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Day December 17, 2009

Buganda meeting well attended and a success on many fronts

Fellow Ugandans,

The December 17th meeting of all Ugandan regions held in Buganda, has just completed with King Ronald M. Mutebi providing the last word.

From a perspective of one prominent attendee, it was a success on many fronts, but especially based on the varied groups and regions of attendence.
All Ugandans of every creed, tribe and political persuasion were in attendance. Although the president did not send a special envoy, NRM/O as well as all opposition parties were well represented. According to this reliable source, one of the most pressing items of the day was a resolution passed by all delegates to quickly look into federo in Uganda. They all agreed to meet again to discuss the merits of federalism.

Tendo Kaluma
Ugandan in Boston

Museveni’s naked sectarianism

Vincent Nuwagaba

Faculty of Law, Mak.

Cell: 0772843552

H. E President Museveni

RE: Abdication of your duties caked with naked sectarianism

This long letter comes from a human rights defender who has suffered the wrath of dysfunctional state institutions but is determined not to die at his knees but his toes. I will not enumerate how many times I have been arbitrarily arrested, jailed and tortured. Right now, I am undergoing malicious prosecution and the iconic professor Oloka-Onyango who you have labeled an agent of disorientation knows the genesis my ordeal. A university don in the faculty of law has written about the trials and tribulations of Dr. Kizza Besigye, I guess someone will also write on the trials and tribulations of Vincent Nuwagaba.

Your Excellency, you are a fountain of honour. Thus, your office should be run in the most honourable manner, should be above board and exemplary. I think this is what President Kagame endeavours to do. Anyway, anyhow, we cannot continue to accept that you run Uganda at your whims as though it is a family estate even when you are making it difficult for university professors to sponsor their own children in a university where they teach. How do you sanction the increment of tuition up to 126 percent and raise civil servants salaries by a mere 5%. You wrote to me that the opposition has no alternative now let me claim the opposition’s role. Your government must adequately fund public educational institutions, pay lecturers well and extend a subsidy to private universities because the students trained therein are not private citizens but Ugandan citizens. You must get out of America’s straightjacket which came in a package of Structural Adjustment Programmes through the unholy trinity of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organisation. We must be independent now. If it takes you labeling me a politician not a human rights defender, so be it.

Personally, I wrote to you complaining about tuition increment in Makerere University. The reward I got was to be sent to the University of understanding. I never gave up. I brought a petition from a section of students and submitted it to the speaker of parliament. I submitted a copy of that petition in your office. Now, students on statehouse scholarship at Makerere University have done exams using chits from the Academic Registrar’s office that statehouse will pay. This happens in the wake of hiking tuition in public universities to the tune of 126%. Please read through the petition I personally delivered in your office at parliament or ask for a copy from me. It is now as plain as a nose on your face that you have chosen to toe a path that will keep a few people in power and the majority of us in subjugation. Why can’t other students whose sponsors commit to pay be allowed to sit exams with a balance? I wrote to you on 13th August 2009 contesting tuition increment in public universities arguing instead that government should increase funding to these universities. In my letter I stated that it is ironical that non priority sectors such as statehouse and the military always get supplementary funding yet education is not prioritised choosing instead that the peasants should run the public educational institutions through unaffordable fees.

I am writing to you to further remind you that my boldness to tell you my mind led to my being tortured by the police which you have militarized on 17 August after I had been denied my admission letter simply because I had opposed your inhuman, undemocratic, fiendish and invidious practice of sanctioning the increment of fees of up to 126 per cent. Ultimately I was detained in Wandegeya police cells for two days and later remanded to Luzira for a period of 15 days on trumped up charges.

You have always duped many of us especially peasants that you went to the bush to liberate us. Kindly tell Ugandans how, why, which and how many students get statehouse scholarships? Where do they come from? I have been told that it is the children of the veterans and fallen soldiers. If that is true, I demand the criterion followed to award those scholarships because my dear uncle Lt Muhangi Theophillus RO 3881 died in the military service and I am burdened by his children despite the fact that I am equally marginalised with good grades. Your Excellency, I personally applied for a statehouse scholarship when I had been admitted for a master’s degree because I thought I had a right to benefit from taxpayers’ money. But, why couldn’t I get it?

