Bushenyi Ugandans don’t want Ankole kingdom restoration

This is genocide for Ankole and you cannot joke about it. For us, Bushenyi people(call us Bairu, Beiru or Biru, anyone of the pronounciations is O.K)suffered for centuries under the Horrible Kings of Ankole. Those are the trouble brewing people of the greatlakes region, as you know they are characterized by genocide,1959,1994.

Bahima are the tutsi of Ankole(Uganda) who speak our language in a strange way.They are known to kill very easily with their sticks(enkoni) even on suspicion that someone may steal their cow.Museveni being one of their relatives as his mother is Tutsi and a father is unknown(you cannot tell who your father is when your mother begot illegitimate pregnancy especially in those taboo days and your adoptive father such as Kaguta is neither as well ) is metting the same hell to Uganda not even a millionth of what our people suffered under the bahima kings.

If anybody wants to start world war 111,Bushenyi will surely fit the Balkans title.Quote me on this one.Those Bahima intruders will never make us slaves again.Let them enslave their cows or the lake Mburo game,buffaloes,kobs etc,in thie vicinity.Twabakoowa,period.

Jeniffer Biri

Ugandan resident in Newyork


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  1. Rwakyooya,

    Jennipher History repeats itself one time one day you will hear that Prince Barigye is the King of Ankore.
    It is not Bahimas case that they were blessed naturally by God. And you will never become A Muhima even if do what that was God’s plan you cannot change it.
    Nice time.

  2. Muhereza,

    Jennifer does not know what she is talking about. If you read a runyankole bible well, you will realise that we bahima speak runyankole in a very correct way. You need to learn more.

  3. we must restore our kingdom u woman.

  4. tumwine godfery,

    all the kingdoms got the problem of unudastarding people link so called biru but first know the orgin of kigdoms ad kaakama,kihima ad kairu.let jennifer bram GOD not bahima as clan ad bahima are still learding ankol king dom

  5. Ronald K. Ahimbisibwe,

    Anyone has a right to abuse or use any provocative language or any form of communication especially to this issue. But, the fact remains that there is completely no significancy in the idea of Obugabe in Ankole. What we only need is people to put their potentials at utilisation without putting boundaries of Abairu, Abahima and/or any other group. We need to mingle together as a people focussed to develop our area. We should instil a future for the new generation not based on useful or useless issues of Kingdoms. Our challenges are far bigger than Kingdomship. People, be realistic. Personally and ofcourse my people we believe we can do much better without Bugabe contention and ideologies. We love you all as one people from Ankole. Lets use our endowements and develop.

  6. benjamin kaakira,

    Jennipher doesnt have any knowlegde about the history of Nkore Kingdom. Nkore consisted of Kashari, Sheema, Nyabushozi, Isingiro and parts of Rwampara in pre- colonial times (Before 1900). What brutality she may be refering to may or may not have occured in Igara or Mpororo. Mpororo disentergrated into six kingdoms in the 1700s. The “Bahima” she is refering to have never ruled Nkore. The Abahinda who are the royal clan of Nkore since 1400 are neither Bahima nor Bairu as they descend directly from the Bachweezi. The first king of Nkore Ruhinda grew up with the maternal family of the Bayangwe and all kings have descended form that lineage. May be what should concern Jennifer 1. There has never been automatic succession to the Nkore thrown, it had to result after struggles among the Bahinda Princes. 2. Should Nkore be restored as of pre 1900 that is excluding Kajara, Igara, Bunyaruguru, Buhweeju and Some parts of Rwampara? 3. Should Modern Nkore be restored? 3. Should Nkore include parts that are now in Buganda and Tanzania? In my opinion a modern (Post 1900) needs to be restored. Let Jenniffer come up with any evidence that after 1900 the Nkore Bahinda rulers commited what she calls gross atrocities in Igara or was it the Igara or Mpororo Bakama (They were not refered to as Abagabe) she is refering to. Jennifer, i would encourage you to read deeply and understand pre and post colonial Nkore history before you start polarising the population in sectarian labels that are of your own making as a result of ignorance.

