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Day August 16, 2009

Northerners are rarely affected with diabetes

Dear Mr. Otto Patrick,

I generally agree with you on the two types of Diabetes. Where I do not agree with you is, associating the “Os” predominantly in the Northerners’ names, with blood types. “O” in a name of a Northerner does not mean the person has type “O” blood. Northerners generally have names starting with the “O” letter of the alphabet; it has got nothing to do with blood type.

So, I am kind of failing to know why you should lump Peter Senoga with the Obargots from the North, & Abbey Semuwembas with Joe Ochienos from Eastern Uganda. Blood wise, the Obargots of Northern Uganda are closely linked to their brothers and cousins of the Ochienos of Eastern Uganda. Take a look at even the physiques of the two Luos and you will agree. I personally went to school with so many Ochienos of Eastern Uganda; some, who were called Okoths, were close friends of mind. We in the North called their “Okoths”, Okots!

Amongst Northerners, there are not very many cases of Diabetes. Diabetes of the type II tends to manifests itself amongst people with excess body mass. Amongst the people of the North generally, you rarely find people with excess body mass. Most Northerners are lean and mean; tall; &c. This is partly because of their gene and partly because of their diet. Of course Northerners eat foods like meat, beans, peas, millet, cassava, potato(sweet), &c. All these foods are eaten by the rest of Ugandans. However, the North is hot too, which means during the hot season, heat helps people burnt out and sweat off excess fat plus other impurities that normally accumulate during the cold season. Consequently you don’t find many people suffering from Diabetes.

If you happen to find a case of Diabetes amongst Northerners, it is most likely because of pre-existing medical conditions that impact negatively on the body metabolism thereby overworking body organs, contributing to the type II Diabetic condition. What therefore you are stating here thus: “Blood group Os like Mr Peter Senoga (O+) and the Obargots of this world are better off with a meaty diet of the original Cro-Magnon of 30,000 years ago.  You the Group Os eat the grains and starches only to suffer the pain of heart burn (acid reflux) in the short run, peptic ulcers in the medium term and Diabetes Type II in the long run.” is again hogwash. Its NOT TRUE!

Northerners eat grains and starch on daily basis; in fact, all our food of daily intake include grains and starch like: Corns(maize), Millet, Sorghum, Cassava, potato. A Northern eat one of these everyday! Ask anyone. Every freaking day a Northerner is either eating Corn(Maize), Millet, Cassava, Potato, or Sorghum! All these food items contain starch, yet I do not hear anyone complaining of heart burn and peptic ulcers! You are again being true to yourself, lying, lying, and lying, about the North! What is your freaking problem?

In the South, especially in Mbarara, Buganda, Busoga, &c, the body mass are different. In these areas, people are a lot more heavier, naturally – gene-wise. Their diet also contribute to the development of the body mass. Which means, although in those areas people eat most of what are eaten in the North, the outcomes normally differ because of gene and also the surrounding climate. The South is generally cold and wet, almost throughout the year. So, a person’s body does not get purified naturally because of the surrounding temperature like in the North. In Western Uganda, in places like Mbarara, you should also note that milk consumption is very high. Although milk is good for bone development – the reason they grow tall – dairy products tend to make people develop excess body mass. Mbarara in fact boast women with the best bahind in the country. One such woman, with the best behind in all of Mbarara, and therefore the best in all of Uganda, is an hotel owner. Do you deny it? Go to that hotel you will eat very good meal mister!

People who consumes lots of dairy products tend to grow fatter than those who don’t. But these situations are now being complicated by the consumption of fast food products: French fries, hamburgers, plus other chemically pregnants drinks like coke, which Gook is alluding to. All these contribute not in small terms, to the explosive Diabetes in Mbarara.

In my opinion, the government needs to take serious steps to stump out all of these foreign products. They are not healthy for the populations. Failure to do so means the situation is only going to get worse!