There is a document in one of the Runyakitara papers which had the minutes of the alleged meeting that you had where it was resolved that the Basiita rule for fifty years. In that document it is reported that it was resolved that Salim Saleh goes back to school and gets a senior six certificate; that Keinerugaba joins the military and that your ethnic people join the army, police and key positions of responsibility. By ring-fencing university education you are surely perfecting that mission. I know this time I have touched the hottest button but I am ready to die on the frontline using my brain through the pen and microphone than waging a senseless military battle which will claim innocent Ugandans. I am ready to be charged with fanning sectarian sentiments because I condemn your government’s sectarian practices. Good enough you are immune to prosecution.

I haven’t done all my exams because I have paid 60 percent of the fees because the money I had for paying was stolen by your police officers when they came to show me that I am a subject and not a citizen in my country; many sons and daughters of peasants have dropped out of the courses they had been admitted for and you continue saying prosperity for all! This time even the peasants should not listen to your hollow promises.

You may have forgotten the political science you studied in Tanzania. Thus, I have a duty to remind you that in the social contract theory, people surrender some of the responsibilities into the Leviathan, a ruler at that but they remain with the right to resist an oppressive and repressive leadership.

You are creating apartheid in Uganda and as citizens we are duty-bound to oppose your character vehemently. I must say that as a taxpayer, you and the beneficiaries of your corrupt and sectarian oligarchy depend on us taxpayers but we don’t depend on you. Please respect our money. You have said before that those who disagree with you should get plots of land outside Uganda as if they stay in your Rwakitura land; personally I will not and if you can put me out of action please do. I don’t know whether your government kills although I was about to meet my creator from April to July and I made you know that. But if it does, none of us is immortal. The difference will be that if I am put out of action I will leave a legacy akin to that of Dr. Martin Luther Jr King. Please order Major Gen. Kayihura and his boys to keep away from me as all they get from me is international ridicule. But anyway, Uganda under Museveni has lost a sense of shame. Otherwise, I would expect resignation after many have been blacklisted in The Book of Fame and Shame by ACCU.

Finally, your government must rescind the fees increment and increase funding to the university.

For God and My country!


Vincent Nuwagaba

Human rights defender and LLB 1 Student

Contact: +256772 843 552/ +256702 843 552/ +256712 843 552

CC: Chairperson, Legal and Parliamentary Committee

CC: Ministry of Education and Sports

CC: Makerere University Council

CC: Vice Chancellor Makerere University

CC: Chairman MUASA

CC: Inter-party Coalition



NB: Attached is a letter from the Speaker of Parliament ordering that our petition be presented by the social services committee. I demand to know why it has never been presented. Failure to get an explanation will straight push me to the constitutional court.

Naked Sectarianism

14th December 2009

The Inspector General of Police

General Kale Kayihura

Re: Complaint against the Police Officers’ Abuse of Office

General Kayihura, I write to forward my complaint against some elements in the Police Force who have become an enigma in my life since 11th April 2009 up to 17th August 2009. I first commend you on your recent efforts to purge the police of what my colleague in the human rights movement Mohammed Ndifuna national coordinator of HURINET calls “bad apples.” That surely is an indicator that you have started listening to our cries about the abuse and misuse of office by the police.

General Kayihura, we first knew one another way back in 2002 from Makerere University where you used to come for debates when you were still a UPDF Political Commissar and Brigadier. I was then an undergraduate student studying political science and I was incensed by the reports I used to read and hear about the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence and Internal Security Organisation and other paramilitary outfits. Remember you once gave me your phone number and told me to contact your body guards for a cup of coffee. I later learnt that where you hail in Kisoro you belong to the Bagiri clan and given that I am a “mufuruki” in Bushenyi whose roots are Rubanda in Kabale and a Muhimba at that, I knew you are either my brother or my uncle. In fact during the police recruitment that raised many body hairs if I had a corrupt mindset I wouldn’t run to anyone else for recommendation but to you. Little did I know that I would suffer hardest at the hands of the Police when you are the IGP and you seem to sanction my traumatic experience by doing nothing every time I appeal to you.

I know this is more than a mere letter but a short report. Accordingly, I beg that you find ample time to read and internalise the report. Since I am not your appointing authority, I don’t know your job description but I know for sure that if you don’t read you cannot in the least make a good leader. But I also know that you don’t find reading a problem since you hold a Master Degree of Laws. Because you hold a Master degree in Law, you should be the last person to condone lawlessness in the Police Force and I also expect you to distinguish between self interest and public interest. I may for example, be an impediment to your coveted desire for the NRM to retain power  ad infinitum but know that what the public needs is not whether or not you stay in power for 100 years but what services you deliver to them when you are in power.