  7. mugerere robert,

    jennifer try to stop exposing your ignorance. im deeply hurt by people like you who instead of encouraging unity are preaching sectarianism! God forbid you are a munyankore. remember one thing that the bahima never casted a vote to become who they are. its something to do with a divine hand. and you will never become a muhima at any cost. you are the sort of people who can possibly ignite a genocide with your reckless mouth. better stay abroad

  8. Steve,

    Am here to award marks, Jennifer i give you zero my dear, Rwakyooya 0, Muhereza, 0, Tumwines 0, Now a country like Uganda with wounds trying to heal and yet characters above don’t want to see them to an end make me mourn inside. We are raising voices but we should have a sense of patriotism within us, what do we gain in figure pointing. I was glad when i read Ronald and Benjamin’s comments these are true pan-Africanists, these are people we need in Africa. Some people are lied that when killing is done there is a solution, No!!! to be honest with you another problem is built up, which would take, more and more years to be cleared than the problem you had at hand, people like Jennifer need to know that. Jennifer have you ever tried to finish the crisis of German till today, and tried to know the state of life those who carried it live? how about somalia, Rwanda, Liberia, hoo don’t stop on head lines my sister. Dig deep on the crisis and see if the starters are happily celebrating their cause..


    i do believe that nobody can make some ones’ origin,therefore no one should take an advantage of origin or tribe he or she belongs to, to suppress others in any community not even Nkole itself but even other kingdoms in uganda .Citizens like Jennifer to hell .because if they can do discrimination best on physical appearance then their level of understanding is so myopic.if some one was born to be a leader , no one can stop him or her its just divine power from GOD.so let Bahima do what they deserve and mind about your own business.thanks

  10. Atuhairwe Benards Mwine Rutaba,

    I am really impressed by that freedom of expression in Uganda today. Ankore people have that right of really expressing what ever is on their mind. However uttering out tribalistic sentiments at this time in Ankore is not a solution. We Banyankore, should unite and we develop our region.
    Let the matter of Kingship be discussed by the people of Ankore People. But if the same people feel uncomfortable with the issue of “Obugabe”, then the have the right to reject the issue.
    The people of Bushenyi have all the right to dis-associate them selves from “Obugabe” since they really feel uncomfortable with the issue. These people including me, have their own reasons against Obugabe. Reasons best known to them. Please hear them discuss. Let Ankore be a model Region above others. Lets not be like “The Baganda and the Baluli”. Please we already have a King and He is none other than “H.E Kaguta Museveni Yoweri”. He is our model, our Savior, Our liberator. And lets have that uniting man as our King.

  11. Tumuhairwe Ronald,

    janifer your very long to talk like that dear my sister we’re all from one region like me am from kazo kiruhura but i don’t care wether u’r from Bushenyi.ntungamo isingyiro.or any orther district.en don’t care if yur muhima or mwiru.only one thing i take is to be banyankole,like orthers have said that you can not become muhima when yur mwiru.and muhima can not becom mwiru. and i don’t see the reason why we should have obugabe whatever oba we do have or not..only one thing we have to do’let us unite en become one peaple and we devolope our wetern region.you peaple most in kampala you know that the baganda takes us to be one peaple and that makes me happy mostly when am in kampala. so please janifer next time do not talk like that. thank you peaple !!! God Bless museni and Banyankole

