The chairman of the EC in the 1980 elections was a UPC member


1/5 It seems some UPC supporters think that the DP had legal channels of redressing their grievances because there was a Mr Ssekono in the EC to manage their compalints, and that Mr Ssekono was the Chariman of the EC and therefore a powerful individual capable of neutralising the manoeuvres of P Muwanga and AM Obote.  When UPC supporters assert that Mr Ssekono was the Chairman of the EC, they are lying…as usual.

2/5 UPC supporters then makes reference to: “…we get entangled with piles of misinformation and disinformation about the election…”..I wonder which piles he is talking about.  Contrary to the piles he feeding us on, Mr Ssekono was the Administrative Secretary – the big clerk of the commission.  The chairman of the EC was a card-bearing UPC diehard Mr KMS Kikira who was strategiically appointed into that position as part of the implimentation of AM Obote’s plan titled “Proposals For trategy Before, During and After Elections”.  AM Obote scripted this plan on 12 th August 1980.  I have attached it for those that did not see it when we circulated it last year.

3/5 Recall that, on December 12 1980, handed back authority to the EC to manage the election process…this meant only announcing the results.  By that time, 3 out of 7 electoral commissioners had been hounded out of their offices and they had disappeared, leaving behind 4.  Mr Ssekono disappeared during the polling process.  He disappeared in fear for his life after receiving threats when he refused to succumb to Mr Muwanga’s pressures to be party to rigging.

4/5 According to Mr Ssekono himself, earlier on during the polls, he had been hurriedly summoned to Obote’s home at Kololo to meet AM Obote.  AM Obote told him that if he, Ssekono, interfered with the UPC’s victory he would pay with his life.  AM Obote told Mr Sekono that he and the UPC had fought against Amin and they therefore had to come to power at any cost. Mr Ssekono had to abandon the exercise and flee the country. Mr Muwanga took over the powers of the commission onn Mr Kikira’s advice when it was realised that it would not be possible for the EC team to be unanimous on rigging.

5/5 Note that, the UPC were already weary of Mr Ssekono, and they had him in ther sights.  In fact, on 9 December 1980, Mr Ssekono’s personal assistant was shot dead at his home in Makindye when he was invaded by 10 UNLA soldiers.  So, when Mr Mulindwa keeps talking about MR Ssekono, does he really know what he is talking aabout?

Regarding the UPC candidates that stood unopposed, UPC supporters want us to forget one additional point.  By virtue of Section 20 of the National Assembly (Elections) Act 1957 according to which the 1980 elections were conducted, every nomination required to be proposed, seconded and supported by at least 12 voters registered in the constituency.  A voter is registered when his name is present on a register.  There was no ammendment of the law by which that legal requirement was waived.  Therefore, the declaration of the 8 West Nile constituencies as won by UPC “unopposed” was a case of a lame duck laying a putrid egg.

There was no registration of voters in the whole of Westile, i,e., the zone covered by the four Arua constituencies, the two Nebbi constituencies and the Moyo constituency that made up the 8 “unopposed” seats in West Nile.  Because there were no registered voters in those 8 constituencies, there could possibly have never been any proposer, seconder or supporter of any nominee.  Accordingly all nominations in Arua, Nebbi and Moyo were void ab initio.
So, who proposed, seconded and supported those 8 UPC candidates?  When you make a mockery of the law so brazenly, then, no one will waste their time appealing to the courts.  UPC was clearly spoiling for a fight.

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Otto Patrick


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  1. ugandansatheart,

    1980 was a year of intrigues. Yes, many prominent non-Catholic Baganda and non-Baganda who had joined or signaled their intention to join DP were arrested by the Military Commission. I do not know whether the militray Commission had any catholics on it. Certainly the late Muwanga, YKM, the late Oyite Ojok and late Okello were all protestants. I don’t know about Maruru and I forget the other member of that military Commission. That is why I said that DP faced hostility from all sides.

    Sure there were some DP sympathizers and even members within the military but they had to trade carefully. The Military Commission was calling all the shots. It was them who named Kikira, a protestant as Chairman of Electoral Commission.

    Why do I mention the late Kikira? Because the election then as now was rigged during the registration of voters. And the late Kikira did a god job of condoning voters fraud.

