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Only dictators order for the close of a radio station

Dear forumists

people who support Museveni have bought our country to its knees. People like these are bad for the entire nation because, they believe in dictatorships. There is no constitutional order as far as Uganda is concerned. Power lies in one individual and everybody looks up to him for influence. If the president doesn’t have your ear, you’re of no use. Such people are looking for influence from the dictator and whatever he says, is what the president is thinking.

We have so many solvable problems but, because power lies under one individual, nothing is done. If someone tries to do something without the state house blessing, then it won’t be done. There’s no way, President Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan or for that matter, in Europe, could order for the closure of a radio station, as Museveni did on CBSfm and other stations in 2009. The amount of money in compensation for the economic loss, would compel anybody to think twice before making that move. That’s why it’s a dictatorship 100%. Abaganda Bagamba nti Ekivumo Tekimenya Ggumba. With exception of Obama, the rest are no longer there and still one president is ruling!!!! What a pity!

There is no way we could have so many unnecessary cabinet members if we had a Federal system of Government. Imagine having 70 ministers!! For what reason?????? The amount of money spent on each cabinet member, would be enough to maintain a Medical Dispensary in a rural area. For those of you who live in the west, the sticker price for a Fully Loaded Toyota Land cruiser is over $75,000 dollars. Imagine a poor country like Uganda purchasing 200 of them, how much would it be? In Uganda, gasoline for that truck for a full tank would be close to $100 dollars per day. Just try to figure out with a calculator how much it would cost to maintain that vehicle per month, that’s if it doesn’t brake down due to the poor road conditions. The vehicle has to be driven every day, 7 days a week, 365 days. It takes the children to school, takes the wife to Owino, Nakasero, markets, takes matooke to grandmother’s house, goes back to pick up the children from school and then picks up the boss. Then it will stop by little London for a beer and that’s the whole day. Imagine that kind of driving the entire week, month, year!

This is why you see these protests but the people in power don’t see it that way. Government is the only source of employment in Uganda and that’s why you have to create more, and more, districts. This is insanity and now the Janat Mukwayas’ and Bukenyas’, talk about abolishing ‘Kabakas’ as a solution. We always thought that, people who’re somehow, educated, could be helpful to the presidency but, not when the government is the only source of employment. Please STOP playing with peoples’ lives.


Ssabasajja Kabaka Awangaale

Muzzukulu wa Nduga e Katende

A former classmate writes to Captain Guma on Federo in Uganda

Willy Kituuka

P. O. Box 2678,


30th September 2009

Captain Guma Gumisiriza David

MP Ibanda County North

Dear Guma,

RE: A statement made by yourself on Federo in Uganda

I wish to take this opportunity to write to you on a serious matter regarding the future of our country.  I am not new to you having been classmates through at Makerere University and not only sharing the same Hall of residence Mitchell; but also meeting for Economic classes.  It is true if I remember very well, after academics at Makerere; you joined those who were in the bush to help in the effort to get sanity to this country.  While you are fortunate that among the many graduates who left for the bush many are dead and some did not even reap the fruits of the war; the reasons you went there should still be ringing in your mind.  It is absurd to hear you among others spearheading the NO FEDERO talk!  Why should you?  Are there no models of success where federo arrangements are plactised?

I am one of the pioneer staff of Nile bank, and you are aware that I met my problems in my banking career not because of my own making.  It was then when Hon. Richard Kaijuka was Minister of Energy in the NRM Government that a Uganda Electricity Account was opened there.  You can be sure that because of corruption in Uganda since 1991 justice has never been done. I was sacrificed by among others a cabinet Minister in the NRM Government.  And you ought to be aware what it means losing a job in the bank, it is hard to get another job against that background.  You are well aware of the hard ships we went through at Makerere just to get qualifications.  In this role, I cannot excuse the NRM Government.  If some players in the NRM Government were responsible for my problems, why do you want to suffocate the possible alternatives?

