Muwanga looted the Uganda embassy to finance the struggle

Dear Ugandans,

Muwanga, did not loot the Embassy for self interests. The proceeds of the property selling went toward the then liberation struggle. Kind of Museveni, looting guns from Police stations, invading Banks and looting millions of cash, looting the Kaaya, farms in Luwero, in order to feed his thugs, looting local dispensaries in ruler areas and looting army uniforms, ammunition, trucks etc.

In 1971, when Idi Amin overthrew the first Obote government, the Kenyan’s and Tanzanian’s took advantage of the East African properties such as planes and other items. In return, one Ugandan sea Captain, crossed the Kenyan waters with one of the biggest EAC   cargo and passenger ships into Uganda and that is all Uganda benefitted from the break up.

In 1972, what did Idi Amin do to the departed Asian properties? I need not to remind you that it took Obote, during his second return to start the compansation process of the confiscated Asian properties by Idi Amin.
During the last Iraqi war which deposed Sadam Hussein, millions of US Dollars were found piled up in different hideouts, by the US army, the money was allegedly confscicated and returned to the Iraqi government.

During the 1978/79 liberation war, the TPDF left Uganda with millions worth of property, from government and private vehicles, to watches, radio cassets and TV’s, including our beutiful women!!

Such things happen during political instabilities, war and during regime change.

Joseph Kamugisha

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