M7’s “Bantustans” mis-named

1/4. When M7 wants to ‘manage’ some people that have not supported him or to break the unity of a determined group or still, to bribe a certain sycophant from a village, he calls together his henchmen and they draw lines on the village map splitting the friends and enemies into 2 or more, so that they may develop ‘separately’ or apart from one another, disunited- [typical apartheid]’

2/4. In many cases, these are an exact replica of the South-African Bantustans under APARTHEID before 1994. Good examples are Kiruhura, Kisoro, Kanungu, Kabula, Kayunga, ……

3/4. In some cases, however, the bribing exercise results into something else, not just a “bantustan”. For example, the new Mujuku area is not really a “Bantustan” but in reality, a “Tesostan” [though it will encompass Tororo municipality where the ‘japs’ (Dhopadhola) are majority, who may need to be ‘ring-fenced’ in future, to survive]. May be, the new Kisoko creation is not a Bantustan either, after all, but a “Jopastan”, short for “Jopadolastan”. In that measure, I do not know what the right name for Bukwo, for Amulata etc will be called by future historians, who will study the rise and fall of the projects in an area once called “Uganda”. Then of course, ‘ring-fencing’ a la Bunyoro will be the order of the day.

4/4. Paraphrasing iron lady Beti Kamya: “I cannot fathom what Uganda/Ugandans did to deserve this, such treatment” from Emperor M7.

Christopher Muwanga,




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