You ought to be aware that Buganda Government is taking on a number of educative programmes; meanwhile off loading some of the responsibilities the central government would.  What is bad with that?  All these efforts are to help the people of Uganda out of poverty, but then you come and say no President can grant us FEDERO.  Sincerely, Guma, you should not be corrupted.  As an academic you should have the right view of things.   Assuming you were part of the Buganda establishment and you found that the Government is intentionally sitting on rents due to you, would you be happy?  Guma, I wish to tell you that some of us are not happy with Government.  I have communicated to people in Government about my innovation of Good Governance School Clubs (GOGOC), which I believe was hi-jacked and ‘sold’ to Government and is now Patriotism School Clubs, but my pleas that Government pays for my role has not received any response yet no body has come up to say that the originality of the idea was x, y and z.

So, my Brother Guma, power corrupts, but be objective.  Uganda has highly learned people and many are aware of the possibility of a peaceful co-existence of federo states with the central government.  The truth is that no body can eat all the monies made say in Uganda.  As a leader, one needs to have his share and also leave others to have their share.  To throw some little light on the recent riots taken as a Baganda issue this is just erroneous.  The people are concerned with the sharing of the national cake; and as NRM Government fails to listen to the wishes of the people, the more we are in trouble as wrong diagnosis of problems is thought.

You may be aware that Kabaka Mutebi is soon going to visit his county  – that is Buwekula; but when you learn from Hon. Bwerere Kasole and how he has prepared for the visit, it is the right approach for a Uganda where we can all co-exist.  For the visit; all tribes have something to offer and if a similar strategy had been used in Kayunga there would have been no riots at all.  So, my brother, my advice is that you should not be party to the forces that may be ready to get our country miles back.  As a Member of Parliament the issue is that the suggestion being made for federo and not by only Baganda is workable and can lead to a more peaceful country.

Best of Luck

Willy Kituuka

(Former classmate at Makerere University 1980 – 1983)

Mitchell Hall

CC All Members of Parliament.

How to find out who owns EBB airport

Entebbe International airport was sold but Ugandans dont know the owner

Ugandans at heart,

Change of ownership or management of an international airport, like Entebbe, must be reported to the International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO, a UN body, within 2 weeks after the change takes effect.
Uganda, as a signatory to ICAO, is mandated to do just that. So, you can check with ICAO to find out who owns or manages EBB. If Sam Kuteesa or any individual owns or is running the airport through a proxy, that third company must be listed, and its major shareholders identified in an accompanying filing with the ICAO.
The ICAO won’t divulge the directors’ names, but will tell you the controlling company. So, it’s not that hard to find out who owns or runs EBB.

Buganda can only get ‘ebyafe’ when Uganda is a federal state

1/2 I made a very specific claim, namely that, the shallow/narrow/hollow-mindedness of the Mengo establishment is a cancer that will take Uganda to her grave; and that in the event of Uganda going to the grave, it will not be fun for Buganda.  That is a very specific claim.  Just to take you back to the context from which I quoted myself, we were debating the question of the wonderful “Akenda”, or 9,000 Sq Miles that Mengo claims is the property of Buganda.
2/2 It was being stated in that message that:
a.  Nine thousand square miles has never existed and infact there is a very serious problem with any individual or group that lays claim to 9,000 sq miles and I outlined all the facts to support my claim.
b.  What actually exists as public land in Buganda is 4,227 and not 9,000 Sq Miles, as many of you continue to argue, and to excite the public in Uganda.  I indicated that, to lie to the public about the existence of 9,000 sq miles when such land has never existed makes the Mengo clique a burden for the Buganda public, including Baganda.
c.  That public land is Buganda land only to the extent that it is in Buganda; but it actually belongs to the authority that is charged with the political management of Uganda and Buganda, and in the present circumstances, the owner is the Government of Uganda.
d.  The land was at one time called “Crown land” because Buganda and Uganda were territories of Britain and the head of government in Britain was the Queen.  It was “Kabaka’s land” from 1962-1966 because the Kabaka was the embodiment of political authority in Buganda under the 1962 pseudo-federal constitution.  Once unitarism became the system of government, that land reverted to the central government.
e.  That land belongs to the Central government, and that can only cease to be the case if Buganda secedes or if Uganda is becomes a federal state.  We have argued here on the forum that, instead of Mengo wasting time whipping up the emotions of mobs, it should launch a sobber and well thought campaign either to secede or to have Uganda run as federal state.  It is then and only then that “Ebyaffe” talk can cease to be the nonsense that it is now.

