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Day September 4, 2009

Delivering the head of UNAA to the president should not be considered a good road kill for NRM

Fellow Ugandans,

The country now more than ever is in dire need for independent minded thinkers to get us out of the quagmire of corruption, self destruction, unemployment and to improve the delivery of services in all sectors of our government albeit from a pool of the unencumbered, foresight third eye of the country.

The diaspora is made up of many disenfranchised capable hands, not so easily corruptible and with the potential to transform our nation, as long as that threshold of trust is reached without breach or violation as witnessed in these UNAA campaigns.
Some here have argued that President Museveni has surrounded himself with many yes men and women, who simply allow his continued sailing without alarm, stiffness or warning of looming danger from policies pursued; the president of UNAA should not to be in the same camp.
UNAA is one of the remaining organizations where civil exchange and honest to God, dialogue regarding deferred hopes, aspirations and expectations for tangible progress can still be heard uncensored.
Muzzling this discourse of reason and dissent, while desperately searching for a tenable position of development can only have dire consequences for our beloved country.
This obsession to sniff out and snobbishly infiltrate an organization with the desire to take over, despite repeated pleas, not to meddle, will spoil the effectiveness of such organs to provide venting space for those disgruntled and disenchanted with the way things have been handled in the country for the last twenty some years.
There are many among us in the diaspora who question the genius and preoccupation of buying men simply to make them blind followers rather than to seek them out for more erudite matters of thought and skill.
NRM strategists, ought to know that many of us in the diaspora tend to pear behind the rosy façade, often exposing the party line for what it is.
Further more we have acquired an appetite for verifiable honesty in dialogue and that is what we expect from our leadership.
We cringe when we see the out muscling of ordinary folks to impose non-progressive figure heads with blinders, bent on killing the free will and spirit of Ugandans, thus alienating those who might have added value to the development of the country.
The reality of the matter is: NRM needs the diaspora to inject not just cash but added wisdom to change the course of our nation. However, many in the diaspora want to work with honest brokers, those with a serious willingness to address and resolve critical issues that have dogged us for decades.
If such rules of engagement are not established, a Ttabamiruka, like scenario, where mention of the NRM-has become a dirty word, will ultimately ensue, resulting in a more parochial approach to development.
I would much rather see the prevalence of cool heads and practical dialogue,especially among the southerners, where lately there has been too much posturing of grown up men, baited and preoccupied with matters irrelevant to progress, put to the forefront by enemies of the state for purposes of disagreement.
Such agents of confusion have to be recognized for what they are, and I will repeat this call for a tribal ombudsman to bring a cessation to the polarization of Ugandans along tribal lines.
Remember, It is not how you get to the top, it matters most who you get there  with.

Tendo Kaluma

Ugandan in Boston

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