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Day September 13, 2009

M7 & His Cheap Popularity Politics-(CCP).

Cheap popularity politics has always engulfed m7’s way of hundling political issues & personal issues mixed together, he has succeeded in some ways and the shortcomings have overtaken his advantages in the shortest run.

On Otunnu; Otunnu may not be the die-darling to embrace when referring to a political savior in Uganda neither on Kabaka issues, but nrm and its m7 have tendency of a slogan used by St Mary’s College Kisubu of “NN”, Neglect nothing, so in this context is why Otunnu may mean something to this inept nrm/o group of mafias.

These small things that m7 has not neglected have kept people in the dark of who the real m7 is, kept him in power for over 22 years now. It is now evident that m7 actually does not intend to fulfill his promises to Buganda or any other individuals he may have promised anything, but have also created some problems in the country and seen other issues and people who wouldn’t have been important in exact politics like Ken Lukyamuzi, Nambooze, Mulindwa Muwonge, Peter Mayiga and many others you may care to know in your respective regions, these people have elevated themselves to levels of belittling m7 and his govt or even singing his praises like Peter Sematimba, ngoma ngime and baguma isoke etc.

M7 works in undermining ways, violation of individual rights, isolation and limiting freedom of movement, he had barred Otunnu from acquiring a Ugandan passport, for what?, under normal circumstances and what Otunnu has on his record, he will never become a Ugandan president, lets face it why waste time on Otunnu, but the time and attention put on Otunnu may elevate him to credible standards that may prompt m7 to waste his life thinking that he is going to become what he fears most, ” some one to undo his questionable legacy” as if he cares so much about it, this is a classic example of how m7’s twisted mind works, because he came to power as a nobody himself so he thinks no body should become like him on his watch, he forgets the timing and the environment that things occur.

This same impact of neglect nothing has seen m7 starting personal cheap politics projects like creating more and more districts to divide and rule, if one big district is taken up by the opposition he creates more smaller regions within the big one, meddling in Busoga’s Kingdom, refusing a King in Ankore, Bunyoro and bafuruki in an oil hide and seek deal, inciting and creating fiefdoms in the Buganda Kingdom as a personal project, since he failed to tame the Buganda Lion, the Kabaka, he thought as the Baganda say that “enkoko y’omwavu teggwa kwebaaza”. In this translation, If a poor man gives you chicken he expects you to be thanking him all the time at all open opportunities.

If actually possible; m7 would be so glad to have as a slogan on CBS thanking him for restoring kingdoms all the time, all day 24/7, and to his disappointing amazement it did not happen and instead the Kingdom challenged his govt on every unpopular move he has tried to weave, like the land grabbing scheme, bibanja holders association and extending Kampala’s borders, leave alone m7 himself thinking that Kampala is not in Buganda and of recent withdrawing the Kabaka’s security army men and limiting/stopping the Kabaka from visiting his subjects in Kayunga-Bugerere.

Previously kids of Buganda in Nanziga (

, featured in a song that rhymed as “even the breast feeding Kids can see that Kampala is in Buganda” this set m7’s brains on fire, he would have put those kids on firing squad, for challenging him, but he feared to risk being another Idi Amin. M7 has waited for such an opportunity to show his might, but the Kabaka kept on dodging him, refused to answer his phones and put m7 in his place of being a classical commoner/omukopi. But as you may know we have two types of commoners those who are well behaved and those who are not; m7 falls in those without manners and thinks that military might is the solution, that is why he even set baraalo on the farm of his former benefactor the Mzee Byanyima. Mzee Byanyima couldn’t believe the level of disrespect that m7 harbors after opening doors for him in his house during those trying times of m7’s youth.

Looking at m7’s record, he has climbed ladders on other people, begiining from Luwero triangle to being so disrespectiful and disrespect is his slogan as he looks for a way to turn tables on anyone he thinks does not hold him in high esteem and demand respect from those individuals or groups that do not care to worship him. He fires his own allies on radio and the only person he seems to agree with is Kahinda Otafiire as they are both in the same category of disrespectful buddies.

Mayiko Makula


Baganda: “We stand by our rights and demands”

Baganda: “We stand by our rights and demands”

A collection of angry, disappointed and bitter Baganda met here in East London, Dunning Hall to discuss the horror unfolding back home.

It was a sombre occasion dominated by talk about bullets, deaths and funerals caused by a decision by the central government to refuse the Kabaka from travelling to Kayunga, Bugerere Country.  Government’s unreasonable demands, together with the Kabaka’s determination to head to Kayunga forced the government to place His Majesty under house arrest.