But Federalism is hovyo because:

  • It creates a deficient authority over component states and individual citizens especially in new states of the 3rd world where the process of nation building and state making is in its early stages.
  • It creates liability to dissolution by the seccession or rebellion of states especially when the core of the federation is an entity that enjoyed independent and hegemonic existence prior to the federation.
  • It creates liability to division into groups and factions by the formation of separate combinations of component states
  • It causes absence of the power of legislation on certain subjects where uniform legislation for the whole state is needed
  • It makes want of uniformity among the states in legislation and administration
  • It leads to trouble, expenses, and delay due to complexity of a double system of legislation and administration.
  • It weakens foreign policy
  • Otto Patrick
    UAH forumist

    Can NRM MPs table plan to abolish kingdoms

    Summary: Some politicians, when lacking in “gymnastics of the Mind”, forget what took them to parliament and start thinking that, with sufficient gun/power, they can out do the English King Canute, who once ordered the sea-tide to ‘stop’. Some, like the so called workers’ MP. Pajobo, instead of trying to save the NSSF and the Workers house, is busy calling for the abolition of Kingdoms, as though they were created by Acts of Parliament, in the first place. Did the “sugar cane cutters” of Kakira send “Comrade” Pajobo to Parliament to abolish Kingdoms or to fight for a minimum living wage, a feat he has failed to accomplish!!??

    The following post tries to show that, while it is true that kingdoms may be “raped”, denied resources, freedom space and time, they cannot be abolished from the peoples’ minds and daily life. Such a fuile affront would only be a waste of the taxpayers’ money.                    Nice reading

    1/4. On abolition of Kingdoms as advocated by the NRM MP’s: How can you abolish something you never created? Can a Kingdom 500 years  or so old, be abolished by the stroke of a pen? I think “No” for the following reasons:

    1. One would need to rub all the history of that kingdom from historical record and from people’s minds, an impossible task.

    2. One would need to kill all the Royalty [Royal families and clans, etc] and then the whole population [All Banyoro or Baganda, for example]. [Tamale Mirundi thinks the 1917 Russian revolution destroyed ALL the Romanovs – a lie since even today there are many scions of the Romanov dynasty in Germany, England, etc. For example, during the re-burial of Emperor Nicholas recently, the Royal family of Russia turned up in numbers.  {Comment: It is not clear as to why Mirundi likes exaggerations and lies, even on subjects beyond his grasp}], etc, etc.

    2/4. So, if it is impossible, what do the politicians mean then, when they say they want to abolish Kingdoms? The answer is mainly based on ignorance but the following are among the reasons:

    a) Many think that, by robbing Kings of their physical resources, they will have abolished them.

    b) Others think that, since they are not armed, when you surround their palaces at night and illegally put hem under ”house arrest”, you are capable of “abolishing them”. Just by enacting a law that the “Kingdoms do not exist from to-day”, they will indeed disappear.

    c) Others think that, by demeaning them and imagining that they do not exist, and by reducing their prestige, they will disappear from the minds of the followers.

    d) Still, others think that by DENYING THEM SPACE AND TIME, and by denying them their fundamental freedoms, they will have “managed” them.

    e) Many still think that, by denying them mention at public gatherings [in protocol] and by occupying their palaces, by denying them income, they will have “abolished the Kingdoms”.

    3/4. However, all such actions, taken singly or severally, do not remove the kingdoms since these kingdoms are in the peoples’ “blood and mind”. It constitutes fun when even people that have no Kingdoms in their cultures start talking about the need or no need for Kingdoms. Funny indeed.

    4/4. Request: let the MP’s devote their time and other resources to serving their electors, and not question god-ordained order in society.

    Christopher Muwanga,



    1964 replicated

    It is 45 years on.

