museveni jet is a sign of selfishness

Fellow ugandans,

You have to remember the reasons which were cited by the administration for the sell off of Ugandan airlines routes-the price of gas, insurance and maintenance. To maintain one of these jets, for simple trips like flying from Uganda to Kenya, costs in the excess of $20,000 US dollars, and that might be an lower estimate. Does the president not realize, what an extra $20,000 a month could accomplish at any of our hospitals?

This is indeed a very selfish act by a man who has asked every Ugandan to tighten their belts. A complete turn about from our hero, who authored the book “What is Africa’s problem” The YKM who authored the book above, would definitely convict this new YKM- and that is the dichotomy that we are all trying to grapple with as students of African philosophy and progress. Nyerere his mentor would have never acted this selfishly.

Therefore, it is not only the cost of the plane that is worrisome; it is maintenance, insurance and gas, all costs that have to be put into consideration. Our outcry, does not emanate from the simplistic want of our president to not look presidential in his many travels, NO! we are seriously questioning the wisdom, practicability, the audacity to put such an expensive self-interest item ahead of all the matters of life and death that are a daily plague in the country he has lead for 23 year, matters that he claims are brought on by the lack of resources.

Worse still, we rallied for debt forgiveness, citing poverty as the reason for not being able to pay back our creditors-how does the president dryly look these folks in the eyes? The countries that forgave us such huge debts, with a promise of turning debt service monies into the re-building of our infrastructure to effectively service poor masses. Does he say to them, well, among the few items we have bought with that debt forgiven windfall, is a new Lear jet; it does not make dry sense to me.

Talk about owning a Cadillac in the Ghetto-while collecting welfare food stamps. The president has definitely lost his priorities the country cannot afford such luxuries-when our schools lack roof tops and books and people are dying in our hospitals at such an alarming rate, due to lack of resources. A days worth of jet fuel, could furnish an entire wing of a hospital in Kabale, Mabara or Kawolo-hospital, yes on jinja road where all the accident victims go, which still has an operation theater that is the age of Owen falls dam.

It is a shame indeed If I had a close up opportunity with the president, I would like to ask him-whether we should burn his books, because amidst the suffering his beautiful words on paper back have not born out his deeds.



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  1. Christine Kaluma,

    Almost a generation of power (25years) has changed our beloved President greatly, beclouding his money public expenditure.
    I am extremely surprised that Museveni could have spent taxpayers’ money on an official jet! Was it Two Billion dollars! Uganda cannot afford this now.

    Whether for security or pride it was not in the best interests of Uganda.
    Ugandans in power should be reminded that it was buying jets and food scandals, (rice) that caused the removal of a n extremely popular Civilian Government of Shehu Shagari that brought Military Buhari to power in Nigeria. Shagari’s government had been a complete failure due to corruption as a major problem.

    The Population in Nigeria had been greatly angered and inflamed because millions could not even afford a bicycle, drugs or food to eat.
    In a ‘see of poverty’ and want leaders cannot be seen spending on private/official jets instead of food and drugs in hospitals.
    Yes, things change! People change.! Every time I heard about Museveni’s change I would not believe it. He had impressed me with worthy programmes for Uganda.
    Where is ‘mukono gaamu” complained about by those who new Museveni well. It means Museveni had been extra mean with funds! It means he could not allow corruption or ‘WASTAGE. of Public Funds.
    Museveni had surprised us when he entertained thoughts of building grass- thatched houses for the Police. His good reason was lack of funds and frugality.
    At the NRM Secretariat, I was an Executive Director for Youth in the President’s office. I had to reluctantly reduce the number of days for Seminars for the youth due to lack of funds. When going to Korea , Pyong Yang, I had to reduce my Youth delegation to only 62, due to lack of funds.

    I had also been told that I could not represent my Youth Directorate in Europe due to lack of funds. Always it was Ambassador Sempala without my consent representing the Youth Directorate, among many reasons given to me. She never even had the curtesy to inform me about the transactions he had done in my name.
    The fear I had for lack of money had contributed to turning down being Uganda High Commissioner to Britain. The Minister Public Service Tom Rubaare had told me that the house we had both tried to acquire in London had to be greatly reduced in expense due to lack of funds. Lack of funds, among other reasons had led me to reject this diplomatic position.
    As Councillor and Chairperson Public Health in the Capital, Kampala, lack of funds from Central government had created lack of drugs in Clinics and hospitals. A thing that has increasingly perssisted to date.

