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Day September 2, 2009

How a Museveni spy looks like?

Dear Friends,

In the days of Amin and Obote II it was very easy to know who was a spy. They used to make their presence felt by visibly wearing pistols on their waists. When they thought people did not notice them and were thus not fearing them they could utter out things like:  “Do you know who I am? Wewe ndio nani … kama na furafura uta ona … “. Some would even pull out their guns and put on the table at drinking joints so that people could know clearly that they were security agents. Others would even shot people dead over simple things like food. Those were the days of half-baked, trigger-happy spies, but those sad days are now gone.

Today Uganda probably has one of the most professional security agencies in Africa – composed of highly educated, sophisticated, meticulous and professional men and women. A Uganda government spy of today can be the least person you would expect to be a spy. They can be the loudest critics of Museveni or simply very quiet. They can appear and disappear without registering in your conscience because they are no different from the average person on the street. They can be so down to earth that you can even urinate on them without the slightest response. But make no mistake – our security personnel of today are very efficient and effective at information gathering.

Having said that I can now state with confidence that Phillipo Oruni is not and has never been a spy. I have known him for several years  – since the  early 1990s. Oruni is a man of peace. He has been vehemently opposed to armed rebellion against the NRM government. He is one of the few northern Ugandans who saw the devastating consequences of rebellion long ago and tried to call on northerners not to go down that path.

Phillipo Oruni, Fred Opolot and I belong to a similar school of thought. During various times when many of our people were preoccupied with the thought of armed rebellion against Museveni’s government we have been urging our people to embrace dialogue with the government instead of fighting. That is perhaps why Oruni and I have been lebelled as spies and threatened  with violence and death by our own people (Langi and Acoli).  But we stood our ground. Had people listened to us in the early 1990s the senseless war that devastated most of northern Uganda would have ended long ago.

I highly respect Oruni for his patriotism and principled anti-war stance. I believe that voices of people like Oruni have helped bring northern Ugandans closer to the rest of the country. There were times when our communities seemed to have broken off from the rest of Uganda but thanks to people like Oruni we managed to stay connected with the current government and rest of Uganda.

Some of the UPC guys just talk ‘f’aaaa‘ without finding out the circumstances of the person they are trying to attack. They in particular been making so much noise about the Russian scholarship provided by the Russian Cultural centre to me.
Please note that the the Russian education some people are making so much noise about was the last resort for me at the time after some UPC elements decided to ruin my education in Makerere University following a meeting that took place in Uganda Club. At that meeting a plan to curtail my influence among Makerere students was hatched because I was becoming highly critical of the UPC government.
I accepted the scholarship, offered by Russian Cultural Centre (Not UPC) because I wanted to complete my education. Nevertheless that Eastern Block education has not been very helpful (apart from teaching me some extremely useful survival skills) because on reaching UK I had to start all over again. I am what I am today not because of the Russian education but because of the further education that I underwent in the UK.
Those UPC thugs that made my life hell and ruined my education at Makerere thought they had seen the last of me but are now bitter that they never eliminated me completely at that time because I am still around and kicking quite well.
There is a man calling himself Pyerarama on the UAH forum but is strongly believed to be one Dr Mike Ogwal a UPC fanatic who has insane hate for non-northerners and non-UPC members. I have ever challenged him on another forum for his fascist views especially regarding some people in the current Museveni government of Uganda.
Having said that, even if UPC had educated me up to heaven – so what? They had a duty as a government to provide all the necessary services to citizens but that doesn’t qualify them to hold citizens at ransom. I have stated in another message that if the hand that feeds you is rotten it would be better to chop it off than continue suffering in pain and that is the kind of treatment UPC deserves especially if it continues being a pain in the wrong place!
Why don’t you say the same thing about people like Olara Otunnu and others who did not only criticise UPC but went to the extent of supporting a coup against it? Why do these elements keep referring Ugandans to the dark old days when the future of bright young men was ruined by the system? Why? We need a fresh start otherwise it will take the country too long to heal.

Robert Egwea

NRM supporter

United Kingdom

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