    The year  is 1964:

    The issues then were:

    1. Un-armed civilians were shot at Nakulabye suburb, at the beginning of Hoima road. All future politicians, including M7, talked about this “Crime against humanity” for decades.

    2. The other two issues were:

      • One, which portrait should hang above the which: That of the Executive Prime minister [Obote] or that of the C-i-C and head of Sate {Sir Edward}?
      • Two and now replaying itself in Uganda today: Why does Mutesa, with his Nabagereka [His Queen] draw bigger crowds in Buganda [and sometimes outside Uganda] than the “elected leader” of Uganda {Obote}?

    3. What followed soon after, in ’66, is not history yet. Today, we hear complaints: “he has refused to take my calls [of all accusations] for TWO years!!!! Brrrrrrrr. He must come and meet me at my house.  So, people who sweep the streets and prostrate before H.H the Kabaka, Chairman Mao [not Tse Tung] style you are pocking the “Lion” in the eye.

    4. 24 have been executed without trial by military and Kiboko [whip squads]. About 1, 000 in are lnguishing in concentration camps but, unlike back in ’66, the state of emergency , now in force for three weeks, has not been declared. This is not a country but someone’s own farm, where the populace are animals to be treated by the owner, as he may wish.

    Who said history does not repeat itself???

    Christopher Muwanga,



    Disrict, Regional tier, State-tier.

    Summary: The way things are, the current, hot ‘district-mania’ will last only as long as it is a ‘vote catcher’.  Soon, more sychophts will still need more jobs and the disrict, even if it comes to each family/clan becomeing one, will not longer be sufficient. Later, a “Regional Tier” will become handy but after twenty or so regions, this will become un-fashionable and we shall see, those who will be still alive, see the “State -tier”, so longer as those on top of the states will promise to vote wisely. the first “State-let” will be “Bunyoro-Kirata-II” that will use Oil to black-mail the rump-Ugandan state into recognition, so song as Buaganda has been “handled”,  “Bunyala State”, after her oil is exploited, will become the next, etc, etc.. Nice reading.
    1/3. After district-mania withers away, there shall be Regional-tier-mania. From four-five regions, there will be ten, then twenty…till the regional-tier, as  Vote-winning gimmick is exhauseted too and entities like Buganda are no moe.
    2/3. What next: there will be : State-tier for “Bamoori“, for example, ten for “Banyala”, an d for a “trimmed Mmengo with a “Bukenya” or a “Mirundi” in charge as elected Katikiro,  etc and by then of course, Project Uganda ( and therefore Buganda) will be no more, so long as there is an “East African Federation“, starting from Eastern Congo/Burundi to Southern Sudan, with one Emperor or, His Emperial Majesty Kaguta ” in charge.
    3/3. A “Field Marshal Keine” will be in charge of ensuring “secure borders” of the Federal States of the Great Lakes region or whatever it will be called then, not more than 10 years from today.
    Hoping this remains a bad dream,
    I remain,

    M7 should stop torturing Ugandans when arresting them

    Regardless of crimes, unless we reach the Robert Mugabe stage, we should not demean the people we oppose to a level that literally undresses them. President Museveni included. However, if anybody has abused him, it is because they learnt the bad behaviour from him and his ministers. Otafire for example. President Museveni has calmed down a little, but he is the architect of abusive language, and this is in public domain. We all know the back ground of many of our leaders as Kalundi said, they come from very humble backgrounds. I think “humble background” is just a fancy way of saying, they came from a poor background, but as you rightly said, we have all at some point in time taken tea with out sugar.

    Many of us have got sketchy information of what exactly transpired in that
    debate that led to the arrest of Kalundi, but if there is a genuine case to answer, then let the law take it’s course.

    What we detest is the culture of arresting people, because they have
    revealed something government doesn’t want others to know about, infringing
    on their right to free speech. If Kalundi says many Baganda were deliberately eliminated during the final phase of the liberation war, then you challenge him with facts, but also, give him the opportunity to prove his utterances. What we detest is to arrest an Innocent person until proven guilty, and then pounce on them like hungry lions beating them to unconsciousness. This is the culture that has been inculcated into our security services, and that is exactly how the wanainchi pay them back when they get angry. They also kill, destroy, harm, violate etc, because the authorities have taught them, and that the way they know how. This is barbaric, backward, and a violation of both our constitution and international law on the side of the authorities.

