Possible looting after Museveni

Dear Ugandans,

Politics is always local politics. Now that Aisha Kabanda, fomer presidential aide,  expressed all those good things that have happened in her area while writing on the UAH forum, how many Ugandans can stand up and state that they have received a half of such from this government? It would be very good if Aisha Kabanda give me an example of such a Ugandan especially in Northern and Eastern Uganda. What scares many of us especially the Ugandans out of Uganda is such an imbalance of services, for now Aisa have managed to put those services to her home and the next home is not attended to. I do not know how old Aisha Kabanda is but there was one time a leader called Iddi Amin, and he delivered these services in such a manner, he never had a national policy, so it was very important for you to live in Bombo to access the services of even basic service as a Republic Express bus.

At Amin’s departure we had an angry population which turned into a mob and looted all these services that in a single month, there was no single Republic Express Bus to be seen in a state of Uganda. Men like Maliyamungu, Abiriga, No Parking, Alli Towilli, Kemis Safi, Dustman Sabuni that had built mansions for themselves in Uganda, they were left empty in a single week. Bombo that had expanded to almost a level of Kampala was so looted that they  ended up even looting the tiles off the roofs. The operative car at a time was Honda Civic and Honda Accord, those were littered all over Bombo Gulu Arua road that they lost value. And all this was a direct result of Amin’s failure to create a national program to the state, and I say this for when Obote one and two was thrown out of power, there was no looting, for Obote had a national program.

Aisha Kabanda did not have to work in a president’s office to get electricity or a health center, it was her right as long as she was a Ugandan. I am great that either her or he father have managed to receive these things, but Aisha what about tomorrow? Has Aisha Kabanda ever sat in her good office and reflected at a picture of what will happen to her home village when this government leaves power? Will that power line remain functioning? Will that health center have an Aspirin after Museveni has left office, after she has lost that job and after her dad has moved on? I guess what I am pointing at is has Aisha Kabanda built those services on her village due to a national policy or because of who she is? And I guess I am not pointing at only Aisha Kabanda but as any Ugandan that have made any development in your locale. How do those developments click into the  national massive plan?

In Eastern and Northern Uganda, we have Ugandans that have been deprived basic services as basic as food on the table or a roof on their head. Suppose one of them becomes a next leader of Uganda after YKM which is a very possibility, will those services remain functioning? After Amin’s departure, a British reporter wrote a report that Ugandans need 5 hours to loot a city of London naked. At a time the population of Uganda was I bet half of what it has today, but we had not made it a government policy to turn the population into maniacs as the Movement has done. Had this British written this report based on the population we have in Uganda today, I think the time span would have been narrowed into a single hour. Ugandans, isn’t it better to build these services based on a national plan?

Again just asking !!



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  1. My brother, you are awfully right.On many occasions these NRM supporters think that Museveni is a God.They dogged themselves into believing that Museveni’s government has united people.That is a terrible dream.We remember everything that Museveni’s armies did to us.Cows were looted,you can imagin that even a generator which used to supply power to the people of Arua was looted and taken to Mbarara! Much as Aisha is still praising herself over her achievements,let her also have time to ask herself the question:WHAT NEXT AFTER MUSEVENI.the looting they did ,even inBushenyi where UPC house was looted up to the bricks must tell her everything about this question.

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