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Day October 13, 2009

Kagame is killing Rwanda slowly

UAH members,
Do some of you really believe in what that ‘allocation of opportunities in Rwanda depends on [I do not remember the right word you used but you sounded to mean] ‘objective’ criteria? Can you mention those criteria? And then, as soon as possible, reflect on the following :
a) How many senior officers to we have in RPA/RDF? How many are Tutsi? The last time I made efforts to analyze this was last year and there were 93% Tutsi
b) How many Ministers do we have in Rwanda? How many are Tutsi? Last year around December the figures were 89% Tutsi
c) How many Permanent Secretaries do we have in Rwanda? How many are Tutsi? In effect, these were 2% Tutsi more than ministers then
d) How many senior officers in the National Police? How many are Tutsi? The figure was 93% Tutsi last year
e) How many ‘presidents’ of National Commissions do we have in Rwanda? How many are Tutsi? IT was 98% Tutsi last year
f) How many Ambassadors does Rwanda have? How many are Tutsi? It was 91% Tutsi last year
NB. You guys could cheat any other person but not me. Anybody who has ever lived in Rwanda knows that you do not need an ID to identify who is Tutsi, Twa or Hutu in Rwanda.
Did you know that it would lead to an RPF/RDF senior officer’s death or risk never being promoted again if he/she got married to a Hutu?we fought the war. Actually it was not a war that time, it was a struggle. But, take it from me, all our dreams were sacrificed at Kagame’s Egoistic tendencies!!!!
For your information, Kagame, Ibingira, Mubarak, Murokole, etc, are responsible for the death of many Tutsi!!!!They started with killing the youthful Tutsi from Burundi who came in to join the struggle. They were being accused of trying to possess RPF!!! They were killed by agafuni.
Secondly, they should never cheat you that all the Tutsi were killed by Interahamwe. There are many prominent Tutsi who were killed by RPF as a way of ‘waking up’ the Tutsi who were in Rwanda to join RPF!!!!! This is on record, Sir!!!!!! Bwana Mucyo was among the field commanders for this ‘job’!!!! Bwana Rukumbura, please, just accept one thing that there are so many ‘secrets’ that you probably do not know yet about RPA/RPF/RDF!!! It would be risky for you guys to commit yourselves to this network if at all you have clean hands because days will come when all these will become public knowledge and you will be ashamed of having been a defender of this system.
By the way, tell me one single area in Rwanda where there was no genocide against the Tutsi? But did you know that prior ro the genocide RPF had captured so many territories? How come that even in the RPF controlled territories there was genocide? How did the government forces plan genocide with the RPF territories? Isn’t it a thought for the mind
Come on, being Tutsi does not mean supporting criminals!!!

UAH forumist
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