avoid interahamweist rhetoric.


Yrs sincerely,

L/Cpl (rtd) Otto Patrick

UPDF Officer

Buganda Assets aren’t limited to those in the 1993 Act

The items listed in the 1993 Act are those that the Act says must be returned “immediately” (and even that has not happened in full, by the way).

The Act then clearly also makes recognition that there are other properties that must also be returned through further “negotiations”.

This is exactly where we have been stuck for 14 years: Buganda and Uganda have not been able to establish and follow a clear negotiation process. The problem is President Museveni seeking to personalise what talks there have been, and keep the proceedings vague (as was the approach to many of the NRM Peace Talks in the past). Second, while the process stalled, the NRM has been making fundamental legal and demographic changes to the properties that would be under said negotiations (e.g. donating land to ‘investors”; bringing new settlers to these areas; introducing decentralisation, and creating new districts whose “land boards” then claim and sell the land; using the CA to “constitutionally” remove Kampala from Buganda etc).

The purpose is exactly as one Ugandan called Patrick Otto inadvertently puts it: to ensure that by the time NRM sits down to serious conclusive talks, there is nothing left physically to talk about. This is exactly how they prevaricated for six months during the 1985 Nairobi Peace Talks. so that by the time they “agreed” with the Okellos, they had changed themselves from a beaten army of 4000 to a LONRHO sponsered mercernary force of 40,000, and promptly stormed Kampala.

Buganda’s position is simple and clear: follow the law and conclude the legally stipulated negotiations; stop making status changes to property that is supposed to be subject of negotiation; hand over all the peoperty that was supposed to be handed over immediately, or pay the rent arrears for those you wish to keep using; and stop making constitutional changes by the back door (eg: the Buruuli issue. If indeed Buruuli is not part of Buganda, let it be debated in Parliament, and a Constitutional amendment be enacted).

The choice is clear: either all concerned should follow the law, or we can and should all ignore and reject it. This will be the basis of a real revolution that will remove the neo-colony for once and for all.

This approach by Mr. Otto Patrick Mutengesa is what the English call being disingenous. Maybe it is part of Sandhurst training.



Journalist/Member of the ‘UAH’ forum


For clarification,in principle, saza and gombolola land estates were in principle, handed over, although actually, they have not been done so.

UPE and USE program in Uganda

Whereas UPE started in 1997, USE started with the 2007, ten years later. This implies that the beneficiaries of UPE the editor referred never benefited from USE. There are several factors responsible for the high drop out especially after P7 including but not limited to

· failure to make it from primary section to secondary

· poverty

· community’s perception about a girl child

· attitude towards education

· education environment

· early pregnancies

Several studies have been made about UPE drop outs and facts well are documented. Initially there was no free education after Primary seven, so many dropped out for reasons of school fees this is what prompted government to usher in USE even when other players thought we were ill prepared. We had however taken lessons from UPE and thus courteously implemented USE.

Government decided not to take on all classes and schools as desired we started with S.1 and S. 2 day schools in 2007 with candidates who had at least attained 28 aggregates. It was assumed that a parent who can afford to take a child in a boarding school is averagely fairing and therefore could afford to push on as Government supports the needy poor. This caused need for day schools in areas whether they are not available in order to extend this service evenly and equitably thus governments programme for seed secondary schools, one at least in every sub-county. We also cooperated with private day school to take on Government students as government constructs her own schools to accommodate the numbers.

USE at the moment is limited to O’ Level. Government proposes investing more in vocational institutions than advanced level so that 2 years after Ordinary level one comes one with practical skills relevant to his life. Then matters of theory and geography can be furthered by people with an option.

I am trying to access Mr. Kibenbe to get his comment on the inspectorate department and when I get it I shall post it. I have his mobile but I am not at liberty to give it out you can however try his office line on 414 258429.

However I want to let you know that there is no age limit to UPE. Many people too advantage of the opening up to education and went back to school when UPE started and that’s how the numbers overshoot. There is 75 year man who is now P. 6 in Arua and another one in 60s sat his Primary seven Kiwatule. He actually studied with his grand children in the same class.

Kids on the road: Government instituted rehabilitation officers at District levels to care of child affairs and they do a lot in resettling these children. They do monitoring up to their homes to settle conflicts in homes that cause children run aways. The challenge however is that this became a source of income. Many people with NGO to settle pretending to be helping these children actually entice them to keep on road. Besides others are sent by their own parents to stay on road and beg, so its been tricky. But I also agree that not enough has been done by the City Authorities.

Education was decentralised both by region and sections. By sections I mean Primary, Secondary and Higher Education. The Person now responsible for secondary education is Commissioner Nsubuga who can also be reached on 414 348026. I will talk to both and try to get their email addresses.

Aisha Kabanda

Former presidential Aide

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