Obargot Pabwoola
UAH forumist

Diabetes in Mbarara is from Hotloaf not Coca Cola

Mbarara, and other growing urban centres are experiencing increased reports of Diabetes and this will only worsen with time.  But who is the culprit? The Coca Cola plant or something else?  Dr Bitekyerezo contradicts his own title and name by not having good thoughts about the problem.  It is good his radio program was snuffed out.
The diabetes that we see on the rise in Uganda is Type II, adult type and not Type I.  Type II results from roadblocks being placed for insulin in its access to body cells, making it hard for the body to either utilise blood sugar to generate energy or to convert excess blood sugar into the storable form.  With Type II diabetes, the Mbarara type, you have the paradox of plenty of blood sugar and plenty of blood insulin, yet you are feeling Mulindwaish (i.e., foggy-headed) and fatigued.  In Type I, you simply have no insulin factory…and it evident right from infancy.
I hear the key road block to insulin’s access to body cells is a protein found in grains particularly wheat and some cousins of beans.  The protein is called gluten.  Taking sugary food is only a problem for those already with Diabetes.  Uganda has a largely Blood Group O population, and sadly, we have taken on to taking wheat products suited for Blood group A (Agrarian) populations of Western Europe and the Mediterranean basin.
A blood group A individual like Mr  Abbey Semuwemba and Mr Joseph  Ochieno would be fine with wheat products.  Blood group Os like Mr Peter Senoga (O+) and the Obargots of this world are better off with a meaty diet of the original Cro-Magnon of 30,000 years ago.  You the Group Os eat the grains and starches only to suffer the pain of heart burn (acid reflux) in the short run, peptic ulcers in the medium term and Diabetes Type II in the long run.  Dr Bitekyerezo should revise his notes on the political economy of the ABO blood types, and the natural history of Homo sapiens………

Diabetes Type II arises when body cells develop resistance to insulin.  When that happens, the body will fail to utilise blood sugar (glucose) to generate energy, in addition to failing to convert surplus glucose to its storable form (glycogen).  There is a link between blood type, diet and diabetes type II.

Why do I say that Hoat Loaf bakery is more to blame than Coca cola?

Now, one of the key factors in increasing cellular resistance to insulin is gluten, a protein that is found in whole wheat…that protein that makes bread dough sticky.  That is the culprit, particularly in individuals whose Blood group is O.  Coca cola or other sugary drinks do not contain gluten.  Gluten is found in Bread, chapati, rolex (rolled eggs) mandazi and other wheat products whose consumption is on the increase in Uganda.

Coca cola and other sugary drinks can be of significance only in individuals already suffering from diabetes, not at the level of causation.  They complicate (but not cause) Diabetes Type II by overloading the system with sugar but they do not play any role in increasing cellular resistance to insulin.  Peasants call sugar “sukali” and they call diabetes “sukali: that is a major source of confusion for may of us that are lay.

Why do I make specific reference to Blood Group O?

That is the predominant Blood group in Uganda and in much of Africa South of the Sahara.  When you look at man’s natural history, Bld Gp O is found to be the Oldest, or Original blood group, hence, as far as I am concerned, the ‘O’: original, oldest….nothing to do with Luo names!  Blood group O can be traced back to about 30,000 in the savanas of Africa and  were the original hunters, and therefore meat eaters.  When populations increased and competition for hunting grounds increased, massive migrations pushed human populations Eastwards towards Asia, in areas where there wasn’t abundant game.  This was about 20,000 years ago, when those that were squeezed out of African Savanas opted for a settled agricultural life dominated by grain growing.  This is when Blood type A of the Agrarians emerged, as an antigenic type suited for settled life, dependent on Agriculture and feeding on vegetables and grains.  Blood Group As are to be found in Eurasia and much of Western Europe.  About 10,000 years ago, Blood type B emerged particularly in central Asia…eg the Mongolian Steppes.  Unlike Os who hunted in the African Savanas, and As who domesticated crops, the Bs domesticated animals.  About 3,000 years ago, another blood type, AB emerged….mainly found in parts of Northern Europe.  NB:  As you know, Blood group O can donate to A, B and AB: because it is the Original.  AB can receive from everyone because it is the most recent and culmination of the whole spiral of blood type evolution.

Back to the Hot Loaf vs Cocacolonisation debate.

