Ugandans abroad shouldn’t undermind each other’s jobs

Dear Ugandans abroad,

Africans don’t control the means of production so they really don’t have any choice when it comes to employment. That is why many Africans abroad are buried in the world of academia. You find them in Universities, mostly studying, from one area of discipline to the next, or doing research, if not taking some part-time teaching, or teaching assistant – full-time. There are really not much choices out there for Africans.

Quite often you find Africans who claim to have good jobs. But if you do a bit of investigations, you may find that the so called good jobs are not even good jobs, or that they have compromised too much to even get the good jobs and keep them. One cannot be all cool and relaxed under such circumstances.

Worse still, even back home, the few jobs available are never guaranteed because people who support the institutions, from government to you name it, are the so called foreign movers and shakers. They finance our governments, including all the institutions in a country. This they do because they basically take our natural resources at give away prices. Without their finances, even semblance of an institution of government would not exist in Africa. With productivities almost none existent, chances are, we would be fighting like savages yet again, hiding under the cloak of degenerate Kingdoms and Chieftaincies.

So, quite frankly, they, the foreign movers and shakers, are our government employees’ employers. We are therefore dependent on them all through and through; no choice.

We should all humble ourselves when it comes to employment; because we are all beggars for it.

The only Africans who can be proud of who they are and what they do are the peasants because they make their living. They choose what time to do what they do and how to do it. The only problem is, rapid economic development cannot be realised without organised peasant productivities. Until then, even our presidents are slaves whose lives and times depend on some peoples else letting them be; otherwise their breathings can, individually, be stopped.

That is the dilemma of not controlling anything. You are more or less disposable goods.

Jobs do not matter .It is whether you get some income or not. Lazy people resort to guns to terrorise communities to earn a living by stealing. In New York, foreign doctors, lawyers, pilots , nurses, are cleaners, cab drivers  and at the end of the week they get paid. Being a blue or white collar worker  does not matter as long as people know what they are doing and what they want in life.I do not think some people should look down on other people’s jobs. What is important is survival.



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  1. So What’s a good Job and a bad Job?

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