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Day December 23, 2009

What do we know about FDC’s Wafula Oguttu?

Dear Ugandans at heart,

He supported NRM  from 1982 to 2001 but he has never worked in NRM government.They found him in the private sector and offered  him several  appointments all of which he declined to take up.He chose to remain in the  private sector and that is where he still gets his obusuma nengeni.

The monitor Publication was sold to the Nation Publication Group as a very profitable company. I happen to know one of the original 4 shareholders through his family. The Monitor was sold for $1,000,000, netting each shareholder $250,000, plus ongoing 5% or so share stake for each shareholder. It was one of the biggest takeovers in Uganda coorporate sector. Upto today Ogutu still earns his money when you buy a copy of the Monitor newspaper.

I also know Mr. Wafula Oguttu very well, since he was my junior lecturer in political science at Makerere University. He conducted most of my political science tutorials. The man is very far from a stooge or anything near that. Infact the Monitor made so much money because the public bought it for the truth as an alternative to the Newvision. Lastly, the monitor releied on private sector advertisements rather than government ministries ads since government was against the Monitor. Do you know how many times the Ogutus were taken tocourt by government?

According to a message posted on the UAH forum by Wafula Ogutu himself, he said:” Yes,I am one of the big shareholders in Busia Millers, a comapny I with Gabriel Opio and one William Onyango founded 13 years ago to assist in adding value to farm produce. This was before any body thought of NAADS.In my speech as Board Chair, I took swipe at NAADS as being wrongly premised and managed, the reason it has not assisted  ordinary people.”

Wafula continued to say:’ The founding of BML had no politics in it. Just business. Is there politics on the stock exchange? Is there FDC money or NRM money in business?  I called upon people to separate politics from business.Today, Busia Millers  is owned  by senior 32 professionals  from Eastern Uganda but mostly from Busia District including judges and professors. I am from Bugiri District. We have worked hard  for 13 years and sacrificed to raise the money for the investment. There is no single cent from NRM or NAADs. No one ever said BML would partner with NAADS. That is  a silly fabrication.”

Wafula concluded by saying :”People might want to know that although NRM  government harasses  some of us,  I am associated with companies and organizations I helped found which pay a total of over shs 4 billion in taxes  per year and employs  about 1,000 Ugandans! That is measurable patriotism.”

Phillip Oruni

UAH forumist/DP supporter


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