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Day June 10, 2009


Dear Ugandans,
I have been tuned in with bemusement, to the debate on Kyandondo North, and which faction (or is it ‘party’) stabbed the other(s) in the back during the petty struggle to position one of their own for sharing the spoils..  The acronyms that keep coming  up include the following:  UPC, DP, PPP, NRMO, CP, JEEMA, FDC, JF, UGP, NDF (plus Vicks Kingo!) and on and on…probably heading for the 623 of the evening of Mobutu’s Zaire , when that country was the most vibrant multiparty democracy in the world. 
But the question is, where does factionalism end and where does pluralism begin? When one looks at the random harvest of Uganda’s political elite, all one sees are individuals that are exactly the same, but struggling to be different.  They struggle to differ because of the narrowness of the ‘panya’ that leads to the coveted throne where some ruling clique of the day dishes out patronage, lubricated mostly unearned income that is tossed at us in form of aid. 
Let us take a closer look at Uganda ’s demographics.  We are just over 30 million.  Of that, about 27 million, i.e., 90% are peasants.  Let us take another country like France in the past.  In 1789 on the eve of that country’s revolution, the French were 25 million and of that, 23 million i.e., 90% were peasants.  Yes, one could argue that, that was France , and the year was 1789.. In other words: different locales, different epochs. But in socio-historical terms, Uganda 2008 = France 1789: 90% peasants and that tells a huge story about our capabilities across the board.
But of course you know that when France had the same proportion of peasants like we do now, they did not have political parties. Is it because the French were blind to the virtues of pluralism, and we, Uganda are cleverer? Is it a historical accident that when the earlier modernisers had similar demographics like Uganda ’s now they were ruled by monarchs (Mono: single person; archs: rulers)? And I am not a monarchist please….but, with our 90% peasants, the rest being – let us be honest – a lumpen bourgeoisie, a functional liberal democracy seems to be a negative dream in Uganda, as the purposeless jostling between and within our factions clearly demonstrates. 
Attempting to cheat social development will not take us anywhere, because the gravity of our social reality seems to always push us towards our historical station: mediaevalism: 20, 30, 40 yrs in power like the Hapsburgs, Hohenzollerns, Shoguns and Tudors did in their days!

Historically, political parties have always emerged as structures for forming and conveying group interests in VERTICALLY DIFFERENTIATED SOCIETIES whose structure is the outcome of the transformation engendered by the industrial and agricultural revolutions.  In societies where political parties emerge, wage labourers at the base, bureaucratic elites in the middle and merchants, owners of capital, financiers, industrialists and land at the top (I am reminded here that, 70% of the land in Britain is owned by 0.7% of the population).  In that kind of set up, a labourer in a factory will not give a damn about the ethnicity of a factory manager.  What the wage labourer wants is a decent minimum wage, low income tax and acceptable working conditions.  The head of his trade union can be any religion or lineage, as long as he is vocal enough to squeeze maximum benefits from the factory owner. 
In those societies, political parties are nothing but the committees that manage the interests of those classes..  For example in Britain which colonised us, the interests of the top third are taken care of by the Conservatives, those of the middle third by the Liberal Democrats (the fence sitters) and those of the bottom third are managed by the Labour Party.  Tell us: whose class interests do UPC or DP or PPP or NRM or CP or JEEMA or FDC or JF or UGP or NDF etc manage?   Whose interests does Nzaana, Semuwemba, Ochieno, Wambuga, Nsubuga part I, Nsubuga Part II, Nsubuga, Adhola and…..er, L/Cpl Otto represent? Do we speak for wage labourers, landlords, financiers or what? Which class do we speak for?
Uganda now is a society that is HORIZONTALLY DIFFERENTIATED. The only groups known to the predominant ‘class’ (the 90% peasants) in Uganda are ethnicities, clans, sub clans, lineages, families, castes etc. The consciousness of the 10% (or even less) pseudo elite (one of whom you and I are) is false consciousness arising from what we see across the fence in the global north.

Now; people, when you impose the structures of interest aggregation and articulation of vertically differentiated polities onto horizontally differentiated countries like Uganda, IT IS AS IF YOU ARE FORCING A PAWPAW TREE TO GROW LIKE A PUMPKIN.  That tree will either die off outright, or become a disastrous weed as it struggles to conform to alien territory: the undulating contours of that horizontal plane of pre-industrialism.  The fact is that, political parties are not merely creatures of, but are an upshot of industrialism.  We are not there.  What political dispensation propelled the industrial, vertically differentiated polities to liberalism? It was not multipartyism!  
Just like a pawpaw tree cannot grow like a pumpkin, or kalitusi can not grow like lumonde, liberal democracy cannot thrive in our mediaeval-like conditions.  We may need to go back to the drawing board!…..Look at what other preindustrial countries had to do to create the infrastructure for liberal democracy.


