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Day March 22, 2009

What happened to Hon. Luke Kazinja

He vanished towards the end of January 1984 (on the 27th to be precise) after his home was invaded by a platoon of UNLAs.

Former DP MP for Rakai North,Luke, later became an editor in The Star newspaper. He survived narrowly by the killing squad of Chris Rwakasisi, run to the bush and ended up in FEDEMU. His crime was defending Ugandan Banyarwanda and Rwandese refuges whom Obote ll was chasing. By the way Internal Affairs Minister Luwuliza Kirunda was on his side.

Conspiracy is something you cannot defend some body because you don’t know what s/he does in darkness. But Kayinja’s clash with Rwakaisisi over chasing away Ugandan Banyarwanda and Rwandese refuges was in parliament. Luwuliza Kirunda defended him. He also told me that all the years he was in FEDEMU, he had discovered that Kasirye Gwanga was a mole for NRA and one time he wanted to smuggle him out of FEDEMU. “he used to tell me that with my intellectual calibre l should not be in FEDEMU but in NRA,” he told me. He however feared that Kasirye was just spying on him. Pole Mukiibi is arround and always deliver memorial lectures on Kayiira’s annual days.

Luka kazinja used to hide boys like, Semugoma, Setabi Mayiga and others who were in  Aban task force. Infact those day there was another old Man who was known by his nick name Kubo, in full Kubolyebukwanga- who happen to be in problem with Rwasisi boys at th same problem with Luka Kazinja. For your information there was no munyarwanda among these boys. When UPC atacked kubo’s home at Buloba he went to join FEDEMU with two young men, I think one was his son.

Kazinja was a nice man and a coward as he failed to say something when some thugs in the movement wanted to kill commissioner Kalisoliso. Kazinja loved his country but found himself on wrong team. Anyways that’s history hope people learn from the past. Kazinja and Kivejinja were right to fear Kasirye Gwanga. Kasirye was like weather and still is. That’s why when he reported in NRA at 7th Battalion HQ in Mityana Buye he was placed at kandoya until Salim Saleh came to his rescue. Gwanga is a funny guy and when I read about him in Byendabye mbilabye I laugh.  Gwanga, Late Amurani Lulangala, late walusansa Kasansula, and Tomosange his brother in law used to  know each other.

Immediately after NRM/NRA take over, Kazinja was appointed political assistant to Minister of Commerce Evaristo Nyanzi. This was after he had briefly worked on the Censorship committee in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Okellos Military Junta. When Nyanzi was arrested and charged with treason, that was the end of Kazinja’s political career. He ended up editing The Star newspaper where John Kakande, New Vision News Editor, was News Editor assisted by Richard Mutumba, until recently Daily Monitor’s Deputy News Editor.

Ahmed Katerega/Sijja juju

UAH forumists

State officials visiting abroad should not behave like Otafire

General Kahinda Ottafire, stopped in Boston a week ago, but only met with a chosen few, missing the opportunity to meet with the rest of us, who are just as concerned with the state of affairs in our homeland.

Imagine an official of his stature, perhaps second in command, coming to a city such as Boston, that has contributed hoards of money to the Uganda economy-yes the Kyeyo beaters and only meeting with a handful of folks in a bizarre veil of secrecy. What is up with that?One does not need a degree in psychology to note that our country is polarized with an elevated level of distrust among tribes and our officials need to work hard not to excite suspicious minds.

Folks wanted to ask him about the progress we have made regarding the professional army. There are some who like his no bull style of answering questions-they were all disappointed.Some wanted to hear about the newly found oil riches and how the money would be distributed- Perhaps help him find a company that might be willing to extract our oil at a 60 /40 rate.

The general could have found some solutions to problems that have dogged Uganda for good while now; such as cheap ways of providing continuous power (Electricity). He would have learned of one of our own Ugandan CEOs, who has been in charge of 12 power plants in the USA and contemplating retirement. He has been knocking at the government door to help us resolve the electricity problem for years now, but no one is answering.

He would have gotten an ear full on how we as a country can position ourselves to provide employment as quality assurors for biopharmaceuticals.

New ideas on the revival of AGOA: we know of a young lady who has just finished her degree as an Industrial Engineer, and she is looking for work, why can’t we task her along with other experts to tackle the AGOA issue? Were we so paralyzed by the departure of Rosa Whitaker?

Inclusive dialogue for progress is what the people want that is the new politics that ushered in president Obama.  It is a shame when such a high ranking government official comes to a big city such as Boston and fails to gather collective wisdom-the Chinese wouldn’t do that. Dr. Besigye did better – he invited us all and bought us drinks, while fielding a diverse array of questions.

I hope when the president comes-he will encourage dialogue by having a village like meeting/QA session structure. President Kagame has benefited a lot from these type of open and inclusive meetings.

Always remember that you might win some and loose sum, it is a zero sum gain; Slowly, slowly got the snail to the riverbank.

Tendo Kaluma
Ugandan in Boston

The message from the Pope is a double-edged sward

The problem here is, you are going to lose your relatives either way, if you escape losing yourself.

Why? Because AIDS is already here with us; no one knows for certain when the disease’s cure is going to be found. Chances are, given this is not a living virus, but most likely a chemical virus, based on rumours around its origin, no cure is ever going to be found anytime soon. If the cure is never going to be found anytime soon, then how are you not going to lose your relatives including yourself through againg while waiting for the cure to be found?

If you choose to use condom everytime you have sex, it is very likely that you will never have children, most definitely for the rest of your remaining life. That means you cannot bequeath your progeny; consequently the population of your grandfather dies off through you. Now multiply that with the number of people in your village; county; district, &c. Then you find that you have a people whose populations are being checked by the presence of the disease. So in a way, you are losing your relatives by not producing any of your own progenies. If you are age 40 today; in 20 years you will be 60 years old. Should by then AIDS’ cure not be found yet, you will continue using condom. But age would also be catching up with you, if you lucky to still be alive and kicking then.

