January 2010
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Day January 14, 2010

Wafula explains NRM’s 8 million ‘kiwani’ voters and term limits in FDC

Dear Ugandans,

Dr.Besigye is trying  his last term both as Party President and Presidential  Party flagbearer.That is our law, that will be our practice whether in power or not.Indeed Besigye himself has several times told Ugandans that he is trying for the last time.However, should he win the Presidency of the Republic, then he will  be allowed to complete two bisanjas as will be provided in Uganda Constitution.But  not as Party President.

Wafula Ogutu,FDC spokes person

Secondly,these NRM guys take Ugandans for fools. All “bwino” is there yet they continue with their self-delusion of a mighty Party.Since the LC1 and LC2 were declared in 2008 as being illegally in office,you will hardly find an NRM  Party structure in the village.
Now the 8 million members!  Where are they? Even after Mbabazi using  his GISOs to  force  people to register as NRM  that number is a total fabrication for purposes of Mbabazi ‘s re-election as SG and for propaganda against  the opposition.In 2005 both Museveni and Mbabazi said their Party membership was 8.5 million.Come  voting and hardly 4m voted for NRM,  over  1 million  less than the number of 2001.
In 2006 Museveni’ s genuine votes  before manipulation were 43% . That means NRM  genuine membership or support  was about 3million . That number has steadly reduced.
They are still talking of “deep in villages”! Where is that where FDC has not yet reached? It is a pity NRM  still hopes to exploit the unexposed or ignorant  by hoodwinking them to contiue supporting them.Too late for them.
It is interesting UAH forumists talk about the need for money by Parties. It is one of the biggest  challenges for African Parties especially in a country like Uganda where people are scared  of government shxxxxx  and few will dare donate some money to Parties. We are aware that NRM  government is vindictive to those  they discover that they assisting  their Parties finacially.
But I have never understood why  even our brothers and sisters who live quite safely in the diaspora will not  also contribute.It would make a big miracle if  for example 5,000 Ugandans out there, agreed to contribute  a convenant  of $10 or Shs 20,000 per month to his Party or IPC.That would be a cool $ 50,000 per month., $ 600,000 per year. Such money would enable FDC  leaders reach  almost every home in Uganda!
Every time I read statements such as “Opposition Parties do not go to the villages”,I feel sorry for my country. Where do they get the resources from to that? The little that is done is as result of personal sacrifice and contributions by those Party leaders who go to those villages. But there is a limit to what they can do given their little savings.
I would therefore wish to appeal to  you  fellow Forumists  to consider contributing some little money for the struggle.Just writing on this Forum will not cause much change since most Ugandans  can not access the Forum.
wafula Oguttu
UAH forumist/FDC spokes person
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