Lack of Dialysis Machine & unprofessionalism killed Sekyanzi

Less beds in Mulago hospital

Fellow Ugandans,

Who is the Doctor who sent Sekyanzi ,the long term member and cofounder of Afrigo band home to his death?

Sekyanzi was seen by Doctors in the US last year and indeed diagnosed with chronic hyper tension–Yes High Blood Pressure” which will eventually kill us all off, -the group of Physicians who treated him found him with “NO AIDS”, but were wondering how he could have carried on with such high numbers of Blood Pressure for so long, causing his Kidneys to show irreparable fatigue.  He said that he had been a patient at Mulago and had visited several physicians in UG.

For fear of releasing a patient without providing some relief, the USA physicians did their due diligence and kept him in the hospital while they carried out a complete diagnosis like any well trained profession would. His kidneys were flushed and his BP was brought under control using a couple of drugs that can be found in Africa- they went a step further and provided him with a clinical care plan a treatment blue print that can be read by a non-physician –knowing fully well that whosoever treats him next might not be privy to such a high level instrumentation.

Wouldn’t you believe that even with the fool proofing of his treatment plan, this man who has touched many and has serenaded all of us professionally by singing sweet soul music for four decades, one who survived all the past regimes and all their brutality-he could not survive the last act of brutality, he was sent home a couple of weeks ago from Mulago hospital with probably both Kidneys not operating well and within a day or so his system had become so toxic that when he returned to Mulago his entire body had been so damaged that it simply expired.  Had the professional roles been reversed he, Sekyanzi, would have spent nights and days trying to produce what sounds sweet to the ear- he would have never released music half dastardly like-you see that is professionalism  to him it was quality control to the end!

What should we tell his children that yes there are a couple of Forest Gumps sent their dad home unaware that they could have dialyzed him? or should we all blame the government for not providing enough dialysis machines.

The Dialysis machine is a debate that has kandoyered us –well, since the new car debates in parliament. Can someone tell our legislatures in both branches that –High blood pressure like adult onset diabetes is prevalent among people of African descent-and they will eventually meet this last brutal act that was meted out to Sekyanzi in due course if they choose not to act and get us more dialysis machines and other diagnosing equipment in all our hospitals.

As for our Physician at Mulago please educate the public that kidneys can be ruined by uncontrolled “Blood Pressure”. Do not riot for compensation alone or demand for better working conditions .Get the necessary equipment –just like the army generals do- so that when we the consumers start judging your professional integrity, it would be done with a degree of certainty that you were armed with the proper tools!

Tendo Kaluma



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  1. that was a fine massege i read from your article as this was my father as i know in uk how they do things its sad that my country does not care as long its not the head of state or any big person, its nobody’s issue many thanks moses muwanga

  2. chris munyao,

    Hi, i suggest thst more doctors private need be trained in uganda , and dialysis reno units need be set up even private ones, just dont wait for the gorvernment the private sector need take a bold move to expand the reno unit in the medical sector of uganda, i do sell used dialysis machines thus my intrest in the above note regards.

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