    I am also not sure about the three members of the Presidential commission, who were great men -Justice Saul Musoke (RIP), Justice Nyamuconco (RIP) and Mr Wacha (RIP but with zero power.

    Those who say they confronted me with evidence are liars. They are liars because their mentors were well known anti-Catholics. I do not want to name names for now.

    Some of us came of age at the right moment and witnessed it all. The young people do not know it that after Amin was overthrown, Uganda was literally under TZ and Dr Nyerere. He could choose to detain those who trotted TZ to consult him. That was life from April 11 1979 to 1980 and even beyond.


  2. ugandansatheart,


    The Military Commission was chaired by paulo Muwanga (Catholic), deputised by Yoweri Museveni (Protestant) with William Omaria (Catholic), David Oyite-Ojok (Catholic), Zed Maruru (Catholic), and Tito Okello (Catholic) as members.

    Please don’t push the catholic angle to explain the pathetic performance of DP in the 1980 general elections. I had come of age, and as the editor of my high school newspaper, I covered a rally by Paul Ssemogerere in Tororo town, on assignment by Uganda Times Chief Editor, Ben Bella Illakut.

    Ssemogerere was and I think, still is an egocentric, arrogant politician.


  3. ugandansatheart,

    Dr Luwuliza Kirunda and Sam Mugwisa won their parliamentary seats and went on to become brilliant ministers. I wish Mugwisa had another five years only, Agricultural sector in Uganda would have been transformed as the true bread basket of Africa . These days, not anymore, we cannot even feed Nakaseke.

    Those guys who claimed election ‘irregularities’ and did not challenge in Court should take responsibility; without evidence, it is Katwe politics.

    Why should Obote have refused to serve in 1980? It is UPC members who voted for him as their president and under the then parliamentary system, UPC won and he became our national president. I wish he could make a third coming.

    The guy was good and delivered in four and a half years what NRA and their backers of 85/86 have since failed to deliver 24 years on, except NSSF, Naguru and no-deadline generals.

    You are exposed enough to know that UPC members would never elect a leader for DP. In our case we would not wish to.

    Oh, and by the way, even if Obote did not represent (lead) UPC in 1980, we had array of decent men and women (they were good) who would still have beaten DP, Semwogerere, Museveni, Bidandi and their class squarely – at least at the ballots. You know it.



  4. ugandansatheart,

    Mr Ochieno:

    The trouble with you is sometimes you fail to think beyond the question and you simply answer ffa. Only you thinks Mugwisa and Luwulizza won their seats. No other rational Ugandan believes that.

    I am done with you and Pojim and done kabisa. I have no bitterness..

    Well Obote 2 was a miserable and disastrous failure at that. That is why I asked you whether you have wondered to wonder: what if Dr Obote had not felt entitled to rule Uganda in 1980 and stayed out?

    The best cabinet in Africa is typical African talk. The best were busy screwing each other’ s wives and fighting whenever they met.

    And do not challenge me on this. I heard it all from abandoned wives in Nairobi . Ask yourself how many former ministers stayed married? How many abandoned their wives and why? How many died from HIV/AIDS? How many of those still alive still talk to each other? So spare me the nonsense that Luwulliza won. He died an abandoned man by his wife Margaret who chose to stay in Nairobi . Won where? Kwaheri.


  5. ugandansatheart,

    Mr Kyijomanyi,

    When you mention the case of Mr Mugwisa, you remind me of UPC impudity (combination of impunity and st—-ty). Mubende North East was one of the constituencies where elctions went on to be rigged weeks after voting. At the end of the voting exercise, Dr Sebuliba (DP) was declared the winner. Two weeks later, his seat was allocated to Mr Mugwisa, who was thereafter appointed Agriculture Minister.

    For Iganga North East, Luwuliza’s to be constituency, Mr P Wangola (DP) fled to Kenya on 11th Dec 1980 after a squad of UNLAs tried to arrest him. By the time he was forced to flee, he was leading by 28,000 votes, with UPC tagging on with 11,000 in 38 out of 40 polling stations, and even after rigging. The result was eventually announced mid January 1981 on Radio. By the time the announcement was made, Mr Kirunda had 23,144 votes and Mr Wangola had 18,345!

