September 2009
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Day September 8, 2009

Student leaders are disorganised

Dear UAH,
Iam one of the people who have closely been following the students concerns at Makerere University.I have realised that the students cause hold water but the problem is their organisation and greed with in their circles. Foristance, when when they met Hon Rukutana, the  representation was only from Makerere University as opposed to all public Universities’ representatives! The few students leaders who were present told us that they suspect money to have changed hands. Some accused the Speaker and others accused the guild president.
When they were going to meet the minister, one must have seen how  the student leaders were disorganized! They first agreed to walk to the Ministry from the University. All of a sudden a few led by Sewino, the campus affairs decided to bodabodas because it was getting late to meet the Minister. This did not amuse a few students in my view who were right because if the were going to meet he minister, then why go in groups?
When we reached the ministry, the first people to chase were the press. Next the campus affairs minister came down( remember, when he reached the ministry, he was allowed to enter the ministry offices with the few he had gone with!). With the help of the security officers, he read the names of the leaders whom he thought would represent the others! About four or five were left behind with the journalists that the students had invited.
To my surprise and that of my fellow journalists, the long awaited meeting with the Minister did not take more than 10 minutes.They all came in a funny mood! When we asked them what had transpired, one of them told us’nothing much’. When they recovered from their shock, they adressed us and the only message they had for us was that the minister told them to wait for a statement which he would issue later that day! Another bad thing they told us was how the ministers delegation treated the students that had gone to meet him. When they reached there, they grouped them ie freshers versus continuing students. Surprisingly, there was no fresher! Then the next question the minister was; ‘why are you here since you are not freshers?’
It is from here that some of the students told us how some of their leaders had chewed something.

Godfrey Kayitarama

The strategist at Mengo have devised a very effective strategy against Museveni

Dear Ugandans,

According to the National Census, Kayunga District is endowed with a rich cultural heritage and diversity in ethnicity.

The following tribes are prevalent:

1. Baganda (32%),

2. Basoga (16.3%),

3. Bagisu (7.6%),

4. Baruli (4.4%),

5. Iteso (4%),

6. Japadhola (3.9%),

7. Kuku (3.4%),

8. Bugwere (2.8%),

9. Banyole (2.8%),

10. Banyala (2.7%)

11. Tribes and other ethnic groups (14.6%).

This has social implications in growth and development of children especially with diversify cultural background. For example Kayunga over the past 8 years has had rampant child sacrifices.

It is silly, cheap and childish for NRM to drag in Kabaka meeting with Museveni first”to iron out a few issues” BEFORE the kabaka’s visit to Kayunga.

Can NRM tell us the number of Ugandans who are subjected to such provisos? If Kabaka was a criminal whose movements were confined to certain parts of the country then we would understand the “iron of out of issues” NRM proposes but Kabaka, as far as we are concerned anyway, is not a criminal in the eyes of the law and therefore enjoys the same freedom of movement and association as NRM supporters do.

The last time Kabaka took on low-key tour of another region within Uganda, Museveni and his thugs intervened and aborted the tour. Museveni later explained that Kabaka could not be provided with security as he was going to “disturb my people”. Now that is the ever-opportunistic President talking. When he was in the bush seeking power and “disturbing people” he relentelessly begged Mutebi to lend support and topple Obote/the Okellos. Today he is comfortable in power and getting foolishly pompous with stupid demands which the NRM supporters take on board wholesale. It is NRM which needs to go back to the drawing board.

The strategist at Mengo have devised a very effective strategy. By Kabaka not meeting Museveni, he is expressing profound dissatisfaction. His subjects are getting the message. And this is bound to have very serious repercussions during the elections, and the NRM knows it. In the meantime the government has absolutely no recourse. There is no law against not meeting the President, and what Mutebi is doing cannot provoke any actions from the government which could be used as an excuse for violence. The NRM is in a trap it can’t get out of. And these moves like withdrawing body guards from the Kabaka are even making things worse for the NRM.

UAH forumists

Message to Vice president, Bukenya

Mr Bukenya
How can you say that you tell the truth when on one occasion and I quot, M7 said that he is the ONLY MAN WITH A VISION to rule Uganda and you rejected that idea. You said that many Ugandans have the vision to take the country forward but with in a day, you had  retracted your statement and claimed that you had been misquoted. Actually, you categorically rephrased your statement and confirmed that Kaguta is the only man with a vision to rule Uganda.
And that is not the only time that you have cowed into pressure hence retracting statements which you publicly make.

In British politics, we define Honour as the evaluation of a person’s trustworthiness and social  status based on that individual’s espousals and actions. Honour is deemed exactly what determines a person’s character.
You were forced to re-emburse global fund money , you stand Akimbo without a comment when Ronald Mutebi is being refused to tour his own country where he was born while Olala Otunnu just roams without any hindrance.
You stand akimbo and look at Bakiga being treated as savages in Bunyoro and thereafter claim that M7 should be given more bisanja.
Kandi nnyowe kakugambire, You are a man without honour. You have fallen short of the glory of honour and you should eat as much as you can while your mifias bosses are still around.

My Munyoro father used to tell me that ” he who comes from far comes from God”. I’m miles away from you but I have taken time to spiritually come closer to you and Uganda and I reckon that you are gonna take my comments seriousely.

Lord H Buhanga
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