Overcoming NRM Excesses

Overcoming NRM Excesses

Given the forthcoming competition for the Presidency and the strategy in place to see the NRM part of Uganda’s history, it may simply be a joke for any one to assume that the NRM leadership will this time get cultured.  It is for this reason among others that we still call upon our friends in opposition to join forces to do away with the evil.  It is simply evil.  Many of these people are not concerned about the ills of others simply because they have command to use and misuse national resources!  Yes, many are to suffer the circumstances, but it is worth the cost.  At times one wonders whether some people cannot be concerned about their future.  You imagine an NRM leader out of office and watching what another Government is doing.  People do comment now but these guys are not bothered.  If one got into power, the truth is that at some point in time, he or she has to get out of power, but how are these people ready to learn how much some people know about their mis – deeds!

Anyway, hopefully, the good Lord will guide all of use to do with the evil which NRM is doing every other day with impunity.  That is he best strategy where all of us combine forces to see them go and real going this time.

We are simply tired.

Willy Kituuka

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