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Day January 21, 2010


Ido respect people’s  opinion to build a united Uganda that trascends all ethenic differences.
The biggest haddle that has prevented this to happen is the methodology.
When ever you build a house you must have a strong foundation,the foundation in this situation is the constituion and this should be made up of avery strong mix of cemment,sand  and aggregate.
the equivalent of the latter are views that were collected from a cross section of Ugandans.It is this cement to be used in uniting or forming strong bonds between the  bricks that simblize the different tribes of Uganda in there natural settings without disturbing inner settings called culture, envetualy this becomes a. Strong wall called unity.
Un fortunately this is constantly changed by opportunistic politicians that I would comnfertably refer to as,” the engineer Kamyufus”.These guys are always there to paddle there personal intrest,we have witnessed  numerous times our constitution has been changed from its original political engineering design.What we have now is a fake  mortar that has wrong mix it cannot cause unity or strong bonds that will keep Uganda together.One would rigthly ask that what can we we do?The ans is 2011 is a round the cornner,the site is not levelled to make our job easy,we know the companies that a bidding for the job of reconstructing Uganda to fulfil our dream of  One nation with all its people equal and loving and we also know the company that has destroyed this dream.
Best of Luck.
Joseph Magandazi
One Uganda one people.

FDC should watch sending wrong signals as driver of IPC

We all who are opposed to the NRM and its ways of running Government agree that the initial NRM took Ugandans for a ride.  Using the rigging and stealing of election victory by Obote’s UPC to promise us a future they have not delivered a part from having some of them in heaven and the majority of us to languish in the opposite of heaven!

It is equally true that a number of senior figures in FDC are part of the clique that helped to put us in the mess we find ourselves today.  It is important for the FDC therefore not to show us what they are not.  Many in the opposition have agreed to work under the Inter – Party Cooperation (IPC) as the vehicle to have a 2nd liberation for our country; our prayer is for the FDC not to assume that IPC is their thing because it is not.  We want jointly to liberate this country when all with good ideas bring them.  When FDC goes out in the field to get a Presidential candidate for the party, they must appreciate that becoming FDC party candidate WILL NOT necessarily make one the forth coming Presidential candidate for IPC.  We want FDC to appreciate and also apologise to Ugandans for having been part of the air supply to this country that has put it into ruins which may cost a lot to repair.  In the circumstances we call upon the FDC Generals and Brigadiers name them to put an infrastructure in place to see to the continuity of whichever Government we get after the 2011 elections.  This business of publishing FDC budgets at shs 23bn is one of the things that may keep other opposition players out.

To Dr. Besigye and others, we want to see a Uganda out of the mess.  All of us who know what is going on in democratic countries envy what is going on there, and the corruption and thieving mentality and undermining one another are some of the main un doings of our country.  How can we have an army of youths without a future simply because leaders see their continued tenure in office as a priority?  Secondly, this business of people donating billions to see FDC things move should not commit Ugandans to having those people who keep enslaving the country because they contributed money they should get free money.  Let the IPC come up with strategies that are not going to bail Ugandans into so and so having to be sure of tenders or a big job because he financed the party.

I for instance don’t look to a Government job but would like to see a country on a road to real democracy not the cooked type we have today.  When on computer and my other programmes I can do my work and earn a decent living.

The message is FDC leaders contesting for party presidency should know  that FDC and other parties will all contest for the IPC Presidency on equally competitive grounds and chances of an FDC candidate not taking the chair may better for a stronger IPC.  FDC are at the centre of a revolution which has ruined Uganda, what they should do is to help undo the mess.  We love to see a strong IPC if need be the Party Presidents may come up with a fora through which they may help in solving the problems and decision before implementation by the forthcoming President.

Willy Kituuka

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