Besigye,Museveni and Kagame are all the same

Ugandans at heart,

Please go slow on FDC and Federalism together with Kabaka  AND Buganda issues. With all due respect, I have never gotten any impression that Besigye and  Kagame  are different from M7,at least from an ideological perspective.


From my experience with the three men during “the struggle” – I call it so because it was indeed a struggle for survival of the fittest – none of these men ever advocated for ‘Kabaka’ and Buganda in general. They only used to make fun of  Kabaka that “he enjoys Banyarwandakazi”!!!! And that Baganda are ‘just empty tins and eternally scared by nothing” None of these guys has respect for Kabaka. It is true that for political reasons Kagame and Besigye threw some weight to Mengo and Kabaka i.e Kagame helped to send the ‘Prince’ to the military academy, etc and Besigye has been ‘an advocate’ for Kabaka of recent. I believe this is just to look for temporary allies!!! Those of you who were in Luweero and other areas during the struggle, you know the stories we used to hear and run about the Kabaka. By the way, the long run intention for sending the Prince to the academy is not positive for Buganda and Kabaka. It was planned. I do not want to go into this!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys, if Besigye had been different from M7 and he indeed supports the Baganda, why doesn’t he tell Baganda what befell their men like ‘Afande’ Kayira etc… is it because he (Besigye or Kagame) does/do not know the real story? Why doesn’t Besiigye tell Baganda what they did to Baganda during the Luweero war? Why doesn’t he tell Baganda what they did to Baganda in Masaka and Mpigi who were ‘UPC’ – remember the ‘kabazi’ which they told you it was Nkwanga doing it. Pure lies. It was not Nkwanga men. It was M7!!!  Didn’t Besigye join the ‘camp’ in Kikoma to foresee the ‘Kabazi’  project in Masaka!!!!! How many Baganda perished? Was there any Munyarwanda save for the other guy of Villa – Maria called Muwonge who was hit from his own sitting room with an ax he had fixed the very evening!!! Has Besigye ever told you his position over Kabaka in the Gulu meeting which he attended?Anyway, fool yourselves!!! You will again be disappointed!!!

Concerns about FRONASA are valid but Ugandans may not get a lot about it for the time being until somewhere in May 2010 or even after when all that stuff will be out in form of a book.Be sure, the world will have lots of information from this work.But again, we posted a lot of it on “radio Katwe”. You might have to consult this source for some pieces.

Banange, mundeke. Naye, do not take things for granted. We took things for granted with our Kagame and now some of us regret!!! ‘It is not gold’!!!OK.


UAH forumist and former Luwero bush fighter residing in USA


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  1. ssendikwanawa,


  2. richie,

    it is your responsibility to inform us
    so go on and spill the beans

  3. Lusoke, you were in the Luwero bushes with Museveni, Kagame and Besigye, and if you sincerely and truely love Baganda and Kabaka like you claim, why don’t you tell the world esp Baganda the truth about those incidences? Why wait for Besigye or anybody else? What’s the deal and what are you hiding? Were you an accomplice or what? Do you really expect sane people to believe your cooked story? By the way, how are you different from those three men? Actually,if you are not ready to spill the beans, don’t just give a damn on that bad chapter in our country’s history b’se you are also acting like those you’re accusing. Not until you tell the truth, nobody’s gonna believe your lies.You are just promotor of hatred,tribalism and sectarianism. Check yourself in a mirror please.

  4. isingoma godfrey,

    Man this is very diversionary, if you had enough info why don’t you let the world know?? aacha majungu bwaana.

  5. isingoma godfrey,

    Man there is no matter in all the trash, it deserves no comment.

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