  12. Kamugisha Vincent,

    Some of the problems facing Africans and Ugandans in particular are 1. Too much ignorance 2. Luck of self esteem to mention but a few. This is why we are always looking for solutions from outsiders most especially the western world. When we have experts in almost every field and continuing to produce more while giving the jobs to foreigners desguised as experts.
    Most of the arguments presented above are informed by the distorted history imposed on us by the colonialist.
    You will find that throughout Ankole (modern nkore) there are both bahima and bairu. Which means that banyankore have always leaved together harmoniously.
    On the question of the institution of Obugabe, It is a fact that anyone who claims to be a munyankore cannot disassociate from Obugabe institution. It is our heritage and we cannot just throw away our heritage like that. We are leaving in modern times where Obugabeship if restored will only serve to defend our rights and rally bayankore for economic empowerment. This is an institution which can emulate the Agakan institution. To get to know what I am talking about look at the Aghakan establishment in Uganda, It has hospitals, schools, universities, factories and real estates, It is even the one running Air Uganda.
    The Obugabe institution is a chance for Banyakore to come together and emulate the Aghakan institution.
    Anti Obugabe proponents will argue that an alternative institution like Banyankore cultural foundation can do the same. But this is not easy because there is nothing that will bring Banyankore together in such an organisation. There are no structures, and mostly Its constitution is not in the Banyankore minds let alone the name Banyankore Cultural Trust.
    I believe multinational companies like Cococola, Pepsi Cola, Toyota etc are still managed by the founders lineage whether there proffesional or not. Most of us drive Toyota vehicles and drink Cococola etc without questions. Why are you questioning the grandson of the Obugabe lineage?
    To Jennifer I advise you to read about the history of the abagabe ba nkore and generally the history of the intercalastrine region.
    Abaine enama nibita abatagine. Fail to organise and argonise. We are already argonising. Look at the way our foreign bosses treat us at our places of work, when you are looking for a visa or when you go for Kyeyo.
    Let us learn to believe in ourselves.

  13. Nathan byamukama,

    kingdoms ought not to once again entertained in ankole basing on grounds that their negative impacts on some clans have not yet seazed and those that were negatively affected surely can not support it’s return in ankole forexample abasingo

  14. Arno. A,

    Ankole is Ankole, nothing else can change that, those people bringing in that no-sense of abiru and abahima, they are ill. we are all banyankole and we shall never let any part of ankole be stolen by such ideologies,individual,tribe or country. take a look at ibanda where i come from, we have a steady growth and we are happy with that.
    actually to remind all the banyankole, we the youth of ibanda have biggest plans for our future and no one will ever take away that, all we need is brother hood and understanding, we hold the future. and ankole is based on we the young ones such ideas are nightmares to me jennifer.
    well history has it that ankole kings had negative impacts on clans, something that was so stupid, we have to blame our grandfathers and past kings for that.
    plans are being laid out, and thier is going to be change, call it an evolution for ankole and the banyankole living any where in this world. and we people of IBANDA are proud for that. let me make a littel bit of orugambo or an open secret to you all.