Baganda agreed that President Museveni and his NRM are an occupying and colonial government that has to be resisted and resolved to:

  • Become angry and show their anger at the state of Affairs in Buganda and Uganda.
  • Not to fear military might and take responsibility for the benefit of their country.

  • They declared that anyone who has died during the last 3 days of Museveni mayhem and brutality is a hero of Buganda who cannot be forgotten.
  • They have agreed that the reason why Britain is such a great country is because the people here never forget those who die in the battlefield for their cause.

All Baganda pledged to work together with other nationalities of Uganda for the long term benefit of their people and country.  They resolved that President Museveni’s methods of divide and rule will sink NOT only Baganda but the rest of the country and must be resisted.

The most striking resolution was the support for fellow Baganda who are battling forces of occupation.  They declared that mass action was a right and legitimate way of expressing anger and resisting blackmail by the central government.  Baganda blasted the Military government in Kampala for using excessive, unnecessary and illegal force to prevent people from exercising their constitutional rights.  They deeply regretted that the Kabaka is under house arrest and:

  • Unable to attend a scheduled function in Bugerere on Saturday 12th Sept 2009 because of presence of a hostile army of occupation around his Banda palace.

However, Baganda welcomed, a decision by the Kabaka not to force his way to Kayunga without state protection.

They decided to treat with caution, a statement purportedly written by Katikiiro Walusimbi in relation to the cancellation of the Kabaka’s visit to Bugerere.  They resolved that the statement could be a propaganda publication by the occupying army authored by Inspector General of Police Kale Kaihura with the intention of confusing Baganda.  They concluded that the statement was not on Buganda Kingdom’s head paper, nor was it read by Buganda Kingdom Information Minster Peter Mayega.  It wasn’t read through C.B.S Radio, the official channel of Buganda Kingdom.  People should be aware of impersonators.


  • There was a resolution to hold President Museveni personally responsible for the life and safety of Buganda Activist Engineer Alan Nakirembeke Waligo, Jaunalist Robert Serumaga and anyone kidnapped or murdered since the conflict began 3 days ago.
  • A resolution was passed by members urging people to resume the total and indefinite boycott of New Vision and Bukedde, both government owned Newspapers in retaliation for the government decision to illegally closed down 5 Radio Stations including Radio Buganda’s CBS.

Most importantly, Baganda here declared that they have no quarrel with any Ugandan from anywhere, of any ethnicity or background but categorised their enemy as:

  • President Yoweri ‘Kimeze’ Museveni.
  • The Army and Police occupying Buganda under the command of Museveni and
  • Baganda, or those calling themselves Baganda and working with Museveni and his forces of occupation.

Baganda further emphasized that the biggest threat to Buganda and Uganda are Baganda working with Museveni against the interests of Buganda and Uganda.

At the end of the meeting, all Baganda vowed to work for the restoration of the dignity of the Kingdom of Buganda and Uganda and concluded that:

  • All conditions placed on the Kabaka and Buganda by the central government, which must be met before the government can guarantee safety for the Kabaka’s visit to Kayunga are illegal, unreasonable and unacceptable blackmail.  They must be rejected.  (UK Version shall report on these conditions in the next posting).

  • Baganda confirmed that there should not be any negotiations between Buganda and the central government, or a meeting between the Kabaka and President Museveni until all Buganda’s demands are met.  Buganda’s demands include return of 9000ssq. Miles of land, County headquarters and Federal system of government for Uganda.

Reported by Michael Senyonjo in London,

Dunning Hall,

Forest Gate.

Banyankole aren’t to blame for M7’s dictatorship

Good People,
Let us know our enemies! The worst traitors to Baganda are right in our midst. It is not, and it was not the Anyanyas (that is if such an ethnic entity exists); it was the Nsaba Buturos of this world who oversaw Panda Gali! As then, Today it is not the Banyankore, it is ALL people who are supporting and encouraging the rabid behavior of Museveni who we should redlist.
I appeal to all not to attack anyone because of where they come from. The current leader of Banyala was a proud Muganda NRA (UPDF if you want) officer until he was bribed (ordered) to take on the rank of Sabanyala, which has never existed in the history of Uganda.
The group which emboldened General Museveni to insult us the way he did Thursday night was composed of mainly Baganda MPs. These dishonorable lot of Museveni’s chorus singers should top the list of those we quiz when time and circumstances allow.
Ssemagulu Lawrence Mukasa
An Uncompromisingly Proud Muganda who loves Uganda

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