How the Opposition lost to Sematimba

Mr. Muwanga and fellow UAH,

I was there in Kampala during these campaigns and I was very disappointed with the opposition myself. They were so fragmented and therefore produced fragmented results. DP and FDC need to calm down, sit on the same table and discuss the future. DP has got to join the inter party Cooperation because I’m sure that even donors will find it difficult to finance them independently.

  1. Sematimba would have won this election with a bigger majority if he had stood as an independent. I don’t think his pronouncing himself as NRM will help him in the long run if he is to remain contesting in Kampala. Urban centres are pro-opposition all over the world. This was just a one off.
  2. Sematimba said that he joined NRM in 1994 and that he only stood as an independent during Mayoral elections in Kampala because NRM had already fronted Mr. Kyambadde as their candidate. This alone shows someone with an element of indiscipline because he could not barge in for the sake of the party. Probably Kyambade would have won the mayoral race against Sebaggala if Sematimba had not stood as an independent. Sematimba said that he was in Dubai on Business and started admiring the way Arabs had built their city and that’s when he rushed back home to run as a mayor.
  3. Some people did not vote for Sematimba because he was looked at as a snob. I listened to him on radio CBS when he was being hosted by Medi Nsereko Sebuliba. He kept telling people that he is a very rich man and that he handles the same budget in his line of businesses as the Lubaga Division budget. He said that those running against him aren’t as rich as him. He boastfully called them all names under the sun depicting some one with less money. What confused me was when he said, at the same time, that he had decided to run on NRM ticket because ‘they are the one with money’. This means that the rich Sematimba is capable of joining any side with cash.
  4. Among some of his achievements he mentioned while being hosted on CBS fm was the introduction of Valentine’s Day in Uganda. I could not believe my ears that some one would use this to get votes and few in the opposition and religious circles challenged him. The fact is that the disadvantages of Valentine’s Day outweigh the advantages and we would have lived without this day. It is like some one saying that he introduced ‘sex’ day or prostitution in Uganda and we need to vote this person in a position of responsibility. Yes, I like Sema as a person but this was very cheap from him.

On the other hand, the opposition did not help themselves at all and I pray that this is the last time DP and FDC are fighting in public because it irritated a lot of voters:

  1. The opposition candidates kept campaigning while dressed in suits and heavy wears while Sematimba was only using T-shirts and light clothing. The opposition should know that Kampala is not a village where somebody needs to put on a suit all the time while looking for votes. Honestly, it’s so hot in Kampala and I don’t know how these guys managed to dress like this throughout the campaigns. The opposition should learn simple tactics of connecting with the voters.
  2. DP and FDC kept calling each other names in public and it put off a lot of people. I guess those are the ones who decided to stay at home on the voting day
  3. MP Kamya was another one that is more of a menace to the opposition than she realises. She is on FM radio political programs almost 3 times a week and her words towards FDC,Joyce Sebugwawo and Besigye are not helpful. We only know that she is playing politics but her politics is so childish and divisional. However, I listened to her when she was being hosted on either Capital FM or KFM and she talked sense about the PGB soldier who shot people dead at the bar before he shot himself. I think she was on this program with MP brother Hussein Kyanjo, UPDF spokesperson and other MPs.
  4. The opposition need to mobilise election funds jointly and need to have a joint candidate in all elections in future. The opposition did not have enough money throughout this campaign and this was evidenced on the size and the number of campaign posters they used. Sematimba’s posters looked bigger and more beautiful everywhere I went. I even tried to go in places which we call ‘BUSOKOLO SOKOLO’ like the junction at Namungona main stage. I went deep down there but Sematimba was everywhere and the rest looked like small babies on their posters. Sematimba looked like a smiling SALONGO with a baby face. Sematimba’s face was everywhere in Kampala and on the outskirts.
  5. For God’s sake,NRM had 7 people who contested against Sematimba within the party but they managed to agree on one. Why shouldn’t the opposition do the same in all elections?

Byebyo banange




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  1. Ssemuwemba , you are right in every sense. I sometimes ask myself whether our opposition is serious to deliver change Ugandans are yawning for or not. Are they really bothered by the corrupt regime or they are also fighting for thier stomachs only? Not until they reorganise their house in order and sort out the mess. That’s only when we shall take them seriously.

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