    Lack of funds to provide new cars to Directors had to create enemity and life misunderstandings because, the government could not afford the expense of new cars. A case in point was of Legal Director then Jotham Tumwesigye. To this day I am surprised that my colleague wanted to give me his old and dilapidated vehicle in exchange for my brand new one for Youth Directorate.
    All male administration had accepted a woman to be incovenienced and inherit an old used car. Thanks to Alhaji KIGONGO who gave a directive to keep all greedy hands off the Youth Directorate’s new Car.
    I hated what followed immediately after rejecting Tumwesigye’s very old car
    That same day, in the afternoon I left for Masindi as a Returning officer in Presidential Elections. I had been surprised at a plot to kill me in Masindi. that same night at the Hotel room. Shots had been fired throught the night aimed at my room. My escorts had disappeared too leaving me to God’s care.

    I had to hide under the bed. It was Masindi born -again State Attorney who worriedly asked me why there was a plot to kill me in the night at the hotel. When I got to the Dinning room to eat breakfast, the female Manager was eager to warn me not to eat any food brought to me by waiters. The Minister Apul Kolu hurried to congratulate me at my survival from night murderers. Masindi security advised me to leave soon and incognito apart from showing fear for my life!!.

    To this day, I ponder who had organised to murder me. Could it have been due to the misunderstanding over the Youth car! Could it have been over orders from tycoons that gave corrupt top government officials money to remove me from all government official positions and to kill me. How much did money play in those plots to kill me in Uganda?
    We need leaders in Africa who would not succumb to selling nationals in exchange for money at the request of foreign interests. Was my death plan to do with poverty and money – greed in Uganda by top officials?.
    Should the population lose confidence in our leaders because in this 21st Century our corrupt leaders have not learned to protect nationals in the face of foreign interests.
    How immoral can our government corrupt officials become when money is dangled before their sight to harm/sell nationalsl?
    Uganda has to cut its court according to the size of the cloth, An English saying of managing with the little one has.

    Christine J. N. Kaluma
    International Lawyer,
    Spokesperson African optimism.

  2. Christine Kaluma,

    Dear Ugandans,

    As a new appointed Judge, the legal Director NRM Jotham Tumwesigye should be put to task to explain why he wantend an old car he had made old passed on to a woman Lawyer who was also a Director at NRM Secretariat.

    He should also be asked about the threats of murdering Christine Kaluma, my self when I was at Masindi Hotel as a returning officer in the presidential elections.

    The corruption that has refused to go in 23 years of NRM should also be put on his head. The public needs an explanation why he has been a Legal Advisor of an extremely corrupt government.

    He should explain to the electorate why he should not be probed for NRM CORRUPTION.before he sits to judge the electorate on the TOP BENCH!!
    I was extremely surprised that as an NRM Legal Director he had kept quiet about all those shootings and threats to my life immediately following my Departmental stand off with him.

    He had also told it to my face that his wife would despise him for riding an old car while a Woman myself I was having a new car !.

    Fellow Ugandans and especially women. Jotham Tumwesigye is now a Supreme CourtJ Judge Chosen by President Museveni to administer Justice on all gender matters. I only pray that the bias he exhibited in my car case against women as only fit for garbage and taking rides in old cars would not surface to create injustice in Jotham Tumwesigye’s decisions as a Judge.!!!

    Ugandans alive must have their eyes widely opened whenever they appear before him.!

    To be forewarned is tio be armed, an English saying.I To this day, Ihave never come to understand whether it was due to differences of tribe or gende.
    Jotham Tumwesigye must as a Judge be expected to be fair and to administer Justice to all.not according to gender.

    Injustice to one is injustice to a well known legal saying. I had failed to have fair treatment from the Legal Director NRM Secretariat in all the dealings I had had with him at the NRM Secretariat !!!

    To this day I stand extremely and unjustifiablbly treated by a Legal Section Jotham Tumwesigye headed. Today it is me Tomorrow it may be you fellow Ugandans.!

    Christine J.N. Kaluma

  3. so you would rather let the president die in a plane crash like Ga rang, or maybe he should drive his motorcade onto a ferry and take a boat over seas. or wait let your president book a flight with Uganda or British airlines. have you seen the Burundi presidential jet? its a 1970,s former cargo plane. and even if he leaves presidency the nation might not need to buy another plane for 10 years because the next president will use it. what next you want him to shop in Owino. Ugandans should be serious. you want to sit at home and let people throw money at you wake up and work hard then buy your self a jet.

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