”Kyeyo”:Uganda Boarding schools aren’t good for kids anymore

The boys of S.4 West in 1995 in Kibuli Secondary School when Alhajji Abbasi Kawaase was stil the headmaster

Dear Ugandans abroad,

Sending a child to a boarding school in Uganda is a mistake! Taking ones kids to school here just because you have failed to discipline them there abroad is wrong. There is no school in Uganda that is going to do them discipline for you. In other words there is no school here that is going to do the parenting for you. Schools in Uganda especially the private “good” ones are merely business projects. They are simply interested in your money.

There is this myth that Ugandan schools are better blah blah.This is simply nostalgia. Those schools are long dead- gone with the fundamental change of 1986 by Museveni! I know of many people who brought back their unruly kids to be taught here and they have all failed. Very few have gotten their money’s worth. The kids even got worse from here in Uganda. They learnt how to smoke bhung, marijuana and even cocaine from Kampala!

One of the kids when he went back to London became the boss of the street kids there! He is now serving time in “wormwood scrubs” a big prison in London! No, keep your kids where you are and where you can personally give them the parental love they need to grow up into responsible citizens.You bring them here in Uganda as a punishment, they will punish you back! Keep your kids with you. There are better schools over there. It’s where the Ministers and big people here in Uganda take their kids. Schools here have been spoilt by UPE,USE and no UUE (Universal University education)!

Just like the health sector has gone to the dogs, so has the education and everything else! It’s only the Presidency (PPU) that still works here! And even this, there are those who wonder …….

The mistake people make is to first bring their kids there in the developed nations then after they realize they are “failing” then “deport” their kids back to Uganda.This is both traumatizing and i think even illegal ! Imagine you are used to eating sausages and eggs, then they take you back to a place where they serve posho and lumonde! You are used to living with your “loving” parents then you are abruptly whisked to live with strangers in a dormitory?

If you think schools here in Uganda are better then leave your kids here and never take them there in the first place. It’s only fair. I have seen Big men cry when they land at Entebbe after being deported. What do you think a young child goes through? Some people have even committed suicide!

My view is this: Never ever take you kids out only to send them back “Mbu” to learn good manners or how to behave.The standard here have of course gone down the drain kabisa kabisa! I don’t think we shall ever get back to even half of what we had before the “Revolution”!

I earned my living sometimes back advising our people about this. It’s not a new thing. I got kids and I know what iam talking about. I went to boarding schools all my life and i think i got one of the best education our country did provide then. But i swore never to take my kids to boarding school. I just couldn’t imagine myself chewing chicken at home as my kid is somewhere with a rumbling stomach!

Thankfully of the many kids God has given me, only one has been through what i went through.. boarding school at a young age!

Gook Akanga

UAH forumist in Uganda


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  1. kk,

    uganda is a desaster to every body now. generations have been raised with out common sense.they sell land to buy bikes yet they spleep in rented walls!
    trouble is going to start with the uncatered for youths in north who spent there young lives in awar zone.
    we need prayers for future uganda after m7’s regime.

  2. Nice information Uganda boarding schools aren’t good for kids as my son Michel also wants to take admission on this Uganda boarding school but after reading this post really I came to know truth about these academies. Thanks to the author of this site for discussed this topic. Get more information on boarding schools you can visit this resource.

  3. agaba,

    who is responsible 4 all that mess? then what have u done to change the trend? i do not agree with generalizing all Ugandan boarding schools are bad some never even practiced the UPE or USE

  4. Definitely you are right Mr Akanga. Don’t take your child to any boarding school especially in Uganda. All you have said is true and it is even worse, when you talk to many young people. It may be the same all over the world. Please read a book called “The Making of Them” by Nick Duffell. He is a British writer who went to boarding schools and did a lot of analysis on the subject. His summary; Boarding Schools are bad for children and adults alike. I agree with him entirely. Please don’t send your child to boarding school. In or out of Uganda. Whether they are 5 years or 15 years. They are still children. Sending a child to boarding school is like sending your child to prison with all the attendant problems. Imagine your child being brought up by other children his age? Like a street child? Are you dead? Why don’t you want to fulfill your responsibility to your children? Some have said ‘so that you can get rest’. In fact, you will only get a short term rest and get long term pain by sending your child to boarding school. Unless you are in prison yourself and you have no choice about sending him/her to boarding school, then it is understandable. It really amazes me that Ugandans who seem to love their children so much up to the age of around five, can decide that from five years onwards they would rather feed strangers and distant relatives in their homes and give up their children to be raised in long prison-like-dorms, on triple-battery-cage- like beds, fed on posho and beans daily, to be exposed to bullying from peers and attacks from uncontrolled sexual predators (teachers and children alike) in the middle of an HIV prevalence of 10%. It is difficult to fathom, that ugandans pay money for our children to be ‘mothered’ in old dilapidated buildings in groups of 60 or more, by old ladies who cannot even operate a fire extinguisher, let alone hit a snake and may only know how to operate a stick to the bottom. We send children to be handled by poorly paid teachers (most private schools pay only an equivalent of 200 dollars a month to teachers) and above all we deprive these children (4-18 years old) of parental guidance and love. Oh poor Uganda children, I cry for you. Please parents, don’t send your child to a boarding school. It may be ‘convenient’ to you but they will become more sad and more likely to be unfeeling adults. There are other causes of problems in children beyond boarding schools but boarding schools in Uganda contribute a big part to the problem. Many children recover from the Ugandan(and other) boarding school experience but some never recover and many die young from drugs, mental illness, suicide and HIV and/or may become the very same people that you thought you did not want them to become. Edith Nakku

  5. Yashira,

    I think as a parent ,one needs to do a lot of research first before they decide where to enroll their children.Now as much as you have mentioned the bad side of boarding schools in Uganda, I beg to differ that children brought up abroad are angels!I went to boarding school in Uganda and turned out alright….so did a lot of people I know.However I do agree that some boarding schools here are lax or harsh on a child coming in from the diaspora.As a parent,have you done your research on the school you are sending your child to?Have you looked at the boarding facilities?Not all parents can continue to afford both financially or otherwise to maintain their children in the Diaspora.Uganda has a wider range of options now for international schools that cater for children from the age 2 to 17.I know of a very well organised private boarding home that caters for these children. Parents who wish to maintain a quality standard of living for their children should consider this.The boarding home has a parent on site with a maximum of 15 children living in the house.It is easier to maintain the sausages for breakfast and access to wifi kind of life you are talking about.Am not sure of their site address but try emailing sheilas@bluepenguinadvisors.com for more information.She was great help when I had to go back and study but had no relative living near Kampala that could take my two boys to international school and supervise my children for me.

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