    Even in Iganga East which you refer to, there was similar switching. Mr Nakendo polled 19,859 and Mr Mwonda polled 19,566. Those were switched.

    The same story was repeated in Kigezi Central. Mr Kitariko (DP) polled 18,085; while Mr Katama (UPC) polled 17, 827. Those too were switched.. At Kashenyi polling station of that constituency, 1,076 ballot papers were received but only 106 were used. Mr Muwanga announced 357, viz, DP: 25; UPC: 330; UPM: 2.

    And Mr Ochieno is here taunting people with using courts!

    Lance Corporal (Rtd) Otto Patrick

  6. ugandansatheart,

    L_Cpl Otto:

    Thanks for that bwino. This topic brings all the top UPC guns. And they talk of entitlement.

    Actually the people who let Dr Obote were his idiotic ministers. They had no discipline. And apparently used to blackmail the old man that he had no moral authority to fire them. Your guess as to why is as good as mine. Why Dr Obote liked thugs like Luwuliza in party positions is hard to understand.

    That is why I said that no other rational Ugandan believes what Mr Ochieno said about Mugwisa and Luwulizza. Mr Ochieno is liar, not even a clever one. What does he has to fear since Luwulizza is dead?

    I told them about the voter suppression campaigns in Western Uganda to disenfranchise Ugandans on grounds that they were Rwandese.

    In Kasese another thug by the name of Amon Baziira murdered DP’s Muhindo after the nominations and DP members had no choice but vote for Dr Kiyonga. But God is fair. I heard Baziira was also found murdered and dumped somewhere in the Rift Valley. Word reaching us had it that Baziira was betrayed by two Ojame chaps. who after getting the thug murdered took off for Denmark . And yes, they were former UPC wingers betraying their former NASA boss.

    Expect Mr Ochieno to come back and say that he was still At Mwiri or Kololo SSS.. That is baloney.

    Hate or love him, YKM has been the only president who could not be blackmailed. It helps that he does not drink. I have not heard of his ministers fighting openly, and here we mean boxing each other in public view.

    My Onyango-Obbo is always spot on about the caliber of YKM’s opponents.


  7. ugandansatheart,


    I thought you were civil enough not to use the word ‘liar’ that lightly, but of course in Uganda, we have seen it all, that is why those kids who are still in Mwiri, Kololo SSS and Greenhill Academy should be given opportunity to see better.

    DP soft spot for Museveni aside, UPC still hope that in time, we shall have genuine partners from NRA, FDC, PPP and DP, with whom we can use these fora to discuss and share genuine issues while seeking long term solutions to our national problems.

    The silence of leaders from those parties who opt to use proxies and ‘distant’ bitter-less associates like you does not help the matter.

    For twelve years over two administrations, Obote and his very diverse nationalist ministers (some of whom were former DPs), did provide Uganda with more than NRAs 24 years, Idi Amin, Lule, Binaisa, Muwanga and Okello administrations combined. These are proud facts that we can only celebrate, with or without bad losers.

    After the celebrations, we must all get up and do somework – ensuring that ‘others’ hero YKM does not drain everything for our grand children. Most Ugandans do not have the pleasure of a second home in Nairobi and it is those Ugandans that UPC strives – daily, to keep their hopes alive.


  8. ugandansatheart,

    One question DP members fail to answer is how many candidates did they file in that election? When you look at the numbers of constituencies DP failed to even file candidates they would not win that election. Many of UPC candidates won un opposed not due to vote rigging but due to a simple fact that DP did not file candidates in those constituencies, it is a simple mathematical fact that if you do not file a candidate you loose the constituency. Let us agree that the two ministers WBK puts up did not win the election, how does that help DP from loosing all the constituencies they lost? Let Kijyomanyi justify how DP would win an election with out filling candidates in such huge numbers.

    Trust me they will never go there .


