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Day January 20, 2010

3 parties get Deepening Democracy grants but FDC says it’s not enough

3 parties get Deepening Democracy grants
Tuesday, 19th January, 2010 E-mail article Print article

Deepening democracy programme a consortium of different donors has announced a series of grants to three political parties.

The grants have been extended to the Forum for democratic change, Uganda people’s congress and the People’s progress party.

They will be used for to grassroots mobilization a head of the 2011 general elections.

Announcing the grants in Kampala, programmes manager Deepening democracy in Uganda, Nicholas De Torrente says FDC will receive 400m, UPC, 157m and People’s Progressive Party 53m shillings.

He says the grants are aimed at building organizational capacity strengthen internal democracy, develop links with constituents and should not be used for campaigns.

The Netherlands institute for multiparty democracy will also receive 844m to facilitate an inclusive called the inter-party dialogue involving the six political parties represented in parliament.

Social Development Party SDP will also receive in kind assistance amounting to 36m towards organization of its national council meeting.


No. Shs 400m is not an answer at all to our needs. It is too little apart from the fact that it is  a conditional grant.We have huge demands.We need about Shs 30 billion at a minimum.
The PP&O Act restricts us from getting funding from foreign sources, to a maximumu  of Shs4b in total and Shs 400m  per year from one single source. Our best alternative for funding is you the members and supporters.
The government  is however selective in applying that law. It is for us the opposition and not for them. During last elections, in 2006, they used  up to Shs 52b but they have refused to send their accountability to the UEC as required by the law and tell Ugandans how and from where they raised that money. Indeed, they have not done so since they registered as  a Party  in 2003! If FDC missed even one year to send its  audited accounts to UEC, it would  be deregistered.
I just returned from Mbale to attend the nomination of our candidate Ambassador Jack Wamai Wamanga  in the coming parliamentary bye-election. We had a huge rally after the nomination.It was a great day and I drove back this  evening a very happy man. listening to the song “Alina Potential ” . Our main challenge is money to move  us around.

Because of time and lack of logistics, it was not  possible to operationalize  the IPC Additional protocol for Budiope and Mbale bye-elections.We needed to have in place  IPC  Constituency electoral colleges  to elect the candidates in IPC primaries.We have  not set them up yet. But we are talking to each other on the best way forward.There is no failure at at all.


One of the Demo Women narrates her experience in prison

Hello all,
Am back, from prison, I thank all of you that supported us, I inform you that the strugle continues. We cannot surrender, Yes we were tortured by police dogs, we were beaten badly, some of us were undressed in prison, they claimed they wanted the T. shirts as evidence, At night, they (police) brought a mad woman into our cell- i think the intention was to have her torture us, we were many and we over powered her- When we complained in the morning, they took her and told us she was supposed to be in Butabika.
We were packed into 2 small rooms with a flashing toilet which had no water, Some of our properties were confiscated, they included clothes, party documents and voter cards.
BUT, we CANT be detered by any body to accomplish our mission. The “WOMEN FOR PEACE” campaign will go on, Untill Kigundu and his commissioners resign. All of us ( who were arrested) are candidates in the 2011 elections, Most of us will contest as MPs, others are councillors. We make it clear to everybody that we have rejected Kigundu and his team, He is not the right Refree in this game, because he is NRM. Kigundu stop imposing yourself on us, TOTWESIBAAKO! we DONT Want you. YOU MUST GO!

kamateneti Ingrid

Potential 2011 MP

Presidents speech to NEC – Health care not a priority!

With all due respect I was disappointed after I read the president’s address to the NEC. In essence this is like a state of the Union. My beef in particular is due to the fact that the president did not mention health care as a priority at all. He talked in passing about the drug taskforce he created but that had more to do with fighting corruption and it in its self will not fix our health care situation.

You can improve the nation’s roads, generate more electricity but as long as the population can not have good health to enjoy the above it makes no difference. Unlike the privileged few who can fly out or pay for healthcare those who are poor will walk on paved roads to go and die in Mulago and other centers.

Some might say that I am looking at the crystal ball and hoping for healing powers because of my profession whereas the same ball can be taken to a football field by a soccer player or used to predict the future in the psychic’s hands. But Leveling the ground and this being an election year the president should have spared a paragraph to offer some hope on the states health. For the opposition this can be a rolling ball down the hill which can gather mud enough to shake the foundation of NRM.

Masses fall sick every day, hundreds die every day, thousands are handicapped in away and orphans increase in numbers, not giving hope to these souls is like promising a thirsty man a light bulb when he sleeps in a hut.

Surely the president has a herd of issues to force into a narrow gate and all issues as animals tend to have there own minds but the bottom line is that the healthcare beast is the mother of all and the president cant hide away from it for long, together with the other four it might the stone that will bring the giant to his knees.

For God and My Country.

Eddie, MD

90 year old Former President Godfrey Lukongwa Binaisa Q. C needs our prayers

binaisa is sick

Q C is credited for having ruled Uganda from hate to love.  Actually, apart from the Late Prof. Lule; he is the only president of Uganda who left at a time when many had hope.  Probably the freedom of speech at his time will take long to be matched given our design of democracy.  He ruled the country at probably one of the most difficult times when there were foreign troops in the country and it was not clear who actually was in control as some people took the opportunity to kill Ugandans as if they were killing pigs, insecurity was at its highest.

It is surprising that Godfrey after being put in house arrest at Entebbe had the guts to join Yoweri Museveni’s Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM).  Not long after the liberation of the country Q C left and he became a real critic of Museveni’s Government.  However, Q C eventually came back to the country and is the only former President who is alive!

Given advanced age, Godfrey is battling to stay alive and in the circumstances he needs all our prayers.

Willy Kituuka

Godfrey Lukongwa Binanisa

Godfrey Lukongwa Binanisa QC, the man who ascended to state power against furious opposition from his countrymen in Buganda.

He is known for being the architect of the movement ideology that he termed ” Ekigaali” or “Umbrella “, which was later adopted by the President Yoweri Museveni and his colleagues while in in the bush during their struggle against government.

He had to consolidate his position before embarking on any national development program and one of the instruments he used was the famous “Umbrella” which was sought to bring all Ugandans under the same political thought. Hardly a month after he had been sworn-in as President he had a task of leading the Ugandan delegation to the O.A.U summit in Nigeria where delegates condemned the role of the republic of Tanzania in the 1979 liberation war.

There were some elongated arguments as to whether the letter criticizing  Tanzania’s role in overthrowing the military regime of Idi Amin could be read to delegates, and Binaisa had failed to convince the Major General Olusengun Obasanjo for he was the host nation, Nigeria’s President then, he decided to storm out of the summit.

He feared to be part of the group criticising Tanzania and therefore its President Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere as this was dangerous to the stability of his office as president. It should be remembered that at this time it was a condition that any Ugandan president must be on good terms with Nyerere for his office to secured otherwise it was precarious because Nyerere was stil directing some political affairs in Uganda from the rear sit. He was still having the army in his hands.

But even after this effort Binaisa did not cautiously follow his moves because it was not long before he made a brander in making changes in his government and diplomatic appointments which did not go well with the wishes of the NCC and was there and then removed from office which military commission took over.

Binaisa threw himself back into exile and ever since he has just  returned after nearly 14 years in exile in the USA.

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