    – no more ankole kingdom, we shall make it ankole empire state, and a leader shall be laid out to the public when right time comes.
    -we are to construct an airport at nyakishara air strip so that all the banyankole people have easy access to the outside world.and their will be ankole airline.
    -no more stupid things like abiru and abahima, all are brothers and sisters and every one shall learn how to speak in right pronounciation of runyankole.
    -their will be an armed force for ankole i.e ankole navy,marines,air-force,army and military bases, all made of only banyankole.
    -their will be a currency used in ankole and issued by the bank of ankole, it will have an exchange rate medium with the shilling.
    -we shall be at peace with all our neighbors.
    -we shall build a pentagram where all the technology developments will be handled and advanced with better paying jobs.
    -every un-employed munyankole shall be paid unemployent benefit not less than 1500 COMMS equivalent to 280,000 ug shillings.
    -the emblem,anthem,coart of arms will be new, and the great castle for the emperor will be constructed.
    -their shall be a technology fund, this cash will be used to fund all the projects advancements and grants will be awarded to every munyankole who thinks he can invent anything and their will be 6 high-tech laboratories for
    this, some will be constructed underground, others on land, the empire will controll 2 private laboratories.
    -ankole university will be constructed, we shall make it the largest in the region.
    -their shall be a culture fund, this cash will be their to protect our ankole culture
    -their shall be a religious fund, to protect our bachwezi ideology,all religions will be respected let it be masons,moslems,catholics,anglicans to mention but a few. WE want to tap all powers used by witches and every witch and magician will be granted this fund to finance their projects, and all the power will then be put in to the secret service for the good of all,
    – a new capital city will be constructed- the plans are already out. this ie where the castle will also be built.
    – all gold in buhweju and other parts shall be controlled by locals and other minerals except oil in lake George and other parts, and uranium in lake mburo national park and bushenyi and parts of ibanda will be controlled by the empire.
    -2 new power dams shall be constructed to provide steady power flow and every rural area shall be connected.
    -two new identifications will be established, failure to have one, their wont be buying and selling of any commodity, which means you are not a munynkole, their will be empire identity cards and bio chips, any one who has a bio-chip implanted will enjoy all the benefits provided by the empire, their will be even free medication, schooling, free houses and a payment of not less than 6,000 COMMS every six moths.
    -agriculture shall be developed and their will be an agriculture fund. farmers will have a stedy market since all the food will be bought by the empire.
    -their will be ankole food programme and every family must have a granary constructed by the empire.
    -the empire will set up industries to manufacture weapons such as automatic high tech guns, bombs and everything, this will be meant for our protection not to fight wars.

    Their is a lot going on brothers and sisters, i cant tell you every thing, all we need is to wait for the right time which is about to reach, and every thing will change forever and for the best of all banyankole people living any where in this world.this is an opportunity for a life time.

    see you at that day,

    uisjjiwokqmjiqooquj- that is the code that we endeavor.

  15. Nabaramutsya, mwebare kuba abanyankore barungi. Ruhanga rukira byona nabakunda kandi abampeere emigisha. Atusaasire abibi byeitu omubigambo aha ruguru.
    Let me get straight to the point. History is made – by human beings. History is not devine. History is just a recount of past events. I agree with those who say that the future is in the hands of young people – to reshape it. The old guys have already made their history, some of which we credit and some of which we strongly blame. So we need a solution that solves CURRENT problems, not a solution to repeat (irrelevant) history. Yes its our history, but it doesnt guarantee relevance to current situations. We need a solution that will solve current problems and also put us on a road to a better world. We all know these (related) problems: unemployment, poor quality of education, poverty, low standards of living, marginalisation in communities etc. If obugabe can realisticaly solve these problems, so be it,and if it cant, let it sod off!. So I would love to see a discussion of whether obugabe is a solution or not, but not this business of who is who, what is our history, who is wrong and who is right, who is saying the best words, who cannot be who… etc. This is not different from what I saw on a blog talking about whether its ok for Dan Muliika to head Gwangga Mujje. Certain 2 bloggers occupied space pointing fingures at who is the most correct Muganda among them. Sorry to say, but it gave a faint hope to the aim of the whole thing if even the subjects themselves dont agree with each other. This is a lesson. By the way, a discussion on the BBC is already going on to prove using DNA that your race/tribe is not determined by language or taboo or clan or skin color. That these tribes (we are told we belong to) are there for identification (to avoid marrying our sisters, etc), but not a basis to determine that one person is biologically very different from another.
    now to speak for myself, I went through Ugandan Primary, Olevel, A level, MUK, and now working. I was pursuing scientific courses with limited holidays to interract with culture, which became worse at campus with recess terms now and then. There was no course unit talking about the use of kingdoms in improving science and technology, creating employement, reducing poverty, etc. I havent had a cultural king in my life time so far. I am therefore caught up in a mix I dont understand, and i am being forced to accept it “because its my history – with no LOGICAL reason for me to follow it”. We have several people falling in my category. My advice to kingdom agitators all over Uganda is to add Kindgom ideologies to our curriculum so that while at school, we get acquainted with its usefullness. We are in the 21st century, a knoweldge based society, a digital society, global village name it. Take it or leave it, believe it or not, the bigger the territory, the better. Thats why Britain, with its discoveries had to embark on colonisation, to make its empire bigger. So we need all Banyankole, all Baganda, all Kenyans, all east africans, all southafricans, all of africa to be great.

