Homosexuality may be inherent to individuals who practice

Homosexuality may be inherent to individuals who practice. One of the examples usually advances is in fact that of animals – that if they are not know to be homosexual, how could a whole human being be? Homosexuality has nothing to do with lifestyle. Animals are not known to have lifestyles, but act on instincts, and in this case there is a homosexual instinct in some horses.

Mw. Obargot writes: “If homosexuality is genetic predisposition, then it means in the many secondary and post-secondary schools in the country, we should have had homosexuals going about practicing their homosexuality; absence of which disprove the theory.” This is again too simplistic and mundane as control evidence on such a controversial subject, and cannot even be taken seriously. A quick internet search will reveal a volume of more scientific research by reputable universities to suggest that homosexuality may actually be inherent.  Also, homosexuality in Uganda is outlawed and is an offence.

Obargot wrote:”It is upto the populations to kill homosexuality quietly without making too much noise about it.” we all appreciate human sexuality is a highly complex issue but years of research and experiment do show that sexuality is hard-wired into our brains, so how can you justify the killing of a few whose sexual preference happens to be slightly different from the majority are used to?

Also, there is overwhelming evidence that second and third-born sons are more likely to be gay than first-born boys; should we ignore those findings and “quietly” kill those unfortunate ones just because of a hormonal change as during their developmental stages in the womb?

Worth noting that WHO finally came to the conclusion in the early 1990s that homosexuality is not an illness.

Obargot adds:”There are homosexuals out there who are working to plant it in the populations…” Of course, society is full of experimenters, the undecided/confused/borderline who usually fall prey to all sort of dubious influence. But like in every minority group, survival is critical. You get the extreme cases who insist on changing the status quo by all means possible (those “working to plant it in the populations”) and you also get those who keep a low profile (the don’t ask don’t tell types). Most importantly, when being wiped out “quietly” is a widely held view can we be be too surprised when gays embark on building capacity?

Bottom line is, considering the animosity meted out on homosexuals, I doubt people chose to be that which is so detested by mainstream society.

Peter Senoga & Musisi Bosco

UAH forumists residing in the UK



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  1. Invictus,

    I can tell you one thing about being gay:

    Why would anyone choose to be gay if it means you will have to spend most of your life, telling lies, covering your tracks and hanging out endlessly with people who do not understand you.

    The price to be paid for being found out is that your family may reject you, your friends wont speak to you again, your colleagues wont work with you and your clients wont come anywhere near you.

    Now would anyone with a sound mind actually choose this path if it was voluntary???????????

  2. I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case, great info…I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    I’m Out! 🙂

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