Political Parties in uganda( 2007)

Name , Date of Registration,   Promoters/Address
1. Action Party [AP] ,15.12.2004, Ocheger Nelson
P. O. Box 8401 , Kampala
2. Activist Party ,22.10.2007, Ssebugwao Muyingo / Bampigga Stephen
P. O. Box 224780 Mengo, Kampala
3. Bridge Party [BP],13.10.2005,Kasule Med Leon / Opoka Jane
Plot 6 Cement Corporation Building
P. O. Box 31252 Kampala
4. Congress Service Volunteers Organisation (COSEVO), 10.09.2007,Saddam Bisase / Moussa Mudiba
P. O. Box 22061 Kampala
5. Conservative Party [CP], 22.03.2005,Mubiru Ali / John Ken Lukyamuzi / Dr. Nyeko
P. O. Box 5145 & 1604,
6. Democratic Party [DP], 13.07.2005, Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere / Ssebaana Kizito/Dr. Ebil Otto
Plot 3 William Street
P. O. Box 7098 Kampala
Tel: 041232704
7. Farmers’ Party of Uganda [FPU] ,28.12.2004,Bombokka Nsiko / Lubega Shafiq
Plot 54, Naguru Drive ,
P. O. Box 33243 Kampala
8. Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] ,16.12.2004,Jason Ntaro / Alice Alaso
Plot 9, Entebbe Rd, Najjanankumbi,
P. O. Box 26928 Kampala
9. Forum for Integrity in Leadership [FIL], 13.04.2004,Emmanuel Tumusiime/Enos Gerard Nabudere
Plot 48B, Ntinda II Rd Naguru,
P. O. Box 7606, Kampala
10. Justice Forum [JEEMA], 22.03.2005, Hussein Kyanjo Silman
P. O. Box 3999 Kampala
11. Liberal Democratic Transparency [LDT], 15.02.2005,Ssempebwa Hood / Mukasa Zaidi
2nd Floor, Room 21 Sunset Arcade , Wilson Road ,
P. O. Box 33235 Kampala
12. Movement for Democratic Change [MDC], 28.07.2004,Mutiibwa Johnson / Robert Kityo
Balintuma Road, Nakulabye,
P. O. Box 70952 , Kampala
13. Movement Volunteer Mobilisers Organization [MVMO],22.03.2005,Nyabwongo Apollo Oyo
P. O. Box 28640 Kampala
14. National Convention for Democracy {NCD], 28.12.2004,Degaulle Kawuma / William Kagimu
Plot 86 Jjunju Road
P. O. Box 25351 Kampala
15. National Peasants’ Party [NPP], 20.04.2004,Ssegujja Wamala Erias / Wanaba Luqman
Plot 123, Katwe Rd, Sapoba Hse,
P. O. Box 20692, Kampala
16. National People’s Organization [ NAPO ] ,28.12.2004,Jjagwe Abdul / Proscovia Chebet
Namugera Building, Mirim Rd Ndejje (Off Entebbe Rd)
P. O. Box 25645 Kampala Email: napouganda@yahoo.com
17. National Redemption Party [NRP], 14.12.2005,Bizimungu Charles / Cosma Kateeba,
P. O. Box 27947 Kampala
18. National Resistance Movement [NRM] ,30.10.2003, Musa Kigongo / Amama Mbabazi
Plot 10 Kyadondo Rd.
P. O. Box 7778 ,
19. National Unity, Reconciliation and Development [NURP], 28.12.2004,Sekabembe Patrick / George Odoch
Plot 79 , Buganda Rd.
P. O. Box 10107 , Kampala
20. National Youth Revolutionary Organisation [NYRO], 28.07.2006,Moses Kankiriho / Ssewanyana Hussein
P. O. Box 8254 Kampala
Tel: 0485 22554
21. New Order Democracy [NOD], 13.10.2005,Epajjar Ojulu Stephen
Kyebando, Bukoto Rd ,
Semwogerere Zone, Bukoto I Parish
P. O. Box 11652 , Kampala
22. People’s Development Party (PDP), 10.09.2007,Dr. Abed Bwanika / Nathan Kabunga / Isaac Baliruno
Makerere Hill Rd. Relief Bldg(Opp. LDC)
P. O. Box 25765 Kampala
23. People’s Independent Party [PIP], 07.04.2004, Yahaya Kamulegeya / Ssalongo T. Ssenoga
Plot 30, Luwum Street ,
P. O. Box 5350 , Kampala
24. People’s Progressive Party [PPP] ,07.04.2004,Jaberi Bidandi Ssali / Joseph Kakooza
Plot 6, Commercial Street, Luzira,
P. O. Box 9252, Kampala
Tel 0414 505178
25. People’s United Movement [PUM], 07.10.2005,Ogemba Shadrack / Sam Ssewagudde
P. O. Box 72605 Kampala
26. Popular People’s Democracy [PPD] ,19.07.2005,Webster Lukwiya
P. O. Box 24206 , Kampala
27. Progressive Alliance Party [PAP], 13.04.2005,Kibirige Bernard
P. O. Box 33770 Kampala
28. Reform Party [RP] ,22.03.2005,Ndyomugyenyi Robert / George Byamukama / Katabazi H.
Water House, 2nd Floor, Plot 688,
Entebbe Rd. Kampala
29. Republican Women and Youth Party [RWYP], 20.04.2004,Stella Nambuya / Jackson Mulumba
Plot 12, Johnson Street
P. O. Box 7590 Kampala
30. Social Democratic Party[SDP] ,01.04.2005,Farouk Ntege/Henry Lubowa
Plot 63, Mutesa I Rd Katwe
P. O. Box 21782 Kampala
31. Society for Peace and Development [SPD] ,06.02.2006,Harshim Mwenyi / Deograteous Matovu,
P. O. Box 27126 Kampala or
P. O. Box 795 Mbale
32. Uganda Economic Party [UEP] ,15.12.2004,Watentena James
Plot 14 William Street ,
Kirumira Towers ,
P. O. Box 374 , Mukono
33. Uganda Mandate Party [UMP], 22.03.2005,Mulunga Wanjala W. / Amos Kisambira
P. O. Box 63 Tororo
34. Uganda Patriotic Movement [UPM], 18.04.2005,Lubega Byayi / Bukenya Miridah
Busabala Home Clinic
P.O. Box 2083 Kampala
35. Uganda People’s Congress [UPC] ,22.03.2005, Miria Kalule Obote / Peter Walubiri
Uganda House Plot 10 Kampala Rd.
P. O. Box 9206 Kampala
36. Uganda People’s Party [UPP], 22.03.2005,Sulaiman Masaba / John Ssenkumba
Plot 6, Entebbe Road .
P. O. Box 11009 Kampala