There is something special with the physiology of Blood Gp Os, which as we have said are predominat in Africa.  Their stomachs produce a lot of acid originally meant for digesting the predominant food of the hunter: meat.  When a typical Blood group O individual eats less meat than he is designed to, the acid generated in the stomach becomes redundant.  What follows? It starts digesting the lining of the stomach, creating ulcers.  Let any friend of yours tell you that he has stomach ulcers.  You have guessed it: he will in all probability be a Blood group O.  Alternatively, carry out a silent survey of anyone that complains of stomach ulcers and try to establish what their blood groups might be.
Peptic ulcers is a problem for those with stomachs designed for digesting meat, but have now been pushed into eating starchy food that leaves the stomach acid idle, and just digesting the lining of the stomach.  If you are the acid-producer (Blood group O) and you consume  a starchy meal in the afternoon and you lie down for a siesta, you will be woken up by some of the acid flowing backwards into your oesophagus…the so-called heart burn…also a Blood Group O problem.  Peptic ulcers are not a Group A problem…studies show that they have a limited concentration of acid producing cells in their stomachs.
Wheat, the major food for the grain consuming ‘A’grarians almost ends up being like a poison for the meat eating ‘O’riginal man….most importantly, the gluten in the wheat that binds with fat, liver and muscle cells in competition with insulin, causing insulin to float around in the blood stream unutilised, in a pool of unutilisable and unconvertible blood glucose.  Diabetes Type II is not a major problem for Blood Gp As.  Increased uptake of wheat products will reamin a driver of the Diabetes Type II problem in the predominantly blood group O Ugandan population….forget about soft drinks!

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Otto Patrick

With or without Obote,Uganda would have had independence

Dear UAH,
Uganda was destined to gain independence around the time it did whether an individual called AM Obote existed or not.  He only happened to be around… a baby sitter who happens to be around when the infant takes the first step.  It is the daft baby sitter (with no knowledge of the stages of development of a child) that will yawn on and on interminably that if it had not been for her tenure as the house girl, the toddler would never have walked.

Uganda became independent because the British Empire was drawing down all around the world.In any case, right from the start, AM Obote’s concern was mainly local self government and not national independence….for those of you that have seen his words in the Uganda Herald of 24th April 1952 where he was calling IK Musazi a fool for prioritising independence.

My comment is directed at those that want to make us think that AM Obote may have made the British rethink their continued stay in the country that came to be called Uganda, in probably the same sense as Frelimo or IMPLA smoked the Portuguese out of Lusophone Africa.  It is harmful self-deception to portray AM Obote as a Machel, Cabral or Neto.

Rubin Byaruhanga told members of UAH that that 1961 was the year for the British to quit East Africa territories but for Uganda, pro-Protestant skulldaggery had to first come into full play: Ben Kiwanuka was not acceptable as a future leader of Uganda necessitating a shopping trip for the most clamorous protestant on the block.  This was indeed after the 1961 elections which saw DP gaining 43 Legco seats while UPC 35 had a mere 35 seats.

Accordingly, on 1st March 1962 Uganda was accorded self rule and the instruments of power were passed on to the First Prime Minister, Benedicto Kiwanuka.  Yes! “Self rule” and “First Prime Minister”.  I will let the semanticists tell us the distinction between “Self rule” and “Independence”….and am no revisionist.

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Otto Patrick


I heard former President of Tanzania, Julius K. Nyerere (RIP) saying that Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika were supposed to be declared independent at the same time, in 1961. However, the Kenyans had not resolved their differences and that took too long for the Tanganyikans to wait. As for Uganda which was ready at any given time, there were some ”inexplicable” problems among the Ugandans that had also to be resolved. Many people say that the victory in the Ugandan Elections by the ”Catholic” Democratic Party that brought Mr. Benedicto Kiwanuka to power as Prime Minister, was in fact the cause for the delay in declaring Uganda independent. The British seemed to prefer a non Catholic and that’s why Uganda’s independence was delayed. The Tanganyikans insisted that if Kenya and Uganda were not ready, they should be given their independence. In December the same year, 1961 Tanganyika gained her Independence.

On 9th October, 1962 Uganda gained her Independence after the victory by the merger of the Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) and Kabaka Yekka (KY). Apollo Milton Obote becoming the Flag Bearer at the Independence of Uganda.
The argument that Uganda was destined to gain Independence whether an individual called A.M. Obote existed or not may be right, but the fact remains that it was Apollo Milton Obote who was there at the time Uganda gained her Independence.

Due Respect and Recognition for the Hoisting of the Flag of the Independent Uganda is Vital for Historical purpose.

Byaruhanga J. Rubin.
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