January 2010

Day January 23, 2010


Dr Kiiza Besigye

Since I know that you are a member of this forum, I am going to use the resources of UAH to convey my few thoughts to you and your office regarding the situation we have in Uganda and specifically Kampala. Being a leader of opposition puts an enormous task on your shoulder for you have to build the picture of the government you want to build in Uganda, but you must as well be careful in the manner you structure it so that you come out as a different person from the government you oppose.

With that in mind, I have listened to your comments when you went to visit the women that were arrested and I could not help but wonder if you took a time to think through what you stated, and here is the tape I am referring to. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvUiASsGPOQ&NR=1 In that tape you made a statement that you are working for peace and you have no reason to be afraid of Uganda Police, for you are have broken no law, you continue to state that it is the Police that breaks the law. And that is a very disturbing statement especially when it comes from a leader of opposition, a very reason I have decided to raise it  in this late Uganda night hour.

You are a leader of opposition, that means that you believe in a structure that is in Uganda, it also means that you believe that Uganda has a government as an institution, for if you did not believe in the institution of the government, you would have stood in front of Ugandans and denounced leading a political party. And among those units that create the Uganda government institution is Uganda Police. And we can have a discussion as Ugandans of how effective or non effective is Uganda Police, and we can debate how efficient they are or not but as a Ugandan listening to my leader of opposition, a man I expect to lead the next government, I get very afraid when I hear you stating and in public that Uganda Police is a pile of law breakers. The best you would have done if you know that there is a problem in Uganda police is to use the system we have in Uganda which is to go through the ministry of internal affairs or through the parliamentary system to clean up this organization. I simply get very afraid when you stand in front of a micro phone make such an accusation against the entire Police force, when they have no chance to defend themselves. I wonder also if you have done a thorough study to reach a conclusion that the entire Uganda Police Force is full of criminals, these are way too many officers that put on that uniform, if you are to make such a statement you need to provide the back ground on how you have come to that conclusion, and what steps you have taken to clean up the Police Force. But even so, one would have expected you to use a different method of communication, for militarism has been tried in Uganda for ion years and it has simply failed.

And here is the danger in your words, you isolated the entire Police Force from the state, and you personalized it as a personal force. And as a Ugandan that is  where I question your agenda, what will you do suppose you are elected to power come next election? Are you going to fire the entire Police Force or you will work with it and build it? Is it a stand of FDC as a party that Uganda Police is a pile of criminals or it is your personal stand? If that is the stand of the party that is fine then stand up and make a public statement towards that. And it is in the right of FDC to stand up and state that you do not believe in the Police Force we have in Uganda,  and after you come to power you will fire it. But do not make such ambiguous statements which makes your leadership qualities questionable.

Since the Luwero war, a whole lot has gone very wrong in our country there is no debate about that. And much of that wrong has been built by we the Ugandans, so Uganda Police can’t simply be free from those wrongs, but I take a very bad breath when you our leaders and prospective leaders especially the leader of opposition, when he stands up and declare the entire national force to be a bunch of criminals. I have spent a time in Uganda and hard as life is, there are some very committed Police Officers in Uganda, the men and women that work day and night to see a better country but men and women that have been so screwed up by decisions you their leaders make. And of all people you should have understood this. And you stand up and use a camera to call all of them a bunch of criminals. Dr Besigye, it is these kinds of language that boils our population to the recent Kampala riots. If you call the Police force a pile of law breakers, why is it so wrong for a Ugandan to target them and kill them? But why should our children respect them?

I hope you think about my concern so that we as Ugandans start to build a sense of calmness and law abiding, and this all starts with you as a leader of opposition choosing your words very carefully especially towards the men and women that serve that country. And if FDC does not feel that Uganda Police is important then use the right channel which is the parliament of Uganda and pass a law to ban them straight out. If I was a Police Officer in Uganda today, I would hand in my badge, for I fail to see how I can function when a leader of opposition uses such a very irresponsible language. And irresponsible in every manner and form. And if Uganda Police is not wanted by FDC can you kindly list any or all other government institutions that FDC will not protect.

It is very interesting if we are moving from the movement language to this kind of language.

Edward Mulindwa

Kampala Uganda

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