Only dictators order for the close of a radio station

Dear forumists

people who support Museveni have bought our country to its knees. People like these are bad for the entire nation because, they believe in dictatorships. There is no constitutional order as far as Uganda is concerned. Power lies in one individual and everybody looks up to him for influence. If the president doesn’t have your ear, you’re of no use. Such people are looking for influence from the dictator and whatever he says, is what the president is thinking.

We have so many solvable problems but, because power lies under one individual, nothing is done. If someone tries to do something without the state house blessing, then it won’t be done. There’s no way, President Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan or for that matter, in Europe, could order for the closure of a radio station, as Museveni did on CBSfm and other stations in 2009. The amount of money in compensation for the economic loss, would compel anybody to think twice before making that move. That’s why it’s a dictatorship 100%. Abaganda Bagamba nti Ekivumo Tekimenya Ggumba. With exception of Obama, the rest are no longer there and still one president is ruling!!!! What a pity!

There is no way we could have so many unnecessary cabinet members if we had a Federal system of Government. Imagine having 70 ministers!! For what reason?????? The amount of money spent on each cabinet member, would be enough to maintain a Medical Dispensary in a rural area. For those of you who live in the west, the sticker price for a Fully Loaded Toyota Land cruiser is over $75,000 dollars. Imagine a poor country like Uganda purchasing 200 of them, how much would it be? In Uganda, gasoline for that truck for a full tank would be close to $100 dollars per day. Just try to figure out with a calculator how much it would cost to maintain that vehicle per month, that’s if it doesn’t brake down due to the poor road conditions. The vehicle has to be driven every day, 7 days a week, 365 days. It takes the children to school, takes the wife to Owino, Nakasero, markets, takes matooke to grandmother’s house, goes back to pick up the children from school and then picks up the boss. Then it will stop by little London for a beer and that’s the whole day. Imagine that kind of driving the entire week, month, year!

This is why you see these protests but the people in power don’t see it that way. Government is the only source of employment in Uganda and that’s why you have to create more, and more, districts. This is insanity and now the Janat Mukwayas’ and Bukenyas’, talk about abolishing ‘Kabakas’ as a solution. We always thought that, people who’re somehow, educated, could be helpful to the presidency but, not when the government is the only source of employment. Please STOP playing with peoples’ lives.


Ssabasajja Kabaka Awangaale

Muzzukulu wa Nduga e Katende

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