  16. Asa Ahimbisibwe,

    I am really glad that banyankole are discusing this obugabe issue. What is saddening though, is the fact that most of us still have the racial, tribal, and personal animocities which most importantly result from lack of knowledge about the issues at hand.

    First of all, History is history, we all have history, we can not change history, but we can learn from it, better our today and change our future.

    Look at the great Nelson Mandela, if this guy dwelt on what really happened to him, he would have been the worst dictator or president that ever lived, may be he would have spent all his time as president dishing out revenge to the White men and women who wronged and imprisoned him for years. Would he have changed history, would this be a good thing? would South Africa be where it is today? would he have the respect of most in the world today?? The answer is No.

    What the banyankole need to do is to look into the future, for better life, reduction of poverty, creating jobs and markets, developing tecknology and so on, and not the petty things of who is Mwiru, muhima, past kings,and that finger pointing.

    I believe as a person, that if King Barigye is a modern King that is inclined to develop all Ankole, it would be a big break that ever could happen to Ankole, just imagine The King having an agenda of starting Schools, Universities, Nursing schools, Hospitals,….irrespective of our different Political views and past history, all banyankole would be united for development.

    But, all this talk and discussion is really not complete if there is no input from the man him self where all this controversy rotates. If Prince Barigye for instance stood up and took a tour of Modern Ankole, pay courtesy call to the banyankole, dispell the rumors of past poor treatments by some past leaders and kings, calls for unity and lays down developmental plans for his kingdom, then banyankole would consider this, may be.

    What banyankole nned is some one to propel them into the future, development, whether a king, a politician or any other person with a vision. Suffice to say that, if all the issues of kingship were worked through openly, a King would be a best suited man, with no political or religious biases to push only Developmental aganeda forward.

    Prince Barigye and all banyankole, but especially the agitators of Obugabe, should learn from the weaknesses and strengths of the already existing monarchies and plan to deveolp and present a much better proposal to banyankole. We need development and not cultural wrangles that for long keept Africans and Ugandas behind. when people are going to the moon, us Ugandans and Banyankole especially are discussing ascent, number of cows, and history.

    Come on banyankole, we can do some thing.

  17. We should live in peace I don’t care either bahima or banyankole all I know they are both Banyankole this is what caused the 1994 Rwanda Genocide So don’t become like the merciless Hutu RUHANGA help us

  18. T.A.B.(LEAGUE),

    Well, well Janifer , i think you are right according to your self. BUT you do not know the God’s pan who created the kingdoms and gave them their KINGS.
    We all very well know that during the Bagabe there were no tribalism and
    division ism as it’s a case now in our beautiful kingdom. Therefore if our Ankole has its descendants, son, and grandsons, let our GOD who gave us kingdom like others around he world, RESTORE and put back our CULTURE.

  19. Calm down my uncles, let peace prevail,stop writing ‘hate speech’ on sites like this one.

    (p.s-someone around st.kaggwa in bushenyi help me trace my uncle bario ssebalongo,my mum(milan kobusingye) passed on in ’92 ,my dad was a prison warder at mbarara prison. Am now in kenya,my numbers are +254714406918,help me find him and my two sistas,caroline and godliver. Nicetime

  20. Tumukugize Darlington,


  21. Kasheka Michael A.,Guangzhou, China.,

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to write something as well. am not an absolute wise man about kingdoms so i will stand to be corrected if i make a contribution on this topic with the following questions running in my mind..