    I’m sure you have seen many people, especially men who get arrested, and
    then ordered to take off their shoes, shirt, watch, etc..and finally some one holds them by the belt…eeeeh! Don’t you remember how an officer tried
    to undress the FDC MP Nabila in public as she was being arrested?

    But as this person did this, some onlookers used their mobile phones to
    record footages which clearly showed a person peeping and admiring some
    Gombolola, south of Bermuda. But we all know there is some hajji the chairman of that Gombolola, what was this person’s problem? This must be
    condemned again, and again, especially if you start treating women like this. This kind of behaviour belongs to the Obote and Amin governments, and
    president Museveni must intervene to stop this since the Kayihuras have
    failed to stop it. What is so disturbing, many of our people who get arrested this way, end up with a not guilty verdict.

    And you wounder!

    John Nsubuga

    UAH forumist

    Listen members, good ideas are not adopted automatically, but driven into
    practice with courageous patience and determination. Now, get moving!!

    Regional Tier should come with a Regional EC & suggestions on media

    The President has once again brought back to the fore the matter of the regional tier government. Am a firm believer in federalism for Buganda and all Uganda. There are various NRM functionaries who keep presenting that Baganda professing federalism are actually professing feudalism. This offcourse is not true. The push for federo is not a push for Buganda to return to the pre-1983 set feudal up!.  Federalism is about creating a shock-absorber to shield the common man from direct impact of internationally sponsored neo-colonial  political-economic programs; its about furthering democracy without removing our true indigenous identities; its about cutting down the cycle of military rule; its about allowing people based accountable institutions to thrive; Re-distributing Uganda’s wealth away from the incurable corrupt center, and creating provincial units that would later be governed by a government of the Federal Republic of East Africa.

    There has been elected leaders and democracy in Buganda even before the NRM. The NRM many times has to be propped up by the army and other coercive groups. Mengo and the Buganda Kingdom has always been kept alive by the people. Even when the NRM chooses to close down all media propagating the Buganda kingdom, the kingdom peoples are always available to support and keep their kingdom going. The NRM military will have to keep deploying against kingdom peoples showing support for their king. They will deploy against his kingdom tours, against electing any politician supporting the kingdom views, against business empires supporting the kingdom and yet the NRM always struggles to posture as the kingdom’s best friend.

    Any media and individual who question this “friendship” are viewed anti NRM and solely for this reason- the economics and social-cultural freedoms and rights of radio stations must be shut down! The NRM should tell the world that media houses and businesses can only operate in this country if they coalesce the population in support of the NRM or spend all the airtime creating musical super stars local and international.

    It is true that the Government of Uganda is the boss of the Buganda Kingdom government but the assumption in HE. M7’s tone of speech is that NRM –the political organisation/movement is a boss of the Buganda Kingdom. This is part of the problem. The kingdom structures must be re-aligned to reflect modern connectivity with the Uganda government and in time with the government of East Africa. Attempts to arm-twist and forcefully create and define the relationship can not produce anything long lasting.

    About the regional tier, some of us are ready to welcome it as a middle ground only if the NRM stops presenting it as a tool to undermine the original rulers of the communities for which it is intended. This regional tier government must take further step to protect the authority of the original rulers of the Ugandan communities. The authority of these original rulers of the Ugandan communities is not forced upon their communities. Their authority is people based and propagated and government is for the people, by the people and of the people. Any thing that wishes to undermine the wishes of the people is tantamount to dictatorship and this world will today, tomorrow and forever struggle against any and all forms of dictatorship.

    As HE. Museveni and his NRM prepare to bring back the regional tier arrangement, please make it more acceptable for the intended consumers and present it so as to achieve a meeting ground between the two opposing minds. In this regard, the government should include a provision for regionalization of the electoral commission.