If you choose to follow Pope‘s advice on the other hand, and stopped using condoms, that means you and your partner/s must adhere to strict sexual practices – provided none of you has acquired the disease yet. That way you can bequeath your progenies. If your relatives too adhere to strict sexual practices, they too will bequeath their progenies. However, if none of you adhere to strict sexual practices, chances are:

a). Lives are going to be lost because of the disease. So yes, you will lose your relatives, or even yourself;

b). You will produce offsprings who are themselves AIDS’ riddled; therefore chances are, they won’t live; and not for long should some lived.

As you can see, both of these scenerios are not what one wants. The message  from the Pope however, is a double-edged sward that the very people who are gravely affected by the scourge of the disease must pick their ways about carefully to see that they avoid extinction one way or the other, because both options leads to extinction, provided the cure for the disease is never found, like there is no cure for cancer.

Under the condition that the cure is not available, a people can become extinct through use of condoms; or a people can become extinct through erratic sexual practices.

The option then is, one has to be loyal to his/her partner; and teach the coming generation to follow the same strict loyalty or perished. The problem however, for us African men who by and large marry more than one wife, some women just looking at their shapely body, is irresistible. The feeling would be, I have to have that babe, for real! Then the next thing you will realise is, you are in trouble or shes in trouble.

Many of you are not happy of course by what the Pope has said. But looking at the message from philosophical vantage point, one can either argue that the Pope is trying to entrenched moral conduct in society by making sure people adhere to some moral practices and standards. For instance, one can argue that the Pope doesn’t want people to be sexually promiscuous; AIDS is only a blessing in disguise therefore – helping to shape that moral conducts that otherwise, people would not have bothered about, whether the Pope preached about morality a thousand times a day. So in a way the Pope is taking advantage of the scourge of the disease, to drive home the message of morality. In which case the Pope is being saint, and caring.

But the other angle of looking at it is that the Pope is evil. This is because the Pope is telling you that you should not use condoms while engaging in sex with your partner. So the Pope in way is sending people to their death, knowing fully that the deadly disease has no cure. Why would he on earth tell people not to use condoms while having sex? Therefore the Pope must be advicing people wrongly so that millions can die off. For, without using condoms, many people are going to be infected by the disease, and almost all of them will die sooner than normally they would.

Those who hold this position may indeed be correct as well but to a point. They might be correct in that if the Pope bought into the notion of population control, then obviously he would advocate for no use of condoms so that as many people as possible contract the disease so they can die off. But such conclusion might be misleading because the Pope is not telling people to engage in sexual immorality. If the Pope was telling people not to use condoms while at the same time he advises people to have individual freedom to engage in all kinds of sex, then yes, one would hold the Pope squarely responsible. But I don’t think the Pope is telling people to engage in all kinds of sexual activities.

Further, from economic perspective, the Pope might in a way be helping the downtroddens of the earth fight off big businesses and conglomerates that are taking advantage of the scourge of the disease to maximize their profits through production and sale of condoms. By not using condoms, you will then be fighting off exploitations by big businesses and conglomerates that would otherwise be laughing all the way to the bank, as you spend your meagre earnings on condoms, while preventing you to multiply at the same time. The Pope‘s message mitigates against such exploitations; and help you multiply, should you adhere to strict sexual conducts.

So this is not an issue that can be treated emotionally. You have to look at it from the philosophical, moral and economic point of view to make an informed decision.


Pope has no Right to tell Africans about Condoms

The Pope and many of his predecessors have done more evil to the people of this world than just about any other force of evil, including wars. How many wars were part of the Papal Crusades? The Spanish Inquisition? The Reformation? The list of murders and crimes of the Popes would take hundreds of books to document. > Pope Bernadict himself and the former pope, John Paul 11, both come from the era where all these Priests were blatantly molesting children, and you have to wonder why they covered it up so much and hired Bernard Law. As the Proverbs say: “Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.” The Pope made his bed with the Child Molesters, and he has no right to tell Africans about condoms and its use. I doubt that he will be going to Heaven.

The Catholics should re-examine these popes and cardinals and what they preach to us, Africans. This current pope was in Washington last year and he made a speech about human rights and how he wants all countries to respect human rights. But let’s examine which human rights the Pope and clergy are allowed to deny followers:

1. The right of women to control their own reproductive functions
2.The right of women to hold any ruling posts within the Church
3.The right of poor families to the knowledge or tools needed to keep their family’s size within sustainable limits. (This is especially troubling now that the earth has entered a period of food scarcity and recession.)
4. The right of priests to have loving life partners who are not made out of cold marble.
5. The right of nuns to marry. (In the 50s nuns wore wedding rings because they were “married to Christ.” How creepy is that?)
6.The right to use condoms, not just to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but to protect against AIDS, even on continents like Africa where AIDs has already nearly wiped out one entire generation and is working on the next.

One would think that at least one of those “journalists” in Africa gushing all over the Pope during his visit might just have asked him a few probing questions about all that. And asked him how he jives his stated support for human rights with his Church’s own rules against some of mankind’s most fundamental human rights, like controlling how many kids they have.

I have to wonder if a few thousand poor Catholic families in Africa who, thanks to the Church’s rules against artificial birth control, had unwanted children, children that suffered or even died of starvation, sued the Church and won. I wonder if that’s what it would take to spur the Pope to change the rules against birth control and, of course, spark a Papal apology tour of Africa.

William Bogere

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