Mbale Municipality and Bye-election

I was equally inspired and saw some of the very women arrested in Kampala here in Mbale yesterday escorting their Mbale Municipality FDC Flag Bearer in the MP Bye-election. Though not seen but attached are some various nomination pictures. FDC Candidate is Mr. Jack Wamayi Wamanga and the one in yellow is Dr. Mutende James an NRMO Independent as I missed the rest due to rain.

mbale 1

mbale 2


Mbale 4

Yes, the rivalry that was witnessed at declaration of NRMO Primaries was mainly about votes being rigged by the camp of Wamboko as alleged by the other Candidates of the same Party. I only observed the process at the last hour and this has sharply divided them despite intervention of Amama Mbabazi and others like Dorothy Hyuha and it so happens that the next NRM Anniversary is to be held here in Mbale Municipality at the Maluku, the District Headquarters with M7 gracing the occassion. Lydia Wanyoto is very busy here and it rounds up the question of marriage in affirmative. Mbale Municipality composes of three Divisions i.e Industrial Division( commonly home of immigrants from Karamoja, Teso, Bugwere), Northern Division( commonly home of immigrants from Budadiri or Sironko and Teso) and Wanale Division ( where most high earners of Mbale standards reside with a few wanainchi on the surburbs). It is between Bungokho North Constituency and Bungokho South Constituency all of Mbale District. I will look through my records and send you the Mbale Map such that you are factfully updated

Now a question lingers in the minds of responsible people here whether the two camps want the usual Presidential intervention or handshake or resource envelope etc as he comes or truely in the race to the end given the fact that the FDC Candidate is equally a strong Candidate who began his ground work months ago. I did some survey and came across many NRM diehards disappointed at their primaries and determined to celebrate should the FDC man win!!! Watch this space as updates flock and iam sorry to have delayed your reply.
David mabonga

UAH Forumist




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  1. withheld,

    The enthusiasm is on and FDC must win.That will be another indicator that pple are fed up with unending regime. Imagine 24 years in power! Does it mean there is no even a single soul in NRMO to replace M7? Am NRm Original,but I only voted M7 once . i.e 2nd kisanjja.
    M7 has made me hate the NRMO and this time am not with you any more. Torikareeba akaruru kangye omurundi ogundi. One Uganda One people..

  2. Mwasa Sam,

    I think Mbale should be taken by FDC, because sully NRM system has failed to put Mbale to its past glory under the time the NRM die hard the Late Mr. James Wapakhabulo was Member of parliament of the same.
    Long live FDC’s Jack Wamayi

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