Buganda can only get ‘ebyafe’ when Uganda is a federal state

1/2 I made a very specific claim, namely that, the shallow/narrow/hollow-mindedness of the Mengo establishment is a cancer that will take Uganda to her grave; and that in the event of Uganda going to the grave, it will not be fun for Buganda.  That is a very specific claim.  Just to take you back to the context from which I quoted myself, we were debating the question of the wonderful “Akenda”, or 9,000 Sq Miles that Mengo claims is the property of Buganda.
2/2 It was being stated in that message that:
a.  Nine thousand square miles has never existed and infact there is a very serious problem with any individual or group that lays claim to 9,000 sq miles and I outlined all the facts to support my claim.
b.  What actually exists as public land in Buganda is 4,227 and not 9,000 Sq Miles, as many of you continue to argue, and to excite the public in Uganda.  I indicated that, to lie to the public about the existence of 9,000 sq miles when such land has never existed makes the Mengo clique a burden for the Buganda public, including Baganda.
c.  That public land is Buganda land only to the extent that it is in Buganda; but it actually belongs to the authority that is charged with the political management of Uganda and Buganda, and in the present circumstances, the owner is the Government of Uganda.
d.  The land was at one time called “Crown land” because Buganda and Uganda were territories of Britain and the head of government in Britain was the Queen.  It was “Kabaka’s land” from 1962-1966 because the Kabaka was the embodiment of political authority in Buganda under the 1962 pseudo-federal constitution.  Once unitarism became the system of government, that land reverted to the central government.
e.  That land belongs to the Central government, and that can only cease to be the case if Buganda secedes or if Uganda is becomes a federal state.  We have argued here on the forum that, instead of Mengo wasting time whipping up the emotions of mobs, it should launch a sobber and well thought campaign either to secede or to have Uganda run as federal state.  It is then and only then that “Ebyaffe” talk can cease to be the nonsense that it is now.

But Federalism is hovyo because:

  • It creates a deficient authority over component states and individual citizens especially in new states of the 3rd world where the process of nation building and state making is in its early stages.
  • It creates liability to dissolution by the seccession or rebellion of states especially when the core of the federation is an entity that enjoyed independent and hegemonic existence prior to the federation.
  • It creates liability to division into groups and factions by the formation of separate combinations of component states
  • It causes absence of the power of legislation on certain subjects where uniform legislation for the whole state is needed
  • It makes want of uniformity among the states in legislation and administration
  • It leads to trouble, expenses, and delay due to complexity of a double system of legislation and administration.
  • It weakens foreign policy
  • Otto Patrick
    UAH forumist

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