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Day September 10, 2009

Who are Banyala in Uganda?

Hello UAH,
Abanyala is a Luhya sub-tribe which resides in two districts, Busia and
Kakamega, Kenya in East Africa. It is believed that the Banyala of Kakamega
originated from Busia hence they are closely related as they speak the same
dialect, safe for the differences in pronnunciations.”Ochie”, “Otie” meaning
hello. The Banyala in Kakamega reside in Navakholo Division North of
Kakamega forest. They are mostly known by their one time powerful colonial
chief: Ndombi wa Namusia who was succeeded by one of his sons Andrea, then
Paulo Udoto, Mukopi, Wanjala, Barasa Ongeti, Matayo Oyalo and Muterwa (the
most recent) in that order.

Interestingly the Abanyala are a very diverse people with about thirty
different clans which have intermarried forming a whole complicated network
of relationships popularly called “Olwikho”. The Abanyala clans include:
Abaafu, Ababenge, Abadavani, Abaengere, Abakangala, Abakhubichi, Abakoye,
Abakwangwachi, Abalanda, Abalindo, Abamisoho, Abamuchuu, Abamugi, Abamwaya,Abasaacha, Abasaya, Abasenya, Abasia, Abasiloli, Abasonge, Abasumba, Abasuu,Abatecho, Abaucha, Abauma,Abaumwo, Abayaya, Abayirifuma, Abayisa, Abayundo.One is not allowed to marry from his/her own clan.

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For all my life, I had never known any traditional title called ensabanyala. I used to go to Bugerere from way back in the eighties and I had friends who were very powerful in Kayunga
One of them was called Kiwendo. Kiwendo had a Militia called Kiwendo boys. They were fully armed and by 1985, they used to rob guns from the Anyanyas and sell them to UFM,FEDEMO and NRA.
Kiwendo was a good fighter and a robber and if fairness is to be used, he should be the NSABANYALA.
There was also Capt Segujja of FEDEMO and Cpt Jaggwe of FEDEMO as well. These were very strong men who used to run all affairs in Kayunga when FEDEMO was governing that area and I reckon if possible, they can as well become the ENsabanyala.
One other man was Lt Serwanga the former chief Body Guard to Col George Nkwanga RIP. This man also qualifies to become eNsabanyala he used to conduct ambushes around Njeru,, Kirindi, Jinja and Nyiize from where he robbed banks and military trucks  and  he raised alot of funds for FEDEMO. He absolutely qualifies to be the Ensabanyala. I wonder what the method operandi is when selecting the Ensabanyala
Herbert Buhanga

Banyala of today don’t be misguided

The whole of Uganda knows the imbalance in key government positions.

1-  VP.RT.HON. Prof. Gilbert. Bukenya is a Muganda.

2-  RT.HON.Prime Minister. Prof. Apolo Robin Nsibambi, a Muganda

3-  RT.HON. Edward Sekandi. Speaker of Parliament, a Muganda.

Today, Banyala are totally misguided and used in a ploy to initiate a conflict with the Kabaka and all his people.  Instead of conflicting with the Kingdom of Buganda, you should turn to PresidentY.K. Museveni and ask for redistribution of the positions indicated above.

Parliament and every Ugandan will listen to you (Banyala) because the imbalance is real and the main concern.

Guns cannot win this time round. Only common sense is the winner. The Banyala of good memory and wisdom especially the youth should not be dragged into this NRM confusion.  Moreover, NRM’s days are numbered.

History is still the best teacher. Look back to the privilege Buganda Kingdom has ever offered to a son of your tribe. The former respected Katikkiro Nsibirwa, a Munyala was elected to the 2nd highest ranking position of Buganda leadership – The Katikkiroship.  That alone teaches you that all people living in Buganda are treated equally by Baganda.

Let me appeal to you Banyala youth who are tomorrow’s leaders; do not abuse such privileges.  Focus your efforts on producing another Katikiiro of Buganda or a future N’abakyala Nnaabagereka to future Buganda Kings.  Demand from President Museveni for a share of all Buganda government appointments.

I am afraid, if you draw guns towards the Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi ll, the King of Buganda, all Baganda and their friends will isolate you. You will regret it as someone did at the last hour.

Wisdom is strength and is the winner.

Michael Mutagubya.

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