    1. Who is a Munyankole?
    2. What is Ankole?
    3. Is there a treatise about this kingdom and its whole or partial inclusion of the people and places in question?
    4. Who are the founders of this project Ankole Kingdom?
    5. Does it have values that it imparts in society or not?
    6. During the time this project-kingdom was running, how can it be compared to the time it is not running?
    6. Is this project in reference to itself alone or it has some relevance with other project-kingdoms both locally and internationally?
    7. Is it possible to say that Bairu form your own kingdom now and Hima form your kingdom so that they can avoid the foretold genocide? Were those values cutting across the Hima and the Iru? Can they be shared and each becomes independent or still something holistic can still be made?
    8. What are fundamental of a Kingdom?
    9. Do Banyankole have culture or they move with whatever comes because we need to follow modernity,western world and …..
    10. Are there stakeholders of values, cultures and norms in Ankole? who are they?

    Mwebare Munonga

  22. Elly,

    I hope ankole kingdom won’t be restored back coz da hiima oppressed da bushenyi pple .if it is bac we might see w war 3 in ankole

  23. Elly Greater Bushenyi Rubirizi,

    If it is restored;the hiima must stop there injustices so that it is developed. Now ankole needs astrong mugabe not necessarily from greater Mbara.Guys ankole was stretching as far as lake katwe and dat area was taken away. Any way if it is bac da hiima. Should stop their inju…not 2 see Bugerere riots in Ankole let us be united for the development of our kingdom.other kingdoms are getting development funds coz of their organisation.

  24. Prince Cpt. Karanga Rugona,

    My dear Jeniffer Biri, don’t ride on ignorance and confuse many like u who do not know.
    The people of Nkore have since creation lived in harmony , leading complementary livelihoods between pastoralists and cultivators. The royal palace in Nkore is Mugaba, the throne where the king shares the lands’ wealth among his subjects. The issue of Abairu, & Abahima is a tact of opportunists to divide and disorganize Banyankore for their own ends.
    Know your history my sister. According to Joshua Mivumba Kamugungunu in his book of “Abagabe B’Ankole” new edition, there was Ruhanga who had his three sons. He lived for long and when time came for him to go to heaven, he wanted to put his successor on his throne. He gave a test to his three sons of holding milk-pots full of milk in their hands throughout the night. In the middle of the night the youngest fell asleep & poured it all, the elder brothers were so kind to him and they contributed each half of their milk, making his milk-pot full again. In wee hours when Ruhanga was about to come, the eldest fell asleep & poured the half he had remained with. Ruhanga approached them to see who has passed the test, the eldest narrated the story of the whole night. He named him Kairu & told him that “from now on you are a slave of your two brothers”. ( a slave in Runyankore means Omuhuku or Omwiru womuntu i.e some one who owns nothing but survives on exchanging his manual labour for basic needs of life) He checked the two sons’ milk-pots & found one with half & the youngest with his milk-pot full and named the one with half Kahima and told him “from now on u r a servant to Kakama who has passed my test” And he further told them to always obey Kakama like they have been obeying him and told Kakama to always give, guide, defend & advise his brothers just like Ruhanga was doing. I hope now u have known that Omwiru, Omuhima & their Omukama are blood brothers.
    Banyankore should unite and demand what belongs to them. Buganda and other kingdoms had problems and still have problems but when it comes to anything to do with their institution they stand together. They are now agitating for federal when we have not got our regalia & our king. Some Banyankore, suggest that we hold a referendum whether our kingdom should or should not be restored. That is insane and being myopic. It can’t be political. This is an institution that has been there since time immemorial. Whoever is against it & is a munyankore should cease to be and history will judge him.
    By 1966 when president Obote abolished all Kingdoms, Nkore kingdom had existed for 600 years. It was started by Ruhinda rwa Njunakyi, taking over from his father Wamala the last Cwezi. The kingdom was called Kaaro karungi ( the beautiful land ) before it was called Ankole kingdom by whites due to mispronunciation.

