What happened to Hon. Luke Kazinja

He vanished towards the end of January 1984 (on the 27th to be precise) after his home was invaded by a platoon of UNLAs.

Former DP MP for Rakai North,Luke, later became an editor in The Star newspaper. He survived narrowly by the killing squad of Chris Rwakasisi, run to the bush and ended up in FEDEMU. His crime was defending Ugandan Banyarwanda and Rwandese refuges whom Obote ll was chasing. By the way Internal Affairs Minister Luwuliza Kirunda was on his side.

Conspiracy is something you cannot defend some body because you don’t know what s/he does in darkness. But Kayinja’s clash with Rwakaisisi over chasing away Ugandan Banyarwanda and Rwandese refuges was in parliament. Luwuliza Kirunda defended him. He also told me that all the years he was in FEDEMU, he had discovered that Kasirye Gwanga was a mole for NRA and one time he wanted to smuggle him out of FEDEMU. “he used to tell me that with my intellectual calibre l should not be in FEDEMU but in NRA,” he told me. He however feared that Kasirye was just spying on him. Pole Mukiibi is arround and always deliver memorial lectures on Kayiira’s annual days.

Luka kazinja used to hide boys like, Semugoma, Setabi Mayiga and others who were in  Aban task force. Infact those day there was another old Man who was known by his nick name Kubo, in full Kubolyebukwanga- who happen to be in problem with Rwasisi boys at th same problem with Luka Kazinja. For your information there was no munyarwanda among these boys. When UPC atacked kubo’s home at Buloba he went to join FEDEMU with two young men, I think one was his son.

Kazinja was a nice man and a coward as he failed to say something when some thugs in the movement wanted to kill commissioner Kalisoliso. Kazinja loved his country but found himself on wrong team. Anyways that’s history hope people learn from the past. Kazinja and Kivejinja were right to fear Kasirye Gwanga. Kasirye was like weather and still is. That’s why when he reported in NRA at 7th Battalion HQ in Mityana Buye he was placed at kandoya until Salim Saleh came to his rescue. Gwanga is a funny guy and when I read about him in Byendabye mbilabye I laugh.  Gwanga, Late Amurani Lulangala, late walusansa Kasansula, and Tomosange his brother in law used to  know each other.

Immediately after NRM/NRA take over, Kazinja was appointed political assistant to Minister of Commerce Evaristo Nyanzi. This was after he had briefly worked on the Censorship committee in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Okellos Military Junta. When Nyanzi was arrested and charged with treason, that was the end of Kazinja’s political career. He ended up editing The Star newspaper where John Kakande, New Vision News Editor, was News Editor assisted by Richard Mutumba, until recently Daily Monitor’s Deputy News Editor.

Ahmed Katerega/Sijja juju

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