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Day January 5, 2010

Otunnu Gay Rumours have refused to go away

Dear Ugandans at heart,

l wish to say that Olara Otunnu was not brought up well. He has not only failed to satisfy us that he is not homosexual, but he has also demonstrated that he is bad behaved. How could he remain seated when each and every person was standing up to greet President Museveni recently! He may have personal and political grievances with Mr.. Yoweri Museveni but mutual respect and even respecting people charged with authority is both religious and cultural.

Olara Otunnu smiling

Otunnu is tainted with the murderous regimes of both Obote ll and his uncles the Okellos and we are not sure that if he is in charge, he will not start from where they stopped. He should first apologise for killings of Luwero, West Nile and Lango before he seeks political and public offices.There is fear in some of us that Olara Otunnu may be a potential killer if he is vested with power.

NRM never drove past soldiers in UNLA, militia, Special Force to go to the bush and wage a rebel war. The soldiers did it on their own and after being tempted by past politicians. So the blame should not be put to NRM but to those authors of those rebellions ,Olara Otunnu inclusive.Also for Museveni why apologize when he has put every thing in place for the protection of the people of the North while they were being butchered by their won people, acting as mercenaries of foreign enemies?

Let’s use Museveni’s own words “Violence in Uganda was not started by the people. Violence in Uganda was started by the people in power. Way back in the sixties, our people were killed in 1964, our peiple were killed in 1966, our people were killed in 1969, Amin killed our people from 1971 to 1979, Milton Obote killed our people from 1980 to 1985, and the Military Council was still killing our people….l was not a soldier. l was an intellectual. l became a soldier to protect my self and my people…”calling Museveni a murderer will not exonerate the people killed by Obote, Amin and the Okellos.

Malawi has come strongly against homosexuals and we shall be more strong. Let Otunnu first marry and we are assured that he is functional (in bed). Otherwise we can’t allow dysfunctional people even in bed rooms, to aspire to become presidents of Uganda. Even Aggrey Awori was accompanied by his Liberian wife on nomination day. But how can some body without a legally married wife aspire to become a president of a religious country?I stand to be corrected but I remeber MAHTAMA GANDHI marrying at the age of 13.Moi was a real African man unless you don’t know him and no body doubted his manhood although he had separated with his wife. Moi has also preserved himself for many of our leaders have died of HIV-AIDS and other preventable diseases at an advanced age.People defending Otunnu have quoted Prince Nakibinge’s delay to marry as an excuse but the media has been running gossips on Nakibinge and his potential wives but Olara Otunnu is never seen with any female companion. Then the way he puts on like a woman, is as as if, the ‘woman” in the homosexual world.

Primarily, my opposition to Otunnu is more with his questionable sexual behavior, and then his poor past record of collaborating with the killers. The rest are secondary. No body will divert me from that.l will never forget the wise words of the late Ref. Fr. Dr. John Mary Waliggo. He was talking to the 6th Parliament. He said that “public leaders don’t have private lives.”l am appealing to my my brother Olara Otunnu, to marry, as we Africans do. Is that a crime? Let our leaders marry so that he is respected as an African leader.It is claimed that those gays who appear like females in bitengi, leesus, bikooyis and things of that nature, are the one who perform as “female” in their homosexual world. They also claim that, when they over do it or they are over done, they loose manhood.

Since l am not a homosexual, and l have never heard of one among my relatives, in-laws and friends, l don’t want to be an authority.But l have been in UK seeing some men behaving as females even in open places. l don’t want to go very deep in that dirty and satanic game.

Ahmed Katerega Musaazi

One of UAH’s most respected journalists

The views expressed here are those of the author and not The Newvision Publications or UAH forum

Museveni’s wealth shouldn’t be touched when he leaves power

garden city was built with aloan fron east african development bank

Ugandan politicians should re-assure YKM the way Mr Kibaki assured Mr Moi that his wealth and family would be safe. The assurance should only apply to YKM and his family and not supper croooks who have cleaned the country.

Today something funny is going on in Kenya about Mau forest. Mau has became Mr Raila Odinga’s waterloo. They have evicted the poor people and now the govt is talking about paying billions to the big shots in Moi’s  regime including Mr Moi himself. Mr Moi retired, but his wealthy has never been touched. Actually today Mr Moi can seek Presidnet Kibaki any time to talk about Kalenjin stuff.  It was Mr Moi who picked the names of Kalenjin people he wanted appointed as Permanent secretaries and the govt did.  It is believed he also put in a word for the new army commander who is a kalenjin-replaced a kikuyu.

Even the British who make so much noise about corruption in Africa allowed Mr Moi to sell his 5% stake-Mobitela-in Vodaphone/Safaricom and he is reported to have made between 3 and 5 billion Kshs.

What is the point?  The opposition in Uganda should not threaten YKM and his family just like that. They should re-assure them that they will be able to enjoy their wealthy as long as they pay taxes. They may even pay back taxes as Mr Moi’s people had to do in Kenya.

But the Kenyan folks  went way back and had gone through ups and downs together and knew the sacrifices they had to make and trusted each other.

That is also why Mau has been turned into  a Waterloo  for Raila, the establishment do not trust him and Mr Raila  played into their hands and with it lost the Kalenjin vote. The man to watch now is VP Musyoka because he is non-threatening to the status quo.

I keep saying we need a Kibaki like figure in the opposition in Uganda, not neccesarily in age, but demenour.

It may offend many in UAH but the best way is to re-assure YKM and his family and not threaten them. And of course the oil owners now because they too matter.


UAH forumist in USA

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