    In his book, A History of Ankole , Dr. H.F Morris who was a district officer in Ankole up to 1890, says the kingdom of Kaaro karungi was started by the Bahinda Abagabe after the disappearance of the rule of Bachwezi. He says the kingdom initially had 500,000 inhabitants. The abagabe had their capital in Kagarama hills. Here at Kagarama, Nkuba ya Rurama the son of Ruhinda was our king.
    Waba otarikumanya eyorikuriga biri tokunya neyorikuza. At least Mr. Tumwine Godfrey has some hint of history about his background. Ankole kingdom should be restored for the sake of our rights and economic empowerment. And am sure no one willy stop this to happen. Be it Museveni who nulled the restoration of Ankole kingdom after NCT ( Nkore Cultural Trust ) had crowned Omugabe in 1993, or Kahinda Otaffire, & Mushega who are against it or any person. It is just a matter of time.

  25. In traditional African society a man would not be eligible for positions of responsibility if he did not have a home where a home meant his place abode plus a wife and children.
    This was so because one had to demonstrate his leadership abilities by the way he provided leadership in his home.

    Traditional african culture helped stabilize homes. Among the Baganda for instance, Women knew their roles just like men did. There was food for the men and this was respected. A gizzard was always for the head of the house, The man. Modernists like to dismiss such practices as outdated but we must admit they helped stabilize homes and marriages.

    The times of the Kingdoms in Uganda were times when traditional practices were crafted and refined.
    The Kingdom times which we are quick to label as useless and irrelevant were times when these traditional practices were developed and refined and refined until they served their objective of bringing social order.
    There are insinuations that as long as we can address poverty, mortality, education and as long as we can advance in science and economically we do not need a unifying cultural institution.

    Americans have advanced on most fronts except on culture. They have advanced in science, economy, military, politics, name it. However in all this, the old conservative cultures that contributed to social order were dropped for modernity. There was no more community responsibilty in raising children.Old practices that contributed to social order were dropped. What were the outcomes? High crime rates, un-guided youth (yobs), early pregnancies, high suicide rates, high rates of depression, degenerating morals, drug use etc, the list is endless.

    Buganda Kingdom has made tremendous progress ever since they restored their cultural institution. By the way i wish to state that the establishment of a cultural institution should be priority. Whether the Kingdoms are the best way to preserve the culture and heritage can be debated but we can judge from the way other Kingdoms are faring.

    The Baganda united under Buganda Kingdom have many enviable initiatives like Kisakate where women are being groomed to be good wives. While the rest of Ugandan ladies are getting dragged into the culture of sending flying kisses to their children over the phone while they go bar hopping, the Muganda lady is being coached on how to be a better wife.

    As a true Muhororo who is also facing the same predicament as the Banyankole – (steadily losing our culture and heritage )while we debate endlessly on whether we need a King or not we need to agree that whether Mukiga, Muhima, Mwiru or whatever, we need a cultural institution that will preserve our culture in the mean time.

    Let us sort out the leadership later when we have the meat in the armpit – sorry i cannot remember the kinyankole saying thanks to modernity.

    Edward Makobore

  26. Tumwine k. Ronald,

    People, remember the issues we are bringing on board are totally Immaterial. they apply no where in this world. the more you spend time discussing issues like these the more you expose your ignorance. Museveni is not there to last forever, and being a muhima or muiru takes you no where. I dought the level of IQ for those individuals who have such crippled beliefs. Personally am a cattle keeper having been born to Abahuma family in Rwebisengo in Western Uganda and the fact being that am an intellectual and arightful elite i don’t have time to discuss such stupid issues other than developmental ones.