    The law should provide that the original ruling structures of the communities to form a regional government should have the power to appoint the Regional Electoral Commissions.  These original ruling structures are what the NRM has chosen to refer to as Cultural leadership institutions. They are not just “cultural” and the struggle to keep them merely cultural is likely to keep fuelling tensions in this country. In Buganda, the kabakaship with Bataka should be the appointing authority for managers of democratic elections and voting processes. This would not stop NRM to compete with DP, PPP, UPC or FDC for the various elective positions including representatives to the national assembly, regional tier assembly, district/county assembly, sub-county, etc. ; National presidency, regional semi-presidency, district/county semi –presidency, etc . This would be the key to the true realization of democracy in Uganda, a major step towards resolving the long standing question of fully without force integrating Buganda and other indigenous communities into Uganda.

    Such regional electoral commission would dilute the fear of electing regional mini-presidents- a Katikiro in Buganda’s case. In the case of Buganda kingdom, a Katikiro elected through an election system supervised by a Kabaka appointed regional EC would maintain the idea of Kabaka appointing the chiefs while at the same time moving the Kingdom towards full democracy. The regional tier government would slowly be allowed semi-autonomy over the region thus allowing federalists some peace in the country. The government should for instance consider removing the office of RDC and instead depend on Professional Non-Partisan National Intelligence Gathering Bodies.

    Government should at the same time move away from the thinking that whenever a media house does things that those in government do not like or things which are considered to endanger the public peace, etc- the offending media house should be shut down. This hurts the economy, the politics and society in general. Am of the view that government should view the various items regularly published or broadcast just like the many vehicles regularly using our road network. Whenever a vehicle breaks acceptable road contact, it is put off the road temporarily to pay a pre-determined penalty charges or for the proprietor and driver to face the full course of the law.

    Similarly, offending programs or articles may be temporarily discontinued for the offending presenter or proprietor to remit a pre-determined penalty charge/fine or for them to be taken to court and go through the full legal process. The Broadcasting Council is almost like a police force which goes on the road to confiscate the property of wrong doers. I do not think it is right for the Broadcasting council to issue an operating license covering the period of just one year. The economic life of the business is too long. The license supplier is not in any event the owner of the business. The job of the Broadcasting Council should be establishing the availability of a TV or radio frequency and then issuing a license renewable atleast after five years so as to reflect recoverability of investment and profits.

    Also, why having two bodies sometimes competing with each other as they do almost the same job. The Uganda Communications Commission has got true electronic experts and regarding word and voice sms based companies- both the UCC and UCC do monitoring and require huge fees to be remitted. Probably they compete similarly regarding internet and telecom companies. As Ugandans chat out a way forward in the aftermath of Mengo Vs NRM riots, it should be considered that the Uganda Broadcasting Council should completely be dissolved into Uganda Communication Commission who has more expertise, have a whole building in town, more experience, are politically non-partisan and have lots more facilities.


    EA Samurai

    Kingdom of Buganda has been advocating for peace and unity in diversity

    It is the Kingdom of  Buganda that has been advocating for peace and unity in diversity in our nation of Uganda, especially since 1955 when the then kabaka Sir Edward Mutesa became a constitutional monarch..
    Most politicans have acted with dishonour. It is not a question of “the central government surrendering power to the regions” as G. Bukenya puts it.
    Power comes from the people and belongs to the people; vested in their soverign kingdoms and “tribes”. And since it is inevitable that we need a central government, let the people DECIDE the amount of power to give that central government. It is a question of the kingdoms and the “tribes” surrendering some of their powers to the central government and not the other way around.
    As an Acholi, I thank and support the Kingdom of Buganda and Ssabassajja Kabaka Mutebi in their quest of trying to negotiate what powers should be surrendered to the central government of Uganda. The problem is that politicians of the day are too greedy and power hungry and they want more power than they deserve or can handle.
    I agree with the sentiments expressed by John Lema. People who want to run Uganda like the North Korea of Kim IL Sung should forget it. We need more common sense now.
    Pilipo Oruni Oloya
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