  9. ugandansatheart,


    Mr Mulindwa,

    1/9 I see you taunting DP for not ‘filing’ candidates: typical riggers’ lingo. File candidates! In fact, UPC had ‘filed’ 43 candidates, but to your disappointment, you managed to get 17 “unopposed” giving you a headstart that was further reinforced by Legal Notice No. 10….and of course you refer why other parties did not take UPC to courts of law and you do not tell us why Justice W Wambuzi was summarily sacked a few days before polling day and replaced with George Masika, a card-carrying UPC diehard…and the sacking of 14 non-UPC District Commissioners etc. Let me run you through how UPC “files” candidates:

    2/9 Arua: All five DP candidates arrived in time for nomination. The electoral commission had assured all parties that several requirements had been waived due to the prevailing war situation in Arua, Moyo and Nebbi. Almost from nowhere, AM Obote announced on radio that UPC in Arua had no opposition and they were there-and-then declared elected unopposed. The waiving of the requirements was a trap laid for the DP. While the DP candidates took the Electoral Commission for their word, the same commission tipped the UPC to have all documents in place. Although the Arua DP candidates were disqualified fraudulently for non-possession of income tax documents, the UPC candidate for Masaka North, who was unable to secure a nomination on similar grounds was later “nominated”, 36 hours to polling day on 8 December 1980, two weeks after the actual nomination day.

    3/9 Moyo: The DP candidate, Engineer Sam Drale was detained by UNLAs some five miles before he reached the DC’s office. He was kept in the Army barracks and released at 1930, after the nominations had ended. The reason for detaining him was that he was plotting to overthrow the Military commission government.

    4/9 Mbale: DP candidate Haji Sulaiman Masaba Mbale West constituency was declared nominated at noon on the day. The DC then recalled him with allegations that some of his nomination documents were forged. The DP leaders in Mbale strongly objected to the DC’s claims and the DC chickened out of his scheme.

    5/9 Soroti: The DP candidate, Mr Michael Etatau (Soroti Central) was declared nominated at noon, given a certificate of proof of nomination, later he was put at gun point by UNLA personnel and caused to surrender the certificate and ordered to report to the DC. The DC then taught Mr Etatau that from that day onwards, he (Mr Etatau) did not know how to speak English and therefore his nomination was invalid. Elsewhere, DP candidate Mr Raymond Ekadu was nominated, given a certificate but later the certificate was confiscated from him by the Returning Officer on grounds that Mr Ekadu had not resigned from public service, which was in fact not the case. Even if it had been, once nomination is completed, challenges can only arise after the general election has been held.

    6/9 Bundibugyo: The DP candidate arrived at the DC’s office, he was ordered to wait for 2 hours and there after tadvised that he was too late.

    7/9 Kasese: Nomination papers of all three DP candidates were accepted, notified to the electoral commission in a letter dated 27th November 1980 (which I have seen), and duly gazetted on 5 December 1980. Then on 8 December, 2 weeks after nomination, and 36 hours before polling began, Radio Uganda announced that EC had declared the nomination of those three DP candidates invalid on grounds that the papers had been presented after 1200 noon and that the Returning Officer had only accepted their nomination under duress. The Commonwealth Observer Group strongly objected to this action by Mr Kikira of the EC. The UPCs tampered, rather clumsily, with the nomination papers of the last DP candidate to alter it from 11:58 to 12:05. Apparently, Mr Kikira, the EC Chairman used the Primary Three saliva-on-finger rubber that almost created a hole in the nomination paper. Consequently, two Kasese UPC candidates were elected unopposed. In Kasese North, UPM’s C Kiyonga beat UPC…by 900 votes. On the action of the EC on Kaseese DP nominations, the COG concluded that, “In all the circumstances we have no option but to conclude that the action taken by the electoral commission in declaring the nomination null and void was contrary to the law and had no basis in fact”

    8/9 Tororo: The UPM candidates were disqualified from nomination on grounds that they did not know how to speak English. One of the victims of that requirement was Chango Macho W’obanda, who was at the time, (and for many years before and after) a Senior Lecturer at the Makerere University Centre for Continuing Education. Father Okoth was blocked on similar grouds: zero english, when in fact he had even been in the post-Amin cabinet holding the portfolio of Deputy minster of internal affairs, and was even a member of the National Conusltative Council.

    9/9 Lango: All but one DP candidate made it to the registration station. Other candidates were chased away by UPC youth wingers/UNLA. The only one that made it was Adoko Nekyon, courtesy to his Oyima clan membership. Even with him, all his 12 supporters were sent running for their lives, so he had no proposer or seconder.

    That is when I say: if the opposite of pros is cons, the opposite of progress is Congress!

    Lance Corporal (Rtd) Otto Patrick

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