  27. I’ve followed this discussion for almost a year. I’ve read articles and books about Africa, Kingdoms and tribes. I’m a Munyankole, an African and a Black Man. I’m proud to be who I am. I believe that God blessed Africa, Uganda and Ankole in particular. But unfortunately, some people don’t appreciate this fact because they DON’T KNOW HISTORY. I don’t blame those who call themselves this or that because it’s not their fault. Ankole history is not taught in school. Those who are “allergic” to serious reading always rely on mere stories from unreliable sources and end up making mistakes. Someone vividly says “we Bushenyi people……..” as if she represents a clan or district. Restoring Obugabe wouldn’t be a bad thing but the only challenge I’ve seen with Banyankole is that they don’t know the significance of Obugabe. Much has been said about what Omugabe or Obugabe did but most of the stories are baseless. I’m not advocating for restoration of Obugabe but I don’t condone sectarianism, tribalism and false accusations. What we should look at is whether restoration of Ankole Kingdom will promote education, health, agriculture, technology, etc. Who doesn’t want development? But when someone goes off the track and start saying how God made certain categories of Banyankole to be rulers and others servants, then it creates a bad impression and distorts the real significance of Obugabe institution. God bless you all.

  28. Hi there! I understand this is kind of off-topic but I needed
    to ask. Does building a well-established blog such as yours require a lot of work?
    I’m completely new to operating a blog but I do write in my journal on a daily basis. I’d like to start
    a blog so I can easily share my own experience and views online.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas or tips
    for new aspiring bloggers. Thankyou!

  29. Muzoora T Moses,

    Yes i don’t follow Jennifer’s line of argument because she is causing more problems than giving a solution. I personally agree that there could be a problem as to why Ankole kingdom is not getting its status, but that should not divide us again to wage wars against each other. But when you follow history closely well, you find that the kings of the time especially from Ankole handled their affairs in very difficult way to the extent that all tribes were not fully represented and honored. There the arrogation s that the king( omugabe) used to spit in people’s mouth, could place his spear on top of a persons feet and all these created conflicts with in the kingdom. However, Kahigirizi refutes all these accusations that there were all false. My argument there fore is that the restoration of Ankole kingdom should not be done now as we ( the government, the people of Ankole and the officials from the palace first find out why most Banyankole don’t like the restoration of Ankole kingdom. By doing this harmony and peace in Ankole will prevail as it is now.

  30. John Higiro Mihigo,

    It is interesting to remember that all Banyankole who love and obey Jesus will live in heaven forever and ever; but they will be living in a Monarchy — not a democracy — in incredible joy, where the King of Kings (Jesus) will be the eternal potentate , ruling by loving decree. The Banyankole (and the rest of humanity) who reject Jesus in Ankole and elsewhere, will live in a realm of chaotic and infernal ‘Demonocracy’ (not democracy), where Satan is the tormenting dictator deity, reigning in a pseudo-theocracy for ever and ever.

    So while still on earth, the Banyankole should wisely choose or accept and support their political and / or cultural leaders, albeit not blindly. The Banyankole understand best if they need a king or not, and for what reason. If in a civilized referendum they decide there is a need for one, then they should crown one like the biblical king David, or one with the qualities of Abraham Lincoln, or Mahatma Gandhi. In fact, Museveni himself is not all that bad for Ankole and Uganda, but given his earlier spiritual background and his perennial amazing intellect, I think he has the potential to do even much better for both, and for Africa.



  32. Denis Mujuni mwijukuru wa karega,

    well well well,,,may Jesus bless you brothers.and sisters

    Ian for unity
    Iam for love and brotherhood,,

    My questions are as follows;

    a} Before Bahima came from Egypt,,along the Nile,,who was the King of Banyankole?
    B} How far was the Kingdom of Banyankole stretching?

    When a fellow says that Bairu and Bahima are divinely Banyankole,,such a fellow may not be educated about the history of the people..

    Bahima are(come late Nilo hamites) who invaded Banyankole,killed them and imposed themselves over Banyankole…aka Bairu..

    And for your research find out about Karega,the king of Banyankole who was my great grand father…Truth must be told as it is.


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