I have been prompted to write this report to you by the recent media reports published by 256news accessed online at and the 12 December Saturday Monitor story titled “MP pins Police on bribery”. That you oversaw the arrest of the officers implicated shows you brook no nonsense any further. The principle purpose of this letter is to ask you to prevail on officers who have always stolen my money to refund it and penalise them for subjecting the good name of the Uganda Police Force to public shame and ridicule. Ultimately that tarnishes your otherwise good name.

I have appealed to you for so long but I have never got any help from your office. I don’t know whether you have always felt I am too insignificant to merit your valuable time. I beg that the attention you give to MPs you give to others in equal measure as well because MPs are public servants and as such they are no greater than their masters – members of the public. I have never seen a servant who is bigger than his/her master. And by the way, personally I am better qualified than majority MPs and spend more time in libraries than them. Hence, I am one of the philosopher kings that Plato says should be in leadership. Please no pun intended.

That said let me give the catalogue of abuses that I have gone through orchestrated by police officers.

1. On 11 April 2008, I was illegally arrested, detained incommunicado, starved for four days in CPS dungeons and terribly tortured. From there they took me to a mental hospital after conniving with Butabika staff to further subject me to pharmacological torture. My money amounting to 500 dollars and shillings 120,000 (one hundred and twenty thousand) shillings was stolen; my Bata shoes were stolen and to date I have never seen my black stripped suit. The police stayed with my keys and by the time I went back home on 24th April 2009 I found my house had been broken into, my computer, 2 flash discs and many other items were stolen. All this was done under the supervision of ASP Johnson Bahimbise who is at large and has since been promoted to SP and now works as Chief Security Officer of Makerere University.

2.On 15 May 2008, I was arrested from Spear Motors by a police officer whose names I don’t know, assaulted and taken to Jinja Road Police Station, money amounting to 60,000 (sixty thousand shillings) was stolen and I was released after the intervention of Foundation for Human Rights Initiative through their lawyers Vincent Babalanda and Evelyn. I was later told by the OC on duty then that, “Nuwagaba, you can now go, if we need you, we shall call you”. To date, I have never recovered my money and I have never seen justice.

3. On 28 May 2008, I was detained again at Kampala CPS after I had gone to make a formal complaint about my property stolen. Shillings 540,000 (five hundred and forty thousand) and some other small notes and coins whose amount I didn’t know was stolen. The following day, RDC Alice Muwanguzi found me in the cells and I told him the ordeal I had gone through. She told me, “Nuwagaba, let me go and order for your release”. Sadly I was taken to Butabika again Vincent Babalanda who now works with Ms Kenya found me there. You know all that happened there for I have written to you, to the president and two stories have been run by the Prisoners’ Magazine and the Red Pepper of July 4, 2009. Of course I have sued but I guess your dysfunctional state might be trying to frustrate the hearing of my case no. 92/2009 in the high court of Uganda.

4. In March this year, I was arrested by Sgt Kanyarutokye using my former lover and sister to SP John Nuwagira and dumped at Kira Road. After thorough investigation by sober and professional officers, I was found innocent but also the complainant feared following up the case and she later told me all she wanted was to have me jailed and deprived of my liberty. This wasn’t the first time Kanyarutokye was tormenting me. I want Kanyarutokye penalised for using the Police Patrol vehicle and other officers that are sustained by taxpayers’ money to settle his personal scores against me.  I feel so bad that I can be abused by people like Kanyarutokye who even failed S.4 at Ruyonza SSS. You see the effect of giving assignments to the academic dwarfs!

5. I have been assaulted thrice from Butabika on the course of investigating human rights abuse by the Mental Hospitals. On the first occasion I was beaten by the hospital guards citing orders from orders from above and shillings 100,000 was stolen from me. I was taken away by Mr. Aguma. The next time I was taken away by very many senior police officers and they told me “since you sued Dr. Onen wait for your case to be settled”. Should Butabika continue being used to inflict pharmacological torture on innocent Ugandans? Hadn’t it been my efforts and efforts of FHRI and UPAF, Gaudence Tushabomwe would have possibly met her creator months ago.

6. On 5th August still following Tushabomwe’s case I was picked from Butabika again and dumped in cells of Jinja Road Police Station. I was incarcerated for two days and later released without producing me in court. I had 101 US dollars and 430,000. OC CID and Mr. Chemonges should refund this money if you are to be taken seriously in your fight against injustice. I need explanation for depriving me of my liberty by incarcerating me in the filthy cells when I was innocent.

