Kingdom of Buganda has been advocating for peace and unity in diversity

It is the Kingdom of  Buganda that has been advocating for peace and unity in diversity in our nation of Uganda, especially since 1955 when the then kabaka Sir Edward Mutesa became a constitutional monarch..
Most politicans have acted with dishonour. It is not a question of “the central government surrendering power to the regions” as G. Bukenya puts it.
Power comes from the people and belongs to the people; vested in their soverign kingdoms and “tribes”. And since it is inevitable that we need a central government, let the people DECIDE the amount of power to give that central government. It is a question of the kingdoms and the “tribes” surrendering some of their powers to the central government and not the other way around.
As an Acholi, I thank and support the Kingdom of Buganda and Ssabassajja Kabaka Mutebi in their quest of trying to negotiate what powers should be surrendered to the central government of Uganda. The problem is that politicians of the day are too greedy and power hungry and they want more power than they deserve or can handle.
I agree with the sentiments expressed by John Lema. People who want to run Uganda like the North Korea of Kim IL Sung should forget it. We need more common sense now.
Pilipo Oruni Oloya


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