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Day December 20, 2009

WHAT A YEAR- 2009?

Salutations Fellow Forumists,

The year  come to an end and one might be in order to wish his friends and discussants and associates a Merry Xmas.  With that formality out of the way we are enjoined to consider the year briefly- its highlights and its low points and possible consideration of the implication for Uganda that we cherish and that we love.  For who we always pray and commission our deeds in tandem with our very own personal needs heralded in the aspiration – For God and My Country.


A marriage of political parties takes root with the family treading the breadth of the country to further our democratic aspirations.  As u know in a marriage respect is very important- the husband must respect the wife and the wife must respect the husband.  Some silly wags are asking who is the wife and who is the husband- ignore them we shall not be diverted on side issues.

Buganda awakens!  After quietly bearing abuse upon abuse – insult upon injury Buganda youth awoke and in anger  engaged the coercive machinery of the state putting paid to the derogation that matooke eating folks  (no offense intended) have no stomach for a good fight.  The symbolism of the youth, their defiance acted like the safety catch ammunition and the elders got together in a grand convocation that must still be causing shock waves in some hills you know and I know- we both know that is.

And then of course the shock revelation that his highness does not take calls from persons who want to engage him in politics.  Ha Uganda is an amazing country.

Downsides: introduction of paramilitary in the political play ground and reliance on kiboko and the gun as a means of settling political disagreements.  The words of Malcom X  fall back “.. those who seek power by riding the back of a tiger will find themselves in the stomach of the tiger.”

Chogm bonanza seems to have been the logical successor of the land bonanza , and the privatization debacle.  Then  there is the dubious land bill. And Nasasira’s endless potholes which are teammates of the infernal sugar trucks on Jinja road and are responsible for deaths of several Ugandans.

Still we must love our country- what to do?

Watmon Mike Kinyera

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