Why Museveni will win the 2011 elections

Dear UAH,
You ask to be educated on why FDC, UPC, DP, CP, indeed all the opposition parties combined, are a spent force.  Yes, the opposition, combined, are a spent force because, they are politically short sighted. They are led by, immature politicians. Yet they are facing an accomplished group of politicians in the names of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, NRM who have spent their time, indeed many years, studyuing the abc of politics.
On the other hand opposition politicians are politically immature people who have no ability to know how to plan to win an election. While the opposition plans their political strategy on the spot, Museveni plans his strategy many years in advance.
As a result, the 2011 Presidential and general elections are already won by the NRM/Movement party. This is so for the following reasons;
President Mseven and his NRM machinery possess 100 tricks to employ to win the 2011 presidential and general elections. So far they have employed only about three of these, the most lethal trick is,
This weapon alone secures the NRM 50 percent of the election even before voting begins. Hence by the time the opposition goes into an election they are already 50 per cent behind.
 This is another lethal weapon NRM uses.The NRM machinery has activated this weapon from the day they got Government machinery in their hands in 1986. Today virtually all District Admninistrations from top to bottom, are in NRM hands.  Those district administrators who are anti-NRM cannot openly express their feelings. They are scred  stiff.Hence, the District machinery , plus all the over 200 RDCs, are all already positioned to firstly persuade voters, and if persuation fails, to create fear amongst the electorate and to dupe them with some benefits.
There is a saying in the USA which goes, When President  J.  F.  Kannedy was campaigning for he presidentcy a reporter asked him, What is the most important thing a politician aspiring to win an election must have, he answered, ‘MONEY’.
Now, my dear Ugandans, you are answered; THE FDC, DP, UPC, CP, are already a spent force, they are already defeated in the 2011 presidenti and general elections UNLESSS THEY CAN FIND A SOLUTION TO THE ABOVE WEAPONS  AND TRICKS WHICH THE NRM HAS IN ABUNDANCE.
No doubt the three weopns, INTIMIDATION, FEAR, DISHONEST USE OF POLITICAL PATRONAGE, MONEY, violate people’s human rights. If we were living under a Government that strictly follows the rule of law and order, NRM leadership should be prosecuted in a court of law for abuse of office  which in some cocuntries is punishable by death.
Henry Ford Miirima
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