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Day October 15, 2009

Parliament should investigate why Kabaka was stopped from going to Kayunga


There is a new and very credible angle emerging that the NRMO government or should I say some crooks (read land grabbers) within the corrupt regime stopped His majesty the Kabaka from visiting Kayunga because they had information that the Banyala whose land had been grabbed by Brigadier Tumukunde would call upon his Majesty the Kabaka to intercede on their behalf.

I have taken time to get to the bottom of the stupidity of the NRMO’s regime decision making and why IGP Kaiyihura responded the way he did.  Luckily, my elderly auntie lives in Kayunga and after talking to her briefly, she put her ideas in writing and off they got to me.

Since NRMO spin masters are reading they are likely to dismiss the new angle that it was not land grabbing but about Banyala. For the record and the media or Hon. Kirunda and Hon Atubo call tell parliament if it is not true that Brigadier Tumukunde grabbed land belong to the late Mzee Sajjabbi, a respected Munyala elder in Kayunga and left his children landless.

Let the Hon ministers all tell parliament and Ugandan whether it is also not true that General Tinyenfunza too grabbed land in Kayunga.   The word from elders in Kayunga is that this Captain Kimeze is a creation of forces loyal to Brigadier Tumukunde and those other land grabbers who have grabbed in Kayunga to ensure that the his land grabbing venture is covered up.

You folks in Uganda do your investigation and find out whether Mzee Sajjabbi’s land was not grabbed by Brigadier Tumukunde. You should also find out his standing among the Banyala.  My untie told me that the late Mzee Sajjabbi wanted to help Banyala take up business activities in Kayunga town.  You should also find out why Captain Kimeze’s siblings disagreed with him.

Parliament should get to the bottom of the Kayunga saga. Minister Kirunda lied through and through to parliament. He all along knew or should have known that the stand off in Kayunga was about Tumukunde’s land grabbing, particularly grabbing the late Mzee Sajjabi’s land.

Once again let MPs, parliament and the few courageous journalists still willing to risk get to know the story about Mzee Sajjabbi’s (RIP) land.  It becomes apparent that stopping the visit by his Majesty the Kabaka to Kayunga was a red herring masterminded by agents of land grabbing and their lackeys within security agencies.

Truth be said it Hon Kirunda was genuine; he would have ordered a very small faction of those security agents seen firing live bullets in Kampala to Kayunga and keep peace during his Majesty’s visit. The fact that the state kept on lying that there would be violence buy yet could not send a few soldiers to Kayunga to keep peace during the viist exposes the fallacy by Hon. Kirunda and Hon. Matsiko.

I call upon parliament to set up a select committee to investigate the roles played by Hon. Minister, IGP Kaiyihura, brigadier Tumukunde and General Tinyefunza is triggering riots in Uganda. MPs may want to investigate the relationship between Captain Kimeze and Brigadier Tumukunde and General Tinyenfunza.

These two have grabbed a lot of land, with Tumukunde grabbing massive Banyala owned land, land that belonged to the late Mzee Sajjabbi. People, a pattern is emerging here: where there has been massive land grabbing there is confusion, confusion created by land grabbers in military uniform.

To the Buganda caucus members, I am going to be refrained, but I would have called you names. Why did you not take time to get to the bottom of the issue? How could you easily buy into the fallacy and lies fed to you by Minister Kirunda and IGP Kaiyihura that it was the fear of His Majesty’s security?  You should have known that that was total baloney, but you swallowed it easily. Shame on you.

Now suppose it was fear of His Majesty’s security, how many soldiers or police or a combination would have it taken to keep the peace during his majesty’s visit Suppose it was fear of the Kabaka’ security, why did not minister Kirunda in his capacity as Minister of internal affairs offer to go to Kayunga with His Majesty (I know NRMO does not want to refer to him as His majesty) the Kabaka for the sake of keeping peace?

Further, suppose it was fear for peace, why could not IGP Kale Kayihura accompany his majesty or go to Kayunga to keep peace?  What would it have taken to keep peace from imaginary combatants in Kayunga?  Now suppose Minister Kirunda and Kale Kaiyihura were right that it was fear of security-they were lying on behalf of the land grabbers-and rather than blocking Kafu had offered to lead the visit from the front to ensure peace?  The fact that they chose to block the visit illuminates the fallacy.

Finally, regarding the hundreds of so called presidential advisers, a bunch of yes women and men, how come not a single one put forward a different view? Why it is that Minister Kirunda,  IGP Kayihura told lies when they knew or should have known the truth about Kayunga and the truth was not His Majesty’s security but protecting Tumukunde and Tinyefunza’s land grabbing?

Folks, if it was security Minister Kirunda and IGP Kaiyihura would have offered the necessary protection at minimal cost and damage to Uganda.  That they chose not too is exposes their fallacy.  They are liars.  period.

Bottom line: the Kayunga saga had nothing to do with fears about His Majesty’s security. Rather the blockade was concocted to protect one or two land grabbers in the names of Brigadier Tumukunde and General Tinyenfunza. Mzee Sajjabbi’s grabbed land was the issue not His Majesty the Kabaka’s visit to Kayunga. That is the truth folks about Kayunga.

Among the president’s advisors, cabinet, NRMO and yes Buganda caucus, there was only one firefighter who knew the folly of the Kirunda-Kaiyihura-Kimeze-Tumukunde-Tinyenfunza gang and tried rather late to stop the fire. As always it was the affable General Salim Saleh. The rest who advised the president were bifure period. Bifure because they feared to tell the president and country the truth: that land grabbing has now become a danger to national security.

It is time for a select committee of MPs to get to the truth about Kayunga and ensuing riots

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