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Day September 25, 2009

M7 should stop torturing Ugandans when arresting them

Regardless of crimes, unless we reach the Robert Mugabe stage, we should not demean the people we oppose to a level that literally undresses them. President Museveni included. However, if anybody has abused him, it is because they learnt the bad behaviour from him and his ministers. Otafire for example. President Museveni has calmed down a little, but he is the architect of abusive language, and this is in public domain. We all know the back ground of many of our leaders as Kalundi said, they come from very humble backgrounds. I think “humble background” is just a fancy way of saying, they came from a poor background, but as you rightly said, we have all at some point in time taken tea with out sugar.

Many of us have got sketchy information of what exactly transpired in that
debate that led to the arrest of Kalundi, but if there is a genuine case to answer, then let the law take it’s course.

What we detest is the culture of arresting people, because they have
revealed something government doesn’t want others to know about, infringing
on their right to free speech. If Kalundi says many Baganda were deliberately eliminated during the final phase of the liberation war, then you challenge him with facts, but also, give him the opportunity to prove his utterances. What we detest is to arrest an Innocent person until proven guilty, and then pounce on them like hungry lions beating them to unconsciousness. This is the culture that has been inculcated into our security services, and that is exactly how the wanainchi pay them back when they get angry. They also kill, destroy, harm, violate etc, because the authorities have taught them, and that the way they know how. This is barbaric, backward, and a violation of both our constitution and international law on the side of the authorities.

I’m sure you have seen many people, especially men who get arrested, and
then ordered to take off their shoes, shirt, watch, etc..and finally some one holds them by the belt…eeeeh! Don’t you remember how an officer tried
to undress the FDC MP Nabila in public as she was being arrested?

But as this person did this, some onlookers used their mobile phones to
record footages which clearly showed a person peeping and admiring some
Gombolola, south of Bermuda. But we all know there is some hajji the chairman of that Gombolola, what was this person’s problem? This must be
condemned again, and again, especially if you start treating women like this. This kind of behaviour belongs to the Obote and Amin governments, and
president Museveni must intervene to stop this since the Kayihuras have
failed to stop it. What is so disturbing, many of our people who get arrested this way, end up with a not guilty verdict.

And you wounder!

John Nsubuga

UAH forumist

Listen members, good ideas are not adopted automatically, but driven into
practice with courageous patience and determination. Now, get moving!!

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