7. On 17th August I was arrested and tortured by police officers led by Detective Musinguzi working under the direction of ASP Mission Samuel. “My crime” I am sure was writing a letter to the President complaining about heartless tuition increment a related article of which was published by the Independent on 21st August 2009 when I was already in Luzira. Musinguzi and company stole 1.4m an amount of money I wanted to use to make a part payment for fees for a Law course whose tuition was hiked from 0.6m to 1.26m excluding functional fees of 540,000 and other requirements such as accommodation, feeding, printing and photocopying and transport inter alia. If I were you people in government I would bring those who constructively criticize me closer rather than persecuting them.

8. I was to be dumped in Wandegeya Police cells where I spent two days having been denied police bond despite the fact that the lows and highs of Uganda ranging from university Professors, UN Diplomats, Foundation for Human Rights Initiative and senior police officers among others. I was to be told that you called the OC CID and chastised her for allowing me have access to the phone after I called you, CP Nduguse, CP Kyomukama, AIGP Sharita among others. I hear you are a human rights lawyer!

The milestone this time was that I was produced in City Hall court and later taken to Luzira where I spent fifteen days. Of course trumped up charges of threatening violence and assault were opened against me.  I have, however, been told by a certain CID detective that if I don’t see the Magistrate, I will be convicted. I told him I am ready to go to Luzira because Mandela was in jail for 27 years but it never stopped him from leading his country and retire after one term in office making him a leading iconic leader on the African continent. I have surely told you and the President that I am a law-abiding citizen and that if I am suspected of having committed an offence I should be tried before a competent and impartial tribunal or court. I know I am innocent and if I am convicted it would be malicious conviction. But also, this could be a ploy to frustrate me from proceeding with my case whose genesis is SP Bahimbise. I am surely not being prosecuted but being persecuted.

9. You got a report from PSU in regard to my complaint. I was not given a copy yet it makes weird allegations. I wrote you a letter on 8th May 2009 in regard to the PSU report but you chose to ignore me. Please rethink whatever I have communicated to you. You and I are Catholics and we know that Paul who has become a paragon of virtue in promoting Christianity was once Saul a persecutor of Christianity.

10. Please, address this matter urgently so that it becomes the last time I am writing to you complaining about the Police Force.  Otherwise, I am ready to write to countries that believe in democratic practice and human dignity requesting them to slap a ban on your travels and withhold funding to the police force. Although you have been named among those fighting corruption, personally I would name you top on the shame list. Indeed fighting a person who uses only the pen and tongue is the highest form of moral corruption. I know to err is human but I strongly believe that I can fairly be convicted of only a traffic offense because it happens unexpectedly but I have not committed it.  As a product of Danida Human Rights and Good Governance internship programme whose purpose is to train a critical mass of human rights and anti-corruption crusaders, I will write to DANIDA to express the magnitude of persecution by the Police and suggest that they use their money to help victims of human rights abuse.

Finally, prevail on all officers I accuse to refund my property and money and bring them to book. Accordingly, SP Bahimbise should pay back my US Dollars 500 and 200,000 plus 540,000 that were stolen under his watch. He should also produce my laptop computer, flash discs, my shoes, my wrist watch and my clothing.ASP Chemonges should produce my 100 US dollars and shillings 430,000.ASP Mission under whose supervison Detective Musinguzi and his colleagues were working should be forced to refund Shs 1.4m that was stolen from my bag.They always ask the evidence that I had the money but I would beg that you ask them to produce a record on which I signed for my property so that you can prove that what I am saying is either false or true. Because procedurally before one is dumped in police cells, they should sign against their property. I know it may be a well thought out strategy to make life to difficult for me through among others impoverishing me but I will never ever keep silent in the wake of injustice orchestrated by those that are paid by taxpayers’ money to protect our lives, liberty and property. What I have written here is a mere tip of the iceberg but I have to assure you that whoever fights me is fighting a losing battle. If I don’t listen to you soon, I will upload this report on the internet and follow this matter legally nationally or internationally to its logical conclusion.

Attached is an email I received from the President telling me to report my harassment to police. I hope you pay heed. For God and My Country!

Yours truly,



Cell:   +256772 843 552 /+256702 843 552

CC: President of the Republic of Uganda

CC: Prof. Apollo Nsibambi Prime Minister

CC: Hon Kirunda Kivejinja, Minister of Internal Affairs

CC: Uganda Human Rights Commission

CC: Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

CC: Human Rights Organisations

CC: Diplomatic Community

CC: Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

CC: Amnesty International

CC: Chairman Makerere University Council

CC: Chairman Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee.

CC: Danida – HUGGO

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