Kabaka’s plan for ‘federo’ should be supported

The Observer Monday 16th August 2009 outlined Mengo’s political agenda. This is a timely agenda. Achieving a National Conference of delegates representing all the indigenous communities of Uganda can be the avenue by which a peaceful revolution takes place in Uganda.

The UN Resolution No.61/295 allows indigenous communities to choose the manner of governance they wish over their own territory and requires governments to fully cooperate in the implementation of resolutions from such conferences. The communities that put up Uganda in Lancaster 1962 are the true owners of Uganda. Governments are put in place by these owners and should operate for their benefit.

However in 1966, Dr.Obote chose to forcefully allocate the ownership of Uganda to government and militarily put aside the 1962 rules of association that were agreed between the indigenous communities of Uganda. Since that day, Ugandans have never truly had a government of the people, by the people and for the people. They have been held together by military force.

Even in 1994, the CA was put in place by a fake election process and the result was a 1995 constitution which completely disregarded the views of the people that were submitted to the Odoki Commission. The constitution concentrated power in the hands of the President leaving the judiciary and legislature to eat from his palms. Decentralization also came out as a tool for the President to extend patronage tentacles. The result was the creation of a M7 military regime capable of using patronage and corruption to subjugate all the other institutions of government and any form of opposition. They hold regular selections as opposed to regular elections using the electoral body.

Mengo’s plan to organize a national conference presents an opportunity by which Ugandans can re-assert their ownership rights; formulate a new people based constitution; appoint an interim administration; reorganize the Ugandan army to serve the people rather than a group; reorganize the police, judiciary and revenue authority; set a level playing field for political competition between parties, appoint a new electoral commission independent of all political parties; and generally revolutionalise Uganda back to the true ideals of the people even if this meant agreeing to break up and each community goes back to her original territory. The frontline participation of the Kabaka may not appear progressive though it would be necessary as proposed at this time. The plan should completely disregard the so called 2011 elections. People based political parties should instead concentrate their effort alongside proponents for the National conference and ensure effective mobilization of the indigenous communities to participate sooner rather than later. Any political leader that today continues to mobilize the masses towards strongly participating in the 2011 polls is definitely a self seeker.

The non-self seekers should quickly congregate and organize around people like Dan Muliika, Wadada Nabudere, Obonyo, etc to quickly achieve the national conference hence a new political atmosphere, a new leadership, system revisions, etc. Delegates from communities should be chosen or elected basing on the traditions and systems agreeable to each individual community. Religious leaders should be present at the conference to give guidance to the delegates and bless deliberations though they should not participate in deciding on any matters. President Museveni may be invited to open the conference for indeed this now represents the only peaceful and constitutional alternative path to change. Elections are in actual sense selections and Ugandans wish to achieve non-violent change.

Hakimu Semuwemba


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