Buganda culture on men

Dear Ugandans,
The men in Buganda have Ssengas and Jjajja’s to couch them.As you already know, Baganda of Buganda are basically farmers. They have always grown almost anything because the land was fertile, The sun was always there and the worry was rain or no rain season.

Their main food was all types of bananas including Matooke, Ndiizi, Bbogoya and Gonja for eating. Then there were embidde for banana beer or wine, whatever you call it in English. In addition Baganda grew groundnuts, beans, peas and all sorts of green vegetables.

Furthermore, they had goats, chicken, and a few cows from our neighboring herdsmen. With chickens came eggs. All over Buganda there was fish of some kind and Baganda fished for food. There were also fruits, passion fruits, guava, avacadoes, oranges, tangerines, nkenene, berries, papaya amakoma mawanga etc etc. The list is quite long. When one says there were only Matooke and nothing else, I do not understand which part of Buganda they grew up in.

To cut the long story short, when preparing for marriage, the Muganda girl was taught how to cook and take care of her future husband; not only in the bedroom, but also in the kitchen and at the dinning table. Whatever Matooke contain for nutrition content, they were always served with: beef, chicken, goat, groundnuts, or fish stews or whatever the lady of the house chose to accampany Matooke with. The combinations kept everyone health, men and children alike.

Some of the foods a woman was taught to feed her husband before and during marriage, were eggs, chicken, fish, raw groundnuts because they were known for being good for the man especially in the bedroom. Something else they always talked about was hot pepper. When you say a Muganda man is left by his woman because of issues in the bedroom, I do not get it. The system had everything taken care of.

Then came western education and the Baganda men were the first to go to the schools before their girls, but the tradition continued. The men accepted the British jobs after school, but the traditions at home continued. The Muganda man has always been the head of the household. Even though husband and wife disagreed, there would be no shouting at each other. They would go to bedrooms when children were asleep and talk respecting each other. I do not know how much of this culture is still alive today. I have not been in Uganda to observe.

Traditionally, if there were issues of anykind in the bedroom, the Ssengas , Jjajjas were informed, because marriage was not for the two in it it was a family affair and community affair. Everyone wanted it to succeed. They would come up with remedies.

If Baganda women today leave their Baganda men, or get acquired by other men from other tribes in Uganda or overseas, it is not because of Men’s inneficience; it is because many people know the Buganda culture pertinent to women and want a piece of it for themselves. Besides many of us have gone to school learned the Queen’s language and tend to over look the tribal differences because we can communicate and get careers.

Again, it has nothing to do with the Muganda man. Times are changing so first and our cultures are getting eroded fast too. Just because I am a Muganda woman, does not mean I have to marry a Muganda man as in the old days. Where I am located any man with qualification is candidate and I will make a choice. Just because you are a Muganda man, it does not mean you have to be married to a Muganda woman. The doors are open to you for any woman in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ruanda, Canada, USA and the list goes on. I trust you get my point.

Assumpta Mary Kintu



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  1. Nsubuga Masaazi Paul,

    Hullo Asumpta!
    Much as I agree with you or any Muganda man or woman about your right to marry any one of your choice from any tribe or race there are consequences to that as well. In the western world for instance some people have trouble to accept inter racial marriages and as late as 1959 a US judge had this to write “Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races show that he did not intend for the races to mix.” In African societies, tribes are so protective of their cultures that they are scared of any outsiders. Some have come to embrace it especially if you went for someone rich or politicaly well placed.
    I have been married for 15 years and trust me we get along pretty well because we are both Baganda, in other words we have so many things in common most especially speaking the same language. This is so binding. You and your spouse may be so much willing to make it but the pressure from within may be so hard to resist to the extent that you are so unconfortable. I live in USA and I have seen many women marrying outside they culture for many reasons but end up in divorce because the other party sites reasons about their family members being unhappy about the marriage.
    Much as globalisation is erroding our cultures, we are not at that level wher we completely ignore everything. As a matter of fact marrying within your own culture is much more stable, enjoyable and respected that otherwise. That is how I look at it.

  2. omutaka kibalama,

    love you all baganda.

  3. This is pure crap! Millions of Baganda men who don’t even exist today are nothing but prostitutes. They have married outside of their tribe many times. What are you talking about that they are quite! These are the pure bread of the Lost Jews from Israel. They are the pure brother of our famous Moses we all nkow from the Bible. Their women wear (ekikoyi). It is the same exact material Miriam showed to moses to prove that he wasn’t from the royal family of Egypt, that he was a pure jew. Which means Moses was a pure African Brother, a brother from the Baganda tribe.

    In Buganda today you could hardly find any pure Muganda child. Many of the new Baganda generation is nothing but pure marreto’s of the Sorrounding African countries. Millions are a mixiture of the Banarwanda, Barundi, Bakyiga, Banyankole, Batoro, Banyoro, Bateso, Basoga, Banakenya, Bacongo, and last Batanzania. The Baganda don’t even nknow where they are from.

    Millions of them came from Ethiopia from a place called (Gonda). When they arrived north of lake Victoria, they called themselves the Bagonda which eventually became the Baganda. Millions of pure Baganda have very fine hair. They mixed with the congo tribes they found in buganda and they inheritted a broader nose like a pig nose. Also they inherrited (kaweke) or kinky hair from the Congo people.

    Today with their new leader Museveni, they are again created a new generation of smaller pointed nose like their leader Museveni and his wife Jennet Kagutta. Sure, again Museveni have cleaned the Baganda tribe from apig nose. I also hear that more Jewish ladies from Morocco are paying regular visits to their ancestors from the south to breed.

    This tribe is surelly a tribe of the lost jews from Israeal. No one knows but looking at their caltures you will learn that they are not very sure of who they are.

    Good luck.

  4. james from south africa,

    Mariam. I feel sorry for you and your narrow minded world view. You sound just like the Afrikaners here in South Africa during the height of apartheid. The colonialist uses the strategy of divide and conquer – you seem to have fallen for it hook, line and sinker. Away with tribalism and ethnic nationalism. Viva one Africa united by love, unity and mutual respect.

  5. The first thing I saw that informed my decision to read a little more about Buganda was the sexual dexterity of the Men! The dexterity was said to be as a result of eating fruits and nuts most especially groundnuts. Researched the findings and found that groundnuts are indeed good for the male body.

  6. Nankabirwa Mary,

    I am A Muganda, and i am proud to be, my physical appearance and what people think about me will never change who i am. Am proud to be a Muganda

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